Steve Rongo 3/22/2011 English 1102 Mid-Term Reflection Letter Dear Mrs.

Coco, This semester has been going by fast and especially since spring break has already past. I have learned a lot more about writing in the last class with you and so far this semester. My writing is always improving and it¶s only getting better as I go on. I enjoy the way you teach and that is the reason why I am in your class again. I¶m proud that I am able to write a paper on a lot of different prompts and also I am proud of my transitions. I seem to easily have a flow with all of my papers with a given prompt. I am glad I accomplished learning the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing. I still need help on research papers such as citing and using quotes in paragraphs. I just can¶t seem to grasp the concept fully, but I am determined to keep working on it. Some of my strengths is also the fact that I can write about any prompt. Once I get a topic that I am interested in I write on and on about it. I am good at introductions and conclusions too so my beginnings start well and when it comes to the end my papers end well. The greatest challenge for me would have to be deciding whether to turn my analysis paper into a research type paper or what. I did change it into a kind of research paper and then it came down to citing which is always difficult for me. The impact this class had on my writing is the fact that it¶s making me write more papers than any other classes and with that I tend to get better the more papers I write. I get a better understanding with the activities we do and also found out better places to get research. I¶m still not a huge fan of writing it¶s just not my thing. I¶m better with numbers. The one thing I need to learn most next is with research papers. Where exactly to place quotes in my paper and how to cite them. All the in-class activities and going to the library are very helpful. I really don¶t think the daybook is doing to much for me at all. The teacher responses to our drafts are very helpful. The most helpful class activity is the group peer conferencing because we get a lot more feedback. This class is a class I have to pass to graduate and I¶m here for that, but it is giving me a better understanding of writing I could use for my major later on. Also, if I started 1102 over I wouldn¶t do anything differently in this class than what I would have done now. I accomplish all the work and I think I¶m doing a good job. Overall the class is very helpful with writing. I the only thing I would do in the

future would be add another paper for the students to do so they can better grasp some other prompts. I enjoy this class a lot and enjoy being there. It helps me with my writing and I know it¶ll help me with my future career. Sincerely, Steve Rongo

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