Tareq Islam Shuvo

Account Manager, DHL Worldwide Express, Country Office, 76 Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Road (5th Floor), Gulshan-1, Dhaka. Phone: 01730-335581, E -mail: tareq.islam.shuvo@dhl.com , shuvo.ku@gmail.com Career overview I am a marketing professional with intensive working experience in both corporate sales and retail sales and in two reputed multinational Express and FMCG company. I have expertise in preparing and executing marketing plans under tight deadline. I have strong orientation of corporate and relationship sales, TM&D execution, communication and Networking as a part of job. Objective To create value in every phrase of life. Want to work in an organization where dynamism, spirit and innovation will be highly encouraged. Want to obtain diversifying skills to provide high performance service. Skills Computer:  Operational expertness in both Linux and Windows (XP, Vista).  Expert user of Microsoft Office including database management in MS Access.  Have depth knowledge in Internet and e-mail applications.  Experience in graphical softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc.  Experience in developing webpage using HTML/XML.  Experience in statistical softwares like SPSS.  Experience in video editing.  Have intermediate knowledge in computer hardware. Communication:  Bengali: Mother tongue.  English: Comfortable in listening, writing and speaking. Presentation:  Comfortable in presentation (audience based)  At home in business analysis and solving business cases Experience DHL Worldwide Express Account Manager, Sales [April 2011- Cont’d] Key Responsibilities   Manage a portfolio of customers and potential customers. Act as the customers’ main point of contact, by liaising closely with the relevant departments within DHL to ensure that their queries, problems or issues are dealt with appropriately. Produce information for management necessary to evaluate performance vs. key performance indicators & ensure co-operation with other members of the sales team and throughout the sales force.

agreements and terms of reference to ensure that customer information is maintained accurately in the customer database. Formulate a personal sales plan that incorporates initiatives for identifying and gaining new business prospects and maximizes growth within the existing customer base. Any deviations from this tariff require management’s agreement and justifications. Marketing. [September 2008. Conversion of qualified leads into customers (First Time Buyers) and develops and penetrates existing accounts (Retention and Development). to ensure they are kept up to date with all issues relating to customers.  Ever highest monthly volume record has been achieved under my leadership in my territory in May. Meet regularly with the Marketing and Sales management to evaluate the personal sales plan/strategy so as to ensure that the required revenue and shipment results can be achieved. Develop an Annual customer call cycle (Planned and Unplanned Maintenance) to secure committed orders with new and existing customers and gain any competitor held businesses to ensure that individual agreed targets are achieved. Control all documentation and data relating to customer visits. Operations. Develop a working relationship with the relevant support departments e. .March 2011] Key Performances  Ever highest yearly volume record (247 Million) has been achieved under my leadership in my territory in 2010. Key Responsibilities  Identify the key retailers from territory outlet universe based on their business potential and consumer profile to focus and implement appropriate trade marketing activities in those key outlets. British American Tobacco Bangladesh Territory Officer. service recovery and credit control are coordinated and managed through the relevant DHL departments. Continually develop knowledge of DHL’s products/services and general commercial awareness in order to provide the best possible solutions to the customers.           Ensure that all customer issues relating to customer service.g.  My territory achieved double digit growth International Brands volume for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010. Analyze and monitor customer data to measure success and identify fluctuations/trends so as to decide on the relevant actions to be taken. Ensure all customer agreements are cost sensitive so as to ensure a suggested minimum pricing tariff is set and adhered too. reducing attrition rate and minimizing opportunities for competitors to gain business.  I continue managing the key stakeholder to enjoy better business environment.  I successfully facilitated the training for Merchandisers (The Merchandising Edge) in my area which resulted in 53% increase in Share of Voice in the area in 2010. 2010. Build a strong client relationship to ensure that the account performs and grows to its maximum potential.

Develop and implement territory merchandising plans in line with Brand plan/RES guideline and maintain the existing merchandising materials to ensure consistency in standard. Develop and maintain an efficient distribution network within the territory. performance review and rewarding in line with company values.  Attended 2 day long workshop on “Guiding Principle Mastermind Playshop (GPMP)”.00 (Major in Finance) [ 2002] HSC Dinajpur Govt. Dhaka CGPA-Continued (Major in International Business) [ 2004-2008 ] BBA Khulna University. principles and policies.57. Efficiently plan and execute customer calls (using RCS7). as a part of organizational learning in BATB. recruit and develop contractual field force and develop distribution field force in order to ensure effective and efficient execution of all trade marketing and distribution activities Create and maintain right working environment within the team through regular briefings. key trade channels and Area Manager to establish superior distribution service and optimum brand availability.4%. working closely with the distributor/s. Bangladesh. College. Develop and supervise TMRs.  Attended 3 day long training on ‘Marketing Excellence Series-Intro’ in June’09 organized by British American Tobacco. . Dinajpur Marks Obtained. as a part of professional specialization in DHL. Dinajpur Marks Obtained. Science [ 2000 ] SSC Setabgonj Pilot High School. engagement program and relationship building activities in those key outlets to build and maintain a sustainable long term business relationship Implement national/regional cycle activities in the territory with optimum use of resources. Make optimum use of the best practice / locally implemented tools and systems to evaluate ongoing marketing activities and support marketing decision making process Responsibly manage functional assets to ensure that trade marketing resources are secure and used in the most efficient and effective manner possible        Strengths -Leadership Capability -Punctuality -Motivating Power -Excellent Communication -Team Player -Sincerity Education: [ 2011-2012] MBA University of Dhaka.66/ 4.77.3%. Science Trainings and Workshops  Attended 2 day long Training titled “Certified International Specialist (CIS)”. workload planning. Khulna CGPA-3.

Bangladesh on December 19. Moniruzzaman Area Sales Manager. 2006. Nurul Islam Tahmina Islam 30th December. Gulshan. Co . : : : : : : : : : Late. 1985 Mudipara.standardchartered. Personal Profile Father’s Name Mother’s Name Birth date Permanent Address Height Weight Nationality Religion Marital Status References Galib Hamid Protik Senior Manager Shared Distribution Operational Risk Standard Chartered Bank 67 Gulshan Avenue.com . 169cm 63 kg. Alumni association Khulna University Business School. Islam (Sunni) Unmarried.   Wrote several articles in different magazines including Star Campus of the Daily Star. Bangladeshi. Contact Number: 01714-056300 Email: Galib. Member.H.  Attended a “Corporate Presentation Session” jointly organized by  Khulna University and BATB in 2006. Public relation & publication wing of SOMBA Ex-Students’ Development Society (SEDS).com -1st SEA Presentation Contest. Attended at the workshop on “Career Planning” jointly organized by Khulna University and Citycell Bangladesh Ltd 2005. Dhaka Contact Number: 01713-062283 Email: m. Attended in a “Leadership Experience Session” organized by British American Tobacco.Protik@bd. 2007. -Inter Discipline Cricket. DHL Express World wide Molly Capita Centre (5th Floor) 76. Bir Uttam Mir Sawkat Road Gulshan Avenue. Dhaka.moniruzzaman@dhl. 2007. 2005. Dinajpur. M.Curricular Activities  Champion Members-Battle of Minds.

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