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Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 1
Attorney Famuyide Wins an Age-long
Naturalization Case in New Jersey
It happened again in the middle
of April, 2011; Attorney Famuy-
ide won another “cold case”
in New Jersey to the delight of
another jubilating client who
almost gave up hope of becom-
ing a U.S. citizen. It was a rescue
mission made special with all
strategic maneuvering to guaran-
tee success.......
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Is President Obama’s New Pitch at Comprehensive

Immigration Reform a Ruse ? pg 6

Employment Authorization Card Danger: Conditional Green Card

for those in Removal Proceedings Could Lead to Deportation
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DV Lottery 2012 Result Released

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2 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

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THAN K YO U! Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 3

Visa Bulletin For May 2011

Number 32 Volume IX Washington, D.C.
1. This bulletin summarizes the availability of im- ted a number. Immediately that it becomes necessary tion in behalf of each has been filed. Section 203(d)
migrant numbers during May. Consular officers are during the monthly allocation process to retrogress a provides that spouses and children of preference im-
required to report to the Department of State documen- cut-off date, supplemental requests for numbers will be migrants are entitled to the same status, and the same
tarily qualified applicants for numerically limited visas; honored only if the priority date falls within the new order of consideration, if accompanying or following
the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in cut-off date which has been announced in this bulletin. to join the principal. The visa prorating provisions of
the Department of Homeland Security reports appli- 2. Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Section 202(e) apply to allocations for a foreign state
cants for adjustment of status. Allocations were made, Act (INA) sets an annual minimum family-sponsored or dependent area when visa demand exceeds the per-
to the extent possible under the numerical limitations, preference limit of 226,000. The worldwide level for country limit. These provisions apply at present to the
for the demand received by April 8th in the chronologi- annual employment-based preference immigrants is following oversubscribed chargeability areas: CHINA-
cal order of the reported priority dates. If the demand at least 140,000. Section 202 prescribes that the per- mainland born, INDIA, MEXICO, and PHILIPPINES.
could not be satisfied within the statutory or regulatory country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% 4. Section 203 of the INA prescribes preference classes
limits, the category or foreign state in which demand of the total annual family-sponsored and employment- for allotment of immigrant visas as follows:
was excessive was deemed oversubscribed. The cut-off based preference limits, i.e., 25,620. The dependent
date for an oversubscribed category is the priority date area limit is set at 2%, or 7,320.
Hillary Clinton of the first applicant who could not be reached within 3. INA Section 203(e) provides that family-sponsored
U.S. Secretary of State the numerical limits. Only applicants who have a pri- and employment-based preference visas be issued
ority date earlier than the cut-off date may be allot- to eligible immigrants in the order in which a peti-

Family-Sponsored Preference Employment-Based Preference

First: (F1) Unmarried Sons and Daughters of which 75% are exempt from the per-
of Citizens: 23,400 plus any numbers not country limit;
required for fourth preference. B. (F2B) Unmarried Sons and Daughters
(21 years of age or older): 23% of the
Second: Spouses and Children, and Un- overall second preference limitation.
married Sons and Daughters of Perma- Third: (F3) Married Sons and Daughters of
nent Residents: 114,200, plus the number Citizens: 23,400, plus any numbers not re-
(if any) by which the worldwide family quired by first and second preferences.
preference level exceeds 226,000, and any Fourth: (F4) Brothers and Sisters of Adult
unused first preference numbers: Citizens: 65,000, plus any numbers not re- First: Priority Workers: required by first and any class indicates that
A. (F2A) Spouses and Children: 77% of quired by first three preferences.
28.6% of the world- second preferences, the class is oversub-
the overall second preference limitation,
wide employment- not more than 10,000 scribed (see paragraph
Diversity Immigrant (DV) Category based preference level, of which to “*Other 1); “C” means current,
plus any numbers not Workers”. i.e., numbers are avail-
required for fourth and able for all qualified
fifth preferences. Fourth: Certain Special applicants; and “U”
Immigrants: 7.1% of means unavailable,
Second: Members the worldwide level. i.e., no numbers are
of the Professions available. (NOTE:
Holding Advanced Fifth: Employment Numbers are available
Degrees or Persons of Creation: 7.1% of only for applicants
Exceptional Ability: the worldwide level, whose priority date is
Section 203(c) of the Immigration and being reduced to 50,000. DV visas are 28.6% of the world- not less than 3,000 of earlier than the cut-off
Nationality Act provides a maximum of divided among six geographic regions. No wide employment- which reserved for in- date listed below.)
up to 55,000 immigrant visas each fiscal one country can receive more than seven based preference level, vestors in a targeted
year to permit immigration opportunities percent of the available diversity visas in plus any numbers not rural or high-unem-
for persons from countries other than the any one year.
principal sources of current immigration
required by first pref- ployment area, and
to the United States. The Nicaraguan and For May, immigrant numbers in the DV erence. 3,000 set aside for
Central American Relief Act (NACARA) category are available to qualified DV-2011 investors in regional
passed by Congress in November 1997 applicants chargeable to all regions/eli- Third: Skilled Workers, centers by Sec. 610 of
stipulates that beginning with DV-99, and gible countries as follows. When an allo- Professionals, and P.L. 102-395.
for as long as necessary, up to 5,000 of cation cut-off number is shown, visas are
the 55,000 annually-allocated diversity available only for applicants with DV re-
Other Workers: 28.6%
visas will be made available for use under gional lottery rank numbers BELOW the of the worldwide level, 5. On the charts below,
the NACARA program. This reduction specified allocation cut-off number: plus any numbers not the listing of a date for
has resulted in the DV-2011 annual limit

