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December / January 2022

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Page 2 Dec / Jan 2022

New in 2022
Peeling Back The Pages
NewsFour Newspaper
is part of a DEASP
Community Employment
NewsFour is excited to announce a new feature
NewsFour starting with the very next issue (February 2022)
Eoin Meegan This is where we will take a look at pictures
and stories from the pages of NewsFour from
Online Editor years gone by. Starting with 1985 – and the
Geneva Pattison very first issue of the paper. The plan is to do
a different year each issue. So, once more,
Journalists you can savour the memories and times of
Peter McNamara those heady days . . .
David Prendeville
Dermot Carmody Who was making the news? What were the
Brian Quinn issues of the time? Did we really have those
Louise Whelan awful haircuts??

And it won’t just be the politicians and big
stories. Being a local paper we will naturally
Gavan Bergin
be focusing on local people. Which means
Ronan O’Donnell
you may even see yourself from 30 odd years
Jonathan Neilan
ago! Don’t miss it!!
Teresa Weafer
Ken Brown
So here’s hoping for a wonderful (and lock-
down free!) New Year – moving forward
Crossword with stories and issues of concern to you,
Gemma Byrne while also taking a look back at the way we

Design and Layout NewsFour – still bringing you the latest local
Joseph Martin news – but now with a cheeky peek back at
Gary Burke (assisting) the past!

Ad Design
Dara O Riordain

Photo Diary Design

Gary Burke The Editor’s Corner
Sandymount itting here with a very hot hand over wood and natural ma- Those special memories nev- hope not! But even if we
Community Services, and delicious coffee, the terials, knowing that someone er die. And this is what we have to cut back on some
13A Fitzwilliam Street, aroma and taste brings me took the time to lovingly create need to pass on to the next of our social activities, and
Ringsend, Dublin 4. back (Proustian style) to Christ- this item with their own hands. generation. It’s easy to think forgo the office party for
mases long ago. And it got me And speaking of special gifts, in we have to drown children in one more year, that doesn’t
Telephone: (01)6673317 wondering how the festive sea- this issue you can read about the gifts, or bring them to exotic mean Christmas can’t have
son has changed over the dec- many Christmas gifts available places for them to be happy, the same wonder and magic
E-mail: ades. Before the era of Xbox locally (Pgs. 8-9). but this isn’t so; what we need it always did; Willy Wonka, and gaming the big occasion to do is pass on wonderful sledding, the wonder of sto-
was going to Midnight Mass on When we hear the forecast memories and experiences rytelling. The memories our
Christmas Eve, and the palpable giving snow our adult propen- that they will carry with them children have when they are
excitement of tearing open pre- sity is immediately to worry a lifetime. Part of the ethos, adults is what will shape
sents on Christmas Morning. I about blocked roads and the I believe (along with creating them, and consequently the
still like to get a chance to attend inability to travel, but seen things with their hands) of society they live in. And it
Opinions expressed in NewsFour
a carol service (with the ubiqui- through a child’s eyes there is the Men’s Sheds movement is we, by what we unveil
do not necessarily represent
tous Nine Lessons, of course) nothing more magical in all (you can read on Pgs. 26-7). to them, and for them, who
the views of Sandymount over the season if I can, and to the world. I remember star- largely create those memo-
Community Services. visit quality toy stores. I remem- ing in awe at the landscape The future is always uncer- ries and experiences. Make
ber being in Bratislava some transformed to white when I tain, and this is probably sure they are good ones.
Printed by Christmases ago and seeing got out of bed as a child, and more so this year than ever.
Webprint, the beautifully carved animals, then wrapping up tightly in We simply don’t know what And with that, from everyone
Mahon, Co. Cork dolls and puppets on display, a duffle coat and gloves, and the Covid numbers will be here at NewsFour, may I take
even whole villages made from going outside with my sister yet and if there will have to the opportunity to wish you
wood. There’s something sen- to build a snowman and play be more restrictions before and yours a very happy and
sual almost about running your in the white feathery stuff. the Big Day or not. Let’s peaceful Christmas. Dec / Jan 2022 Page 3

Bringing the Another Dublin 4 village

doing us proud! NewsFour
would like to say well done

and congratulations to Don-
nybrook TidyTowns on
their 2021 Neighbourhood
Awards win for Best Urban

back to
Village! They have done
amazing work over the last
few years finding pockets
in the village to let nature

thrive. Donnybrook Tidy
Towns have dedicated the
win to Sean Faulkner and
Donal Leonard, two volun-
teers for tidy towns, who
very sadly passed away this

Donnybrook year. We’re sure they would

be proud of the achieve-
ment. Long may their good
Tidy Towns land work be remembered.

Images courtesy of Donny-

well-deserved award brook TidyTowns.
Page 4 A CHRISTMAS CRACKER Dec / Jan 2022

It’s Traditional
girl wants to know what kind I imagine we all have family
her future husband will be, she traditions that fit that descrip-
must go out in the garden at tion. We always go to Aunt
twelve o’clock that night, and Ethel’s and have currants. Or
pull up a cabbage-head and we must put the gravy in the
bring it into the house. If it is cracked jug before half past
a long one he will be long, if it one. But really? Must we re-
is a short one he will be short ally? Why don’t we just ask
and if it is crooked he will be Ethel to come round to our
crooked. Whatever shape the house the Tuesday before
cabbage is, it is said the man Christmas, because it’s more
will be the same.” convenient? And just drop the
Leaving aside that young current thing. It’s silly and no
Smyth characterises the whole one can remember why we
affair as “a trick”, which some- have them and in truth most of
what undermines our faith us don’t really like them any-
in his belief, this does seem way. Similarly, why don’t we
like an unwieldy relationship give the whole Christmas tree
counselling tool, even for the thing a wide berth? The real
1930s. For one thing, I have ones make a hames of the car-
to doubt the impartiality of the pet and are attacked viciously
subject in the act of selecting by the cat every year, while
the cabbage, especially since the fake ones have a lifetime
the size and shape of the leafy of centuries and somewhere
prize are meant to correlate to down the line end up distribut-
the length and breadth of her ed in microbeads in the ocean
future husband. Essentially, slowly killing off the hump-
the problem with this as a data back whales.
gathering method is that the I suppose the answer is that
person can see the shape of the traditions, even old ones be-
cabbage, which is supposed to gun long before we were born,
determine the shape of their are just part of having a shared
future spouse, before they human experience. And even
pull it out of the ground. Ok, someone grinching about them
I know you do it at midnight like me would miss them if
on New Year’s Eve, and that they were gone. Think of the
tends to be a dimly lit affair in energy I save by having a
rural cabbage patches, but I’m handy seasonal list of things
guessing the protagonist had a to give out about. If the carol
lot of daylight hours in the run- singers didn’t come to my door
up to the pulling event to spy I’d have to go out and look for
out a cabbage that looked like something to sufficiently stim-
their desired future husband. ulate the grinch gland (a small
That surely must skew the re- organ situated just behind the
sulting data? front near the tut-tutting centre
To counter my own sceptical in the brain).
A man taking traditions very seriously. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels bile, I will defend the cabbage So stick on your horrendous
tradition on the grounds that it jumper, hang up the mistletoe
n Dermot Carmody is actually meant to do some- and trot out to the cabbage
a healthy amount of distrust in New Year’s Eve it was the cus- thing. This puts it in a loftier patch and enjoy it. Just as I

our dealings with them. tom for a young, “marriage- realm than, say, the “tradition” will enjoy thinking I’m bet-
ne of the nice things Take cabbages, for example. able”  woman to walk out into of putting on a garish piece ter than that as I flick through
about Christmas is Oh yes. I daresay most readers the garden and pull a head of of LED-ridden knitwear and the channels full of Willy
that it’s a time of year will have thought little, if at cabbage. I know. Gardening staggering through the twelve Wonka and Die Hard (yes, it
full of much-loved traditions. all, about the cabbage-related trends shift. But this was not pubs of Christmas trying to an- is a Christmas film) moaning
From carol singing to mak- traditions in Dublin during merely an exercise in forag- noy as many of the regular pa- about the lack of imagination
ing an effort to put the aver- the winter festival. And yet, ing for fodder. There was an trons of the hostelries involved of the schedulers. It may seem
age annual food production if you delve into the annals element of divination at play, as is possible. like a pointless exercise to oth-
of a small country inside us, of the folklore history collec- for the stringent leafy oracle So, there’s traditions, and ers, but I do it every year and I
we indulge in these traditions tion at UCD (one of the more contained not only useful nu- there’s traditions. I have a sort of enjoy it.
and profess to enjoy doing so. illustrious Dublin 4 Universi- trients, but a reliable indication friend for whom the repeating And, of course, it’s tradi-
Traditions bring us together ties), the iron-loaded, staple of the stature of the harvester’s of almost any random action tional.
by enabling us to participate leaf was foremost in the minds future betrothed. more than once (the touching
in a sort of communal iden- of teenagers in the late 1930s. I will let young Smyth ex- of a gatepost or the buying Image: Bela Santa-tree
tity. They also are a link to the Consider the sworn testimony plain the rules. He warns (and of a specific newspaper on a
past; to what came before us of John Smyth, a 14-year-old it does sound like a warning) Tuesday for example) may le-
and made us who we are.  A resident of Lucan, talking in that “Some people play this gitimately be considered a tra-
good reason, then, to employ 1938.  John reports that on trick on New Year’s Eve. If a dition. And they have a point. Dec / Jan 2022 Page 5

Dublin 4 lights up with the True Meaning of Christmas

Continuing a tradition since
2005 Mr Tilly’s Christmas
Lights will once more illumi-
nate the skies over Bath Avenue
this festive season. Hope forged
in loss, Liam Tilly’s altruis-
tic act was inspired following
the passing of his beloved wife
Rita at only 58 years. So far
€155,661.09 has been raised for
Our Lady’s Hospice and Care

While across the Dodder in

Donnybrook David Doyle is
hoping to raise money for the
Children’s Health Foundation,
Crumlin. David - a man pas-
sionate about Christmas - has
adorned his house with 12,850
lights, which will be officially
switched on on December 1st.
He’s hoping they’ll be visible
from space!

Please do support these two very

good causes if you can. You will Wayne, Harley and Maison
be making someone’s Christmas looking forward to Christmas;
a lot brighter and more cheerful. Donnybrook’s Dazzling Dis-
Thank You. And well done to play; Santa’s reindeer getting
Liam and David. ready to take flight.
Page 6 A DOG’S LIFE Dec / Jan 2022

Meet Rama – the therapy dog

n Eoin Meegan
Then when covid struck and
This beautiful 5-year-old Gol- the schools were shut Philip
dendoodle (a golden retriever brought him to his place of work
and poodle cross) is a friend to at Woodstock Court Care Cen-
all who need him. So intelligent tre, which prepares delicious
and kind he likes nothing more meals on wheels that go out to
than to share love with those Care Homes in the Dublin 4 and
around him. 6 areas. There Rama was an im-
mediate hit and over that pro-
Trained by his owner Philip longed period when residents
Daly, whose wife runs the local were unable to have visitors he
play school, at which Rama, ow- was both a friend and a thera-
ing to his natural empathy with pist. “Honestly a few minutes
children was always a welcome with Rama is better than an hour
visitor. Rama has a particularly with a therapist.” Philip says.
calming effect on children who And it’s true!
may be hyperactive or are on the
autistic spectrum. “Sometime Every day Rama goes from unit
autisitc children won’t look you to unit and sits for a while with
in the eye,” Philip told News- each resident. Here in the pic-
Four, “but they take to Rama tures we see him with various
straight away, and in no time residents, as well as strolling
with him seem to come out of around his native Ranelagh. He
themselves. He is definitely a provides both a comfort and a
little therapist.” calmness that is priceless.

Images: Top to bottom:

Rama around Ranelagh,
with Tommy at the Devlin,
Liz in her home, out for a
stroll with Bina, with Sami
on the lounger, Tommy, this
time in Woodstock centre,
Iris outside her front door,
and Rama driving home af-
ter a hard day at the office!
All courtesy of Philip Daly. Dec / Jan 2022 Page 7

Come and See Sandymount Hotel’s

Gingerbread Village 2021

2021 Christmas
n Geneva Pattison
Gift Guide

is’ the season for giving The Gift Edit
and sharing kindness The Gift Edit is a new con-
with one another. How- cept that launched in Stephen’s
ever, Brexit has made aspects of Green Shopping Centre in No-
online shopping unnecessarily  vember and will run until De-
complex and ultimately, more cember 31st. The pop-up shop
costly than one would hope with includes a combination of sus-
extra import duties and customs tainable, Irish products from
fees. We don’t need that kind female creators. Three small
of stress during Christmas! In businesses merged together to
recent years, there has been a create this concept, those being
cultural shift towards support- The Beauty Kit (Makeup and
ing local and buying local. It’s skincare), Dainty Bear (Chil- Green Shopping Centre if Do you remember the famous chocolate and a full-bodied
a fantastic way to support small dren’s clothing and accessories) you’re passing!   ice-cream shop, Caffolla, on taste. They also stock an Oro
Irish businesses, save on import and Hue Complete Me (Quirky O’Connell Street, the great Italian blend, made from rich
fees and it helps us to be kinder stationery and ornaments). Ex- grandfather of this family ran it! Arabica beans and infusing
to the environment. Less deliv- pect to see luxurious skincare Quaffolla Coffee The proud Irish-Italian connec- them with the taste and body
ery planes and ships, less carbon products, adorable Christmassy Who doesn’t love the aroma of tion runs deep with Quafolla. of Robusta coffees, delicious!
dioxide emissions and every- baby clothes and fun-felt Christ- a freshly ground authentic Ital- They also have a blog section Quaffolla have both ground cof-
one’s happy.  mas dinosaur decorations and ian coffee? Well, the new Irish/ on their website, to tell their fee and beans at very affordable
In the spirit of this, NewsFour illustrated cards. They’ve really Italian brand Quaffolla has you family story of how they came prices, available to purchase on
wanted to do a round-up of the got a good few gift bases cov- covered. This family run busi- to Ireland; coffee and history, their website.
best local options available for ered with unique and thought- ness brings the joy and warmth a perfect match. Their products
presents during this Christmas fully curated presents. Definite- of their hometown in South Ita- include a delicious Famiglia Avoca- Ballsbridge 
season. Time to get festive!  ly check them out in Stephen’s ly, right into your Irish kitchen. Italian blend, with notes of dark This year Avoca launched a Dec / Jan 2022 FESTIVE SHOPPING IDEAS Page 9

selection of Christmas charity new and for adults, it’s around

items in support of St Patrick’s €600-1500 on average for a
Mental Health Services. They new bike. There’s nothing like
stock beautifully unique, in- feeling that rush of wind in your
house made candles in cedar- hair as you hop on your bike
wood and sandalwood scents, as and hit the road, that’s price-
well as a bespoke print collabo- less. There’s an added bonus in
ration with Dusty Boy Designs the sustainability category here,
that reads, “In the bare winter not only are you shopping local Quaffolla Coffee:    https://
wood, hear the hope springs of but you’re also cutting the emis-
the heart”. One hundred percent sions yourself!  
of the proceeds from these items There’s lots of ways we can
will go to the St Patrick’s Men- support local and buy sustain- 2 Wheels Bikes:     
tal Health Services charity, ‘A ably this season, for example,
Walk in My Shoes’ campaign. supporting your local green gro-
Charity Christmas cards are also cer or farmers markets (shout out Supernatural Food Market:
available, but what a lovely ges- to the Supernatural Food market
ture to help those in need while on Pearse Street!) by making
giving the gift of kindness this hampers to give to loved ones, or
wonderful time of the year.  as a treat for yourself. After the Images: Candles/print
two years we’ve had I think it’s
- Avoca PR, Quoffolla-
well deserved. Don’t give your-
2 Wheels - Sandymount  self a hard time about shopping Courtesy of Quoffolla, The
online either, it’s a necessity in gift edit - Dainty Bear &
this day and age and there’s only The Beauty Kit
so many hours in the day. Just
try to think about buying from
Irish-made brands and produc-
ers because for smaller brands,
every sale makes their Christ-
mas that little bit more special.  

