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A Publication for Employees of the Missouri Department of Transportation Missouri 2007

Quality Award


July 2008

General Assembly Supports

by Matt Hiebert

2008 was a big year for legislation promoting Public transit benefits from the legislature All in all, Multimodal received a vote of
included a $500,000 increase for improved confidence that translates into nearly $25
transportation. Several initiatives, backed by MoDOT, services for the elderly and handicapped. million in general revenue funding.
were voted into law this session.
The Missouri Highways and Transporta- Several Missouri ports will share $6.65
tion Commission’s top legislative priority million for capitol improvements. This is
sailed through both the house and senate. the largest budget in history for Missouri
With the passage of a Unified Carrier Reg- waterways.
istration bill, MoDOT can meet customer
Rail services received enough money to
needs and continue to collect $2.3 million
continue twice-daily operation of Amtrak
a year in motor carrier registration fees.
and received an additional $5 million for
Other proposals that passed will infuse target rail capacity projects to help relieve
MoDOT’s multimodal division with fund- congestion and improve on-time perfor-
ing to keep Missouri’s aviation, rail, ports mance.
and transit resources vital and healthy.
With the lifting of funding caps on the
With no dedicated funding stream for
aviation trust fund, airports will have
these modes, educating legislators on the
additional money available for marketing

Cathy Morrison
need for state investment was crucial.
and maintaining their facilities, which
With the passage of bills related to ports, means possibly bringing in new carriers
transit, aviation and rail, Missouri has the and services. Previous caps were locked in
ability to improve these modes of trans- Amtrak will continue twice-daily operations between St. Louis and Kansas
at $6 million per year. Legislative action
City thanks to funding approved by the General Assembly.
portation. raised the cap to $10 million.

Go-4-It at the Missouri State Fair

by Nathaniel Allen

What do Air Supply, bull Better Roads, Brighter Future; “The fair is a great
riding and MoDOT’s and work zones, to name a venue to educate more
new drive safe video all few. The Kids’ Zone will be than 300,000 visitors
have in common? They set up again with computer about all the great
can all be viewed at this games to educate young things MoDOT does,”
year’s Missouri State Fair. visitors about road safety. said Don Hillis, director
The theme in Sedalia from Don’t forget to take time of System Management.
Aug. 7-17 is “Go-4-It,” and to ride the convincer The fair also features
MoDOT plans to do just that. and learn for yourself concerts, food, games,
why buckling up is rides, competitions and
The Highway Gardens Trans-
so important, and if many other exhibits.
portation Exposition Center
you have kids in the Some of the featured
will feature new displays with
family, take time to do the artists this year are Air
information about the “Saved by
Shaun Schmitz

scavenger hunt and you might even win a Supply, Charlie Daniels,
the Belt” program, as well as a new
child’s bicycle. Josh Turner, Foreigner
video about driving safely.
Aug. 8 is No MOre Trash! Day, a celebra- and Sara Evans.
The center will also feature favorite dis- State Fair goers take time out to cool off and read
tion of keeping Missouri’s roadways clean. For more information on displays in the Highway Gardens Transportation
plays and giveaways from years past that
There will be a special scavenger hunt on the Missouri State Fair, Exposition Center.
highlight programs like Safe & Sound;
this day, as well as other exciting games visit
and activities.


6 A Fitting 9 11 On the Right 12 13 Diamond in

Tribute A Fallen Friend TRAC Lucky 13 the Rough
District 1’s new District 6 provides Diverging diamond
District 4 described Route 13 moves to
welcome center students with a valuable interchange is the first
Michael York as a friend four lanes in District 7
memorializes past learning experience in the USA
full of life
and present heroes
Spotlight on Diversity Help Desk is Now Your First
Call for all IS Requests
by Matt Hiebert
The Employee Advisory Council is MoDOT’s workforce. According to the
charged to foster a positive work envi- most recent Census data, the percent-
The Help Desk has been a part of Infor- calling technologists directly and, in
ronment for all employees and support age of minorities available for transpor-
mation Systems’ support team for many some cases, as much as 100 or 200
us in the areas of cultural diversity, tation-related employment in Missouri
years. But with the Express to Success hours of work was scheduled without
policy review and communications. is 12.49 percent – a higher percentage
program now in operation, the group someone in IS knowing it. Now we
Recently, some concerns have surfaced than MoDOT’s labor pool reflects. On
has taken on a new, broader role. can triage these request, assign them
about the perception that jobs may the other hand, women make up 21.47
to the correct people, get them going
be going unfilled because there is no percent of our workforce. That number “We’re the first call people need to
in priority order and keep an eye on
diverse labor pool applying. exceeds the statewide percentage of make when they need anything from
everything that’s coming in.”
females available for transportation- Information Systems,” said Cathy Trigg,
It is a fact that MoDOT has delayed fill-
related employment, which is 19.36 Information Systems supervisor. “We Under this system, overlapping proj-
ing some jobs so that additional recruit-
percent. now capture work requests that don’t ects, duplicate projects, budget con-
ment efforts can be made to expand the
come directly to CRLS or ALAs.” flicts and project hours can all be better
applicant pool. This decision coincides It is evident that MoDOT most con-
evaluated and managed. When you’re
with the department’s value statement tinue in its efforts toward a workforce While the Help Desk once was the
talking about a workflow of 20,000 or
on diversity. reflective of the diversity of Missouri’s first line for troubleshooting technical
more requests per year, such a system
population, but this won’t happen on problems, their role has expanded to be
This statement details that, “Just as is crucial to the success of MoDOT.
its own. the “front door” for IS. Now, whether
MoDOT is dedicated to providing a
an employee has problems with SAMII Remember, the Help Desk isn’t just for
world-class transportation experience, MoDOT has changed its focus to
or needs an upgrade to an application, troubleshooting timesheet issues any
we are also dedicated to employing a ensure we continue to have a diverse
573-751-5000 is the number they’ll call. more. When calling IS for assistance,
workforce which reflects the customers, workplace. Now in our hiring practices,
the first call you make should be to the
communities, and cultures we serve by we more carefully consider the needs of “E2S has changed our processes, so
Help Desk. If you have any questions
valuing diversity and embracing our the position and the needs of our orga- we’re keeping better track of the work
about this new process, contact Cathy
differences to retain good employees.” nization, including our need to have the we’re doing,” Trigg said. “People were
Trigg at 573-751-8695.
make up of our workforce reflect the
So, how are we doing in meeting our
diversity of all of our customers, not
goal to reflect the diversity of our state
just some of them.
within our own workforce? According
to the latest Tracker measure regard- Sometimes that means working a little
ing the percentage of minorities and harder and taking a little more time
females employed by MoDOT, we have to ensure that everyone has an equal
made progress, but there is still work opportunity to be considered for a
to do. job. By reaching out to attract a more
diverse labor pool, MoDOT will benefit
In February 2008, there were 555
greatly from employees who represent
minorities employed at MoDOT,
an even greater diversity of views with
compared to only 500 minorities a
an even wider variety of experiential
year earlier. While that is a significant
increase in minority employment, those
555 employees represent 8.72 percent of

Peggy Covinton, senior office assistant, is just one of the friendly

Performance Plus voices you may hear when you call the Help Desk for assistance with
an information technology issue.
Quarterly Results
Construction Cost Savings Incentive Project Scoping and Estimating
MoDOT will be paying out $110,996 Incentive Coalition Missouri Coalition
for Roadway Safety
in the Construction Cost Incentives to
316 employees in all ten districts for
Employees in all 10 districts helped
save MoDOT over $47 million by ac-
Announces Up-
the quarter beginning Jan. 1, 2008 and coming
by Lauren Gress

After reaching their goal of less than tion. Half-day to half-hour workshops
1,000 traffic fatalities a year early, the will address improving roadways
Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety for older drivers, public information
is looking forward to more successful successes, law enforcement programs,
years. To establish goals, share infor- roundabouts, new technology, driver
mation and generate excitement, the education, recent legislation and the
coalition is sponsoring the Blueprint for Safe Corridor Program.
Safer Roadways Conference on Oct. 27-
On Oct. 28, Director Pete Rahn, Colo-
29 at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center
nel James Keathley of the Missouri
in Kansas City.
State Highway Patrol and Romell
ending March 31, 2008. These employ- curately estimating project costs from
“This conference is a great way to build Cooks, regional administrator for
ees helped MoDOT save more than January 2008 through March 2008.
on and celebrate our past successes,” the National Highway Traffic Safety
$8 million from January to March by This results in approximately 430 em-
said Highway Safety Director Leanna Administration, will be on hand to of-
minimizing project cost overruns. ployees receiving an estimated payout
Depue. “We will continue to work on ficially open the conference.
of $106,682. Out of the 10 districts, 82.7
Sixty-three projects in 29 project of- saving lives and preventing injuries, as
percent (67 out of 81) of the projects Each district will receive 10 compli-
fices achieved the Performance Plus well as sharing new information and
met the target of coming in one percent mentary hotel rooms for members of
Goal. Employees in Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, best practices.”
or less of the total STIP’s construction the Coalition. More information is
7, 9 and 10 will be taking home $400
estimates. Several workshops and speakers have available at
in incentives while the employees in
For more information about Perfor- already been scheduled for the conven-
the other districts will be taking home
mance Plus, visit wwi.