*Employment Third Preference Other Workers Category: Section 203(e) of the NA- *NOTE: For May, F2A numbers EXEMPT from per-country limit are
CARA, as amended by Section 1(e) of Pub. L. 105-139, provides that once the Em- available to applicants from all countries with priority dates earlier than
ployment Third Preference Other Worker (EW) cut-off date has reached the priority
date of the latest EW petition approved prior to November 19, 1997, the 10,000 EW
01JAN07. F2A numbers SUBJECT to per-country limit are available to
numbers available for a fiscal year are to be reduced by up to 5,000 annually begin- applicants chargeable to all countries EXCEPT MEXICO with priority
ning in the following fiscal year. This reduction is to be made for as long as neces- dates beginning 01JAN07 and earlier than 08JUN07. (All F2A numbers
sary to offset adjustments under the NACARA program. Since the EW cut-off date provided for MEXICO are exempt from the per-country limit; there are no
reached November 19, 1997 during Fiscal Year 2001, the reduction in the EW annual F2A numbers for MEXICO subject to per-country limit.)
4 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

Attorney Famuyide Wins an Age-long

Naturalization Case in New Jersey
issues connected
to the matter. It
was myriad of
problems that
seem irresolv-
able. One by one,
Attorney Famuy-
ide took on these
issues, solved
them one by one
and took this im-
migrant to the
Joseph R. Famuyide, Esq. finish line of natu-
One major
It happened again problem with this
in the middle of immigrant’s case was
April, 2011; Attor- whether or not he
ney Famuyide won was a person of good
another “cold case” moral character. Any
in New Jersey to the case with good moral
delight of another ju- character issue is statutory period re- (3), 8 U.S.C. § 1101(f) ciety’s standard. Acts program to convic-
bilating client who usually handled with quired for establish- (3), or “one who has which are regulated tion. Attorney Famuy-
almost gave up hope care by the Immigra- ing good moral char- given false testimony by the society are not ide was brought to the
of becoming a U.S. tion Service Officers acter, the applicant for the purpose of ob- acts which involve case at a point when
citizen. It was a rescue adjudicating natural- falls within any of the taining any benefits moral turpitude. In the one the previous ap-
mission made special ization cases. Such a several categories set under this Act,” INA § Matter of L-V-C, 22 plication was just
with all strategic ma- matter is usually re- forth in INA § 101(f) 101(f)(6), 8 U.S.C. § I&N Dec. 594 (BIA denied. Another client
neuvering to guaran- ferred to the Supervi- (1)-(8), 8 U.S.C. § 1101(f)(6). 1999), the Board of referred this immi-
tee success. This frus- sors for the final deci- 1101(f)(1)-(8) (1994). While a person con- Immigration Appeals grant to seek Attorney
trated immigrant was sion. The statutory period is victed of aggravated held that moral turpi- Famuyide’s assistance
approved and sworn- Any issue relating within 5years before felony is statutorily tude refers generally to appeal the denial.
in the same day of to previous crimi- the filing of the appli- barred from natu- to conduct that is in-
the interview to seal nal convictions, past cation for naturaliza- ralization. A person herently base, vile, or Having evaluated the
the victory for good. due child support tion. convicted of crimes depraved, and con- case, Attorney Famuy-
What a dream come payment, past due These legally dis- involving moral tur- trary to the accepted ide recommended that
true. IRS tax payment, do- qualifying catego- pitude is regarded rules of morality and appealing the case
mestic violence, gam- ries include, among through case-laws as duties owed between will fail; instead, he
The story of this immi- bling, drunk driving others, being an habit- lacking good moral persons or to society recommended starting
grant started in Mary- to name a few could ual drunkard; deriving character. Such in- in general. See also; the process all over
land with is family. trigger lack of good one’s income prin- dividual pursuant to Matter of Trans, 21 I again with strategies
The matter was about moral character that cipally from illegal Section 316(3) INA & N Dec. 291 (BIA put in place to solve
10years old when At- could result in the gambling; having must maintain good 1996). The determi- all possible problems
torney Famuyide was denial of naturaliza- two or more gam- moral character for a nation is therefore not before the interview.
retained to the rescue. tion application. The bling convictions; and period of 5years im- made by the severity One by one, Attorney
They were past frus- case of this immigrant having been confined, mediately preceding of the offense or the Famuyide started to
trating failures at has all these opened as a result of a convic- the filing of the appli- length of the impris- work with the client
previous attempts to issues relating to good tion, to a penal institu- cation for naturaliza- onment imposed. See; to solve each problem
become citizen of moral character. The tion within the statu- tion before such could Matter of Serna 20 with the case.
the United States of previous denials were tory period for 180 merit any consider- I&N Dec. 579, 581
America. as a result of these days or more or being ation for naturaliza- (BIA 1992). At last the interview
issues, but Attorney “one who at any time tion. date came, Attorney
The case was riddled Famuyide cleared the has been convicted of By law, any domestic Famuyide evaluated
with past errors, do- problems and within a an aggravated felony,” A crime involv- violence conviction the client’s readiness
mestic violence issue, span of two years this INA § 101(f)(8), 8 ing moral turpitude will trigger lack of again and determined
arrests and dealings immigrant was sworn- U.S.C. § 1101(f)(8), is generally defined good moral charac- that a month post-
with the criminal in as a U.S. citizen. or having other crimi- through case-laws as ter. The immigrant in ponement will help
justice system. There A finding of good nal convictions or of- that which involves this case was not con- the client close the re-
was Internal Revenue moral character is fenses detailed by the acts that are inherent- victed per se. He went maining loopholes in
Service (IRS) issues precluded as a matter statute, INA § 101(f) ly evil or wrong by so- through alternative the case. Fortunately,
and child support of law if, within the
contd on pg 5 Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 5