It’s somewhat of a tradition to

get a bike at Christmas, not just Brands mentioned
for the young but why not for us Dainty Bear: https://daintybear.
adults too! 2 Wheels is a won- com/
derful local bike shop located
in the heart of Sandymount Hue Complete Me: https://
and they stock a wide array of
children’s and adults’ bicycles
in many styles, they also have The Beauty Kit: https://the-
electric bikes available. The
price range for children’s bikes
comes in at around €150-€300
Page 10 CHRISTMAS/MUSIC Dec / Jan 2022

An Exclusive Interview With

André Rieu
n Geneva Pattison
ewsfour is extremely
proud to have gained
access to an exclusive
interview with the ‘King of the
Waltz’, André Rieu! The inter-
view was created especially to
check in with his Irish fans dur-
ing this special time of year, as
well as to celebrate the release
of André’s Christmas extrava-
ganza “Christmas With André”,
coming to cinemas this festive
The concert was filmed in his
dreamy, historical hometown of
Maastricht in the Netherlands,
in a specially built, magical
Winter Palace with one hun-
dred and fifty chandeliers and
fifty Venetian candelabras sur-
rounding the performers, for the
full Christmas effect! Joining
André will be a host of talents
including The Golden Voices of
Gospel and The Platin Tenors
along with guest sopranos Donij
van Doorn and Anna Majchr-
zak. Of course, you can expect Q3: How long has this spe- one day.
a wondrous show from his own cial event been in the making Q5: Are you doing anything
orchestra including dance per- and what makes it different special for Christmas this year?
formances, all under idyllically from the others?  André: Being at home and
peaceful snowfall. The concert André: For a couple of years, enjoying spending time with
will be shown in Dublin theatres I’ve been thinking and dream- my wife, children and grand-
on December 4th and 5th, just ing of this December tradition children; hopefully there will
early enough to get you into the in my hometown; since my be snow, so we can make a nice
yuletide mood (link to purchase summer concerts are so success- walk all together on the St Piet-
tickets at bottom of page). It’s ful, I thought, there might be a ers Mountain next to my house.
sure to be an event that’s fun for chance that Christmas concerts In the evening, there will be
all the family so, get the tickets will reach the same effect. Two gifts and maybe a wonderful
while they’re hot!  years ago, my dream came true movie like “The Sound Of Mu-
But what does André Rieu, (like Walt Disney already said: sic” or “Mary Poppins.”
‘King of the Waltz’, ‘King of “If you can dream it, you can do Q6: What are you hoping to
Romance’ and now arguably, it!”). It is very special, because get from Santa ?
‘King of Christmas’ have to say dinner; nowadays, they’re being the world are invited to come to it is in my ‘own’ Maastricht; I André: First and foremost,
about all this excitement? Let’s helped by their wives and their the cinema and watch my new- don’t have to travel far to go to Christmas is meant to be a feast
find out.  children. All I have to do is sit est Christmas special: there is the stage and enjoy every day for the small ones... but, okay,
Q1: Welcome back! What back and relax. There is another so much to see, to hear and to there! when you ask me: I hope to re-
makes Christmas so special for tradition: I take home a Christ- enjoy! Before you know it, the Q4: Of all the beautiful ceive the green light for all my
you? mas decoration for our Christ- cinema is turned into a winter Christmas songs, which is your concerts in 2022! I can’t wait
André: Christmas is by far my mas tree every year, and I give wonderland. Chandeliers, snow, favourite and why? to perform again for all my be-
most favourite time of the year; it to my wife Marjorie who col- everything you need for a deli- André: There are so many loved fans, they’ve been waiting
after several months of touring, lects these. So, we have a very cious Yule Time in front of a outstanding Christmas songs (just like me) far too long for
which still is very satisfying, international tree! Last but not gigantic screen. You’ll have a that I simply can’t choose just our concerts. In case this ‘gift’
we’re all coming home. At the least, I started a new tradition once in a lifetime experience, one. Just to mention a few: is too much to be asked for, I’m
end of December, I spend my in my hometown Maastricht in there is a backstage tour, I’ll tell “Have Yourself A Merry Little also happy with a nice novel or
time with my small family (my 2019: Christmas concerts! Un- you things you’ve never heard Christmas”, “I’m Dreaming Of Christmas presents made by my
wife, our sons with their wives fortunately, I wasn’t able to or- before. My beloved Johann A White Christmas”, “Oh Holy grandchildren.
and - of course - our five gor- ganise them last year because of Strauss Orchestra can be seen, Night”, “Walking In The Air”
geous grandchildren). I say de- the covid pandemic, but I have but also the lovely sopranos and “Jingle Bells” because it To purchase a cinema ticket to
liberately small family, because good hope for upcoming De- Anna Majchrzak and Donij van is so happy... Alright, there is view Christmas with André and
my big family are the lovely cember! Doorn, the fantastic Platin Ten- one song which incorporates all to check for showing times, visit
people with whom I travel Q2: What can audiences ex- ors, the Golden Voices of Gos- feelings together: “Jerusalem, the website https://intl.andrein-
around the world: my orchestra pect from this special Christmas pel, the Maastricht Dance and The Holy City”! There is joy,
and crew members! For many Event? Ice Skate Company... too much hope, togetherness! And I’d like Images: Courtesy of
years our sons make Christmas André: People from all over to mention! to record “Slumber my Darling” Anna Lavery PR Dec / Jan 2022 ADVERTORIAL Page 11

How to Prevent Sensitive Teeth

the tiniest fracture can expose to help keep teeth strong and 10. Schedule a full dental
the dentine of your tooth. prevent dental decay, or try a check-up with your dentist at
• Dental cavities: if a cavity desensitising toothpaste as rec- least once a year, or more fre-

has developed on the surface ommended by your dentist. quently as advised.
o you experience dis- cause enamel to be worn away, of your tooth, a dental filling is
comfort in your mouth particularly where the teeth needed to prevent further dam- 4. Floss teeth once a day to Dr Jennifer Collins is lead
when eating hot or meet the gums. age and sensitivity. remove plaque, preferably be- general dentist at Northumber-
cold foods, or even breathing • Acidic foods and drinks: • Tooth whitening: some fore brushing. land Dental Care in Dublin 4,
in cold air? If so, it may be the enamel erosion can be caused patients may experience a tem- part of the Dental Care Ireland
result of tooth sensitivity. by attacks of acid on the teeth porary sensitivity during or af- 5. Reduce frequency of sugary group. For further tips and ad-
from highly acidic foods and ter tooth whitening treatment. or acidic snacks and carbon- vice on looking after your oral
“Having sensitive teeth can drinks. ated drinks. health, visit www.northumber-
mean anything from getting • Receding gums: gums Ten Tips to Prevent
a mild twinge to experienc- may naturally recede or shrink Sensitive Teeth 6. Drink plenty of water to
ing severe discomfort that can back, exposing the roots of the Once your dentist has ruled out help dilute any acid attacks
continue for several hours. teeth, which do not have an any underlying issues, there caused by food or drinks.
Sensitivity is typically the re- enamel layer to protect them. are a number of steps you can
sult of worn tooth enamel or • Gum disease: a build-up take to help manage and pre- 7. After eating, wait 30 min-
exposed tooth roots, although of plaque or tartar can also vent sensitive teeth as part of utes before brushing, which
it can also be an early warn- cause the gums to recede and your daily oral health regime. will give your enamel a chance
ing sign of more serious dental even destroy the bone support- to re-harden.
problems,” explains Dr Jen- ing the tooth. 1. Brush your teeth twice daily
nifer Collins, lead general den- • Tooth grinding: tooth for two minutes, especially 8. If you grind your teeth, talk
tist at Northumberland Dental grinding or clenching at night last thing at night, using a soft- to your dentist about wearing a
Care in Ballsbridge. can result in enamel erosion, bristled toothbrush. mouth guard at night.
making the teeth more sensi-
Common Causes of tive. 2. Try to brush in a circular 9. If you are considering teeth
Sensitive Teeth • Cracked teeth: a cracked motion with gentle pressure, whitening, discuss sensitivity
• Brushing too hard: brush- tooth can occur as a result of rather than side-to-side. with your dentist before start-
ing with a hard toothbrush or age, injury, or even from older ing treatment.
brushing from side to side can amalgam dental fillings. Even 3. Use a fluoride toothpaste
Page 12 ART 1 EXPO Dec / Jan 2022

Built This Way

BIAS – exhibition that aims to expose bias in AI
an appetizer. One of the most Zizi - Queering the Dataset
enjoyable exhibits – and the by London-based media artist
one that attracted the largest Jake Elwes is a perfect exam-
crowds during my visit – is ple. Its aim is to tackle the lack
SKU-Market by artists Laura of gender representation in the
Allcorn and Jennifer Edmond. training datasets often used
Essentially, SKU-Market is by facial recognition systems.
a satirical mini-market that Across three digital screens,
explores how our purchasing we watch a procession of faces
habits and online behaviours of drag artists in constant tran-
can be interpreted, miscon- sition. What this does is cause
strued and used to shape our the AI to shift away from the
lives in surprising ways. You normative identities it was
are instructed to mobile-scan originally trained on and into a
various items – a selection space of queerness. 
which includes equal rights
t-shirts, daily astrology apps, Public information notices are
VR headsets, rosé and bam- also dotted throughout the ex-
boo toilet paper, to name just a hibition, detailing important
few. Then at the Self-Checkout studies on how we interact
section, you print your receipt with technology. One which
to see how the machine’s al- is sure to prompt interest de-
gorithm interpreted your pur- scribes the ways in which
chases to create a vivid picture phones are designed to grab
of who you are.  our attention and hold it there
for as long as possible. The
According to SKU, I “some- exhibit goes through every
times rebel against myself but feature, colour and sound on
don’t have to” – not a great your phone, and explains how
start. I’m also “highly cautious each is optimised by teams of
with sneaking suspicions” – designers and psychologists to
getting warmer. And I “might keep you hooked. 
also like boundaries, independ- With the Science Gallery set to
n B.J. Quinn ent films, and black and white close its doors this February,

the exhibition will interro- a deeper look in humans and choices” – bingo! Of course, BIAS offers a grand send-off
ollowing the easing of gate how prejudice can move machines teach us about our- it’s all meant to be taken with by exploring what a deeper
lockdown restrictions, the quickly from human to ma- selves? A subject which can a pinch of salt, but there is an look at the world can teach us
Science Gallery at Trin- chine as algorithms and arti- appear very complicated and inherent thrill of being psycho- about ourselves.
ity College Dublin reopened its ficial intelligence systems are hard to understand at first. analyzed by a machine.
doors to the public last October encoded by humans with very Thankfully, the Science Gal- BIAS: Built This Way is free
with a launch party for BIAS: human values, preferences and lery has a team of friendly vol- The exhibition continues on entry and no pre-booking is re-
Built This Way — a free, in- predispositions. unteers on hand, who are not the top floor of the Science quired, but, in following Covid
teractive, wholly thought-pro- only extremely knowledgeable Gallery, where you’ll come protocol, you will be asked to
voking exhibition that explores Ireland has the largest num- but explain these dense con- across more fascinating instal- sign in at the front desk. 
preferences, prejudices and dig- ber of AI start-up companies cepts in ways simple to under- lations, including Risa Puno’s
ital equity. The exhibition is due in Europe and has recently stand. and Alex Taylor’s Most Likely BIAS was curated with Julia
to run until February 28th, when published the National Arti- To Succeed. This interactive Kaganskiy and ADAPT, the
the gallery is sadly expected to ficial Intelligence Strategy, Cloud Face by Shinseungback exhibit, developed with Ac- Science Foundation Ireland
close for good.  positioning Ireland as an in- Kimyonghun is one of the first centure Labs, gives you the Research Centre for AI Driven
ternational leader in using AI. pieces you’ll come across. chance to prove your skills in Digital Content Technology.
“BIAS is a lens that distorts At a local level, understand- Apophenia is the name given an exciting tactile game re-
how we understand the world, ing AI has never been more to the human tendency to find quiring focus and dexterity.
warping our perception of re- essential. These technologies meaning in random data: be- By altering a tilting platform,
ality in ways that are often have global consequences – AI tween things that have no re- players are tasked with getting
unconscious and deeply in- systems can benefit innovation lationship to one another. The as many balls through a maze
grained,” says BIAS curator that help both our economy most common example for hu- as possible before time runs
Julia Kaganskiy.  “But where and society, but when used ir- mans is our habit of seeing fac- out! Sounds fun, but there’s
does it come from? And what responsibly can reinforce and es in the clouds. Consisting of method behind the madness:
can we do about it?” amplify social bias.  24 square mounted photos of in theory, the piece aims to ex-
clouds, Cloud Face shows us amine the construction and ap-
Featuring new commissions The exhibition tackles some what happens when machines plication of AI models through
from fresh Irish and interna- heavy subjects and complex make the same mistake we do, the subjective lens of fairness.
tional artists, and collabora- questions – Can understanding as each photo has been classi-
tions with expert researchers human bias help build more fied in error as human faces by Of course, not all the exhibits
from ADAPT, the SFI Re- ethical AI? Can understanding artificial intelligence.  require you to ‘tilt’ this and
search Centre for AI-Driven machine bias help build more ‘scan’ that; some are waiting
Digital Content Technology, equitable societies? What can Still, think of Cloud Face as for you to look but not touch. Dec / Jan 2022 ART 1 EXPO Page 13