July 2008 Connections

Missouri Roadsides and Streams Get
Spring Cleaning
by Sandy Hentges and Kara Price

During the month of April, Missourians streams and spread the word about a pated in a litter pick-up activity along
took a few hours to help make Missouri trash-free Missouri. one of the busiest interchanges in St.
beautiful as a part of the annual No Joseph. MoDOT managers picked up
In the St. Louis area, elected officials
MOre Trash! Bash by picking up enough trash in the Northeast District, while
helped MoDOT clean up a section of
trash to fill more than 84,000 bags, employees handed out anti-litter infor-
Interstate 55 and kids who attended the
nearly 10,000 more bags than last year. mation to motorists at local drive-thrus
Take Our Children to Work Day were
and they put the flower made from of young people now and they can help
MoDOT districts hosted events or presented with eco-friendly messages.
recycled signs up at the district office. change the future to make Missouri
clean-up activities to help improve the In the Northwest District several em-
view along Missouri roadways and ployees from the district office partici- Groups also picked up untold numbers litter free.”
of tires and other items too big to place The more than 3,700 Adopt-A-Highway
in trash bags. Those who reported groups and 3,502 Stream Team volun-
what they did received a No More teers spend countless hours on litter
Trash! lapel pin. cleanup, but litter continues to line our
Cleanup crews included MoDOT roads and streams. With the money
crews, Missouri Department of Con- spent on litter cleanup, MoDOT could
servation Stream Team members and resurface many miles of roads, replace
other employees, Adopt-A-Highway and repair bridges, improve habitats for
volunteers, incarcerated crews and wildlife and people and enhance parks
countless others. and nature centers.

“Ultimately, we’d like to get people to For more information about the No
MOre Trash! Bash or litter prevention,
stop littering altogether,” said Stacy visit our Web site at www.nomoretrash.
Armstrong, roadside management org.
supervisor. “We’re working with lots

Slowing Down Can Save Lives and Money

Drive Carefully During the Busy Summer Travel Season Drive Smart, Arrive Alive
by Melissa Black and Sandy Hentges
Slow Down! – Follow speed limits
With gas prices at an all-time high, and height of highway construction as Last year over the 100 days between to save fuel and lives.
thousands of Missourians hitting the well,” said Director Pete Rahn. “Un- Memorial Day and Labor Day, 285 Buckle Up! – Every trip, every time
highway for the three-day Indepen- fortunately, hundreds of people die in people were killed and 2,286 were – safety belts save lives.
dence Day holiday and summer travel traffic crashes each year. In fact, the injured. Seventy percent of those killed Stay Alert! – Dedicate your full at-
season, there are simple steps that can deadliest days of the year, in terms of were not wearing a seat belt; 38 percent tention to the roadway.
save your money and save your life – traffic crashes, are the 100 days from of those killed were involved in a crash Follow Signs! – They’ll guide you
slow down and wear your seatbelt. Memorial Day to Labor Day. We urge where speed was a contributing factor. through work zones safely.
all motorists to slow down, buckle up Expect the Unexpected! – Watch
According to the U. S. Department of “Although our employees won’t be for flaggers, workers and equipment.
Energy, aggressive driving (speeding, working over the holiday, it’s still im- Pay Attention! – Turn the radio
rapid acceleration and braking) can In addition to helping fight the cost of portant to watch for narrow or down and don’t use your cell phone.
lower gas mileage by 33 percent at record-high gas prices, slowing down closed lanes and reduced speed limits Be Patient! – Remember workers
highway speeds and 5 percent around also increases the likelihood of surviv- in work zones,” Rahn said. are improving the road for future
town. The agency also estimates that, ing a crash. According to the Insur- travels.
Be prepared this holiday and check out
as a rule of thumb, drivers can assume ance Institute for Highway Safety, in a Don’t Drink and Drive! – Impair-
major construction projects in ad-
that each 5 miles per hour they drive high-speed crash a passenger vehicle ment of any kind is unacceptable.
vance at, or by calling 3
above 60 mph is like paying an addi- is subjected to forces so severe that Be Nice! – Merge as directed, don’t
MoDOT’s customer service centers at
tional $0.20 per gallon for gas. the vehicle structure cannot withstand tailgate and don’t change lanes in a
1-888- ASK MODOT (275-6636).
the impact of the crash and maintain work zone.
“The Fourth of July is the pinnacle
survival space in the occupant compart-
of the summer travel season and the

State Legislature Honors MoDOT

Maintenance Crews
by Jeff Briggs

Your efforts to keep roads clear through long hours to keep highways clear of “We’ve had to ask a lot of our
this past winter’s snow, ice and floods snow and ice. Maintenance crews put in employees these past several
did not go unnoticed. The state leg- 555,000 hours, including 215,000 hours months, and they really
islature was impressed, and honored of overtime. And they used enough salt delivered,” Rahn said. “I
MoDOT’s Maintenance crews with a – 320,000 tons – to fill Mizzou Arena in thank the legislature for
House Resolution in April, officially Columbia all the way to the top. recognizing the efforts of
thanking workers for going above and our great crews.”
“To make things even more challenging,
beyond the call of duty this season.
many of the weather emergencies hit
MoDOT crews were busy scouting on weekends or holidays,” said MoDOT
flood conditions, closing overflowing Director Pete Rahn. “Our crews barely
roads and sandbagging low-lying areas had a breather between winter’s ice and
in the spring. Before that, crews worked snow and the spring flooding.

July 2008 Connections

HR Makes Changes to Several Employee Five Things You Can Tell Your Neigh-
Development Policies bor About MoDOT’s Sign Shop
by Nathaniel Allen
From insurance, to paid vacation, to obligated to repay any tuition expenses
educational assistance, MoDOT offers that have been reimbursed by the Imagine driving on a highway without
n MoDOT produces about 130,000
its employees some of the best benefits department prior to the effective date. any road signs. Without continually
signs per year.
offered by government agencies. To However, once an employee submits a looking at a road map you would have
n The largest sign produced was 36
ensure that MoDOT is getting the most P-53 “Application for Educational As- no idea where you were or how to
feet wide by 16 feet tall.
out of every dollar spent, MoDOT is sistance” form after the effective date, get where you wanted to be. Signs, of
n MoDOT saves more than $1 mil-
looking to the resourcefulness of other the provisions for repayment apply. course, do not just magically appear on
lion annually by recycling signs.
government agencies and has recently highways. MoDOT is responsible for
Another change is that employees who n Sign life expectancy is 10 to 12
added new provisions to the Personnel making and installing the signs you see
apply and qualify for these benefits years.
Policy Manual. on state highways.
will now need to sign an agreement n 3M, the company that MoDOT
The policies affected are policy 6504 – form that states that they will repay the Here are five things you can tell your contracts with for sheeting,
“Educational Assistance,” policy 2000 department if they leave the depart- family, friends and neighbors about claims MoDOT is the largest user
– “Relocation Assistance” and policy ment in their specific timeframe. MoDOT’s Sign Shop: of electrocut film in the world.
6502 – “Professional/Technical Work
The revised policies can be viewed by
Certification/License and Job-Related
visiting the Human Resources Division
Organizational Memberships.”
on the Intranet and then clicking on
Effective July 1, any employee who the Personal Policy Manual link in the
qualifies for one of these benefits and Administration section. You can also
then leaves the department within a cer- review the “Recent Personnel Policy
tain timeframe will be required to repay Change” document for these policies
the department for those expenses. while in the Administration section to
learn more about these changes. The
“By providing funds for these benefits,
newly created Agreement Forms (P-24
the department makes an investment
and P-25) are also available for your
and commitment to an employee’s
review under the Quick Links section
development and growth while work-
“Forms.” Also, revisions were made to
ing for MoDOT,” said Senior Human
the existing P-53 “Application for Edu-
Resources Specialist Matt Davis. “This
cational Assistance,” which can also
requirement is a way to get some money
be reviewed under the Quick Links
back and spend it elsewhere to benefit
section “Forms.”
the department.”

Cathy Morrison
If you have any questions regarding
These provisions will not be applied
these policies, please contact your local
retroactively to employees. For example,
Human Resources representative.
employees who are currently receiv-
ing tuition reimbursement will not be Sign Shop Workers Ryan Kliethermes, Mike Montgomery and Ron
Strickland, left to right, use the squeeze roll machine to apply reflec-
tive material to signs.