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contd from pg 4

Attorney Famuyide (3), 8 U.S.C. § 1101(f) eligible for naturaliza- We think so, because demption. We think a a naturalization appli-
had an engagement in (3). tion. we believe a like rule like principle underlies cant with prior crimi-
Washington, DC area It is trite law that the An applicant who has must obtain in the these provisions for nal record.
for that day, so a letter USCIS examiners shown reformation and ordinary naturaliza- naturalization. If you have prior
was sent seeking post- have some degree of displayed favorable tion proceeding where This does not mean criminal conviction,
ponement to another discretion in determin- disposition towards the the five year period is that the court may not your case is not totally
day. The case was ing whether an appli- good order and hap- significant. To hold inquire into the peti- hopeless, it might take
postponed for about a cant has satisfied the piness of the United otherwise would sanc- tioner’s character in years but you could
month. statutory requisites. States as stipulated tion a denial of citi- prior periods. For such still become a U.S.
For example, an exam- in the Constitution zenship where the ap- evidence is circum- citizen depending on
On the interview date, iner may take account should be adjudged a plicant’s misconduct, stantially relevant as the nature of the case.
everything was ready. of adverse conduct that person of good moral and evident bad moral bearing upon petition-
The interview took is outside the statu- character. character, was many er’s character during This article is for your
about 25minutes and tory period for which The case laws support years in the past, and the five year period, information only. It is
the case was approved good moral character this conclusion. In where a former bad or in a case like this, not a legal advise and
to the delight of is required to be es- the agelong precedent record has been fol- during the period of not a representation of
another happy client. tablished. See INA § setting case of Yuen lowed by many years military service. But any future outcome. If
He was sworn-in the 101(f) (last sentence), Jung v. Barber 184 of exemplary conduct the ultimate fact to be you need legal repre-
same day. Now this 8 U.S.C. § 1101(f), and F. 2d. 491 (9th Cir. with every evidence of determined, and the sentation, please feel
client could move on INA § 316(e), 8 U.S.C. 1950), the 9th Circuit, reformation and subse- only material one, is free to contact Attor-
with his life having put § 1427(e). Although Court of Appeals held; quent good moral char- his moral character ney Joseph famuyide
behind him the hurdle the prior misconduct “We think the lan- acter. Such a conclu- within the specified at 718-647-6767 or
of naturalization. may justify the exam- guage of Sec. 724 . . . sion would require a period.” See also: San- send email to jfamuy-
For immigrants with iner in denying natu- compels a conclusion holding that Congress tamaria-Ames V. INS
criminal conviction, ralization, the law does that it was the intent had enacted a legisla- 104 F. 3d. 1127, 1130,
please note that as a not require such a de- of Congress to test tive doctrine of pre- (9th Cir. December 31,
matter of law, no appli- termination. Thus, an the applicant’s fitness destination and eternal 1996). USI News
cant is “of good moral examiner could con- solely by his moral damnation. All modern All of the recently de-
character” if he or she clude, based on the to- character, (and other legislation dealing termined cases have
has been convicted tality of the facts, that required attitudes) with crime and punish- followed the same
of, or has admitting an applicant with such during the period of ment proceeds upon reasoning of the Yuen
to committing, certain a record had demon- continuous military the theory that aside Court, therefore, ar-
other offenses within strated “good moral service mentioned in from capital cases, gument could still be
5years. INA § 101(f) character” and was the Act [three years]. no man is beyond re- presented in favor of
6 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

Is President Obama’s New Pitch at Comprehensive

Immigration Reform a Ruse ?
On April 19, 2011,
President Barack For example, some-
Obama called a time in 2009, an
meeting of about 60 intern in our office,
people from across Vivienne McLean,
the United States to confronted Senator
discuss the need for a Chuck Schumer at
Comprehensive Im- an event held in New
migration Reform as York City about the
he announced his bid likelihood of the
for a 2nd term ahead much-awaited Com-
of the general election prehensive Immigra-
in 2012. This White tion Reform bill be-
House meeting is yet coming law that year.
another pitch by the The senior Senator
President at Compre- from New York re-
hensive Immigration sponded, “Quote me;
Reform. there will be Com-
prehensive Immigra-
All immigrants would tion Reform this year
like the President to 2009.” We are now in
clarify if this new 2011, where is Senator
pitch for immigration Schumer on this issue. down the throat of helped the estimated 5 years immediately service.”
reform is for real or He was reelected last many who opposed 12million illegal im- preceding the date on
just an election season year, so he won’t need it. He fought for gay migrants in the United which this provision Please note that the
ruse? For the past our vote for another rights, where is the States had the follow- was enacted and has above provision is
two and half years of 6years. He is no fight for immigration? ing provisions called maintained continu- not law, any future
President Obama’s longer in the forefront Title V – Legalization ous physical presence law might look like
presidency, immi- of the talk about im- During the last elec- For Long-Term Resi- since then; it. Another election is
gration reform has migration reform. tion in 2010, Senator dents. This section (2) has at all times coming up in 2012,
been all talk and no Harry Reid of Nevada, could have provided been a person of good the President and the
action. Even the much President Obama the Senate President a pathway to adjust- moral character; politicians will need
favored Dream Act himself during the was in trouble. He was ment of status for an (3) has never been us again, let us make
did not pass in Con- Presidential election on the verge of losing alien lawfully admit- convicted of a crimi- them work for us by
gress under President campaign gave a time- the election. He called ted for permanent resi- nal offense in the letting them know
Obama’s watch. It is line for the passage of on immigrants to the dence for one who had United States; now that without the
apparent that enough the Comprehensive rescue with promises resided in the United (4) in the case of an passage of the Com-
energy has not been Immigration Reform. again that at least the States for a period not alien who is 18 years prehensive Immigra-
devoted to selling the On September 10, Dream Act will be less than 5years from of age or older, but tion Reform we will
Comprehensive Im- 2008, President passed. He presented the date of the passage who is not over the age not vote for them.
migration Reform to Obama said to im- the bill without any of the bill. Any future of 65, has successfully
the American popu- migrants, “This elec- ground work. The Comprehensive Im- completed a course Let us all be proac-
lace. It has been one tion is about the 12 Dream Act failed migration Reform bill on reading, writing, tive and make a call
sound bit or one million people living again. Senator Reid will probably contain and speaking words today. Write a letter
meeting or the other in the shadows, the was able to keep his similar provisions. in ordinary usage in to the White House,
and the issue is aban- communities taking job, and like Senator the English language, The White House
doned again until im- immigration enforce- Schumer, he does not Section 501 (a) of the unless unable to do so 1600 Pennsylvania
migrants are needed ment into their own need us for another defunct Save America on account of physical Ave NW, Washing-
for another election. hand. They are count- 6years. They are all Comprehensive Im- or developmental dis- ton, DC 20500. Tell
Maybe we should all ing on us to stop the sweet talking politi- migration Act of 2009 ability or mental im- the President to fight
vote for Republicans hateful rhetoric filling cians. provided that “The pairment. for immigrants. Call
and see what happens. our airwaves, and rise Secretary of Home- (5) in the case of an the Senate President,
After all, President above the fear, and The last Compre- land Security may alien 18 years of age Sen. Harry Reid at
Reagan was a Repub- rise above the dema- hensive Immigration adjust the status of an or older, has accepted 202-224- 3542, and
lican and he passed goguery, and finally Reform bill present- alien to that of an alien the values and cul- Senator Schumer at
the Amnesty bill. At enact comprehensive ed under President lawfully admitted for tural life of the United 202-224-6542
least, the Republicans immigration reform.” Obama’s watch was permanent residence States; and
seem to mean what We are now in 2011. It called “Save America if the alien— (6) in the case of an
they say and say what has been promises and Comprehensive Immi- (1) was physically alien 18 years of age USI News.
they mean, unlike no action since then. gration Act of 2009.” present in the United or older, has per-
these soft-soaping He fought for Health The part of the defunct States for a continuous formed at least 40
Democrats. Care law, forced it bill that could have period of not less than hours of community Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 7