Painting & Memory draughtsman and illustrator early throughout his work. This fasci- was owned by the musician Da-
in his career. But he is most cel- nation tended to focus on unique vid Bowie at the time of his death
Jack B. Yeats celebrated at The ebrated for his oil paintings. He personalities or strangers he en- and is now worth an estimated
National Gallery of Ireland completed over a thousand in countered during his rural trav- €210,000.
his lifetime, with 594 paintings els. The most striking example of
n B.J. Quinn between the age of seventy and these is ‘The Barrel Man’ (1912), Another notable piece is the
eighty years of age. From his a depiction of a – perhaps cruel recent acquisition ‘Bachelor’s
early playful reimaginings to the – rural festivity, involving a man Walk, In Memory’ (1915), which
existential reflections of his later fighting off sticks being aimed at depicts an incident in 1914 that
work, memory proved a constant him from the safety of a barrel. saw the King’s Own Scottish Bor-
source of wild inspiration.  The exhibition concludes with derers opening fire on a crowd of
The exhibition begins by ex- what’s widely considered Yeats’ demonstrators in Dublin City
ploring Yeats’ emotional con- best work. As old age crept in, so Centre – one of very few paint-
nection to Sligo, where the artist did a period of deep reflection. ings with which Yeats responded
lived from 1879 to 1885 with his The death of his wife Cottie, and directly to contemporary political
grandparents. But Yeats was a his siblings – William, Elizabeth events.
well-travelled soul; the bustling and Susan – all within the same Ticket prices range from €10
metropolises of New York, Lon- decade had a profound impact on - €16 (although only €5 every
don and Paris excited him, and the artist’s paintings. Where his Tuesday from 9.45am to 1pm).
the paintings on display mirror early work featured figures in a Discounts for mid-week tick-
“No one creates. The artist as- 84 paintings, brings together the his enthusiasm, with their giddy state of enjoyment or pursuit, the ets and for those booked online,
sembles memories.” largest collection of Yeats’ oils strokes of movement and vibrant characters populating his later as well as for the over 65s, stu-
– Jack B. Yeats in fifty years. Speaking to The hues. ‘A Palace’ (1933) is a prime work seem weighed down with dents, and individuals who are
Irish Times ahead of its launch, example: a colourful recollec- graver concerns. Even the titles unwaged. It should take approxi-
Coinciding with the 150th an- Brendan Rooney, head curator at tion of the sparkling Grill Room of these paintings suggest a deep mately 30mins to complete the
niversary of the birth of one of the gallery, said, “we were incred- of The Cafe Royal in London: a state of wonder towards the after- exhibition.
Ireland’s most important artists, ibly well served by lenders. Peo- meeting place for writers, art- life.  Curators | Donal Maguire and
The National Gallery of Ireland ple, it appears to us, who own a ists, politicians and intellectuals My personal highlights include Dr Brendan Rooney
is hosting an exhibition explor- Yeats love Yeats, and that applies around that time.  ‘Sleep Sound’ (1955), painted For further information, be sure
ing the role of memory in Jack B. to public and private collections. He was also fascinated by peo- when Yeats was eighty-five years to visit
Yeats’ work. The generosity we experienced ple, and by the late 1930s he had old, and is one of several works in
Running till February 6th and was terrific.” already assembled a cast of famil- which the artist clearly addresses Image: Pilot Sligo River, 1927.
taking place in the Gallery’s Beit Yeats mastered various media iar character types from Irish life the subject of death and likens it Source The National Gallery of
Wing, this exhibition, comprising throughout his life; he trained as who made regular appearances to sleep. Fun fact: The painting Ireland

Gerard Byrne ‘Always Sunday’ oil on canvas | detail


01 4982909 | 086 8321094
15 Chelmsford Road | Ranelagh | Dublin 6

Page 14 FESTIVE FILM Dec / Jan 2022

A Holly Jolly Netflix

Our top 6 film picks for the Christmas season
n B.J. Quinn
It’s that time of year again!
A time for love and cheer, for
family and friends. But, most
importantly, Christmas is a time
where we get the opportunity to
sit down, watch a heap of films
and scoff whatever foil wrapped
goodies are within arm’s reach.
And though we can’t provide
the goodies, here’s our list of the
top 6 Christmas films currently

Klaus (2019)
When Jesper (Jason Schwartz-
man) distinguishes himself as the
Postal Academy’s worst student,
he is banished to Smeerensburg, a
remote village located on an icy
island above the Arctic Circle,
where grouchy inhabitants barely
exchange words, let alone letters.
Jesper is about to give up and
abandon his postal duties when
he meets local teacher Alva and
Klaus (J. K.  Simmons), a reclu- Gene Wilder and Peter Ostrum in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Image Source; Paramount Pictures , via Photofest
sive toymaker who lives alone in
a cabin full of handmade trinkets. It has jump-scares, tension and will haunt you the same way ‘This mas and a Yippee Ki-Yay! their comeuppance. I mean, even
Klaus is the perfect way to a whole lot of creepy creations. is Halloween’, ‘What’s This’, and Charlie is too much at times, but
kick-off the Christmas season. The creatures on show are made ‘Making Christmas’ will have you Prime Video at least he has a good heart – just
It is gorgeous to look at, genu- from a mix of terrifying practical humming for weeks: “Boys and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate stay away from those Fizzy Lift-
inely funny and has the potential and CGI effects, and the result is girls of every age, wouldn’t you Factory (1971) ing Drinks, kid.
to make you cry the happiest of pure nightmare fuel. Still, though like to see something strange?” If you happened to have no
tears. The film also explains all it’s arguably the jolliest movie childhood and, as a result, are Tangerine (2015)
the Santa myths – from flying you’ll find this Christmas season, Die Hard (1988) completely unaware of this clas- It’s Christmas Eve in Hollywood
reindeers to his little helpers – in you better wait till the kiddies For the uninitiated: NYPD cop sic, here’s the rundown: Dandy and our heroine Sin-Dee (Kitana
unique and clever ways. Now, the are tucked away before inviting John McClane’s (Bruce Willis) candy-man Willy Wonka (Gene Kiki Rodriguez) is back on the
story doesn’t reinvent the wheel; Krampus into your living room. plan to reconcile with his es- Wilder) creates a worldwide fren- streets. When she hears that her
in fact it openly harkens back to tranged wife (Bonnie Bedelia) is zy when he announces that golden pimp boyfriend hasn’t been faith-
Disney’s 2D animations of the Disney + thrown for a serious loop when, tickets hidden inside five of his ful during the 28 days she was
2000s-era. But we’re in safe and Nightmare Before Christmas minutes after he arrives at her of- candy bars will admit their lucky incarcerated, the working girl and
capable hands: its director, Sergio (1993) fice, the entire building is over- holders into his secret confection- her best friend, Alexandra (Mya
Pablos, created the phenomenon Bored of scaring humans every taken by a group of heavily ac- ary. But this isn’t just any choco- Taylor), embark on a mission to
that is Despicable Me, after all. Halloween with the same old cented terrorists. With little help late factory, Wonka’s is filled with get to the bottom of the salacious
tricks, Jack Skellington (Chris from the LAPD, wisecracking chocolate rivers, Oompa Loom- rumour.
Krampus (2015) Sarandon), the beloved Pumpkin McClane sets out to single-hand- pas and madcap inventions. Tangerine is the real deal! Upon
When his dysfunctional family King of Halloween Town, plots to edly bring the bad guys down, in Alas, another Christmas staple, its release, critics made much of
falls out over the holidays, Max kidnap Santa Claus and take the his bare feet no less. but this one has aged well – bet- the fact that the feature was en-
(Emjay Anthony) is disillusioned role for himself. But as Christmas Where do I begin? Yes, it’s a ter than most Dahl adaptations, tirely shot with an iPhone, but it’s
and turns his back on Christmas. approaches, Jack soon discovers Christmas film. Yes, it’s one of that’s for sure. The performances much more than that – it’s proof
However, little does he know, even the best-laid plans of mice the best action films ever made are great, especially Wilder, who that independent films don’t have
this lack of festive spirit has un- and (skeleton) men can go seri- – these two things aren’t mutu- weaves a sense of enigmatic mys- to be dreary, artsy and filled to the
leashed the wrath of Krampus: an ously awry. ally exclusive. However, I take tery through proceedings. Depp brim with static shots that suggest
ancient evil force intent on pun- This film has the unique ability no pleasure in saying that Die had no chance, his performance cheap Bergman or Ozu. This film
ishing non-believers. of being a crowd-pleaser during Hard has aged into a lost art. It (in Tim Burton’s 2005 remake) breaks all the rules and has a lot of
Forget nice – Krampus is as both Halloween and Christmas. has a wholly original, unpredict- brought all the whimsy but no fun doing it. Sure, it may be struc-
naughty as they come, and is one With catchy tunes and beautiful, able screenplay, witty dialogue, emotion, and if Wilder had any- tured like a Jim Jarmucsh film,
unholy delight! If you’re tired of nightmarish imagery, The Night- and Willis has never been better, thing, it was emotion. He could but it has all the raw energy of a
all the Christmas schmaltz and mare Before Christmas is a ma- cooler or sexier. But not only did bottle it up or let it rip! What I Cassavetes joint. But most nota-
family friendly classics, this one’s cabre masterpiece. Directed by Die Hard turn Willis into an inter- love about the original version bly, it’s the way the film centres
for you. Though very much in- Henry Selick, with a script from national star, it gave us one of the is how the nastiness of Dahl’s the lives of trans women of color
spired by Joe Dante’s magnum Tim Burton and songs by Danny most memorable movie villains world shines through. The kids with complexity and humour that
opus Gremlins, Krampus unleash- Elfman, this film is not short on of all time in Hans Gruber (Alan here are absolute brats, and it’s makes it a deeply rewarding trip
es its own unique brand of terror. powerhouse talent. The visuals Rickman). Have a Merry Christ- quite satisfying to watch them get through Tinseltown. Dec / Jan 2022 FILM OPPORTUNITY Page 15

Lights. Camera. Social Action! come. place winner who will receive
This competition isn’t about €500. In the secondary school
Walk in My Shoes launches mental health short-film competition using pricey equipment either. categories, first and second
You can use any type of video place prizes will be made paya-
with €1,000 cash prize recording device you feel com- ble to the school, with each par-
fortable with – smartphones, ticipating student also receiving
digital cameras, film – and there a small prize. An awards cer-
are lots of free-to-use video emony announcing the winners
editing programmes available will be held towards the end of
online, such as Clip Champ, to February 2022.
help you get the finished version For more details and terms
you’re happy with. and conditions for this year’s
How to Enter? After complet- competition, be sure to visit
ing your TikTok or short film, their website: www.walkinmy-
you can enter the competition
by filling out the online entry mind.  
form (via www.walkinmyshoes.
ie) and confirming the permis- *If you are affected by any of
sions within it, which allow us the issues raised in this article,
to screen and share your crea- you can contact; The Samaritans
tions. (phone 116123), or Pieta House
Please note that only You- (1800247247).
Tube, Vimeo or TikTok links
will be accepted for competition Image Source www.walkinmy-
applications. If you are short-
listed in your category, you will
be asked to share an MP4 file of
your entry at that time.
n B.J. Quinn originality, artistic vision and Friends – all of which I rely on Submissions are now open

message interpretation, with as a way to look after my own and must be sent in by 5pm on
alk in My Shoes, the shortlisted films to be reviewed mental health. Cinema and film Friday, 4 February, 2022. Each
flagship awareness- by an expert judging panel who have proven to be a lifeline for category will have a first-place
raising campaign will select the overall winners. me in times of difficulty and I winner who will receive a cash
of St Patrick’s Mental Health If there are insufficient entries, hope that, through this compe- prize of €1,000 and a second-
Services, is calling on students the judging panel reserves the tition, others will take time to
and budding filmmakers across right to decline to make an discover the power of film and
Ireland to submit short films or award. The panel reserves the its ability to highlight pertinent
TikTok videos that promote a right to disqualify any entry that issues, while also bringing joy
positive mental health message, does not fit the criteria of these and hopefulness.”
tackle mental health stereotypes terms and conditions, and its de- Fellow judge, Tamara Nolan
or challenge stigma. cision is final. spoke of the importance of the
First launched in 2014, the This year’s judging panel competition’s noble cause, say-
Frame of Mind short-film com- comprises: RTÉ Guide Movies ing: “Frame of Mind is one of
petition returns for its seventh Editor, Michael Doherty; for- Walk in My Shoes’ most popu-
year with a brand new category mer service user of St Patrick’s lar initiatives, and each year we
that asks hopeful entrants to cre- Mental Health Services and film receive significant numbers of
ate an inspiring mental health fanatic, Sean Fitzpatrick; Direc- uplifting entries from schools
film in 60 seconds or less. En- tor of Services at St Patrick’s and the public that challenge
trants can also submit short Mental Health Services, Tom mental health stigma and con-
films of up to three minutes or Maher; and Director of Com- vey positive, hopeful messages.
less. The prize – €1,000.  munications and Advocacy at The Frame of Mind short-film
With data showing a massive St Patrick’s Mental Health Ser- competition is all about harness-
rise in the number of people us- vices, Tamara Nolan. ing the ability that a good film
ing social media apps such as Speaking about this year’s can have to inspire people and
TikTok on a daily basis across contest, returning judge, Sean to spark conversations about
the nation, the contest hopes to Fitzpatrick said: “I am delighted mental health. By challenging
use the influence and reach of to be on the judging panel again entrants to keep their films to
such platforms to shine a light for this year’s Frame of Mind three minutes or less, we hope to
on mental health through short, competition. Having acted as be able to share valuable mental
shareable and inspiring film a Frame of Mind judge for the health awareness-raising con-
content. past number of years, it’s al- tent that is compelling and that
ways amazing to see the high has the power to reach as many
The categories for this year’s calibre of entries, which tackle people as possible.”
competition are: many important issues and raise With everyone’s safety in
awareness of the importance of mind, participants are encour-
Secondary School / TikTok good mental health. As some- aged to make their entries in line
Secondary School / Short- one who has experienced men- with the ever-evolving public
Film tal health difficulties, films and health guidance: from filming
General / TikTok cinema became a vital part of people remotely to using ani-
General / Short-Film my recovery strategy and form mation or simple stop-motion,
  part of something I like to call all innovative ways you want
All entries will be judged on the three Fs - Film, Football and to make your creations are wel-
Page 16 FILM REVIEW Dec / Jan 2022