July Service Anniversaries

In Memoriam
35 Years Michaelene A. Knudsen CO Travis W. Bard D7
Willis C. Fee D3 R. Berard Regan CO Lyndell L. Greer D8 Retirees
Lambert F. Gruenloh D3 Janet M. Ruth CO Ronald L. Jones D8 James T. Stepp D8 May 2
Billy R. Evans D6 Gregory E. Sanders CO Kevin L. Lemons D8 Leslie J. Dove CO May 4
Paul A. Newby D6 Kevin J. Vollet CO Scot A. Stephenson D8 Jeffrey A. Enslow D7 May 7
Marjorie A. Frank CO Narvel D. Bostic D10 Ralph H. Cowan D6 May 10
10 Years
Ron A. Rehkop D10 Martin “Marty” C. D4 May 12
30 Years Craig P. Curnutt D1
Bradley J. Bax CO Poffenbaugh
Joseph K. Long D3 Heath E. Hartman D1
Renee D’Alessandro CO Leland C. Henry CO May 19
Jerry W. Miller D3 Sammy L. Hartung D2
John D. Jurgensmeyer CO Francis L. Adams D1 May 24
Terry G. Duffen D5 Bryan N. Moots D2
Kelly S. Wilson CO Alissa C. Scott D8 May 25
Wanda D. Jackson D6 Sean E. Unglesbee D3
Harold E. Wolfe D1 May 25
Terry M. Smith D6 Kent D. Worthington D3
Carl E. Stevens D5 May 27
4 Joe N. Brown D10 Harold L. Bishop D4
May Retirements Donald “Don” C. Thurmon D4 May 30
Wendell Lockridge D10 Thomas J. Maiers D4

Jean M. Carpenter CO Robert P. Deardeuff D5 Name Location Years of
Catherine A. Glover CO Clarence L. Ray D5 Service
Cynthia R. Kever CO Danny T. Emann D6 Cheryl Browning D1 23 Corrections
Curtis W. Stegeman CO Tina K. Schmitz D6 William Hall D2 28
Denise M. Thompson D6 Harold Megee D3 29 In the June issue of Connections, one of
25 Years
Mark E. Truskoski D6 John Myers D3 35
Kevin E. Jenkins D4 the recycled materials facts was in-
Chunlei Wang D6 Rolla Rentz D3 7
Rodney D. Norman D4
Raymond C. Johnson D7 William Carter D4 29
complete. It should have read, “In 2007,
Rowland K. Harmon D7 MoDOT used more than three million
Kevin L. McGlothlin D7 Lary Duffey D4 26
Sharon K. Stacy CO
Gary E. Sanders D7 Randy Gilmore D5 30 tons of asphalt containing recycled mate-
20 Years Mark A. Adams D8 William Hawken D5 29
rial  - about the weight of all the people in
Madeline L. Tolliver D1 Janice M. Brite D8 Kenny Miller D5 31
Stephen E. McClellan D8 Maynard Buschmeyer D6 20 Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Illinois,
Sherman Hale D4
Gary L. Branson D6 Christopher S. Spears D8 Dean Couts* D6 28 Oklahoma, Nebraska and Tennessee
Jill A. Fetters D10 Kristina L. White D8 Gerald Griffitt D7 29 combined.” 
Gary R. Tangen D10 Debra A. Pulley D9 David Dunn D8 35
Freddie L. Taylor D10 David L. Wyman D10 Ronald Noland D8 30 In another article in the June issue,
Robin J. Coble CO Mary Beth Anthony CO Danny Bradley D9 30
the URL address to MoDOT’s blog
Kenneth L. Mathews CO Dennis Doss D9 29
15 Years Roger Owens D9 34 was printed incorrectly. It should be
Thomas M. Colatrella D1 5 Years
Terry Roam D9 30 Sorry
Jennifer A. Butner D2 Homer W. Rainey D1
Joyce Spalding CO 19 for any inconvenience this may have
Tanya R. Dauma D3 David R. Tombleson D2
Carolyn Hawks CO 16
Erma J. Dunkeson D4 Elizabeth S. Duvall D5
Danny Stephens CO 31
Randy W. Jones D4 Rodney J. Davis D6
Trent A. Brooks D5 Michael A. Freeman D6
Charles E. Sharp D7 Rob A. Frese D6
*Dean Couts retired in April, but
David M. Cissell D8 Alexis Mays D6
was accidentally left off that list in
Thomas J. Geisler D9 Paul A. McClaine D6
the June issue.

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e


Duty Calls: From Inspecting Air-

ports to Flying Military Missions
by Nathaniel Allen, photos by Bryan Shelton

In his MoDOT life, Bryan Shelton is Shelton has been keeping in touch with
an intermediate multimodal operations his MoDOT co-workers since arriv-
specialist who uses his skills to inspect ing in Afghanistan. His first e-mail transfer in Sicily, he got to “pig out on While Shelton could not talk specifics
airports and make sure they are safe. In exclaimed “I made it!” and described pasta and pizza.” about his missions, he does believe
his military life, Shelton is using his ex- the troubles and delays that caused that there is a lot more going on right
That all ended after he arrived in
pertise in Afghanistan as a pilot in the Shelton’s already long trip to be longer. now in Afghanistan than most people
Afghanistan. Shelton spent a lot of time
303rd Fighter Squadron for the United are aware of. “I think things are go-
However, there was an upside to getting his operation set up and flying
States Air Force. ing much better here,” Shelton said.
Shelton’s travel delays. He got to spend missions to support troops that were on
Shelton is one of 13 MoDOT employ- an extra day in Philadelphia where he “Words really can’t explain this place. I
the ground. The aircraft that Shelton
ees who are currently on active duty received a personal after-hours tour of mean I could type for hours and just
flies is the A-10, a surface attack fighter
and one of 49 employees who could the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall. begin to scratch the surface of the tip
that was designed for close air support
be called for duty for a branch of the The next day he visited a Portuguese of the iceberg. It is amazing, beauti-
for troops on the ground. He described
Armed Forces at any time. island in the Atlantic. Finally, at his last ful, terrible, bizarre and interesting all
his base as “an Old Russian installation
at the same time. It is not just another
that is surrounded by land mines. It is
country; it might as well be on a com-
very smart to stay on the paved paths
pletely different planet.”
around the base,” Shelton said.
“We are extremely proud of Bryan,” said
Shelton also described the base, pic-
Multimodal Operations Director Brian
tured above, as being a city of its own.
Weiler. “His military skills have been
He does not know many of the people
very beneficial to MoDOT, and we look
that are stationed with him, but there
forward to his return.”
are more people on this base than on
any base he has been stationed on in the MoDOT is proud of all the employees
United States. Shelton said that aircraft that have served, are serving, or will
continuously fly in and out, “anything serve our country. They, like Bryan,
from attack fighters to Fed-Ex jets.” help make MoDOT a great organiza-
Shelton’s squadron is four miles from
where he sleeps so he has been running
Editor’s Note: At press time, Bryan
to and from work each day. Shelton
had already sent a note saying he was
said that it was a good way to get a
waiting for his flight out of Afghanistan
work out and avoid taking the bus.
and was on his way home.

MoDOT Helps Bring History Alive

New Trailhead Provides Downtown Access to Katy Trail
by Nathaniel Allen

You may have noticed the construc- into one of 12 eligible categories. The the money came from 5
tion work on Capitol Street, in front Jefferson City project was identified as local contributors.”
of MoDOT’s Central Office. What an eligible activity enhancing inter-
The trailhead provides
you might not know is MoDOT had modal transportation. These categories
access to the Katy
substantial involvement in the funding generally involve projects that establish
Trail from downtown
and planning of the new Lewis and and improve pedestrian and bicycle
Jefferson City. It also
Clark Trailhead Monument, which was pathways, improvements to historic
illustrates the history
officially dedicated on June 4. transportation buildings and scenic
of Lewis and Clark’s
beautification along highways.
The monument is the product of a pro- journey through this
gram called the Surface Transportation “The city of Jefferson was awarded area of the state. Now,
Enhancement Program, which offers the funds of a maximum of $700,000. instead of parking at
states different options to enhance their These federal funds make up 80 percent one of the trailheads
transportation systems. of the total cost of the project,” said at Cedar City or North
Transportation Planning Specialist Jefferson, people can
However, projects supported by trans-
Cathy Morrison

Dion Knipp. “The other 20 percent of access the Katy Trail

portation enhancement funds must fall
from downtown.

for more info The monument showcases five bronze figures includ-
Connections Editor Kristi Jamison ing Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, George Drouil-
Phone 573.526.2482 lard, York and Seaman the dog. They were sculpted
E-mail by Sabra Tull Meyer.

105 W. Capitol Avenue

P.O. Box 270
Jefferson City, MO 65102

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e


Dedication: Eagleville Welcome Center

Story by M. Elaine Justus, Photos by Shaun Schmitz

Memorial Day is a day to remember plaque. The wording of the plaque indi-
those who have gone before and also cated that all of Interstate 35 in Missouri
those men and women who have served was forever dedicated to the memory of
our country in the armed forces. It was the 35th Infantry Division. Thanks to the
fitting, therefore, that we chose to dedi- efforts of Jefferson City, we were able to
cate Missouri’s newest welcome center, locate a copy of the original House Con-
the Eagleville Welcome Center, that current Resolution No. 28 dated June 10,
same week. Why do we say that? It is 1969. With a little research, we found out
an interesting story that begins with the the 35th Infantry Division is composed of

R.B. “Bob” Smith, interim director for the Missouri Division of Tourism,
spoke to the group about the history of the welcome center project.