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8 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

Employment Authorization Card for those in

Removal Proceedings
Two weeks ago, I was United States, more
at the Federal Plaza, and more immigrants
New York, NY for a are being sent to Im-
removal proceedings migration Courts
action before one of on a daily basis for
the many good im- removal proceedings.
migration Judges in Many of these immi-
New York. At the end grants end up being
of the hearing, my deported why some
client was shocked to of them get rescued
hear the Judge post- through applica-
pone the case to No- tion for relief and
vember 2013 for final the kindness of some
hearing. of the fair-minded
Due to the chronic
congestion in New Majority of these im-
York courts since the migrants facing these
clamp down on immi- long adjournments
grants by the Obama will not be eligible for
administration to employment autho-
Many immigrants currently in removal proceeding could do something to get employment autho- satisfy Republicans’ rization card during
rization card during the pendency of their case. This card will enable the immigrant to work and call for tightening their long wait. Some
obtain driver’s license to drive in the U.S. the noose on illegal of them will have to
immigration to the survive working off
contd on pg 11

SPRING CLEARANCE Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 9

OH BABY! contd.
than you know. Do have to continue to or you can meet with me to be happy but they heard someone
you know how I feel trust God.” them on my behalf, I’m not. If I go, they calling Ringo from
as a man when I have please.” will sense immedi- the front apartment to
to go to the hospital for Tammy sighed. Her ately that something is calm him.
tests and treatments? husband was right, “What are you talking wrong. I can’t do it.”
It’s degrading. I feel again. She got up about? How can I meet Richard stared at
humiliated; I feel ha- and took the remote with them when I have “Tammy, look -” Tammy long, sighed
rassed and … invaded. control from the top of my own meetings?” and entered the
My private life is no the TV and gave it to He stared at her. “May “I’m not going bedroom.
longer private which him. He switched the I know why you’re not please.” She insisted.
Rev. Taiwo I. Odubiyi
USI News Columnist I don’t find funny in Tammy followed him.
any way.” He paused. “I’m sorry, Richard
“I don’t like the way but I don’t want to go
you talk sometimes.” Then, shaking his to church today. Tell
Tammy told her head, he added, “And the other teachers that
husband. “You take … do you know that I’ll see them tomor-
everything so lightly. the woman’s com- row. Pleeease.”
You talk as if it doesn’t ments in the morning
matter, as if my con- were directed at me, “That’s alright. I’ll
cerns are baseless, as not you? I am the as- inform your assis-
if I don’t know what sociate pastor she tant to handle the
I’m talking about, as talked about, I’m the meeting.”
if -” man. I felt hurt. And
do you know how Some minutes after,
“Hey, hold it!” Richard much the tests and they came out of the
said. “I haven’t said treatments are costing bedroom and Richard
that -” us, how much of my left for the church.
hard earned money is
She continued, “I going into them?” TV on. She took the going?” Tammy sighed. Her
was waiting for you plates to the kitchen “You’re the head of husband had a point.
to come home, to tell Tammy took a deep and cleaned the table. When she didn’t reply, the children’s church. She shouldn’t allow
you my heart’s con- breath. Yes, the tests, After washing the he said, “Come on, You’re also a pastor’s these things to get at
cerns, and the only x-rays and treatments dishes, she returned to Tammy …” wife.” He reasoned. her but they were af-
thing you could say is they were going for him in the living room fecting her. And they
– ‘Anyone who wants in their efforts to con- to watch the TV with “I don’t want to go, “I know but … I need were beginning to
to talk about us should ceive were costing Richard. please!” She said some time to myself affect her self confi-
get in line, give me the them so much and sharply. today. Talk to the dence. God help me.
TV control!’ Is the TV were also very time When it was 3.30PM, teachers on my behalf She seemed to be
more important than consuming. She he told her, “Let’s get “Look Tammy, you please.” struggling to be happy
what I’m discussing?” took her lower lip in ready for church.” can’t be saying you’re these days.
between her teeth the not going or you’re “You know I can’t. I
“This issue concerns way she usually did “I’m not going.” She not doing something can’t be at two places Switching the TV off,
me as well -” He when she was thought- said immediately as if anytime you’re upset. at the same time.” He she took her note-
began. ful. she had been waiting That’s not the way to pointed out in a con- book and Bible, and
for him to say that. handle issues.” trolled voice. sat down to prepare
“Sometimes I doubt Richard went on to the brief message she
it.” explain, “So … I’m He looked at her, She didn’t talk.
They heard the sound would share with the
as concerned as you “You’re not going? of the gate being children in the church
“Well, you’d better are but … what can What about the
“Tammy, please,” opened and closed, the following day.
believe it.” He told her I do? The difference meeting you have with and soon, Ringo was When she finished,
firmly. “The fact that between us is that I’ve the children’s teach-
“I can’t go. I’m not barking loudly. It must she switched the TV
it’s not written on my been able to differenti- ers?” happy. How can I go be a visitor that came on again to watch.
face does not mean ate between what I can for the meeting when in, as Ringo seemed to There was nothing
I’m not concerned, I do and what I can’t do. “Another person can I’m not happy? The know all the occupants else for her to do, no
am obviously, more In this case, we just handle the meeting people will expect of the house. Soon, child to play with.

