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Constitution of the Rowan University Parkour Club

Article I Name Rowan University Parkour Club (RUPK) Article II Purpose Parkour is defined as the art of movement, the physical and mental discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment. To that end, the goal of the Parkour club is to safely practice, teach, and promote this discipline on the Rowan University campus and the surrounding area. Article III Membership y All current students and faculty of Rowan University are welcome to join, regardless of gender, age, or physical fitness level. y To be recognized as a full member, practitioners must sign the university waiver form and initially attend at least three (3) weekly sessions. y A full member of the club may attend any and all practice sessions and club gatherings, as well as request a practice session outside the scheduled sessions. He/she may also vote in club elections and decisions. Article IV Meeting y There will be three (3) practice sessions a week during the normal academic year, the exact days and times to be determined at the start of each semester by a majority of member vote. y Club sessions will not be held during school break times (winter, spring break, etc.) and no official session will occur during the summer months. y Special or unscheduled practice sessions may be called by any member via phone call, text message, email, etc. y Inclement weather will not cancel regularly scheduled sessions; members will gather at the campus REC Center and determine plans from that point. Article V Executive Board y President The president is the first among equals. He/she will attend at minimum one (1) practice a session a week. He/she will attend all sports club meetings. He/she is also the spokesperson for the club at all campus events and for any legal or authoritative issues that may arise. y Vice-President The vice-president is the head of service projects and stand-in for the president if ever needed. He/she will schedule, coordinate, and run club service projects. y Treasurer The treasurer is in charge of club funds and fundraising. He/she will handle all fundraising projects and all forms/paperwork needed for club funds through the REC Center. Article VI Elections y All three executive positions (President, Vice-President, and Treasurer) will be decided by majority vote of current club members. y Only current full club members are eligible for nomination. y Any current full member may seek office, regardless of time spent as a member of the club. y All terms of office are for one full academic year.

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A member may hold office as many times as they desire. Both nominations and elections will take place on the last Friday of the month of September in the Meeting Room of the REC Center. In the case of a runoff, winner will be decided by seniority rule in the club.

Article VII Funds y Any and all allocations of club funds - be they to executive board or regular members - must go through the treasurer. y Requests for club funds may be made verbally or written. y All reimbursements will go through the treasurer unless otherwise necessary. Article VIII Committees/Divisions y Parkour Awareness Committee If at all possible a Parkour Awareness event should be planned and held on the Rowan University campus at some point in each academic year. This committee is responsible for securing a date, time, location, and any materials needed. Any and all full members are allowed to join this committee. Article IX Affiliations y RUPK has no official affiliations with any organizations but is an unofficial member of American Parkour. Article X Advisor y Potential club advisors must be current faculty or personnel of Rowan University and have a firm understanding of the nature and practice of Parkour. Article XI Coach/Manager y There is to be no coach or manager of the club in adherence to the general belief of self-reliance and improvement passed on from the founders of the discipline. Article XII Ratification y The ratification of this constitution will be determined by majority vote of current club members. Article XIII Amendments y Any and all amendments must be first presented in writing to the club President. The President shall then approve or veto the amendment and present it to the rest of the members. y The members will vote on the amendment and majority decision will make it into law. y If the President vetoes the amendment he/she must prepare a written explanation and present both amendment and veto explanation to the rest of the membership. The membership may then vote and, if a 2/3 majority is reached, the veto is overruled and the amendment made law. Article XIV Bylaws y All members, past, present, or future, must NEVER practice on a campus rooftop unless given explicit permission from campus police, building managers, and any other necessary authority. y If asked to leave or to cease practice at a certain location all members must comply and retire to another area of campus. y RUPK holds no liability of anyone outside the club practicing Parkour on campus property.