The decision was made that on May Management Don Hillis also spoke
30, we would re-dedicate Interstate 35 to the gathering as did R.B. “Bob”
to them in a formal ceremony as we Smith, interim director of the Missouri
opened the New Wel-
come Center. Represen-
tatives from the current
35th Infantry Division
came, and so did mem-
bers of the 35th Infantry
Metal silhouettes of bison and Native Americans adorn the hillside west
Association, composed
of the new Welcome Center at Eagleville. They will ultimately be part of a
walking trail planted with native grasses and wildflowers, fitting with the of veterans from as long
theme of Prairie Passage. ago as World War II.
The Veterans of Foreign
demolition of the old rest area at Coffey Wars and American Le-
on Interstate 35. gion members from the
MoDOT’s goal, when we decided to Bethany and Eagleville Northwest District Engineer Don Wichern was the
area provided the color master of ceremonies for the dedication. MoDOT’s
build the new welcome center, was Director of System Management Don Hillis (behind
to keep our number of total facilities guard. Don) also spoke.
stable. That meant that to add one, we
Northwest District Engineer Don Division of Tourism. In addition,
needed to subtract one. The Coffey
Representatives from the VFW Wichern acted as Master of Ceremonies a number of elected officials or
building would be removed, but the
and American Legion came from their representatives were there to
paved area kept for truck parking. As for the event, which attracted a large
Bethany and Eagleville to provide
crowd. MoDOT’s Director of System celebrate, too.
we prepared the Coffey facility for de- the honorary color guard.
molition, our crews discovered a bronze Steve and Nancy Hofmann of
6 Army National Guard Lamoni, Iowa were also present
units from Missouri, for a second, very special unveil-
Kansas and Nebraska. ing. They are the original owners
Their consistent and of the land on which the welcome
valiant record of service center sits. The one requirement
began with the first World they had for the sale of the prop-
War, and continues to this erty was that a plaque crediting
day. From the Meuse-Ar- them with the original owner-
gonne and Verdun to the Steve and Nancy Hofmann helped Don ship be placed somewhere in the
Invasion of Normandy, unveil a plaque mentioning their names. center. Their request was honored
the Battle of the Bulge, to and their
Major General Marvin Pierson of the 35th Infantry
Korea, Vietnam, to Iraq contribu-
Divison shared a moment of celebration with Jim and Afghanistan, they tion recog-
Graff, a veteran of WWII and president of the 35th have served heroically nized by
Infantry Association. Their newly unveiled bronze
and suffered unimagi- everyone
plaque is visible to the left.
nable losses. in atten-
for more info
Community Relations Manager Elaine Justus
Phone 816.387.2353

3602 N. Belt Highway More than 150 people were present to join MoDOT and the
St. Joseph, MO 64506-1399 Missouri Division of Tourism at the opening of Missouri’s new-
est welcome center located just south of the Iowa state line on
Interstate 35.

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

ADA Sidewalk Inventory Complete
by Tammy Wallace

MoDOT team members recently com- Prior to the team beginning the inspec-
pleted a project to assess the condition tions, Jefferson City provided training
of all sidewalks in the district. The on exactly what the inspectors were
NorthCentral team was proud that they were the first looking for.
district to complete the task.
When it was all said and done, 1,021

District 2 Expands Contract According to Stefan Denson, senior

civil rights specialist, “Title II of the
sidewalks in the district had been lo-
cated, ownership established, inspected
Mowing this Summer Americans with Disabilities Act of and the results documented.
by Tammy Wallace 1990 requires MoDOT
to make its programs
Mowing state right of way is a task and again the last two weeks of August and services acces-
MoDOT has been doing practically prior to the Labor Day holiday. sible to persons with
since the inception of the department. disabilities. This
These mowing contracts are so ap-
A nice mowed right of way keeps our assessment allows
pealing because the contractors will
roadsides looking beautiful as motorists the department to
have first rights to hay the right of way
travel the busy highways. Unfortunate- anticipate and correct
within the contracted sections.
ly, mowing is also a very labor intensive problems in advance.”
task for our maintenance The information pro-
crews. vided by the district
will assist Stefan and
For that reason, last year
his group in their
the district piloted a pro-
statewide sidewalk Senior Construction Technician Jarod Kehr runs
gram for contract mow- through the checklist in assessing this sidewalk.
ing. The pilot program
let one contract to mow Several employees
Route 65 from the Pettis were involved in the project. Resident James said one of the most interesting
County line to Mar- Engineer James Gillespie, who coor- aspects was seeing the location of some
shall. The pilot was so dinated the field effort, said it was a of the sidewalks. “In some of these
successful that this year three-phase process. The first phase smaller towns there would be sidewalks
the district advertised required Maintenance superintendents running right into a field with nothing
eight separate contracts to locate all sidewalks in their area and around them,” said Gillespie. “At one
for bid. document the locations. time I’m sure there were houses along
the sidewalks, but now there is only a
The district received Although our maintenance crews do a great job That information was sent to the right
mowing, it’s very labor intensive and takes them sidewalk in a field.”
very good bids on five of way department, which handled
away from other necessary work.
of the eight contracts, the second phase, searching records Along with James and the maintenance
increasing our contract to establish which sidewalks were the superintendents, others working on the
mowing by five times what was done The contracted routes are: Route 65 and project were: Ray Schneider, Brenda
responsibility of MoDOT to maintain.
last year. 20 in Saline County, and Route 36 in Harris, Carla Farrington, Eldon Jones,
Linn and Livingston counties. Once right of way compiled the list,
Kathy Hepworth, Bob Hughson, Jared
Forty-two miles of roadway, and 318 James began phase three - coordinating
According to Operations Engineer Kehr, Charles Langewisch, Tim Sims,
acres of right of way will be mowed the field inspections, assigning inspec-
Travis Wombwell, the district could Jeff Alfrey, Joe Carter, Jackie Albright,
this summer by contractors. They are tors, collecting the data to input into the
possibly award even more mowing Ron Watts and Jon Kerns.
required to mow during the last two database and making sure each location
weeks of June before the July 4 holiday, contracts next year. had been inspected.

Everybody Recycles These Days - Left: Mounds

of concrete
Even MoDOT! slabs are left
by Travis Wombwell and Tammy Wallace
Right: The
Last year after the major Route 36 waste material and use it to improve crusher sorts 7
the aggregate
rehabilitation, the district was left with roadway shoulders. Maintenance Liaison into various
more than 7,000 cubic yards (10,000 Engineer Mike Shea put the statewide sizes to reuse
contract together, and on district.
Cecco, Inc. of Mountain
Grove won the bid to Central Office Maintenance division
recycle the concrete mate- contributed nearly two-thirds of the con- How the operation works is that the
rial into base rock. tract cost and Maintenance Superinten- concrete slabs are loaded into the crusher
dent Brad Gates covered the remaining and crushed, with any steel in the slabs
Cecco recycled the
cost to obtain the material. Additional being pulled to a magnet on the crusher.
concrete slabs at a cost of
funds will return to the district if the Beneath the crusher are two screens;
$6.80 per ton. When you
removed steel can be sold. the top one has two-inch openings and
compare that to the $11
the bottom one has one-inch openings.
per ton purchase price for To put in perspective how beneficial this
tons) of concrete material removed from The aggregate that passes through both
new material, the department realizes a recycled material is, Brad would typically
the roadway. A statewide contract for screens is conveyed to one pile, aggregate
savings of $43,000. be able to afford only about 1,500 tons of
concrete slab recycling will take that that is retained on the one-inch screen is
shouldering rock per year if purchasing
conveyed to another pile, and aggregate
new material. However, with the reduced
that is retained on the two-inch screen is
for more info costs and help from Central Office, he
was able to get more than six years’ worth
sent back through the crusher.
Community Relations Manager Tammy Wallace
of rock all at one time. This will allow This recycled material will go a long
Phone 660.385.8209
E-mail him to finish entire shoulders instead of way to upgrade rock shoulders in the
only addressing the worst locations along district, which improves safety, enhances
Route 63
P.O. Box 8 a given roadway. Brad plans to use some the appearance of our roadways, and of
Macon, MO 63552 of the rock on the shoulders of Rte. 190 course, is environmentally friendly.
west of Rte. 65 in Chillicothe.

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

Route 79 to Open
With a “Bang”
Before Fourth of July, motorists who slide debris and loose material to reach
travel on Route 79 north of Louisiana the underlying shale,” he explained.
Northeast will have more than Independence Day “The shale material will provide a
to celebrate. They will have access to suitable foundation on which to build a
the scenic byway after its been closed reinforced aggregate wall. Construction
Buried Treasure, Mates? for almost three months. of the reinforced aggregate wall
will consist of placing 18-inch thick
Since the April 9 closure, MoDOT has
Ben West and Mary Bryan may not Manager Rick Domzalski explained layers of compacted aggregate, with
been working diligently to figure out
have been full of gold, but the ship the process to those in attendance, geosynthetic reinforcement material
the best option to repair the road after a
and the ferry, respectively, are part of emphasizing the need for their input. between each layer.”
section of it cracked, then slid down the
Washington history. Their quests ended Realizing that funding was not hillside a few weeks later. On May 29, MoDOT awarded a
tragically at the bottom of the Missouri available for a new bridge, a group contract for $229,417 to Boone
River, but MoDOT now quests for of individuals from the region last “We were aware of the slope instability
Construction Company out of Columbia
knowledge about other historical year formed the Highway 47 Bridge at this location, and were in the scoping
to repair the road and open it before
possibilities that Committee to seek out process to add a repair project to the
the Fourth of July holiday. “Our team
could impact the their options for making STIP when the failure occurred, “ said
immediately went to work to design a
location of a new a new bridge a priority. Transportation Project Manager Chris
plan that would fix the problem quickly,
bridge on Route “The local committee Knapp. Tom Fennessey, Central Office
and provide a long-term solution,”
47 at Washington. has already done a lot geotechnical engineer, investigated
District Engineer Paula Gough said.
According to Bob of ground work for us the slide and presented several repair
alternatives to the project core team. The MoDOT team worked closely with
Reeder, Ph.D., by educating the public
After looking at the options, Chris the Department of Conservation, state
and historic and key individuals on
explained what was being done to and county officials, area residents and
preservation manager for MoDOT, the process necessary to move forward
repair the road. “We’re excavating the the public during the repair process.
environmental and location studies are on the project,” Rick explained.
important because of the effects those The displays are posted online on both
significant events, such as shipwrecks, the Northeast and St. Louis District
may have had on the area. “We intend Web sites, and those interested can
to discover as much as we can from the submit comments online.
community as well as historians as we
work on the environmental and location While MoDOT doesn’t expect to find
studies for a new bridge in the area,” any gold or other items of monetary
Dr. Reeder said. value during the study, there is always
the possibility of other types of “buried
Last month, MoDOT held its first
public meeting inviting
area residents to share
their concerns about the
environmental impacts
of a new bridge on Route
47 near Washington.
Working with St.
Louis District Area
Engineer Judy Wagner
Justin Dwight and Tom Shrum, inspectors for MoDOT’s Northeast District,
and the central office oversee the rebuilding of Route 79 north of Louisiana after the road split
environmental team and slid down a large hill.
led by Matt Burcham,
Northeast District
Transportation Project
Transportation Project Manager Rick Domzalski
visits with Paul Hackbarth from the Washington
8 Missourian newspaper during the environmental
and location study public meeting last month.