contd on pg 13
10 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

Stewardship of life
tricity. The energy company wonder why. Eventually, I Bible says to ‘do unto others reads, “Who can find a vir-
would put the light on for decided that she was prob- as you would they do unto tuous and capable wife? For
her price is far above rubies.
Her husband can trust her
and she will greatly enrich
his life. She makes sure
that her dealings are profit-
able. Her lamp burns late
Re. Grace Eledan into the night. Her hands are
USI News Columnist busy spinning thread, her
fingers twisting fiber. She
I heard a sermon many years has no fear of winter for her
ago that rested so well with household, for everyone has
me that I began to apply it to warm clothes. She makes
my everyday life, as well as her own bedspreads… She
teach it to people that I come carefully watches every-
in contact with. The sermon thing in her household and
was simply titled ‘Steward- suffers nothing from lazi-
ship of Life.’ It brought me ness” (NKJV)
to an awareness of my en- The summary of the scrip-
vironment and to value the ture above is that the virtu-
blessings that we so readily ous and capable wife does
take for granted. Things not allow anything to go
like electricity, safety, fresh to waste. If every woman
food, running water and so has all of these attributes,
much more. What brought and teaches her household
this home more powerfully The woman in the home is usually the culprit because men gen- to appreciate the amenities
is the recent senseless kill- erally will not voice their input in the situation. She is tagged as that we have like a good
ings of young people on intolerant, selfish or unnecessarily prudent. I suppose not. Police department, elec-
national service in Nigeria tricity, water, life itself and
as a result of dissatisfaction so much more, the world
with the presidential elec- about ten minutes and we ably trying to save money you.’ There have been cases would be a better place.
tions in some quarters. This would rush to turn off the on her electricity bill. I ob- of people who live in sub- Please pray for the families
happened in a country that generator, (to save on fuel served some more people sidized housing and eventu- in Nigeria who lost their
has the Military as well as of course!) as soon as you in other houses where the ally buy their own homes newly graduated adult chil-
the Police. Life is so mean- settle down to enjoy some utilities are included in the who become tyrants when dren to a lawless society.
ingless to some people that cool breeze from the fan rent, who would have the they in turn have to deal We are all responsible to
they take other people’s or air conditioner, or watch lights on all day and night, with house guests. There make use of everything that
lives at will. I am grateful to the news or a good program the tap would run non-stop are some Landlords who God has given us well, not
God for the ability to sleep on TV, power goes off and because they have a non- dictate how many showers waste them.
peacefully at night without you have to get up again to chalant attitude towards their tenants can take in a Grace Eledan is co-Pastor
worrying that someone go and turn on the genera- it. Some would say things day to regulate the water Leaders Church Intl and the
might put the house on fire. tor. You can do this dance like, “Oh don’t worry about bill. Of course, that is taking founder of Women Aflame
In many of the countries many times in a day. In the it, it’s all included in the it to the extreme! Intl., a friendship network,
that we originate from as more affluent homes, men rent.” Someone pays for it! intercession ministry and
immigrants, security, good and maid servants are em- The attitude is like ‘don’t Teach Appreciation of life charity organization men-
roads and simple everyday ployed to keep watch over worry, as long as long as and its gifts. The woman toring and mobilizing
essentials are the heights this so that you can sleep in I am not responsible for in the home is usually the women to be more produc-
of luxury if available. In comfort. the payment.’ How about culprit because men gen- tive in their spheres of in-
many areas, they are non- There was a woman who house guests who cannot erally will not voice their fluence. She can be reached
existent. When I visited used to live in the same even afford a place of their input in the situation. She is on (718) 503-2580 or www.
Nigeria recently and saw apartment complex with own and become your tagged as intolerant, selfish Also
the way the national elec- me who I had the oppor- enemy because you dared to or unnecessarily prudent. follow us on Face book. In-
tricity company treated the tunity to visit twice. One caution them about the use I suppose not. When bills tercessory line open every
people, I was so disgusted. thing that amazed me was of the essential amenities or become unpaid, women Monday night from 9pm-
In many homes where they that her home was always in even the use of your space. generally cannot look the 10pm on (712) 432-0800
can afford to buy a genera- semi-darkness. She would What a lot of people will not other way. Remember the Access code 330528#.
tor, it is like a full time job, sit alone there and not put tolerate in their own homes, woman in Proverbs 31:10-
trying to have ongoing elec- on any lights and I would they do to other people. The 31? The Scripture in part Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 11
contd from pg 8