A Look Back at the Year

in Film
tary The Velvet Underground,
which chronicles the brilliant
and iconic band. 
That’s also not to mention the
raft of exciting 2021 titles that
are scheduled to release here
over the coming weeks and
months, some of them slipping
into the following year, as al-
ways tends to happen. I greatly
look forward to Julia Ducour-
nau’s Palme D’or winning Ti-
tane, Gaspar Noe’s Vortex,
Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir
Part 2, Paul Verhoeven’s Bene-
detta and Paul Thomas Ander-
son’s Licorice Pizza to name but
a few. 
The latter is likely to be in
Oscar contention come the New
Year, given Anderson’s track
record in gaining nominations
from the academy. The films
being tipped to compete for
this year’s gongs also give a
good indication that the steady
release of high profile cinema
Venom: Let There Be Carnage, cinema run. The rest of the top though the poor reception given is back in flow. The current fa-
n David Prendeville Black Widow, F9 and A Quiet ten are made up of Detective to the two sequels killed off the vourite for the big awards is
Place Part 2, to name but a few.  Chinatown 3 (an instalment in franchise. Perhaps Warner Bros Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast, a

It’s undeniable that the theat- a popular Chinese franchise), feel that nostalgia, seemingly semi-autobiographical drama
nother tumultuous year rical grosses of the highest earn- Godzilla Vs Kong, Venom: Let the new master of our infan- about a young boy growing up
for cinema draws to a ers are down a bit from where There be Carnage, Shang-Chi, tilized world, will be enough in 60s Belfast. Other contend-
close. As we headed they would have been in the Black Widow and Dune.  to reel punters back in. There ers include the Will Smith star-
into the latter months of 2021 times before Covid. If we look Again, we can see in these re- seems, however, a curious lack rer King Richard, Joel Coen’s
the outlook for cinemas and the at the US box-office figures sults, that while grosses are low- of hype for the 150m budgeted The Tragedy of Macbeth, Jane
film industry in general has been for the year, only Shang-Chi er than what they would be in a film, less than a month before its Campion’s The Power of the
boosted somewhat. Hits such as and Venom have crossed the ‘normal’ year, the figures are release on December 22nd.  Dog (currently on release) and
the much delayed Bond outing 200 million mark, a milestone strong considering the strain the Looking back on my own Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Lost
No Time to Die have brought that would be quietly impres- pandemic has put on cinemas personal highlights of the cin- Daughter. 
people back into the multiplex sive rather than earth-shattering and points to a positive outlook ematic year, it maybe does seem All in all, and with everything
and given a much needed boost in the halcyon days of 2018 or for the recovery of theatres in the a tad more sparse and, perhaps, considered, it has been a pretty
to exhibitors. There have also 2019. This is offset, of course, post Covid era. It’s also particu- low-key than what I would con- decent year for film, with plen-
been other modest successes by the fact that many films this larly heartening that some films sider as the standouts in a nor- ty more to look forward to this
such as Dune, which suggest year were released simultane- that were released on stream- mal year, however there has month and into the New Year. It
that the proclamation of cin- ously on streaming platforms as ing services simultaneously as still been much to savour. Prano certainly seems as if Covid has
ema’s death has been greatly they were in cinemas.  they were released theatrically, Bailey-Bond’s Censor was an not put paid to the cinematic
exaggerated.  At the worldwide box office, posted strong attendances. This imaginative and formally inven- experience. The strain the pan-
Looking back on the year as a it’s two Chinese films that top shows that people still value the tive meta-horror featuring a su- demic has put on exhibitors is
whole it doesn’t feel as though the pile at the time of writing. cinema experience and that si- perb central performance from still there to be seen, with some
the output of films was much The war film The Battle of Lake multaneous streaming and the- Irish actor Niamh Algar. Michel independent cinemas closing
lower than in a normal year. It Changjin is at no.1. The film atrical runs have the potential to Franco’s provocative New Or- their doors permanently. How-
certainly marked a big improve- managed to gross over 800 mil- live in harmony.  der was visceral, disturbing ever, it’s clear from the semi-
ment on 2020. In 2020 the only lion in China alone. Second on In terms of the Hollywood and thoroughly uncompromis- revival of cinemas in the latter
really expected money spinner the list is the comedy Hi, Mom behemoths, there is one more ing cinema. Ben Hozie’s PVT part of 2021 that there is hope
that was released was Christo- - sadly not the Brian De Palma tentpole due to be unleashed Chat was a disarmingly sweet for better times for cinema own-
pher Nolan’s dire Tenet, which film from 1970. In at 3 is the before the year’s end. It will and smart modern romance. ers and cinema-goers alike in
ultimately underwhelmed at the ninth instalment of the Fast and be fascinating to see how The Paul Schrader carried on his the months ahead. 
box office. This year has seen Furious franchise, F9, which Matrix Revolutions plays for a strong late career form with the
the release of the aforemen- grossed over 700m worldwide. number of reasons, even beyond enthralling The Card Counter. Image: Julia Ducournau,
tioned Bond and Dune, as well Bond then takes fourth spot and the pandemic. It’s been 18 years Todd Haynes made his best film Palme D’or winner, courtesy
as hits such as Shang-Chi and may add more to its cumula- since the last instalment of the in years with the superb, de- 
the Legend of the Ten Rings, tive gross before it finishes its franchise and it always felt as lightfully cinematic documen- Dec / Jan 2022 FILM REVIEW Page 17

The Last Duel

Ireland Shines in this Modern Medieval Epic
n B.J. Quinn Scott directed last year (the oth- warned: the violence on display encompassing charisma. He’s locations in Dublin and Wick-
er being House of Gucci), is a is both bloody and brutal. And proven himself to be a star be- low. So, the next time you feel
you won’t need to wait till the fore – last seen carrying the like directing your own sprawl-
film’s confrontation to enjoy it; revamped Star Wars franchise ing historical epic about mascu-
the early battle sequences are on his broad, carefully sculpted linity and betrayal, forget Hol-
spectacularly gruesome and li- back with ease – but we had yet lywood – look no further than
able to shock even the most to see him hold his own among your own back garden.
stone-faced viewer. bonafide Hollywood heavy- The Last Duel (153 mins) is
Another shocking revelation weights, such as Damon and Af- currently playing on Disney +
is that the film’s script marks fleck. He’s a unique talent, and
the first time Ben Affleck (who one you can’t help but watch. In *Support for victims of sexual
also co-stars as Count Pierre that regard, The Last Duel feels violence is available from Dub-
d’Alençon) and Matt Damon like the passing of the Holly- lin Rape Crisis Centre’s 24-hour
have collaborated since their wood hunk torch, and long may helpline, 1800-778888; Men’s
1997 Oscar darling, Good Will Driver keep its flame lit. Aid Ireland national confiden-
Hunting. Nicole Holofcener – We all know who the real star tial helpline, 01-5543811; and
who previously co-wrote the of the movie is, though. Ireland An Garda, 999/112.
2018 hidden-gem Can You has hosted various productions
Ever Forgive Me? – is also in the past: The Tudors, John Image: Pictured at a special
on script duties; and hers is a Boorman’s Excalibur and, most preview screening of Twentieth
voice desperately needed. The recently, The Green Knight Century Studio’s The Last Duel
screenplay’s parallel contradic- (starring Dublin native Barry in the Light house Cinema
tory narratives will inevitably Keoghan). But if you’re still not Dublin are Irish cast members
prompt comparisons with Akira convinced of Ireland’s medieval Caoimhe O’Malley who plays
Kurosawa’s classic Rashomon. credentials, then The Last Duel Elizabeth and Simone Collins
However, it seems what’s grab- is here to settle all debate. The who plays Agatha. Picture An-
bing most audiences’ attention film was partially shot in Cahir dres Poveda
is the film’s use of rape as a plot Castle, Tipperary, Bective Ab-
device. Yes, there are, indeed, bey, County Meath and various
some traumatic moments in The
Last Duel, but these are treated
with care and sensitivity.  A FINAL RESTING PLACE

Perhaps most concerning,
emember Lockdown thoroughly modern medieval though, is the film’s characteri-
#1? Cast your mind back epic, forceful as it is propulsive. sation of Comer’s Marguerite,
to a time of soda bread Set in Paris, 1386, Damon who throughout the movie is
recipes, viral sea shanties, insuf- plays Jean de Carrouges, one of given no interior life and instead
ferable Zoom quizzes and, yes, two noblemen about to take part is defined by the mechanics of
Matt Damon. The Hollywood in the final duel ever sanctioned the plot and the rape. We hear
superstar and his family were by French royalty. His oppo- powerful characters often de-
holed up in Dalkey while the nent, Jacques Le Gris (Adam scribe women as the property of
actor shot outdoor scenes for Driver) stands accused of raping men, but with a script portray-
Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel. de Carrouges’ wife, Marguerite ing women as nothing but shal-
During his stay, Damon became (Jodie Comer in a starmaking low victims, does The Last Duel
something of a cult hero – sign- turn). The film, however, uses think any differently?
ing autographs, enjoying lo- a cunning narrative device: the The film may feed into the
cal amenities and providing us story is split up into three chap- very power structure it tries to
with top-notch “bag of cans” ters, each from one of the main overthrow, but at least Comer
meme fodder that should last us characters’ point of view. We is trying her best here, offering
through any future lockdowns. see how their lives intertwine a poignant, understated perfor-
Speaking via video link at and how their individual expe- mance. It’s meant to be her sto-
the Dalkey Book Festival last riences contrast and compare in ry, of course, but it’s easy to tell The St Matthew’s Church Columbarium Wall is
June, the actor told host David the lead up to the film’s climac- Scott is much more interested
McWilliams, “We made a bar- tic, bloodthirsty duel. in the film’s reserve of testos- now available to book a final resting place for
gain with the kids that when this When the trailer for The Last terone. Some of that is supplied your loved ones in the Community. For more
all ends we’re going back and Duel dropped last July, my ex- by Damon, who enjoys playing
we’re gonna do our trip . . . we pectations were lukewarm to the heroic yet repugnant de Car- details and to receive a Brochure, call the St
all really want to do it, we just say the least. It built the film up rouges. Affleck spices up things
felt comfortable there . . . the to be a sober, long-winded tale, with a peroxide mullet more
Matthews Parish Office on 087 254 0378 or
town is so beautiful and we’re chock-full of Shakespearean suited to a Danish rave than email Jonny Bell at
just walking up Killiney Hill, prose and solemn expressions. 14th century France. The part of
walking over to Mugs (a local Thankfully, that’s not the case at d’Alençon provides Affleck the
café) and getting coffee.” all. Ridley Scott has somehow chance to go big and camp, and
Thankfully, his trip to these delivered a close to three hour I’m all here for it! 
shores wasn’t made in vain. period drama that rips and roars But nothing can compare
The Last Duel, one of two films along from start to finish. But be or distract from Driver’s all-
Page 18 BOOKS Dec / Jan 2022

The Three Good Fridays: influence both domestically

and internationally. Through-
published by author HOUSE,
is available directly from the-
Memories of an out his very successful career, also
Irish Octogenarian with Bord Failte Bill travelled on Amazon, Goodreads and
all over the world and rubbed other online platforms. Price
n Eoin Meegan shoulders with such luminar- $14.35
Luas. Memories too of swim- ies as Tony Bennett, Al Mar-
In this book Octogenarian Bill ming and diving, both at which tino, Stéphane Grapelli,  Bill
Morrison reminisces over his Bill excelled, and long summer Cosby, Maeve Binchy, Nuala
long and colourful life, first days spent at the Blackrock O Faolain, Jim Sheridan, Niall
growing up in Blackrock, then as Baths. And let’s not forget such Brophy, Paul O’Connell, Donal
a citizen of the world, and now eccentricities as playing marbles Walsh, Olympians Eddie Heron
as a resident of Ballsbridge (he and conkers (today’s kids would and Paddy Kavanagh, and the
claims the book came about in have to google that to see what it greatest of them all, Muham-
order to kill the boredom during meant!) and road tennis, with a mad Ali. But fame and success
Covid). Particularly striking are rope substituted for the net! One rested easy on Bill, and the book
the memories of a happy child- particular chapter tells the story is full of lovely stories and an-
hood in Blackrock, in an Ireland of Bill’s marriage to the beauti- ecdotes (including the “who’s
that has long since vanished. ful singer Mona Baptiste from Mona” story). The title comes
Such as visiting Findlaters store Trinidad, now sadly deceased, about from events that happened
with its intriguing pneumatic penned by his friend Bill Hern. on three separate Good Fridays
pulley system, where the money (all falling on April 10th), Bill’s
was whizzed up to the counting The Three Good Fridays is as birth in 1936, the signing of the
house upstairs, and the change much a social history of the Good Friday Agreement, 1989,
brought back by the same seem- times as a description of a per- and his 84th birthday in 2020
ingly mysterious process, much sonal childhood. The story of which he spent (or as he says
to the enjoyment and awe of the the early working life and sub- ‘endured’) cocooning in splen-
children at the time. Also the old sequent business career reflects did isolation. A very enjoyable
Regent Cinema where admis- the changes the country went read.
sion set you back a staggering through during those same ex-
sixpence! as well as travelling citing times with Ireland’s inter- The Three Good Fridays:
on the old double-decker tram – national growth in diplomacy, Memories of an Irish Octoge-
long predating the sleek modern politics, commerce, and cultural narian by William Morrison,

Archipelago A Reader:
A Unique Literary Journey around
the British and Irish Isles

