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Jeremy Baker Professor Jan Rieman English 1103 January 28, 2011 Favorite Words My favorite song of all time is by The Classic Crime. The name of the song is ³Salt in the Snow´. I like this song because it¶s a powerful song, and so are most of the other songs that The Classic Crime sing. This one, however, has meaningful lyrics that I can relate to. Some of the lyrics are: Give me wings/ Give me peace/ These are the things that I need/ I¶m tormented, broken and shamed/ Are you listening? Are you listening/ Give me shelter from the storm/ I know it¶s a lot to ask for/ Considering how recent I¶ve piled the dirt on your name/ Are you listening? Are you listening? I have heard that winter¶s cold/ will give way to summer¶s warmth/ Oh no! Like salt in the snow/ I¶m melted and left all alone on the side of the road. Is this where I am for your sake/ stuck between sleep and awake/ My mind is dreaming of things/ Are you listening? Are you listening/ I took you for granted again/ And threw you aside/ And pretended for one minute that I had control of my life/ And direction it seemed to be in/ I was wrong again, I was wrong again/ Are you listening? I like this song a lot because it¶s something that I can relate to and I think that most everyone can. At the beginning there¶s this sense of hopelessness. Everyone has that feeling at some time when you¶re in a situation and you feel like there¶s absolutely nothing you can do about it. All throughout the song he calls out for someone ³Are you listening?´ This is also something that we can all relate to. When we get into these situations we don¶t want to go through them alone. We call on someone to help whether it¶s a friend or God as is meant by the song. Either way he¶s calling on someone and he realizes that he¶s wronged them in some way and doesn¶t really deserve their help. This is something else I¶m sure most people can identify with, but there is a part of the song that I¶m not sure everyone participates in. In the chorus he says ³I have heard that winter¶s cold will give way to summer¶s warmth.´ This is a symbol of optimism. Even though he¶s in this seemingly hopeless situation he still has optimism on his side. Not everyone can stay optimistic in these situations, but the author portrays this feeling that everything will get better as the seasons change. This is what this song is all about, looking on the bright side and that¶s why I like it so much. I try to stay positive most of the time and I¶m a relatively optimistic person.

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The Classic Crime has many other inspiring songs, but this one is by far my favorite. Matt MacDonald is the lead singer of the band and also writes most of their songs. He wrote this song for their second album called ³The Silver Cord´ released in July of 2008. The band is considered Christian rock by genre, and their songs contain messages that do portray the ideals of Christianity which is another big reason I like this song.

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