the books as slaves to Americans

who wants to risk employing
mitted to the Court before such
an immigrant could become eli-
Community Directory
them. gible for employment authoriza- US Immigration News is now providing an advertising service for small
tion. Once the application is even- businesses all over the country. If you would like your business card fea-
In these days of high unemploy- tually filed, the immigrant will be tured in this section, please contact us at (718) 647-6767
ment in the United States, surviv- issued employment authorization There is a small fee of $50 per business card.
al without proper legal documents that is valid for two years.
is very difficult. Some elderly im-
migrants, I was told are being As for immigrants applying for
denied Social Security benefits asylum before the court, the Rent
because their work permits had process of obtaining employ-
expired. I was told by one of such ment authorization card is very
Apartment for Rent
Brooklyn, Queens & Bronx
immigrant recently that she got different. For these immigrants,
Social Security benefit for only there is a clock. The clock must
Call Debbie @ 917-214-7038
1month, the last month before the be running for 150days before
expiration of her employment au- the immigrant could apply and
thorization card. It is wickedness obtain employment authorization
of the highest order for an im- card. House for Sale
migrant to work for many years, Place your listing with
contribute to social security, only Usually, an immigrant apply-
to be denied benefit at retirement ing for asylum or withholding Debbie 917-214-7038
because he or she has no paper. of removal should not be in a MLS NYC & Long Island
haste to have the clock running.
Many immigrants currently in At times the long adjournment
removal proceedings could do might be beneficial for the im-
something to get employment migrant if the case is very weak.
authorization cards while their During the long adjournment,
cases are pending. These cards new relief could become available
will enable them work and obtain to the immigrant. An immigrant DO YOU WANT USINEWS
drivers’ licenses to drive in the in this position cannot eat his
U.S. cake and have it. It’s either you go
for a work permit or you let the
Some of my clients in removal case drag without a work permit
proceedings were able to get em- while you look into other means
ployment authorization cards. to survive without it.
They were issued two years work
Pay for a full color
permit to enable them work and It is important that all immigrants page Ad and our
survive before the final hearing of in removal proceedings applying
their cases. for asylum should discuss these correspondent will
options with their attorneys so
If you are in removal proceedings they can choose the route that is
come to cover your
and you are applying for adjust- more beneficial to their clients. wedding, naming,
ment of status through marriage
or any other means, tell your at- This article is for your informa- birthday ceremony,
torney to request that the Judge tion only. It is not a legal advice
stamp his file copy on the day he that can only be obtained from
engagement, revival,
files the document with the Court. an immigration attorney after anniversary, etc.
Usually the adjustment forms evaluating your case. If you are
for immigrants in proceedings in removal proceedings and you We will not charge
are filed in a different location need legal assistance, please feel
from immigrants who are not in free to contact Attorney Famuy-
extra. Reach out to diverse
removal proceedings. Usually, if ide immediately at 718-647-6767 nationals.
an immigrant applying for ad- or send email to jfamuyide@aol.
justment of status is not in pro- com.
ceedings, application for employ-
ment authorization is filed with
CALL US TODAY AT: 718 - 647 - 6767
the adjustment application, but USI News or send email to
when an immigrant is in proceed-
ings, the procedure is different. We reserved the right to turn down
The application for adjustment of
status has to be filed first and sub-
12 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011


Teachers Could Deny Privileges
to modif y Behavior?
behavior modification
plan that the class-
room teacher and
parents are trained
to implement. The
psychologist can also
observe the child’s
behavior and rec-
ommend any outside
assistance if needed.
Lisa-Anne Ray-Byers I would suggest that you talk to the class-
room teacher ahead of
Q. Recently my son time and ask him/ her
was denied permis- what his/her policy is
sion to attend a class regarding behavior
field trip because and field trips. Volun-
of his behavior. I teer to attend the field
didn’t think that it was trip with your child.
fair to make him stay Also ask him/her what
at school and miss the other strategies could
be used instead of
trip, so I kept him at Yes, according to the current School Law, 30th Edition text p.466,
home. Does a school missing trips and
have the right to other fun activities. administrators and teachers have the right to deny students par-
refuse to take children Let him/her know ticipation in field trips, interscholastic sports, and other activities,
that you are willing to
on field trips as pun- when behavior is an issue and suspension is not deemed necessary.
ishment for behavioral work with him/her and
issues? Angry Mom follow the steps in the Having said that, I personally do not like to see children miss edu-
behavior modification cational field trips that they will probably not have the
plan if one is created.
A. Yes, according to chance to attend again.
the current School Teachers work hard
Law, 30th Edition text to meet the New York fill out these forms? fast and lunch. Other tricts want as many to provide programs
p.466, administrators State standards and to households are eligi- families as possible and improve instruc-
and teachers have the teach their students A. The free or reduced ble depending on their to complete the lunch tion for students. It is
right to deny students what they need to lunch program is for income and number of forms, even if fami- in parents’ best inter-
participation in field know. When there are parents who can dem- persons in the house- lies are not eligible, is est to complete these
trips, interscholastic behavior problems, onstrate that their hold. Foster children because the informa- forms so that their
sports, and other ac- teachers have to stop children are eligible may also be eligible. tion provided is used children’s schools can
tivities, when behav- teaching to address to receive it based on Children with special for the allocation of receive the federal
ior is an issue and sus- them. Complete the their total household needs whose disabili- funds to federal pro- funds needed to im-
pension is not deemed Free Lunch Form to income. Children ty interferes with their grams such as Title I plement and provide
necessary. Having Help your School Dis- who receive Food ability to participate and National Assess- enriching programs to
said that, I personally trict Stamps, Aid to De- in regular food service ment of the Educa- meet the needs of all
do not like to see chil- Q. My district con- pendent Children programs without tion Process (NAEP), children
dren miss educational tinuously sends home (ADC), Temporary some modification, State Health or State attending that dis-
field trips that they ‘free lunch’ applica- Assistance to Needy may also apply for Education Programs, trict. Also some fami-
will probably not have tion forms. Every Families (TANF), special meals or sub- and for Federal, State, lies think that they are
the chance to attend year they harass or the Food Distri- stitutions. A doctor’s or local means tested not eligible and they
again. When it comes parents to fill out these bution Program on note will be required. nutrition programs. are. You can obtain
to behavior, I prefer forms. I know that I Indian Reservations The information in Districts have to prove lunch forms and
to see the school psy- do not qualify for (FDPIR) are all eligi- the lunch forms are that they are in need guidelines to see if
chologist become free lunch. Why do ble for free or signifi- kept strictly confiden- of and entitled to these you qualify from the
involved and set up a they ask all parents to cantly reduced break- tial. The reason dis- federal funds used central registration
cont. on pg 30 Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 13