This collection drawn from the temporary writing about place organ, to the north of Swansea,
pages of Archipelago, a literary and people, raising awareness of and then went on to read English
periodical which ran to 12 edi- current issues, such as the envi- as a mature student at Magdalen
tions between 2007 and 2019, ronment, as well as encouraging College, Oxford, 1971-3, where
gathers poetry, prose and visual reflection on nature. Readers old among his teachers was Ber-
art in clusters grouped around and new can sail these imagi- nard O’Donoghue. After that he
the Irish and British archipelago, nary isles in the company of art- worked as an editor and publish-
with contributions from an array ists whose works point to the far er, latterly at Oxford University
of significant artists including: shores of new understanding. Press where he ran the Litera-
Seamus Heaney, Sinéad Morris- McNeillie, a native of Old Col- ture list. His Striking a Match
sey, Bernard O’Donoghue, Alice wyn, North Wales, spent time as in a Storm: Collected Poems, is
Oswald, Michael Longley, Tim a youth in the 1960s on Inish- due to be published by Carcanet
Robinson, Robert Macfarlane, more, the largest of the Aran Is- Press in March 2022.
Moya Cannon, John Brannigan, lands. The collection is laid out
Derek Mahon, Terry Eagleton, in five sections, covering Ire- Archipelago A Reader: edited
Norman Ackroyd, and founder land, England, Scotland, Wales by Nicholas Allen and Fiona
and editor Andrew McNeillie. and Other Worlds. The editors Stafford, the Lilliput Press,
tell us they have arranged “the Dublin. Available in all good
Since the foundation of the collection in strands of associa- bookstores and from the Lil-
magazine in 2007, Archipelago tion that trace imaginative jour- liput Press website, price €25.
has brought together estab- neys around the isles.” A really
lished and emerging artists in unique and original collection
creative conversations that have for lovers of art, literature and
transformed the study of is- the raging wild.
lands, coasts and waterways. It
journeys from the Shetlands to Before established Clutag Press
Cornwall, from the Aran Islands in 2000 that went on to publish
to the coast of Yorkshire, trac- Archipelago Andrew McNeillie
ing the cultures of diverse zones worked as a news reporter in the
through some of the best in con- mining valleys of West Glam- Dec / Jan 2022 BOOKS Page 19

The Ultimate Nostalgic Irish Christmas Recipe ‘Book’ Launches

on - Connecting Diaspora Around The World

Of all the things that make monds and citrus, and warm crafts and gift ideas and
us nostalgic for home, food spices like nutmeg, allspice more, and will run from
- particularly at Christmas and cinnamon. All packed December 8th - 23rd this
- has the power to trans- tightly together in a pud- year. It was derived from
port us to a time and place ding bowl, then steamed the Government’s new Di-
we love or miss. The smell low and slow before leaving aspora Strategy as launched
of roast turkey, stuffing or it aside to mature ahead of by the Minister of State for
mince pies can switch on Christmas day when it is set the Diaspora, Colm Brophy
all the festive feelings and  alight, with a brandy flame T.D., in November 2020.
‘To Be Irish At Christmas’ and drizzled with brandy Targeting the 70M dias-
has collated a host of nostal- butter. There are many as- pora around the world, last
gic Christmas recipes from sociated traditions, for some year’s initiative generated
Irish chefs near and far re- it’s a family event taking engagement of people from
vealing them on ToBeIrish. turns to stir the pudding over 50 countries across the
ie/feastivities over the com- for good luck and making world, from Australia to
ing weeks beginning with a wish and it’s a wonderful The Netherlands, from Co-
Eunice Power’s family pud- way to teach children how lombia to Singapore. The
ding recipe.  to bake and to ensure reci- reopening of international
  pes are passed down from travel brings renewed hope
Curated by Ali Dunworth, it generation to generation. for those who have endured
is the ultimate nostalgic Irish According to Eunice, “This long and painful separations
Christmas recipe ‘book’ recipe was given to me by from families and friends,
(online) full of classic dish- my Auntie Joan. She has but there are still many who
es and some more modern been making pudding for 40 will not be able to travel. ‘To
twists including Mark Mori- years. The recipe has been Be Irish’ wants to bring the
arty’s kitsch prawn cocktail, handed down by her mother very best of Ireland to them
Clodagh McKenna’s fool- before her, and her mother through this virtual portal.
proof roast turkey, Anna before that.”  
Haugh’s favourite seasonal   Follow the conversation
starter, Graham Herterich ‘To Be Irish At Christmas’ on social media; Twitter
show-stopping chocolate celebrates what it means to @ToBeIrish | Instagram 
orange pavlova, and many be Irish and creates mean- Facebook  TikTok @To-
more.  ingful connections with | YouTube.
  our Irish diaspora around
In Ireland, we still love the the world. fea- Images: Eunice Power’s Christ-
traditional pudding, booze- tures seasonal traditions, mas Pudding, courtesy To-
soaked dried fruits, with al- community initiatives, Irish
Page 20 GOOGLE NEWS Dec / Jan 2022 Dec / Jan 2022 GOOGLE NEWS Page 21
Page 22 Dec / Jan 2022


chopped and then whisk in the roux a
2 carrots, peeled and chopped little at a time to form a thick
2 celery sticks, chopped sauce.
A few sprigs of parsley 3. Blanch the broccoli in boil-
1 bay leaf ing salted water until just ten-
A few black peppercorns der, then drain and refresh un-
300ml/ ½ pint double cream der cold water.
110g/4oz roux 4. Stir the shredded turkey and
1 large head of broccoli, divid- broccoli into the sauce and
ed into florets season to taste with salt and
15g/ ½ oz butter pepper. Pour this mix into an
50g/2oz strong cheese, grated ovenproof dish.
110g/4z breadcrumbs 5. Melt the butter and mix
  with the cheese and the bread-
Method: crumbs. Spread over the turkey
1. Place the turkey in a large mixture and bake in an oven
saucepan with the onions, car- preheated to 180°c/350°F/gas
rots, celery, parsley, bay leaf, mark 4 for 20 minutes until
peppercorns, and enough wa- brown and bubbling.
ter to cover. Bring slowly to
the boil, then reduce the heat
and simmer until the turkey is
cooked – about 20 minutes, if
If you’re looking for a hearty dishes, so why not try out this Ingredients: cooking from raw. Remove the
and nutritious meal to warm comforting dish, guaranteed to (Serves 4 – 6 people) turkey from the pan and leave
you up on a long winter even- satisfy even the pickiest of eat- to cool, then dice and set aside.
ing, then this Turkey and Broc- ers. This simple one pot dish is 500g shredded Turkey 2. Strain the cooking liquid
coli Bake recipe is just for also a perfect way to make use Meat (left over from your into a saucepan and boil until
you!  Sometimes simplicity is of that leftover turkey over the Christmas Turkey) reduced to 600ml/1 pint. Add
the key to success with classic Christmas period.   1 Spanish onion, peeled and the cream, return to the boil

Crossword Clues December 2021/January 2022 Solutions for the

The NewsFour Crossword
Dec 2021 Jan 2022 ACROSS:
Oct/Nov. 2021 Crossword

Compiled by Gemma Byrne 1) Vaseline is a brand of this ointment (9, 5) ACROSS:

8) These unused pots are utterly amazing (10) (anag) 1) Trespassing, 6) Via, 8) Leop-
9) Benny, Björn, Agnetha and Anni-Frid (4) ard Print, 10) or, 12) Optimal,
1 2 3 4 5 6

7 10) A unit of ancient Middle Eastern money (6) 13) Champ,

11) Well known brand of orange liqueur (9) 14) Leo, 15) Grimm, 16) Hal, 17)
14) Without in French (4) Saturate, 20) Ailment, 22) Lar-
8 9

16) Uncommunicative, secretive (5-6) der, 24) Salami,

18) Comic opera or Jacobs biscuit (6) 26) Anaconda, 27) Ellen Keane,
23) Angela Scanlon’s new RTE show (3, 2, 8) 28) Gold
11 12 25) Percussive jingling instrument (9)
13 14 15
28) This country could be considered plane (5) (anag)
29) A total flop or disappointment (4, 5) DOWN:
16 17
1) Talking Heads, 2) Economi-
18 cal, 3) Phantoms, 4) Sediment, 5)
DOWN: Noir,
19 20 21 22
1) Tom Jones wondered what was new with this pet 7) A cappella, 9) Roller blind, 11)
23 24 (8) Bach, 13) Costa Rica, 18) Auntie,
2) Moving (8) 19) Weans
3) Exaggerate (9) 21) Meagre, 23) Jaded, 25) Abel
25 26 27 4) Put up with (6)
5) Kids around (5) Prize of €25 book token.
6) Spend a pretty penny on these shoes? (7) Post entries to;
28 29 7) A 15-millilitre measure in the kitchen (10)
12) Base units of electrical current (4) NewsFour, 13A Fitzwilliam Street,
13) Precious stone (3) Ringsend, Dublin 4
15) Mixum gatherum (7)
Name:…………………………… Telephone:………………… 17) Number or finger (5) by the 21st January 2022.
19) Scottish woven patterned cloth (6)
20) Read over quickly (4) The winner of our Oct/Nov 2022
Address:………………………………………………………… 21) Trapped (6) crossword competition is
22) This UK university made a right mess (4) Tony Murphy, South Lotts Road,
24) English band that brought us Mr. Blue Sky (1.1.1) Dublin 4
26) Over the shoulder boulder holder? (3)
27) A quick sharp punch (3) Dec / Jan 2022 LITERATURE Page 23
Page 24 DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL Dec / Jan 2022

DCC Notes
For October / November 2021
Park will be going out to tender
this month. This division pro-
vides letters of flooding comfort
to homeowners for insurance
Compiled by David Prendeville purposes, if required.
Cllr Claire Byrne asked the
that Potential Transport Inter- ing issue of graffiti on the wall is posing a hazard for pedestri- Area Manager if he can pro-
vention options are currently in along the walkway between the ans and shoppers. The Manager pose some solutions to address
the Public Consultation process Sweepstakes complex and the said that repairs had been car- the issue of exiting from Stella
on the Dublin City Council’s Dodder. She asked if he would ried out in this location recently. Gardens on to Irishtown Road
Consultation Hub. This pro- consider a mural here as a way On subsequent inspection, one which is a frustrating and at
cess commenced on the 13th to deter further graffiti. The outstanding defect was record- times a dangerous experience
September 2021 and will last Manager’s response was that ed. This has been added to the for the residents. The Manager’s
6 weeks until the 25th Octo- this location may well lend it- Works List for Repair. reply was this request will be
ber 2021. Once this consulta- self to art on an ongoing basis as Cllr Paddy McCartan asked referred to the Area Engineer
tion feedback is processed, the a legal wall for street artists to the manager to deal with the for site assessment and report to
Councillors will be advised on paint. However an approach like issue of six sewer lines con- the Transport Advisory Group
next steps depending on the lev- this would only be undertaken if nected across back gardens on for their consideration. The as-
el of support for these options.  there is local support for such a Serpentine Park, Sandymount. sessment will take place within
Cllr James Geoghegan asked measure. He also said the instal- The connector to the road- the next few weeks. However,
the Area Manager further to lation of a mural on the length blocks repeatedly gets blocked if recommended, it has to go
the presentation on the ‘Sand- of the wall would be costly and residents have to clear this through the TAG process, which
ymount Coastal Flood Defence and have ongoing maintenance blockage themselves. Cllr Mc- will take a minimum of eight
Scheme’ if he could detail what costs for the local authority. A Cartan said this issue had been weeks.
October month it is expected that a con- combination of suitable plant- raised by him in the past and he Cllr Dermot Lacey asked the
A motion was put forward sultant for Phase 2 shall be ap- ing and localised murals may be was asking the Area Manager Manager if he would arrange
from Councillor Dermot Lacey pointed; if constructions of more manageable. The Area Of- to give it urgent attention. The for the heavy overgrowth onto
that the South East Area Com- flood defences on the existing fice will arrange for the graffiti Manager’s response was that the the footpath along the Dodder at
mittee support the Irish Local promenade will commence in along the Dodder walkway to be houses in question are served by Beaver Row and on the laneway
Development Network (ILDN) October, November or Decem- removed. a shared drain running along the from Beaver Row to Beech Hill
and the trade unions, SIPTU ber. The Manager’s response back gardens of these proper- Avenue to be cleared and cut
& Forsa, in their opposition to was that it is programmed to November ties, which turns at No. 24 and back as it now represents a dan-
the new model of employment procure a consultant for Phase Cllr Dermot Lacey asked the heads out into the public road ger to pedestrians. The Manager
services outlined in Pathways 2 of Sandymount Flood Alle- Manager if the footpaths at Lea where it connects to the public said the Road Maintenance Ser-
to Work. This model proposes viation Scheme in December Crescent, Sandymount can be sewer. Shared drains are private vices Division is liaising with
to terminate current Job Clubs 2021. Negotiations are ongoing repaired as soon as possible as and thus are the responsibility the Parks Division to resolve
and Local Employment Ser- with the OPW about the avail- they are currently in a danger- of the properties served to repair this issue.
vices (LES) by the end of 2021, ability of their direct labour to ous condition. The manager and maintain. Cllr Danny Byrne asked the
and to replace the successful construct Sandymount Prome- said that these footpaths will be Cllr Paddy McCartan asked Manager if the junction at New-
25-year-old community-led and nade Flood Defences. Currently inspected. Any defects that are the manager to respond to an bridge Avenue, Tritonville Road
non-profit providers with an January-February 2022 is the recorded will be added to the email from a constituent who and Sandymount Road can be
untested, unproven centralised earliest possible date.  Works List for repair. lives in Sandymount, and who assessed in terms of safety. By-
profit-driven model of delivery. Cllr Claire Byrne asked the Cllr Dermot Lacey asked the is deeply concerned about ris- rne said he is informed of week-
This motion was agreed. Area Manager if he could out- Manager if he would explore the ing sea waters due to climate ly accidents at this junction. The
Cllr Lacey asked the Manager line the reasons for removing option of upgrading the current change. The constituent said Manager said this request will
if he would arrange for a good safety islands on Sean Moore cycle lane route from Ringsend that he lives only a few metres be referred to the Area Engineer
sweep and weed removal on Road. She said that while she to Pearse Street using a combi- above sea level and it is getting for site assessment and report to
Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook understood this is to facilitate nation of bollards and outside harder to be insured for house the Transport Advisory Group
which according to residents the new cycle route, residents the lane parking as in Fitzwil- flooding. The insurance premi- for their consideration. The as-
has not taken place for many have raised issues regarding pe- liam Street. The Manager said ums are extremely high if one sessment will take place within
months now. The Manager re- destrian safety. The Manager re- that the Covid Mobility Team is lucky enough to get an insur- the next few weeks. However,
sponded that Waste Manage- sponded that as part of the cycle will assess this area for some ance company to insure in this if recommended, it has to go
ment Services had carried out lane works, the two existing pe- rapid deployment safety meas- area against flooding. The con- through the TAG process, which
a sweep on Belmont Avenue destrian crossings are being up- ures and determine what can stituent says he was told flood will take a minimum of eight
on the 16th September 2021. graded. The island was removed be achieved along this route to defence plans were ready to go weeks. Cllr Byrne asked the
Belmont Avenue has previously to make the crossing a straight provide safe protected cycling. and still nothing is happening. manager if a sign can be pro-
been scheduled for weed con- crossing rather than the previous In the medium term, Dublin The constituent says he sees vided for the complex at Shel-
trol as part of a list provided to staggered arrangement which City Council plans to develop no evidence of flood defences bourne Wharf on Ringsend
Greentown Environmental for required the pedestrian to cross the Ringsend to College Green being built. The Manager’s re- Road. The manager responded
treatment with Foamstream. in two different movements. Cycle Scheme between Sean ply was that Construction work saying that Shelbourne Wharf
He said it should be noted that The cycle lanes either side with Moore Road and College Green, on upgrading the Promenade is a private development and is
Belmont Villas and Belmont separator islands will narrow the which will incorporate Bridge Flood defences is programmed operated by Tuath Housing. The
Park are also included for treat- road and so help to reduce speed Street, Ringsend Road and to commence early in 2022 and Docklands Office will make
ment on this list. The work was and the time that pedestrians Pearse Street. The project is cur- will take 12 months to con- contact with Tuath and ask that
scheduled for completion by the will need to cross the vehicular rently at the inception stage and struct. Some preliminary works they install appropriate signage
end of September 2021.  lanes. In the current temporary will be progressed as resources for this project were carried out for the development.
Cllr James Geoghegan asked arrangement the crossing times become available. last year, but were delayed due
the Area Manager if he could for pedestrians has been sub- Cllr James Geoghegan asked to COVID 19. Contract docu-
set out the indicative timeline stantially increased. the Area Manager if the foot- ments to procure a consultant to
for the Belmont Avenue traf- Cllr Claire Byrne asked the path surface outside Spar at design improved flood defences
fic proposals and what happens Area Manager if he could find 54/56 Donnybrook Road could for the 750m section north of
next. The Manager’s reply was solutions to address the ongo- be inspected and resurfaced as it the promenade to Sean Moore Dec / Jan 2022 DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL Page 25
Page 26 LOCAL INITIATIVE Dec / Jan 2022