The Elsberry
High School
have been
shouting their
“Arrive Alive”
cheer for about
a year now,
so when they
were given the
opportunity to
record a radio
public service
they ‘jumped’ at the chance! The spot is airing on several stations and
focuses on the ‘Click It or Ticket’ message.
In June, the Mississippi and Des Moines rivers began flooding in both Iowa
and Missouri. Several communities along the Mississippi River in Missouri
for more info began extensive sandbagging efforts to build up and secure levees in com-
munities throughout the Northeast District. MoDOT crew members worked
Community Relations Manager Marisa Brown 24/7 to build a berm along a new section of U.S. 61 in Clark County where a
Phone 573.248.2502 levee break forced water up to the road. At press time, more than a dozen
E-mail roads and bridges were closed in northeast Missouri, with potential for
more to come. MoDOT assisted several communities by hauling sand for
Route 61 South sandbagging and gravel to raise roads. In addition, MoDOT worked closely
P.O. Box 1067 with both Iowa and Illinois departments of Transportation to manage traffic
Hannibal, MO 63401 when bridges were closed.

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

“Mike was a dedicated worker and

part of the MoDOT family. We
mourn his loss. We have been in
contact with the family and continue
to support his family and friends
during this terrible tragedy.”
KansasCityArea ~ Beth Wright, district engineer

Michael York, More Than a

Co-Worker, a Friend “Mike was a wonderful co-worker
and always full of life. He will be
by Kerri Lewis
greatly missed. My thoughts and
It was a sad day on Wednesday, June prayers go out to the family.” “He was a very loyal MoDOT em-
11 when long time employee and ~ Melanie Lanigan ployee — dependable, one of the best.
friend, Michael York, was struck and It’s hard to believe something like
killed by a tractor-trailer while per- this happened. Safety is something
forming light pole inspections along we preach at MoDOT.”
Interstate 670 in the southwest corner ~ Wally Shelton
of the downtown loop in Kansas City. “Mike was the best worker in our
No one could have expected the news shop. He is already missed. I
when it came and as one team, we are laughed this morning remembering
saddened by his loss. things he did. We all miss him great-
Mike had been with MoDOT for more ly. Our shop will never be the same.
than 27 years and is described as a I see him now, riding his Harley in “Mike was more than just a co-work-
funny guy with a zest for life. He heaven. Our thoughts and prayers go er, he was a friend. He was like a
worked as a Maintenance supervisor out to all family and friends.” brother to me.”
for the lighting department, and at the ~ Dave Osborne ~ Stuart Stroud
age of 51, was taken much too quickly. Maintenance Supervisor Michael
He will be remembered for his sense York, age 51, was struck and killed
of humor and his willingness to do his on June 11 while working in the
field. “My deepest sympathies go out to the
job. His co-workers have said, “Mike
didn’t care what kind of job you gave entire York family. I worked with
him. He didn’t run from work and Mike for many years at MoDOT and
“Mike was a good man who had will always remember his strong
never complained.”
an incredible zest for life. He was convictions, especially his faith. He
Mike grew up in the Raytown area, always interested in how you were will be missed. God bless all of you
lived on a 40-acre place in the coun- doing and could always put a smile during this time of sadness.”
try near Drexel, with his two Labra- on your face. His energy and enthu- ~ Sabin Yanez
dor retrievers and German shepherd. siasm will be missed. My thoughts
He recently bought a Harley Sportster and prayers go out to his family and
(his first motorcycle) and was looking friends.”
forward to taking the motorcycle test ~ Patrick Koontz “I will never forget the good times
so he could save money commuting that we shared together when we
to work and back. During the winter, were working. Mike will be in my
York plowed snow out of the Archie heart for the rest of my life, he is just
maintenance building, covering many bors. His co-workers, family and his one step ahead of me. God Bless his
of the roads near his home and keep- many friends will sadly miss him. family and friends.”
ing the highways safe for his neigh- ~ Art Gonzalez

The Highway Patrol Adds Motorcycles to Fleet 9

by Kerri Lewis

The Missouri State Highway Patrol three in the St. Louis area and two in Adding motorcycles to our fleet
has enhanced its fleet of vehicles the Springfield area. will assist us in fulfilling our
by adding Harley-Davidson FLHTP mission of service and protec-
During a news conference in June,
Electra Glide Police Motorcycles. The tion to the public. The pilot
Colonel Keathley, Missouri State
dark “peace officer” blue motorcycles program will help us evaluate
Highway Patrol, and Perry Allen,
will be used to focus on enforcement the potential impact of using
District 4 Construction and Materi-
and traffic safety in areas known for motorcycles to enforce traffic
als engineer, spoke to the community
congestion, high volume traffic and laws and increase safety for the
about the importance of safety.
those undergoing construction. Each motoring public.”
of these locations makes it difficult “The patrol is in the business of sav-
for a standard patrol car to maneuver. ing lives,” said Col. Keathley. “Our
The motorcycles have been assigned agency continually searches for inno-
to different areas throughout the state, vative ways to deliver the best service
with two in the Lee’s Summit area, possible to the people of Missouri.

for more info

Community Relations Manager Kristy Hill
Phone 816.622.6327

600 NE Colbern Road Perry Allen, District Construction and Materials Engineer,
Lee’s Summit, MO 64086 highlighted the importance of safety in work zones.

July 2008 Connections

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Residents Turn Out for Route 65

by Holly Dentner

Three years ago, the

Missouri Department of

Central Transportation began a

study to determine how to
improve a section of Route
65 in Benton County.
Connecting Past and Present The study area stretched
Celebrating New Trailhead in Jefferson City from south of Route 52,
through the city of Lin-
coln, to south of Route 7
near Warsaw. The study’s
purpose was to find a way

Holly Dentner
to improve safety and
traffic flow on Route 65
and enhance connectivity Benton County residents check out their
on the busiest highway in properties on a strip map that showed an
Benton County. overlay of the new Route 65 on top of the
existing highway.
MoDOT has worked
lanes would handle northbound traffic
with the communities in the area and
and the existing lanes would be reused
Cathy Morrison

determined a preferred alternative for

as the southbound lanes.
improving Route 65. More than 125
people attended a public hearing on Through Lincoln, Route 65 would be
Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark join other June 3 to gather input about the pro- widened to a five lane, undivided route
dignitaries to listen as District Engineer Roger Schwartze talks about posed highway design. with two northbound lanes, two south-
MoDOT’s involvement in the new Lewis and Clark Trailhead Plaza in
bound lanes, and a center turn lane.
Jefferson City. They gathered for the June 4 ceremony to mark the “This project will go a long way toward
unveiling of the new plaza, which was partially funded with federal South of Lincoln, two additional lanes
improving safety and traffic flow
transportation enhancement funding. The plaza is the trailhead for the
nearby Katy Trail. It is also located close to three major U.S. highways for the section of Route 65 between will be constructed with a 60-foot me-
and the local Amtrak train depot. Sedalia and Warsaw,” said Nicole Kolb dian. Several transitions would be used
Hood, project manager. “Many com- to switch between an eastern widening
and a western widening for this portion
New Bridge Opens in Cooper County munity members at the public hearing
of the highway.
were enthusiastic about the improve-
Small projects mean just as much to lo- cember 2007. The new bridge is wider, ments and eager to see the work start as “We will continue working on design
cal residents as the big ones do, and the longer, and designed so that flooding soon as possible.” plans through 2010,” said Hood. “Con-
new Lamine River Bridge on Route 135 will not occur as often. There are two MoDOT plans to widen Route 65 north struction on the new highway would
in Cooper County is a perfect example. 13-foot lanes and an overall width of 29 of Lincoln by constructing two ad- begin in 2010 and tentatively complete
feet. The bridge is 314-feet long ditional lanes to the east of the existing by 2012.”
and the south end was raised lanes with a 60-foot median. The new
approximately seven feet.