contd from pg 9
her to read? A woman also
Suddenly, the flat seemed said a similar thing on TV To be continued....
too quiet for her. She got some months ago. Was this
up, took a wicker chair and supposed to be her lot in This story is from the novel
went to the balcony to sit. life? Should she just acceptOh Baby! by Pastor Taiwo
She continued thinking. this childlessness and go Odubiyi Need an Extra
There was a time she told
and adopt a child? Adop-
tion? No! She didn’t want a
To order this book and
others by the same author,
her husband that she wasn’t baby that was not hers. How please contact: Turn your Spare Time to Dollars
going to attend naming cer- would she tell people that Tel: 1-410-8187482 Become USI News Marketing
emonies in the church again the baby she was carrying E-mail: pastortaiwoodu- Agent
but he had encouraged her was adopted? Now Paying up to 30%
to keep going. Website: www.pastortai-
She heard the sound of the Call to Register Now:
“If you stop attending, puppies coming close and Facebook: pastor mrs taiwo 718-647-6767
people will easily know soon they appeared, walking odubiyi
why and that’s not good for beside Ringo, going to the
your image. Besides, when other side of the compound.
you attend naming ceremo-
nies, you’re sowing a seed Tammy sighed. Even Ringo
for your own miracle.” He had children. Her heart
had reasoned with her. broke. She closed her eyes
and prayed with tears, “God,
After that, she had contin- even this dog has children.
ued attending naming cere- Open my womb and let
monies and giving the fami- me have children. Help me
lies gifts but her baby was Lord.”
yet to come.
She paused, pursing her
Or was she destined not to lips in sorrow, and then she
give birth - as she had read opened her mouth again, to
in a book that someone gave make a vow.
14 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

USCIS Announces Proposed H-1B

Electronic Registration System to Reduce
Costs for U.S. Businesses
WASHINGTON—U.S. Citizenship
and Immigration Services (USCIS) Under the proposed rule, employers
is publishing tomorrow a proposed seeking to petition for H-1B workers
rule that could save U.S. businesses subject to the statutory cap would reg-
more than $23 million over the next ister electronically with USCIS—a
10 years by establishing an advance process that would take an estimated
registration process for U.S. employ- 30 minutes to complete. Before the
ers seeking to file H-1B petitions petition filing period begins, USCIS
for foreign workers in specialty oc- would select the number of registra-
cupations. The proposed electronic tions predicted to exhaust all avail-
system would minimize administra- able visas. Employers would then
tive burdens and expenses related to file petitions only for the selected
the H-1B petition process—includ- registrations. The registration system
EDITORIAL CREW ing reducing the need for employers would save employers the effort and
to submit petitions for which visas expense of filing H-1B petitions, as
Publisher and Editor in Chief Joseph Rotimi Famuyide, Esq. would not be available under the stat- well as Labor Condition Applications,
Editor Deborah O. Famuyide utory visa cap. for workers who would be unable to
Marketing Manager Glenda L. Cruz obtain visas under the statutory cap.
Grace Fadeyi USCIS Director Alejandro Mayor-
Graphic Designer David Famuyide (DFams Productions)
International Correspondent Omolola Jeroman, Esq.
International Correspondent Ayobami Odeyemi
World News Correspondent Olufemi Adeyemi
Columnist Placid Aguwa, Esq.
Dr. Oluwatoyosi Dairo
Yomi Ajaiyeoba, Esq.
Grace Eledan
Pastor Abraham Obadare
Lisa-Anne Ray-Byers
Dr. Akinyele Eric Dairo, MD
Norka Blackman-Richards
Taiwo Odubiyi