Men’s Shed Open Day – Food, Fun, and Feeling Good

n Peter McNamara

he volunteers of the Ray-
town Men’s Shed can
give themselves a good
pat on the back after their fan-
tastic Open Day on Saturday
November 20th. The event took
place at the rear of the Ring-
send and Irishtown Community
Centre, where the shed has won
a permanent site. And what a
site – it’s hard to exaggerate the
amount of work the Raytown
Shed team have done in the last
few weeks to get their new loca-
tion ready for the launch event.
And the finished job really must
be seen to be believed. 
The volunteers have been
working hard around the local
community over the past six
years. With the help of the Ring-
send and Irishtown Community
Centre, and now with extra sup-
port from Google, the team have
managed to make the area more
accessible, to allow even more
members to join. They have also
gotten assistance from the PH
Decking, Ennis Safety Wear,
Aviva, Ringsend Community
Services Forum, Dublin City
Council, as well as other local
Assistance also came from
Owen Tinkler of Rathcoole Co
Dublin, who provided heapings until their Open Day, the boys
of stone, and Kevin from KB from Raytown got busy. A host
Fastening Systems, for donating of volunteers worked night and
a store of fixings and adhesives day to turn a forgotten, over-
screws, etc. Thanks are due as grown corner into a clean, classy
well to Rachel Rooney of the and comfortable space. 
Spellman Centre and to Therese With the help of a hefty digger,
Finnegan.  a tract of weeds and reeds has
been transformed into a bright
An Afternoon to Savour and tidy gravel path. Now lined
The Open Day crowd was a with flowers and potted plants,
buzzing mix of the young and tasty spread, the most impres- and before-and-after pictures
old, ladies and gents. There were sive part of proceedings was of the site, this path leads to a
speeches from Shed volunteers, the Shed itself. It’s remarkable spacious, water-side platform of
including treasurer Paul Ho- stuff. In the middle of October, bespoke decking. This pristine
ran, with local politicians Chris the Raytown Shed volunteers decking had to be installed onto
Andrews and Jim O’Callaghan decided to set a date for their very uneven ground and into an
also in attendance. There was open day – this at a time when area that is off-square at every
no shortage of music. A set of chowder and a platter loaded fer, along with brownies, cook- their shed site was little more corner. Somehow, the lads have
professional-grade speakers with smoked salmon, prawns, ies, and official Raytown Men’s than an overgrown wilderness. made it look easy. The deck is
pumped out classic songs along- and – much to this reporter’s Shed cupcakes. At the helm of The Ringsend-Irishtown Com- remarkably smooth, solid, and
side the latest pop hits – Lionel amazement – fresh lobster. It it all was shed committee mem- munity Centre very kindly allo- even. It came to be with no small
Richie meets Dua Lipa.  looks like Ringsend has come a ber Pauline Finnegan, doling cated them a spot at the rear of help from Peter of PH Decking. 
The spread of food, drinks, long way from the days of eat- out generous portions to all and their premises, overlooking the Set behind it is the new main
and desserts was on another ing only ray fish – these days sundry. water. The site was, however, in Shed space, sponsored by Aviva.
level again. Guests were treated Raytown shines with a different And even amidst the bustling need of some serious TLC.  Far from a shed, it looks more
to restaurant-quality seafood light. Curries were also on of- crowd, the great music, and the With a mere three weeks to go like a fancy ski chalet. The cosy Dec / Jan 2022 LOCAL INITIATIVE Page 27

no better spot. When the tide is

in, and during the long evening
sunsets, the water-side Raytown
Shed is a very pleasant place
to pass the time. It’s one that is
sure to attract even more local
lads, old and young, to take part
in this great community organi-

Friends and family are like

stars in the sky,
You don’t always see them,
but they are always there,
Especially in the Raytown
Men’s Shed.

Images Pg 26 from top;

1. The new Raytown Shed was

sponsored by Aviva. A great
place for a cuppa!
2. Some of the key players in
the Raytown Shed team, includ-
ing chairperson Martin Byrne
wooden structure boasts a ve- A Place for Young and Old place, including a constitution, the essential skills training has (centre), treasurer Paul Horan
randa on the outside, with heat- The Irish Men’s Sheds Associa- vision, goals and safety state- developed an appetite in some (behind to the right), and young-
ers, kitchen and chairs within. tion was formed in 2011, having ments. Their long-term goal is of the younger men wishing gun member Wayne O’Toole
The workshop, which was for- originally started in Australia. to create a legacy that is struc- to upgrade or learn a new skill (behind to the left). 
merly the main shed, is around Ireland got its first shed back in tured, empowering, progressive set. All sheds adopt their own 3. The generous buffet (with
the corner from this relaxation 2009, in Tipperary. In 2013, the and ready to pass on to the next mantras. Byrne believes the lobster and all!). Pauline Finne-
space. Irish Men’s Sheds movement generation.  Raytown Shed’s unique selling gan was ready to serve all and
Chairperson Martin Byrne received recognition at the very It seems like the project has point is their focus on encourag- sundry. 
wants people to feel it’s a place highest level when President reached a turning point. After ing younger men to join.  4. Séan O’Rian, hard at work on
for anyone. “You don’t have to Michael D. Higgins became pa- struggling to organise a dedi- “We do this by creating pro- the decking. The frame ranged
do anything. You don’t have to tron to the Association. Ireland cated space, and to raise funds, grammes to empower younger from two inches to two feet off
say anything. But everyone is has the highest capita of sheds- the Raytown Men’s Shed is now men suffering with their mental the ground. Also pictured are
welcome to have a cup of tea per-person in the world. There fully taking flight. You can feel health. We try to get everyone members Martin and Eamon.
and read a paper. You can have are over 400 registered with the the energy and positivity of the out into nature. And to up-skill 5. The space was an overgrown
a chat. Or you can sit in the cor- Irish Men’s Sheds Association, team. And it’s something that them, by linking in with the wid- wilderness before the boys got
ner. It’s your space. Pop in and with at least 12,000 men visit- has been drawing new volun- er community and the RCSF. We busy.
enjoy it.” ing one every week.  teers into the mix.  can get these lads feeling better 6. A long-time crafter of model
With their work done, the With almost thirty members According to Martin Byrne, in themselves. And maybe even boats, Shed member Robbie
sense of pride and relief among already, the Raytown Shed is the focus in the coming weeks feeling employment-ready.”  Cox is ready to teach others in
the volunteers is palpable. They host to a diverse group of in- and months will be on getting this delicate art. 
struggled hard to get everything dividuals, with a vast array of more younger people involved.  Time for a Well-Earned 7. An official Raytown Men’s
in order – some finishing touch- knowledge and skills, that they “You don’t have to be an aule Cuppa  Shed cupcake. They weren’t
es were being put on the ‘be- share among each other and the fellah to join in,” he laughs. The Raytown team have no long disappearing!
fore-and-after’ picture frames wider community. Aside from “There’s a few young lads tak- shortage of plans to improve
that very morning. This latest building the fantastic new shed, ing part already. It’s great for upon their already-impressive This page;
part of the long-running project they have worked on various the generations to mix. Younger site. There’s talk of expanding 8. The all-new Shed space is
seemed to really capture peo- community projects, including people face mental health prob- the interior of the new main much more accessible. 
ple’s interest and their imagina- the Sandymount Beach Bench- lems just like the older lads. shed, and hanging a hammock 9. The clean and classy place is
tions: volunteers came in to help es, George Reynolds Resident It’s no harm getting everyone outside it, off the camera pole somewhere to be proud of.
early in the morning until late in Association Benches and Plant- together. Everyone learns from on the edge of the bespoke
the evening.  ers, and they have completed each other.” deck. Only this past week, An- All images Courtesy of Louise
“We had great craic,” says other works and local improve- Their goal is to strategically gela from Ennis Safety Wear Whelan and Raytown Men’s
Martin Byrne. “Sure we usu- ments as part of the Ringsend & increase our membership go- provided all of the more proac- Shed.
ally do. There’s no bosses here, Irishtown Tidy Towns. ing forward, which will help tive Shed members with boots,
no orders. People are just feel- The Shed is a structured com- them build up a buddy system, trousers, and jackets for winter
ing part of the thing. They have mittee with good governance through which they will pair in- – totally free of charge.
a sense of ownership. And be- and transparency as part of their dividuals together according to Their work done for now, over
longing. All we want is more core values. They’re fully in- their needs.  the next short while the lads can
and more members.” sured and have all policies in According to the chairperson, rest on their laurels. And there’s
Page 28 EVENTS Dec / Jan 2022 Dec / Jan 2022 EVENTS Page 29
Page 30 COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS Dec / Jan 2022

Feeling Festive in the Christmas (F)air…

n Louise Whelan

f you can imagine Christmas
spirit as a wonderland, well
you’d be spot on because
that is exactly what the Christ-
mas Fair in Irishtown Stadium
was designed to look like, with
an amazing, classic embodiment
of an enchanting and whimsi-
cal portrayal of Santa’s grotto
and workshop. The idea for this
magical wonderland was cre-
ated by the residents of the com-
munities of Ringsend, Irishtown
and Pearse Street who came
together to brainstorm, and
through those discussions the
project was born. Rachel Roon-
ey, who is the Network Coordi-
nator in the Spellman Centre, set
up an events management team
with the residents and through
that, managed to get a sponsor-
ship from Google, and Dublin
City Council allowed the venue
free of charge. And once that
was in place, it was all candy
canes go. Rachel is all about
empowering the community and
collaborating with other groups
in the locality so that they all
work together towards one com-
mon goal, to target those who
lost their jobs during the Covid
crisis and upskill to create new
employment opportunities. 
The tickets for this festival
sold out in 20 minutes and it’s
no surprise. All the proceeds
go to a charity called Autism
Equality Dublin Bay which is
a support group for parents ad-
vocating for children on the au-
tistic spectrum in Dublin 4 and
Dublin 2. This Santa’s wonder-
land has also been designed to
include a sensory hour where
the children can roam freely
with their parents, taking their tures, and a snow machine for photographs with the eagerly hospital from buying an angel weaving his wintry tricks, jug-
time to soak up the atmosphere blowing a blizzard, the atmos- awaited children and adults!  from the local ladies which peo- gling his icicle rings and spin-
in a peaceful and relaxed setting phere was electric with the buzz The eight market stalls shared ple were more than happy to do.  ning balls on his fingertips; Waf-
while also catching a glimpse and excitement in the air. Pierce between the local communities Members of the Ringsend and fles the magic Santa spinning
of a certain jolly man in red, a Rooney and the gang from RMS of Ringsend and Pearse Street Irishtown Tidy Towns, along her plates and doing lots of rope
Snow Queen and a Grinch. Eek!  were belting out the Christmas went down a treat, selling their with some young people, gave antics; while Danspire kept the
While Donnybrook may have hits which only added to the wonderful Christmasey wares a helping hand and kept every- kids energised with their tik-tok
the Late Late Toy Show, the cheery sounds of the excited which included candle melts, body warm and cosy with de- festive dances. Not forgetting
Irishtown Stadium easily stole children as they queued up to Christmas cakes, cookies and licious hot chocolate, mulled the selfies with the Grinch and
the show with this incredible meet Santa and his helper elves, cupcakes, Christmas cards, wine and mince pies which the Polar bear who were only
transformation. Local volun- guided by the head elf who made beautiful handmade personal- were all free. Mary O Neill too happy to pose for a photo. 
teers from the various forum sure everything was ship shape ised gifts, upcycled plates and Byrne, an avid tidytowner said As the daylight faded, the
groups (60 in total) turned the in Santa’s workshop. Teamwork healing crystals. A lot of these it was great to see such a good market was illuminated by col-
car park into this magical fairy- played a major part at this fair sellers were upskilling their craft turn out for the first community ourful fairy lights and spotlights
land. So much time, effort and and everyone knew their role or changing their former careers fair with lots on offer and it was adorned the fair which gave
energy has gone into this spec- which fused the community to new adventures. There was lovely to see people dressed up it a warm welcoming feeling.
tacular scene, and the results spirit into one big ball of festive something for everyone and to and the kids having a great time. Even the Snow Queen couldn’t
speak for themselves.  joy. Even the live reindeer were suit all tastes. Special donations And the entertainment definitely help but crack a smile through
Despite the Baltic tempera- on their best behaviour posing were made to Temple Street delivered: there was Jack Frost her dazzling glimmer. If you Dec / Jan 2022 COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS Page 31