While work took place, the

bridge was closed and motorists
Spreading the Word, Making it Click!
had a 16-mile detour around the
Sixteen Central Missouri law en- don’t wear one and put themselves at
area. But the bridge was finished
forcement agencies cracked down on risk. We use programs like ‘Click It or
Cathy Morrison

on time and under budget, and

unbelted drivers during this year’s Ticket’ to get that message out there
opened in mid-May 2008.
Click It or Ticket campaign, from May and hopefully change their behavior.”
Lehman Construction, LLC, of 19-June 1. The Missouri State Highway
Assistant District Engineer Eric Schroeter In addition to enforcement efforts, the
California, Mo., was awarded
joined local officials to cut the ribbon for Central Region group also held a news
the new Lamine River bridge. the project, which cost approxi-
conference on May 19 where the Coali-
10 tion demonstrated the Highway Patrol’s
Route 135 runs from Interstate 70 south
seat belt convincer and rollover simula-
to the Pettis/Cooper County line, and
tor. Both offer excellent visual and
Cathy Morrison

eventually connects to U.S. Route

Holly Dentner

physical evidence of the force involved

50. The Lamine River flows under the
when a vehicle is in a traffic crash.
highway about three miles northeast
of the county line, in an area primarily Intermediate Traffic Studies Spe- As of June 1, 365 people have lost their
The Lamine River Bridge on
filled with farms and unincorporated cialist Tamara Pitts demonstrated lives in traffic crashes on Missouri
Route 135 in Cooper County.
the seat belt convincer at the
villages. roads this year. In the Central District,
mately $1.6 million. news conference on May 19.
36 have died this year, and 21 of them,
The previous bridge was built in 1959, At a ribbon cutting ceremony on June
Patrol’s Troop F reported that their of- 58 percent, were not wearing seat belts.
and was in poor condition and prone to 10, Assistant District Engineer Eric
flooding. It had two 10-foot lanes and ficers stopped 426 vehicles during that
Schroeter thanked local residents for
an overall width of 22 feet. It was ap- time and made 169 arrests
their patience during construction. Ap-
proximately 300 feet long. for failing to wear a seat
proximately 25 people came out to see
belt and three child restraint
Work on the new bridge began in De- the new bridge and celebrate the benefit
it will have on the communities that
surround it. “Buckling up can save your
for more info life in a traffic crash,” said
Community Relations Manager Kristin Gerber Matt Myers, central region
Cathy Morrison

Phone 573.522.3375 coordinator for the Coali-

E-mail tion for Roadway Safety.
1511 Missouri Boulevard “It’s a simple as that, but
P.O. Box 718 we still face too large a District Traffic Engineer Matt Myers reminds
Jefferson City, MO 65102 motorists that buckling up is the shared re-
percentage of people who
sponsibility of everyone on the road.

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

District 6 Introduces New

Work Life Center
by Kara Price

St. LouisArea There is a new ad-

dition to District
6 – its new Work
MoDOT TRAC Day Gives Students
Life Center (located
serving our most valuable asset - People
on the first floor in
Valuable Learning Experience the District Office) to
by Shirlyn Myles
serve employees from the day they are
District 6 hosted its Eighth Annual hired through their retirement years. send interoffice e-mails and research
TRAC Day event on May 15. The One of its many objectives is to assist departmental information.
event took place throughout multiple employees and retirees in their profes-
sites within the district’s area loca- sional and personal development, creat- “Our Work Life Center combines vari-
ing greater balance between their work ous departments into a common area
tions including the Administrative
and personal lives. with common goals creating a united
building, Transportation Management
team to serve employees,” said Ed Has-
Center, and CNG facility. Approxi- The WorkLife Center is a great re- singer, District 6 engineer.
mately 28 students and four teachers source for employees and retirees to
from Construction Career Center High
School and Riverview Gardens Senior
High School were greeted by newly
appointed Assistant District Engineer
Bill Schnell, who also presented the
outstanding achievement award to
CCC’s Serenity Breeland of CCC and
Riverview Gardens’ LaMarkus M. Alan Sutton, survey technician for
District 6 Design department, per-
Bragg. After the presentations, the stu- forms surveying demonstrations
dents split up into groups to participate for students on TRAC Day.
in hands-on activities emphasizing a
career in civil engineering. “The students at TRAC Day showed a
lot of interest in what MoDOT accom-
The activities included surveying dem-
plishes on a daily basis,” said Betherny
onstrations where MoDOT volunteers
Williams, CCC TRAC volunteer. “The
provided equipment for students to
concept of what MoDOT does every
experience land surveying. The Materi-
day was presented very well.”
als department provided students with District 6 celebrates its new Work Life Center at an open house in May.
concrete molding to create bricks while This year’s TRAC Day was a great
learning about how materials are tested success thanks to all its volunteers with apply for new positions, update their The WorkLife Center’s common area
for durability. The Design department their hard work and dedication to this resumes, enroll in training courses, offers a full range of resources from
presented computer module simulation significant program. The volunteers and search the MoDOT Intranet for key departments, providing services
where students sat at a computer station include: Betherny Williams and Jer- job openings, using some of its many and program support for the following:
and ran through traffic scenarios ac- myn Johnson, CCC TRAC volunteers; 1) Human Resources - New, existing,
tools. The center also provides services
quiring a better understanding of how Gail Cutts, Riverview Gardens’ TRAC for personal development, including and retired employee services:
design teams function. Students also volunteer; Shirlyn Myles, TRAC special training and certifications. -Recruitment, Orientation, and
created their own signs and learned Coordinator; Elizabeth Reed, Regional Training
how traffic signs are made and why TRAC Director; Sergeant Al Nothum, Located in the center is an assort-
-WorkLife Benefits
they are important. Missouri State Highway Patrol-Troop ment of valuable information to assist
C; Motorist Assist staff; Linda Darden; employees and retirees with acquiring
Other activities included touring the 2) Benefits/Payroll -
Shawn Edmonds; Norman Gentry; Access resources:
TMC, light and signal demonstra-
David Henroid; Rose Larocco; Steven -Payroll
tions, as well as an Operation Lifesaver
Lockett; Andrew Markiewicz; Dennis -Employee/Retiree
presentation and video. Students had 11
Mazur; Catherine Morrison; Sara Nel- Benefits
the opportunity to participate in fun
son; Edith Richardson; Jennifer Riegel; -Employee Reim-
outdoor activities, including Motorist
Kelsey Sand; Lucy Smith; Terry Smith; bursement
Assist mobile demonstration, a Mobile
Patricia Weekley; and Kristy Yates. 3) Risk Management
Emergency Response Operations Cen-
ter tour, and Fatal Vision goggles and Thank you volunteers for helping make - Acquire
Seat Belt Convincer simulations. TRAC Day a great learning experience information:
for these high schools. -Safety Training and
-Safety Literature
4) Information
Systems - Computer
-IS Support and
Employees utilizing the Work Life Center’s resources.
information for professional and per- Work Life Center Contact Information:
sonal use, including MoDOT benefits, 1590 Woodlake Drive
for more info employee assistance programs, schools Chesterfield, MO 63017
Community Relations Manager Yvonne Elliott and scholarships, community organiza- Phone: 314-340-4115
Phone 314.340.4524 tions and more. Fax: 573-526-0089
Computers are available to access em- Email:
1590 Woodlake Drive ployee benefits, research participating
Chesterfield, MO 63017 doctors, update the benefits package,

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

Crews Mow District in

Seven Days
by Wendy Brunner-Lewis


Fear 13 No Longer
Completion of highway creates four
lanes from Springfield to Kansas City
by Lori Marble

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the The Route 13/7 Coalition was a force
number 13. Builders sometimes skip behind MoDOT’s decision to commit
numbering a floor 13. Superstitious to the Route 13/7 corridor between
workers stay home on Friday the 13th, Harrisonville and Springfield. The
fearing some calamity if they venture coalition chairman, Dick Fleming,
out. attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Larry Myers
With the completion of the final four- The Collins project, including right
laning of Route 13 between Kansas of way, cost $26.5 million. Ideker, Inc. Joplin Senior Maintenance Worker Kenny Shallenburger mows Route 66
City and Springfield last month, the was the prime contractor on the project outside of Joplin.
fear of 13 – as it applies to roadways located approximately a quarter mile
– has been greatly diminished. The west of the original Route 13. “Great ability develops and reveals the best approach to achieve more
Southwest District celebrated this long- itself increasingly with every new efficient mowing without working
“This is a landmark project, and I want
awaited event with a ribbon cutting on assignment.” overtime. All the mowing was done
everyone to remember one thing. Like
May 30 in Collins. ~ Baltasar Gracian, 17th century author Monday through Friday, with the
all grand projects, they’re never really
understanding that if crews got behind,
“Today we commemorate providing complete. This isn’t the end of the Surprising even themselves, District 7
they would work Saturdays and
the size and type of roadway motorists Route 13 project,” said Baltz. maintenance crews completed 6,940
Sundays as needed. It wasn’t needed.
expect to find connecting the second- miles of mowing on major and minor
Upcoming Route 13 projects:
and third-largest metropolitan areas in routes in just seven days in May, two Crews also discovered it was more
n District 8 is preparing to rebuild the

Missouri,” said Disrict Engineer Becky days earlier than the district’s goal. efficient to mow in large loops,
original lanes in Greene and Polk
Baltz. mowing route by route. Crews stayed
counties, Maintenance crews were challenged
on one side of the road covering
Route 13 was established as part of n District 7 is preparing to add this spring to make mowing a priority
several routes in their area before
the Centennial Road Law of 1921. interactive signing in Lowry City, and complete all routes in nine
they went to the other side of the road
make intersection days, even though they were using
to mow. That reduced the amount of
improvements and approximately half the 106 mowers
backtracking and travel time.
add signing in they had in the past and they were to
Osceola, earn no overtime. Crews began mowing minor routes
n District 4 will on May 9, and 5,729 lane miles and
“The employees were guarded and a
complete surface 4.6 days later, minor roads were
little skeptical when we presented this
work this summer finished. They started mowing major
challenge at our spring meetings,” said
on sections of routes on May 19 and completed 1,211
Maintenance Engineer Mike Dunseith.
Routes 13 and 7. miles (sight distance plus all median
“They felt the goals were tight and that
mowing) in two days.
Providing everything would have to fall into
perspective to the place perfectly for it to work.” “Our crews took a great attitude and
Route 13 project worked hard to make this process
But work it did. Some crews tested
and its importance work,” Dunseith said.
various work schedules to determine
12 to the state were
program speakers
Director Pete Rahn,
U.S. Senator Kit
Bond and Missouri
Wrecked, Recalled Child Safety
Senator Delbert Seats Wanted for Crush Event
Scott. by Wendy Brunner-Lewis

Did you know that more than 80 We plan to place all the rejected child
Bob Edwards

percent of all child safety seats are safety seats in a pile and then crush
installed incorrectly? Did you know them with a giant yellow, extra-heavy
that many car seats are recalled each duty truck.
Pete Rahn addresses the crowd at the Route 13 ribbon year because they are unsafe, but
cutting ceremony. For more information about this event
the word never gets to the parent or
or directions to the MoDOT facility
where you can drop off your safety
The MoDOT Southwest District Office seat, please call our toll-free customer
is collecting broken, recalled and old service hotline at: 1-888-ASK-MoDOT
for more info child safety seats for a Car Seat Crush (1-888-275-6636).
Community Relations Manager Lori Marble on Sept. 23. The event kicks off Child
Phone 417.629.3300 Passenger Safety Week on Sept. 21-27.

3901 E. 32nd Street

Joplin, MO 64804

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e


D8 at Work
Ozark Senior Maintenance Workers
Dewayne Coffer, left, and Lee Long
(top photo) along with Marshfield
Maintenance Crew Leader Wes
Hawkins chip seal on Taney County
Route F at Route 65.
Drury Maintenance Worker Zach Pri-
demore (middle photo) is part of a
patching operation on Ozark/Doug-
las County Route JJ.
First-in-USA Design Planned Traffic Operations Engineer Leo

For I-44/Route 13 Rebuild Cologna, Transportation Project

Designer Stacy Reese, middle, and
by Bob Edwards Senior Highway Designer Sharon
Herron (bottom photo) work on final
plans for the diverging diamond in-
The planned “diverging diamond” in- • Traffic models predict that 35 percent terchange coming to I-44/Route 13.
terchange at Interstate 44 and Route 13 more vehicles on Route 13 will be able
in Springfield – the first place the Euro- to move through the interchange when
pean design will be used in the United the signal is green.
States – is aimed at reducing conges-
• Right-angle crashes (from Route 13
tion and improving safety in a quicker
onto I-44) eliminated and rear-end
and cheaper reconstruction than more
crashes reduced.
conventional interchange projects.
MoDOT is looking at using the diverg-
With a diverging diamond design, the
ing diamond interchange elsewhere in
opposing lanes of Route 13 will criss-
Springfield and other locations in the

Bob Edwards
cross at traffic signals at the ends of the
state. Other states are considering it as
bridge over I-44. Crossing the bridge,
well. The design is in use in Europe.
oncoming traffic will be on the right,
separated by concrete barriers and
Design, Mechanic, Maintenance Veterans Retire
This will give left-turning vehicles on by Angela Eden
Route 13 a “free left” to the I-44 on-
ramp. At the same time, Route 13 traf- Senior Design Technician Post-MoDOT Plans: Laying low the with wife Joella and family; camping,
fic will be able to travel more steadily Dayna Aust first year, then a bike trip or two, visits fishing
THROUGH the interchange. to national parks
Service: 24 years (Hired May 1, 1984) Ava Senior Maintenance Worker
A public meeting June 24 at the Ozark Ozark Area Senior Equipment Danny Johnson
Empire Fairgounds displayed plans Career: Design
Technician Tim Eakins
technician, 1984- Service: 34 years (Hired July 1, 1974)
for the project. District 8 leaders are
1991; intermediate Service: 31-1/2 years (Hired Jan. 1,
explaining the project in public appear- Career: Crew work- 13
design technician, 1977)
ances and through the news media. er, Goodhope, 1974-
1991-2000; senior
Career: Crew 1997; intermediate
Work on the project is scheduled to take design technician,
worker, Ozark crew worker, Good-
place in 2009, with completion late in 2000-2008
Maint., 1977-1980; hope, 1997-2004;
the year.
Memorable Expe- Aust mechanic helper, senior maintenance
Diverging Diamond Advantages: rience: Working on Ozark/Springfield, worker, Goodhope,
The project will use the existing design plans for four-laning Route 65 1980-1987; field 2004-2007; senior
bridge. Construction can be complet- in Christian/Taney counties; plowing mechanic, Cam- maintenance worker,
ed in about six months, not the one- snow for Fordland and Springfield denton, 1987-1998; Eakins Ava, 2007-2008
and-a-half to two-and-a-half years field mechanic,
Biggest Change: Using computers to Memorable Work: Working close to
required for a standard reconstruction. Springfield/Ozark, 1998-2008
design projects rather than the manual home, helping people in his community
Cost is estimated at $2.5 million – method using T-squares and triangles. Memorable Work: Enjoyed helping
Biggest Change: Better equipment and

one-third the cost of a standard inter- maintenance crews on little and big
Quote: “I enjoyed plowing (snow). The working four 10-hour days in summer
change. jobs to keep equipment running
night crew is a special breed. There’s a
Quote: “I’ve had good people to work
lot of camaraderie.” Biggest Change: More communication,
with and didn’t really mind going to
cooperation among work units to get
for more info work accomplished more efficiently;

Community Relations Manager Bob Edwards more electronics, computers in equip- Post-MoDOT Plans: Enjoying his fam-
Phone 417.895.7713 ment adding to efficiency ily, playing bluegrass music, raising
E-mail beef cattle
Quote: “Every job whether small or
3025 E. Kearney
P.O. Box 868 large is satisfying to get it done.” Also retiring:
Springfield, MO 65801 Lebanon Senior Maintenance
Post-MoDOT Plans: Spending time Worker Sammy Decker

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e


Route 60 Growing Through Three Counties

End of 2009 Commitment for Completion
Three counties along the southern edge Talk of how the lane additions switched the Ozarks celebration when the Route stop signs at side streets and motorists
of the South Central District have seen from one side of existing travel lanes 60/63 directional interchange opened to were asked for their cooperation.
a lot of progress already. This construc- to the other, what properties had been traffic. There is still a lot of work to do.
Paving resumed in May between the
tion season promises even more as the acquired and other details confined to
The original commitment date for clos- communities of Mountain View and
expansion of Route 60 to a four-lane paper has now shown evidence along
ing what has become known as the 59- Willow Springs. In addition, grading,
facility is beginning to take visible the road. Excavation, grading and
mile gap was 2010. Resident Engineer paving, excavating, box culvert con-
shape. even some paving have proven that the
Phill Knott said he looks forward to an struction and other activity associated
expansion is real
early completion – by the end of 2009. with increasing capacity can be seen
and residents will be
along all 59 miles.
enjoying it soon. “Several factors have gone in our favor,”
he said. “We made a lot of headway The expansion of Route 60 reflects the
The first discussions
last construction season and the entire progressive attitude of this rural region.
regarding expanding
corridor came under contract in Febru- Legislators, county and city leaders and
Route 60 took place
ary when the Missouri Highways and residents in general recognize the im-
in the early 1990s.
Transportation Commission approved pact transportation has on the economy.
the final two projects.” Their support is critical to the success
impact statements
of this work. In fact, voters contributed
came in 1992 and This construction season is already
by supporting Amendment 3 and U.S.
how the expansion moving forward and promises to be a
Rep. JoAnn Emerson and U.S. Sen.
should be pursued busy one as well. So busy in fact, work
Christopher “Kit” Bond helped make
was determined. Not in all three counties was viewed as
the expansion possible by appropriat-
until the late 1990s significant enough to make the top ten
ing discretionary funds for the section
did the first evidence work zones to look out for this summer.
between the 21s and the section just
appear when work The majority of traffic impact will oc- east of Van Buren at Carter Creek.
“between the 21s” cur through the community of Moun-
and the upgrading of A ceremony to dedicate the five-lane
tain View where delays will be moder-
the Willow Springs section to the citizens of Mountain
ate. In late May, traffic changes were
bypass got under View is planned with Sen. Bond in late
made to allow crews to perform work
way. A true measure 2008. A full celebration of the final
necessary to create a five-lane section.
of success was the completion also is in the works.
Contractor crews drive pile for the Jam Up Creek Traffic signals were removed in favor of
Bridge, east of Route OO in Shannon County. 2005 Gateway to

Partnership, Fast Delivery Celebrated on Route 106 Rebuild

Road Slide Due to Saturated Ground Leads to Quick Response
The power of water is easy to under- above and below the surface, damaging the road open to traffic by 5:30 p.m. on of cooperation between multiple parties.
estimate. Sure, when a swollen stream two separate sections of the road. May 9. A ribbon cutting was held June 5 to cel-
is rushing over pavement the effects ebrate the partnership and fast delivery
It was determined a bypass route had Now complete, the project stands as an
are readily visible. It’s when that water of this important roadway repair.
14 to be established to keep traffic mov- example of what good can come
hides beneath the surface, unexpected
ing around the road closure as tourist
results can occur.
season was fast approaching. Shannon
Just as most of Missouri, the South County Presiding Commissioner Tony
Central District received an abundance Orchard and county officials and crews,
of rain this spring. The ground be- the Missouri Department of Conserva-
came so heavily saturated, floodwaters tion and MoDOT worked together to
were slow to recede and after-effects build the temporary bypass very near
included a pavement slide on Route 106 Route 106. This road was used until
in Shannon County. repairs could be planned and executed.