were lucky enough to catch a basically the whole community

ride on the Christmas train, you coming together in a joint col-
were in for a treat, all thanks laboration which is what com-
to Ross McKeon from Insignia munity spirit is all about and
Nights. Teresa Weafer Grennell there was plenty of that sprin-
who is the Community Engage- kled down here.”
ment Manager for Google (who Plenty of that and also a whole
sponsored the event, supported lot of magic! 
by Dublin City Council), said
it meant people could come to- Wishing all our readers a
gether in the open air having the peaceful and safe Christmas and
most fantastic opportunity to a wonderful New Year.
celebrate, smile and get to know
each other in a different way,
and that Google is so delighted
to be part of this fantastic day.
She also gave credit to the or-
ganisers for putting together a
spectacular event, adding that
they are the real unsung heroes
here (see Google News, centre
pages for more). Sinn Fein TD
Chris Andrews also gave praise Images, this page from top:
to the Ringsend Community Mary O’Neill Byrne from Ringsend & Irishtown Tidy Towns
Services Forum (RCSF) for put- (RITTE) with new member Yvonne Rossiter and Karen Saunders.
ting on a fantastic event for eve- Serving up drinks
rybody, and was delighted eve- Snowy the elf, aka Luke Johnston with the big man himself and
rything ran so smoothly despite Kyle O’Neill
the wintry weather. Local Ladies
Speaking to Rachel Roon- The Grinch
ey, she said by the time this is Shauna from Danspire with a very festive Shauna Joyce
finished two and a half thou- Jack Frost
sand people would have come Amanda Blount McKinley, Julie Dilger, Andrew Hyland and
through the fair which is abso- Teresa Weafer Grennell (Google) enjoying the community festive
lutely amazing. But what’s also events.
amazing is the team effort from Rachel Rooney (RCSF) and Sinn Fein TD Chris Andrews
all the residents groups and all Waffles the magic Santa with the reindeer
the forum groups that have been
involved at some point. “It’s Images by Louise Whelan and Rose Sunderland.
Page 32 Dec / Jan 2022

Generous Offer brings Lord

Mayor to Tears
birth or neonatal death can share this fantastic charity, and as a
their experiences, and hold re- wonderful surprise gesture, he
membrance services that allow went on to donate the signed jer-
the families space and time to sey to Anthony Owens. Anthony
remember their baby. is a member of Féileacáin Fa-
Derek Buckley - recently ther’s - a branch of Féileacáin
elected Lord Mayor of Ringsend specifically for bereaved dads
and Irishtown - hosted a Family to come together and share their
Fun Quarantine Quiz every Fri- experiences and raise awareness
day night for 12 months during about grieving - who then came
n Louise Whelan lockdown. Through this event on the live show and thanked
Derek hosted charity auctions Robert personally for his re-
“A Butterfly alights beside us with all the proceeds going to markable gesture. It all turned
like a sunbeam…” Féileacáin, which to date has into an emotional, heartfelt and
raised thousands of euro. bittersweet experience which
On one particular show there even had Derek in tears.
Féileacáin is a non-profit or- was a bidding war for a signed Derek highlights this as one of
ganisation that was founded Shamrock Rovers Jersey, kindly the most amazing and thought-
by a group of bereaved parents donated by footballer Sean Ka- ful acts of love and kindness of
who came together to offer vanagh. Initially it was thought the 12 months of shows he did
hope and support to others hav- the jersey would maybe sell for and would like to personally
ing suffered the loss of a baby. €100 or €150 but in the end show appreciation and gener-
They host regular support meet- sold for a staggering €350! osity to the local sponsors for book and Instagram And can be Image: Derek, Ryan and Rob-
ings which offer a befriending The jersey was purchased by Buckley Bingo which is a com- reached on (028)51301. Email ert Buckley, Anthony Owens,
service and support helpline, Derek’s own brother Robert, pletely free event, and to all the Joan Kirwin (RICC) courtesy
as well as providing a safe and who then contacted the show to lovely viewers who play. Buckley Bingo is played live Louise Whelan.
confidential setting in which compliment all the other partici- Féileacáin can be found on every Friday at 7pm on the Fa-
those bereaved through still- pants on their contributions to www.féileacá, on Face- cebook page.

History Making
at Railway Union
Railway Union Football Club football, led by many enthusias-
has registered a girls only team tic parent volunteers. For more
in the Dublin District Soccer information, please visit www.
League (DDSL) this year, for
the first time in the club’s  117
year history.   Railway Union Giving girls the opportunity to
Football Club was founded in play in a girls only squad can
1904 as a senior mens football provide a pathway for girls to
club.  Junior football was added stay active in football for life
in 2003 and for eighteen years, and Railway Union Football
girls played on boys teams up Club is delighted to see so much
to the age of thirteen with most enthusiasm for girls football in
girls dropping out of squads be- Sandymount. 
fore the age of ten.  

Railway Union’s team of un- Image: under-8 girls team with

der-8 girls has sixteen players 5 parent/coaches
and is coached by five commit-
ted parents who love to see their
girls having fun playing football
with their friends.  They had
their first home match at Rail-
way Union in September.  They
played St Mochtas Football
Club, a team who also was cel-
ebrating as it was their first girls tered in the league and this year In addition to the under 8 girls in 2015 and 2016.  The Junior
team to be registered in twenty DDSL launched a Girls Foot- team registered in DDSL, Rail- Academy is a gentle introduc-
years. The DDSL has also seen ball Development Strategy for way Union Football Club has tion to football, where children
a rapid growth in the number 2021-2024 to further build on 18 girls registered in their jun- participate in a one hour train-
of girls only teams being regis- this growth. ior academy for children born ing session to learn the basics of Dec / Jan 2022 SPORT Page 33
Page 34 SPORTING HISTORY Dec / Jan 2022


Part Three
before playing a perfect through from scoring: first, by charging So, if Ireland avoided defeat
ball for Peter Desmond to take down his shot from the edge of in that game, they would qualify
in his stride as he sped into the the box, then coming across to for the World Cup for the first
England box. But, just as Des- whip the ball off his foot inside time. As they were at home, and
mond went to take the shot, he the area, just as he was about to had been doing so well, a draw
was taken down by the England shoot.” shouldn’t have been too much
right-back, Bert Mozely. The Thanks to such grand defen- to ask. But they couldn’t man-
referee immediately pointed to sive plays by Bud and the oth- age it. Ireland lost the match by
the spot. Penalty kick! ers, in the 80th minute Ireland three goals to one and Sweden
Ireland’s regular penalty taker, were still ahead. A famous, glo- qualified for the World Cup fi-
Con Martin, stepped up to take rious victory was in their grasp: nals in Brazil the following year.
the kick and lashed his left-foot all they had to do was hold out Although Ireland missed out
shot with such power that even for ten measly minutes. Still, on the World Cup that year, they
though the goalie got both hands it only takes a second to kick had taken it to the last match and
to the ball, he couldn’t stop it the ball into the net and, with finished just one behind the first
spinning past him and into the England desperately throwing placed team. It was a long time
net. 1-0 to Ireland! After scor- everyone forward in a frantic before the Republic of Ireland
ing that goal in the 33rd minute attempt to save the game, each got that close to qualification
Ireland didn’t sit back on their of those ten minutes must have again.
lead. For the rest of the first half felt like an eternity to the Irish At the end of that World Cup
they attacked, menacing Eng- players. Nevertheless, they got campaign Bud was 30, but he
land and giving them no time or through four of them unscathed. continued to be a first choice
space to counter. At half-time, Ireland got to the 84th minute player for the Republic of Ire-
it was 1-0 to the Republic of Ire- with their lead intact. Six more land team. He played in every
land. minutes to go. international match they played
That scoreline was a big shock A mere six minutes, that was during the next three years. Ire-
for England, who had never lost all Ireland had to get through. land’s match against France in
at home to a non-British team And there was no earthly rea- Dublin, November 16th 1952,
and been ‘unbackable favour- son that they wouldn’t defend as was Bud’s thirteenth consecu-
ites’ before the match, accord- well in those six minutes as they tive international appearance.
n Gavan Bergin during the opening stages of ing to the Liverpool Echo. They had been doing all game long. But he was 34 by then and his
the match and looked sure to had 45 minutes to save that re- Then, in the 85th minute, Eng- career was coming to an end.
“Bud will always be remem- score, but Ireland played with cord. land burst forward yet again, a He had been a fine player dur-
bered as one of the greats” great determination and skill. And when the second half dangerous one that came close ing his seven years of interna-
(The Limerick Leader) The Irish Press described how started England came flying to breaking through, but the tional football. He had helped
wave after wave of English at- out of the blocks in search of Irish defence broke up the at- Ireland have some great days

tack spent itself on the rock-like their equalising goal. Twice in tack then quickly played the and great games in an era where
n September 21st 1949, Irish defence and thrill followed the first few minutes they came ball forward to O’Connor who they weren’t at all common.
in front of a 50,000 thrill as each attack was beaten within inches of scoring, Wright went haring up the left wing, And if nothing else, he would
crowd at Goodison off by a set of defenders who with a rocket of a shot from 35 leaving the English defence in always be remembered as one
Park, Liverpool, England played played with perfect understand- yards, and Harris with a header tatters, then passed inside to Pe- of the eternal heroes of ‘49.
the Republic of Ireland at home ing, each doing his work in mas- from point blank range, but both ter Farrell, who danced past his Bud played his last interna-
for the first time. England had terly fashion. Bud Aherne foiled attempts were saved by God- marker, ran in and chipped the tional match, for the Republic of
won the only other match be- England’s outside-right, John win. Thereafter, England’s at- ball over goalie Williams and Ireland against France in Dublin
tween the two sides, in Dublin Morris, who was about to get a tacking onslaught was relentless into the net for Ireland’s second on October 4th 1953.
in 1946, and since then they had clear run on the Irish goal, then and it looked like just a matter goal. Ireland 2, England 0! He kept on playing for Lu-
lost only one match at home. So, thrillingly took the ball off Pye’s of time before they scored. But, That two goal lead put Ireland ton until 1957, then he coached
when the Republic of Ireland foot when the English forward again, Bud and the Irish defence in control for the first time and the Luton youth team for a few
team walked out onto the wind- had the goal at his mercy. Bud were brilliant. They held firm they calmly played out the last years before finishing with pro-
swept Goodison Park pitch in also launched the first Irish at- and expertly dealt with danger, few minutes. The Republic of fessional football.
September ‘49, they were very tack of the match with a smart frustrating the English team and Ireland had beaten England! Bud had a long and happy re-
much the underdogs. clearance to Peter Desmond, their supporters, as the Irish After getting that super win, tirement from football. When he
And as soon as the match who played Davy Walsh in for Times reported: Ireland had every reason to be died in 1999, there were many
started Ireland was in deep trou- a run and shot on goal that the With England failing to get confident going into their next tributes and obituaries written
ble. From the kick-off England England keeper saved. past the heroic Irish defence, match, the World Cup qualifier in England and Ireland - but
played the ball to their star for- Apart from that one Irish as the second half went on the against Finland in Helsinki on fittingly the best of them came
ward, Tom Finney, who broke breakout, England were com- crowd’s earlier sympathetic October 9th 1949. On that day, from the man’s hometown, in
down the left wing then played pletely in charge for the first half cheers for Ireland turned into Bud followed his top class show the Limerick Leader:
a perfect cross into the Irish box hour of the game. Then in the cries for an English equaliser. at Goodison with another tena- “Budda” Aherne was Limer-
for his centre-forward, Jessie 32nd minute, after another Eng- They chanted “we want a goal”, cious, skilful performance for ick’s greatest soccer player. He
Pye, who should have scored lish shot had been saved by goal- but it was not to be. The Irish Ireland as they battled to a 1-1 will remain a hero for all time”
but headed just wide of the post. keeper Tommy Godwin, Ireland defenders scraped the ball away, draw. That result put them on
That near miss came twenty counter-attacked. Bud collected kicked into touch and played top of their qualifying group, a
seconds into the game and, hav- the ball from Godwin, advanced magnificently. Bud Aherne point ahead of Sweden who they
ing taken the initiative early on, a few yards then passed it up the was brilliant, timing his tack- had to play in the final qualifier
England weren’t about to ease left wing to Tommy O’Connor ling to perfection and kicking in Dublin on November 13th
off. They attacked relentlessly who took it and sprinted forward crisply. Twice he prevented Pye 1949. Dec / Jan 2022 SPORT Page 35