Those who have traveled Route 106 Design staff quickly went to work
as tourists may relate to the location, and an emergency contract, totaling
near Alley Spring, from the junction $241,208.20, was awarded by April
of Route E to the west side of the Jacks 4. The contractor and MoDOT main-
Fork Bridge. Floodwaters flowed both tenance forces worked swiftly to have

for more info Pictured, from left are: Ozark Radio Network Account Executive Tommye
Community Relations Manager Ann Marie Newberry LaGrand, Missouri State Highway Patrol Cpl. Jason Brumble, Eminence
Phone 417.469.6203 Police Chief Chip Brewer, State Rep. J.C. Kuessner, Phill Knott, Shannon
County Presiding Commissioner Tony Orchard, State Sen. Chuck Purgason,
MoDOT Maintenance Engineer Henry Haggard, Shannon County Northern
910 Old Springfield Road Commissioner Dale Counts, Missouri Department of Conservation Agent
P.O. Box 220 Ron Payne, MoDOT Construction Engineer Ed Hess, Missouri Department of
Willow Springs, MO 65793 Conservation Agent Gordon Howell and local property owner Chris Brewer.

July 2008 Connections

Ac r o s s t h e St a t e

Route 53 Improvements Arrive
by Tonya Wells

MoDOT met with contractors in April to opted for the optional CIR method. work zone. Lanes will have
discuss getting the work started on Route States who have used CIR say it is a a reduced width, and traffic
53 from Qulin to Campbell. The con- good alternative for rural roads that need will follow a pilot car.
tractor also discussed the cold in-place something more than resurfacing but
“Rather than install tempo-
recycling method that will be used on the less than full-scale reconstruction. Major
rary signals or use flaggers,
Route 53 resurfacing. advantages of CIR include slowing the
which are the usual methods
cracking in the pavement. It takes 15 to
Rather than a normal milling operation for dealing with two-way,
20 years for a pavement using CIR to
where the pavement is ground off and the one lane traffic, a pilot car
reach the same frequency of cracking that
material discarded, the Route 53 project is leading traffic through the
a standard resurfacing project sees in 10 By using a special milling machine, materials
will actually reuse the material in making work zone,” said Resident from Route 53 can be reused in making the pave-
years. The process also limits disrup-
the pavement smoother. Engineer Brian Holt. ment smoother.
tion to motorists because construction
Contractor Koss Construction explained moves fairly quickly. CIR can also add Holt said the pilot car has a
with longer work zones they are more
that it will be using, in essence, a regular years to the expected life of the pavement few advantages over the other methods.
effective than flaggers. Once the pilot
milling machine but the material is cap- with New York state reporting a life of First, because the pilot car is in the lead it
car leads traffic through in one direction,
tured and then screened, crushed if not 10-15 years with little maintenance as determines the speed for the cars follow-
it can turn around and lead traffic in the
properly sized, remixed and then dumped compared to a five-eight year life with a ing.
opposite direction. Traffic entering Route
out underneath to be put back down on traditional overlay. “This allows us to slow traffic down near 53 from side roads must stop and wait for
the route.
Koss has a video showing the process at where the construction is occurring and the pilot car to pass in the direction they
“We’ve seen some great things about, or Route 53 travel- keep the work zones safer for workers and wish to travel before following. With
CIR,” said Krapf. “We were happy to get ers can see it in person for themselves motorists,” said Holt. the road reduced to one lane, but travel
contractors who opted to use the process currently. alternating in both directions, it is safer to
Pilot cars are also easier to use on a
and competitive bids to go along with it.” have the pilot car in the lead with flashers
During the work, traffic will be reduced moving operation than moving tempo-
Krapf said all five bidders on the project to alert motorists.
to one lane in a two- to three-mile-long rary signals as the work progresses. Plus,

Click It Or Ticket Old Orchard Groundbreaking

With the enforcement part of the Click The press conference was held in hopes To kick off the construction of the
It or Ticket campaign under way, the of increasing awareness of the enforce- Route 67/Old Orchard Road Inter-
Southeast District held a Click It or ment programs currently happening in change in Bonne Terre, a groundbreak-
Ticket press Southeast Mis- ing ceremony was held on May 22
conference on souri. behind the Parkland Health Center.
May 28. The new interchange is being con-
“Seat belts clear-
The press confer- ly save lives. But structed to provide smoother traffic
ence was held unfortunately, flow on heavily traveled Route 67 in St.
at the Sikeston too many folks Francois County, as well as to improve (l-r) Heather Garner on behalf of
still need a tough safety. The project includes grading, U.S. Representative JoAnn Emerson,
Morlan Dodge Local law enforcement and emergency Bonne Terre Mayor Fritz Gower, for-
auto dealership. responders showed their support for reminder, so drainage and paving for construction of
mer Bonne Terre Mayor Sue Wilke,
buckling up and saving lives by attend- we are going to an outer road and interchange with Old Missouri Rep. Brad Robinson, Tom
Sgt. Dale More- ing the Click It Or Ticket event.
be out buckling Orchard Road. Schulte on behalf of U.S. Senator
land of Missouri Kit Bond, Missouri Sen. Kevin Engler
down on those The $7,743,813 contract was awarded and MoDOT Southeast District Engi-
State Highway Patrol, Troop E, spoke
not buckling up,” said Moreland. “We in February 2008 to Iron Mountain neer Mark Shelton participate in the
at the press conference. Other area law
don’t want to lose a single person in a Route 67/Old Orchard Road Inter-
enforcement officers were invited to Construction, Iron Mountain, Mo. The
change groundbreaking.
traffic crash if it can be helped.” project is anticipated for completion in
attend and speak at this event as well.
late summer 2009.

Recent Retirees in District 10

Representative Todd Honors MoDOT
Roger Tarver Alfred Weath-
retired on June erington retired
At the Campbell maintenance shed
1 after 32 years on June 1 after
with MoDOT. 30 years with on May 29, Rep. Tom Todd presented
He was a main- MoDOT. He was maintenance crews from Kennett,
tenance supervi- a senior mainte- Qulin and Campbell with framed cop-
sor in Campbell. nance worker in
Fredericktown. ies of the House resolution thanking
them for their work during the recent
Campbell maintenance crew
inclement weather.

for more info

Community Relations Manager Angie Wilson
Phone 573.472.6632
2675 N. Main Street
P.O. Box 160
Qulin maintenance crew Kennett maintenance crew
Sikeston, MO 63801

July 2008 Connections

Connections Missouri Department of Transportation
Community Relations
The mission of Connections
is to be a monthly source
& 105 W. Capitol Avenue
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of Missouri Department of
We would like to hear from you.
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feature articles that con-
Kristi Jamison, editor
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It is distributed to MoDOT
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prosperous Missouri.

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

50 Years of Technological Advances Shape MoDOT
by Matt Hiebert

Fifty years ago, MoDOT leased its first

computer. It was an IBM 650 that pos-
sessed a fraction of the memory a cheap Not exactly flat screen technology ...
pocket calculator holds today.

There were only 2,000 IBM 650s

made, and as one of the renters of these
machines, MoDOT was a pioneer in
bringing such technology into the main-
stream. Used primarily to help with
earth-moving equations, the 650 was
the beginning of MoDOT’s relationship
with computer technology.

It didn’t take the department long to

Early computers were bulky, slow and had the memory capacity of a Modern computers do thousands of
see the value of these newly available
digital watch. times the work of their predecessers.
devices. Calculations that would take a
bytes, then gigabytes and now terabytes. Today, we almost take these advance-
slide rule hours to sum were completed
ments for granted – as if they have al- a fire burning within MoDOT’s Infor-
in seconds by the bulking device. Advances in computing transformed the
ways been here. The public would also mation Systems department. Their job
From that humble beginning, MoDOT’s workplace of the department, becoming
develop high expectations of MoDOT is vast and ever changing.
involvement with technology grew, and the core of efficiency.
technology. Information that was once
the 650 was soon replaced by bigger, Technology will always be a moving
In 1996, MoDOT appeared on the available only in newspapers or televi-
faster computers. Punch card program- target for MoDOT IS, and the future
World Wide Web. E-mail changed the sion is now a mouse click away.
ming would rise and then become obso- of the department will be forever
way we work and communicate. Fiber
And the revolution has only begun. intertwined with the rapid evolution of
lete in little more than a decade. Models optic lines weaved a network between
the size of desks would be eclipsed by devices that didn’t even exist a scant
the districts, allowing huge quantities of Keeping in step with advancements in
personal computers that sat on desktops. 50 years ago.
information to move across the state in computer technology have always kept
Memory would be discussed in mega- a nanosecond.

Computer Evolution at MoDOT Replaced

360 with
IBM 370 Center
with 2 Meg
Replaced Replaced
1620 & 1410 370 with
with IBM 360 IBM 4341
650 with
IBM 1620 Added Increased
Punch cards MoDOT
IBM 1410 Memory to Eliminated Connected
Acct/ Half Meg. To the
Payroll Internet
IBM 650
1960 Staff 1970 1980 1990 2000 Fiber
Two Most MCS
Staff Districts System
to Central Complete
Computer First terminals Information Systems
Division formed Office
Rents for Installed for
$4,000/mo Programmers with 60 Staff

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