Stephen Kenny’s World Cup

Campaign Ends on a High Note
n David Prendeville loan at Portsmouth from Man team. The same could also be
City, grabbed his chance after said for his team-mate Adam

making his debut in that debacle Idah, who has shown flashes of
reland’s World Cup Quali- against Luxembourg in March. his quality during the campaign.
fying campaign finally con- He has been superb, making a All in all Kenny gave debuts to
cluded last month, leaving string of fine saves along the 11 players since taking over. In
fans with a genuine sense of way, including a penalty save doing so he has revitalised and
hope for this team and what Ste- from Cristiano Ronaldo in the overhauled a jaded squad.
phen Kenny can do going for- away tie against Portugal. He While not exactly a young-
ward. It would have been nigh concluded his campaign with ster, one of the other standout
on inconceivable last March, another stunning stop against performers in the latter stages
when Ireland reached their na- Luxembourg when the scoreline of the campaign has been West
dir losing at home to Luxem- was at 0-0. Brom Striker Callum Robinson,
bourg, that this campaign would Another youngster who has who’s been on red hot scoring
end on such a buoyant note, looked really impressive of form. While we won’t get ahead
with the vast majority of fans late is Chiedozie Ogbene. The of ourselves, it’s great to see
all aboard the Stephen Kenny Rotherham forward looked un- somebody emerge as a possible
train. Of course, Ireland did not playable at times against Portu- regular scorer for this Irish team
qualify for next year’s finals in gal and Luxembourg. His pace beyond the big centre-back
Qatar, nor come anywhere near and trickery caused all sorts Shane Duffy. Duffy is another
it. However there has been un- of problems for the opposition player who’s shone recently
deniable progress made over the backline. His selection in these under Kenny and who has been
course of the campaign. games was also an example of enjoying a huge rejuvenation
Kenny has overcome a dread- Kenny being bold in his selec- at Premier League high-fliers
ful start to build an exciting, tions, picking a league one play- Brighton, following a poor loan
youth-oriented, possession er ahead of possible alternatives spell at Celtic last season.
based team. Ireland still do plying their trade in the Premier One of the other big conun-
not boast the quality of indi- League or Championship. drums Kenny was faced with
vidual players other countries A player who has more qui- was getting Seamus Coleman gled for form in his first season coaching that the greatly deco-
do, but rather than use this as etly cemented his place in this and Matt Doherty, probably our there and now finds himself rated manager will undoubtedly
an excuse to play the type of side is Josh Cullen of Ander- two most established Premier sat on the bench (at best - he offer.
dreary, soul-destroying football lecht. He has been an assured, League performers, into the sometimes hasn’t even made The offering of a new contract
favoured by the likes of Mick disciplined presence in the mid- same team. Regular readers will the bench) most weeks, having to Kenny to take him through
McCarthy, Kenny has sought dle of the park. Also, while he know I’ve been banging this not started any Premier League the Euro 2024 qualifying cam-
to improve his players through didn’t play in the last two games particular drum for quite some game for Spurs this season. paign is now, surely, a formal-
coaching and encouragement. due to injury Norwich’s Andrew time, going back to the bleak Doherty has played regularly ity, despite some idiotic claims
He’s united a fanbase that were Omobamidele has looked a real McCarthy days. So imagine for Spurs in the Europa Con- to the contrary by certain pun-
disillusioned after the mess of prospect at the back, not least his my delight to see Kenny deploy ference League, however, and dits. It will be fascinating to see
the John Delaney era. For the superb performance in the away Coleman in a back three with in an Irish team bereft of real the evolution of this team under
first time in a long time it feels tie against Portugal in Septem- Doherty as the wing-back. Do- Premier League talent he is un- Kenny. For the first time in a
like there is some genuine cause ber. Let’s hope Norwich’s new herty’s fortunes have changed doubtedly still one of our more very long time, there’s hope of a
for optimism at what the future manager Dean Smith, known somewhat since the days in accomplished performers. One brighter future for the Irish soc-
holds for the Irish team. Having for his track record in develop- which I was particularly vocal slight piece of encouragement cer team. It may be the hope that
covered the team’s turbulent ex- ing play- ers includ- about this point. Back then he might also be the appointment kills you, but we are entitled to
ploits throughout this campaign i n g Jack Gre- was one of the stand- of Antonio Conte at Spurs. The cherish it while it lasts.
it gives me great pleasure to be alish, will give out wing- backs Italian brought Doherty on for
able to end on a positive note. t h e 19-year- in the league with roughly the last half hour of his Images: Stephen Kenny - Wiki-
Probably the biggest success o l d m o r e Wo l v e s . H e first game in charge at Everton. Commons, Chiedozie Ogbene
of Kenny’s tenure has been in o p - portunity then got a b i g His predecessor, Nuno, was re- - flickr, Callum Robinson - Wiki-
his introduction of promising in the Norwich move to a (semi) luctant to use Doherty at all in Commons.
youngsters into the squad. Giv- first elite team in Spurs, the Premier League. We also
ing youth a chance has long strug- know that Conte loves a good
been something Irish managers wing-back and plays the 3-5-2
seemed to fear. Kenny has a formation that suits Doherty.
totally different outlook and He’ll face stiff competition
has been true to his beliefs, from Emerson Royal for
often making bold choices in the right-wing back spot
preferring youth over expe- but hopefully Conte will
rience in important games. give him more opportu-
The biggest success story nities and may even lead
has probably been Gavin to a turnaround in his club
Bazunu in goal. The fortunes. He should cer-
19-year-old, currently on tainly benefit from the elite
Page 36 SPORT Dec / Jan 2022

n Jonathan Neilan
Clanna Gael SQUAD - Every Saturday against Na Fianna in a nail-bit-
New Gym & Fitness Studio Partner or team based workout ing extra time semi-final, Clans
hosted Parnells at home and the
For more information, please boys did not disappoint. They
visit www.movementfitness- delivered a comprehensive six- point win to clinch the Champi-
onship title.

Clans News Following on from this success, U13 Girls Div 4 Shield Winners
Clanns Minors saw off a strong
Double Success for Clanna St Vincent’s team in the hurling
Gael Minor Boys championship semi-final some
weeks ago to face Kevin’s at
Sean Moore Park for a thrilling
Minor D Hurling Championship
Final on Sunday 21st. On what
was a glorious Sunday morning,
the boys led well at half time but
saw off a resurgence by Kevin’s
to clinch the title by two points. Coaches
While reaching a final two years the League and Cup this year.
ago, Clanns Minors have not The squad is large enough to
Clans Minor Boys Football succeeded in winning a hurling field three teams across three
championship in many years divisions, so it was a busy year
and Sunday was a proud day for both players and coaches.
classes Monday to Friday and for the players, coaches and the A very successful summer saw
While delayed by Covid, we Saturday morning classes. CGF club. the girls win the Division 1 and
are now proud to announce our members with active club sub- Division 9 League titles which
new gym and fitness studio, in scriptions can redeem a 50% U13 Girls Achieve Success in was a super achievement given
partnership with Movement Fit- discount on monthly member- First Campaign the quality of opposition they
ness, who operate and manage ships by registering HERE. met along the way.
the fitness facilities on behalf CGF memberships start from
of the club. The Movement Fit- €20 per week for 3 classes ( Clans Minor Boys Hurling The Cup competition ran
ness team runs personal train- €6.66 ) per class throughout the Autumn and
ing and small group training threw up some fantastic games,
led by industry leading fitness Movement Fitness operates the ‘late come-backs’ and narrow
professionals six days a week: class formats as part of their wins and narrow losses! The
Monday to Saturday. They also weekly program focusing on Division 1 team topped their
offer strength and conditioning strength, speed, endurance, mo- table with an unbeaten run but
classes for Club teams ensuring bility, and community. Every fell to Kilmacud Crokes by a
they can develop and perform to workout is unique, varied and U13 Girls Division 1 point in a nail-biting semi-final.
the highest level. constantly changing, meaning The Division 4 team reached
you’ll never do the same work- the Shield Final and beat Bally-
GYM out twice. They offer monthly boden by a point with a late goal
All members who have paid their training programmes and work- in a very entertaining and tight
annual subscriptions will have out challenges to help motivate game. Meanwhile, on the same
access to the ground  floor  fit- and push members to achieve day having reached the Division
ness space which has been fitted their true potential in a fun sup- 8 Cup Final unbeaten our girls
with brand new fitness equip- portive environment. lost out to Castleknock in an-
ment supplied by Movement other very tight game.
Fitness. The Movement Fitness tagline
is WE MOVE AS ONE – which Clans Minor Boys Football U13 Girls Division 4 What a year for the U13 girls!
There will be an allocated num- aligns with the Club’s commu- There was the lockdown, fitness
ber of spots available in the nity spirit which encourages and 2021 has been a fantastic year challenges, match drama, wins,
ground floor gym space per supports every member to be- for Clans Minor Boys winning losses, tears and jubilation: but
hour which all members must come the best version of them- both their Minor Football and most of all there was lots of fun
pre book via the Movement Fit- selves through health, fitness Hurling championships over along the way and every player
ness APP in line with COVID and wellbeing. the past few weeks. While boys, ends the year with at least one
19 regulations. girls, mens and ladies teams medal and a lot of good memo-
CLASS SCHEDULE across many age groups had ries.
Hours available for gym use strong performances this year,
will be 06:30 - 09:30 & 17:30 - STRENGTH - Every Monday, the standout has been the double
20:30 Wednesday & Friday success of the Minor boys. U13 Girls Division 8
Resistance based strength and
CLASSES  conditioning classes  On Sunday 14th November, the Having missed the whole U12
Movement Fitness offers group Minors lined out against Par- Go Games season due to the
classes in the new, spacious fit- SWEAT - Every Tuesday nells in the Minor D football pandemic, the U13 girls went
ness studio on the first floor with & Thursday championship final. Having de- straight into their first proper
morning, midday and evening HIgh Intensity Interval Training  livered a stunning two-point win campaign competing in both Dec / Jan 2022 SPORT Page 37

Thank you!

As a growing GAA club serving its

local community, Clanna Gael Fontenoy
would like to thank our players,
coaches, club management, parents,
sponsors & volunteers for their
commitment and dedication to
the club in 2021

We look forward to an exciting

2022 together.

COMMUNITY | CLUB | TEAM clannagaelfontenoy

@Clannagaelfont /clanna.fontenoy
Page 38 SPORT Dec / Jan 2022

Muckross Junior Hockey Club

team of experienced coaches. competitively in the Leinster
They teach the children the fun- Hockey League each fortnight.
damental principles of hockey All teams have made a fantas-
in a positive and fun environ- tic start to the season playing a
ment. So far this season the club wonderful brand of hockey and
has participated in a number of hopefully will be in contention
Blitzes against other hockey for some silverware after Christ-
clubs such as Our Lady’s and mas. 
Monkstown, which were en-
joyed by all participants. Four members of our Intermedi-
ate Squad; Honor Rowell, Aliya
The club were delighted to wel- Davis, Kate Begley and Julia
come former member and cur- Holmes were selected for the
rent Irish Ladies International 2021-22 Leinster U16 squad.
Sarah McAuley back to the club This is a wonderful achievement
on 7th of November for a pres- and testament to the hard work
entation to mark her participa- and dedication that all bring to
tion in the Tokyo 2020 Olym- every training session. 
pics as part of the Irish Ladies
Hockey Team. Sarah happily Finally, the club would like to
posed for pictures, signed auto- wish all our members a Merry
graphs and answered a million Christmas and a Happy New
and one questions from the next Year.
generation of hockey stars! 
Our 6th class to 4th year group Image: President MHC Helen
Muckross Junior Hockey Club mittee ensured that all training of parental volunteers. train in Muckross Park College Buckley making the presenta-
caters for over 400 children sessions complied with Hockey   and Teresians under the guid- tion to Irish Olympian Sarah
from 1st Class in primary school Ireland COVID protocols. This The 1st to 5th class group trains ance of Irish Ladies Indoor In- McAuley.
up until 4th year in secondary was made possible due to the in Muckross Park College on a ternational Sophie Barnwell and
school. The club returned to work of the club’s COVID Of- Sunday morning under the guid- Adam Clayton. The 12 com-
training in August and the Com- ficers as well as a large number ance of Sophia Hjelseth and her petitive teams in this group play

Old Wesley Beat Malone 16-11 in All Ireland League

n Ken Brown lead to 16-8, and this, after 30 second half scoreless until the
minutes, would prove to be the 77th minute, when Campbell
On a bright and breezy Novem- home side’s final score. On 34 finally made it a “one score”
ber afternoon in Energia Park, minutes Wesley were penalised with a penalty with three min-
Donnybrook, Old Wesley scored at a ruck in front of the posts and utes remaining. From the kick-
their fifth consecutive victory in critically as the match unfolded, off Wesley had a great chance
this year’s All Ireland League the kick was pushed to the right to kill off the game from a line
Div. 1B with a narrow and hard by Campbell. Malone piled on out inside the Malone half, but
fought 16-11 over visitors from the pressure up to half time and this opportunity was eschewed,
Belfast, Malone, who belied only excellent defensive work enabling Malone to launch very
their lowly league position with from Wesley, in particular Will dangerous all-out attacks on the
an excellent performance. This Fay and Alastair Hoban, kept Wesley line, causing an increas-
victory leaves Old Wesley level the homesters’ line intact, leav- ingly desperate Wesley defence
at the top of the table with High- ing the half time score 16-8 to to concede two yellow cards
field, with the Cork club being Wesley. One particular highlight (Reuben Pim and Howard Noo-
marginally ahead on points dif- from the first half was the han- nan).
ferential. In truth, Old Wesley dling skills displayed by Ho-
will be the first to admit to be- ban in retrieving a long line out A 13-man Wesley packed down
ing a trifle lucky in eeking out showed brilliant hands in pick- when a great “jackal” under the throw to the tail. for the final scrum on their
a narrow victory despite spend- ing up a long pass off his boots posts by JJ O’Dea, and excel- line in added time, with an in-
ing most of the second half in to cross in the corner without lent defensive reads throughout In the second period, Malone creasingly worried home sup-
their own territory. The first half losing any momentum. Cassidy, by Eoin Deegan and Tommy were virtually camped in Wes- port looking on in trepidation.
started promisingly with scrum with an excellent kick, slotted O’Callaghan succeeding in ley territory for most of the half, Thankfully, the excellent de-
half Ian Cassidy knocking the conversion (Old Wesley 10- thwarting the Belfast men. Fi- with the home side having dif- fence held out one more time
over a good penalty after four 3). nally, on 28 minutes Malone ficulty in getting their hands on by shadowing Malone out to the
minutes to open the scoring. finally breached the Wesley the ball for any length of time. sanctuary of the touch line to
Malone, with the benefit of the On 12 minutes, Cassidy added defence with a well worked try However, the wall of defence finally clinch victory in another
swirling wind, levelled immedi- another penalty to stretch the finished off by winger Andy displayed by Wesley in adversi- nerve-wracking finish. The fi-
ately with a penalty by winger, Wesley lead to a useful looking Bryans. Campbell failed to add ty was very impressive in snuff- nal scoreline of Old Wesley 16
Rory Campbell. Both sides were 13-3. Malone came back very the points (Old Wesley 13-8). ing out all Malone’s attempts Malone 11 delivered 4 priceless
playing lively entertaining rug- strongly, but despite some at- Soon after Cassidy, who had a to score. A certain naivety and points.
by and after eight minutes, fol- tractive back line movements, crucial 100 percent strike rate lack of composure displayed by
lowing an excellent movement they were unable to breach on the day, kicked another ex- Malone was definitely a contrib- Image: Old Wesley v Malone
Old Wesley’s no. 8 Reuben Pim the stubborn Wesley defence, cellent penalty to stretch the uting factor also in keeping the Dec / Jan 2022 Page 39

NewsFour would like to thank all our

readers for supporting us throughout the
year past, we know it was a tough one
for so many people.

We will continue to bring you the

latest stories and pictures – local and
global – throughout 2022. Wishing all
our readers a Very Happy and Peaceful
Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Keep safe everyone.


Page 40 Dec / Jan 2022

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