kas today announced the opening of The proposed rule, which posted to
a 60-day comment period that will the Federal Register today for public
Corporate Address allow businesses and the general viewing, contains complete details
U.S. Immigration News, Inc. public to provide input on the pro- about the registration system and esti-
2750 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100 Brooklyn, New York 11207 posed system in order to ensure it best
mated cost savings. USCIS encourag-
Tel. (718) 647-6767 Fax. (718) 647-6777 meets the needs of employers that es formal comments on the proposed
Email: rely on H-1B visas to bring in foreignrule through
workers for specialty occupations. The comment period runs for 60 days,
® 2011 beginning March 3, 2011, and ending
“The proposed rule would create on May 2, 2011.
All rights reserved, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval a more efficient and cost-effective
system or transmitted in any form or by any form or by any means- electronics or mechani- process for businesses interested in For more information on the proposed
cal including photocopying, recording or otherwise without the written permission of the
bringing workers in specialty occupa- H-1B rule, please see the accompany-
publisher. The publication of any material shall not mean that the content is endorsed. We
reserve the right to reject any material submitted for publication if the content is offensive
tions to the United States,” he said. ing Fact Sheet. For more informa-
or runs contrary to our goals. Liability for misinformation in any advertisement is solely “Improving the H-1B petition process tion on USCIS and its programs, visit
that of the advertiser, USIN assumes the accuracy of all advertisement, therefore, we shall is part of USCIS’s ongoing efforts to
not be liable. USIN shall not be held liable for any error in any advertisement and any li- leverage new ideas and innovation to
ability whatsoever shall be limited to the cost of space occupied by the advertiser.
streamline our operations and enhance
customer service.” Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 15
16 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011 Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 17

At the Home of Soul-Winners, we welcome You to the month of May 2011 and wish you God’s
blessings and guidance in Jesus Name,.

M a y 7 - Wo m e n S e m i n a r
M a y 14 - Fre e M e d i c a l S c re e n i n g M a y 2 0 - D e l i ve ra n c e P ra y e r s
M a y 21 - M u s i c M e d i a N i g h t M a y 2 9 - C h i l d re n A n n i ve r s a r y

Tel: 347-257-4244
18 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM

New York City
James 2:8-9

“The Royal Law"

May. 30th- June. 1st @ 6pm

Lo c a t i o n : 10 8 - 0 2 S u t p h i n B l vd . , Pastor Abraham Obadare

District Superintendent
J a m a i c a , N y 114 3 5 108-02 Sutphin Blvd,
Jamaica NY 11435

Evang. Joseph Famuyide

Evang. Agnes Eniola Pastor Shola Adeoye
Citadel of God Almighty
CA C Wosem Farrockaway Soul Winners Court
(Temp Address)
37-12 Rockaway Beach Blvd. 611 Williams Ave
611 Trinity Ave
Ar verne, NY 11691 Brooklyn NY 11207
Bronx NY 10455 Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 19

Obtain Your Green Card Through

Cancellation of
that occur as a result 28 million people in chemicals released prolonged fasting can stuffy with watery dis-
of other problems the U.S., with women (neuropeptides) as a be a trigger. charge.
are called secondary been affected more result of low serotonin. Stress: at work or in • There may be as-
headaches and will be than men. It occurs more fre- the home. sociated sweaty and
discussed in the next pale skin.
issue. • It is commoner in
men than women.
Tension Headache • Tends to occur
• Presents as dull around age 20-40.
ache, tight feeling or
Dr. Oluwatoyosi Dairo pressure around the Treatment of Primary
USI News Columnist forehead, sides or Headaches upper neck. It is com- In general start with
moner in women than over the counter (OTC)
Headache is a loosely
men. pain medicines. Avoid
used word that it is
•The pain may last overuse as these medi-
not uncommon to hear
for just a couple of cations themselves
parents say to children
minutes to days. , with may cause headaches.
when bothered, “don’t
varying severity. There are so many types of headache that they cannot be Special prescription
give me headache”. In
medical terms, head-
•It may occur in the exhausted in this write up. One way of categorizing head- medications called
morning, during the ache is to divide them into primary and secondary. triptans are also useful.
ache is pain or dis-
process of work or The suddenness of
comfort that arises
when stress is antici- cluster headache
from anywhere above
pated. makes OTC medica-
the eyes or ears, in the
•Occurrence less than tions ineffective. Nasal
head or the upper part
15 times a month is • Affects one side quently in people with Physical activity and sprays, injections of
of the neck (towards
called episodic, if of the head usually, a family history of mi- conditions: exces- triptans are available.
the back). It is so
more then it is chronic.
though may involve graines. sive physical activity, Oxygen is also used
common that almost
•Associated symptoms both sides. sexual activity inclu- to treat cluster head-
everyone has had one
may include becom- •The headache is Migraine headache sive may trigger mi- aches. People with re-
form of headache or
ing irritable, difficulty
usually throbbing, Triggers graine. Bright lights, current migraines may
the other at some point
sleeping or concentrat-sometimes pounding. Hormonal: In women glaring at the sun and require daily medica-
in their lifetime.
ing and tiredness. •It may last hours to low estrogen levels change in weather are tions (prophylaxis) to
The severity and dura-
•Tension headachedays if untreated. can trigger headache. potential triggers. prevent attacks.
tion of the headache,
triggers include
•Affected person is This may explain why
the presence or absence
anxiety, depression,
very sensitive to noise some women have CLUSTER HEAD- Take Home Message
of associated symp-
and stress, lack of and light. headaches around the ACHES Excessive use of pain
toms, age at which
proper sleep, abnormal •Some people have the time of menstruation This is headache that medication itself is
the headache begins
postures, no physical same type of ‘warning’ and in the estrogen occurs in cycles, it a common cause of
and other background
activity, hunger, and sign (aura) prior to the free week when oral is severe but not life headache.
medical problems are
overuse of pain medi- headache. These signs contraceptives are threatening. It is char- Serious causes of
some of the things that
cations. are usually visual likes used. Some people acterized by the fol- headaches that may be
determine the serious-
Causes light flashes, floating have reported increase lowing: life threatening require
ness of headaches in
•The exact cause is spots and so on. migraine headaches in •Headache about the immediate medical
not known. A distur- pregnancy. The exact same time of day when treatment. These will
bance in the chemical Causes of Migraine hormonal mechanism it occurs. be discussed in the
Types of Headache
materials produced in headache is not clear. •It lasts weeks or next write up.
There are so many
the brain is thought toMigraine is thought Sleep disturbances: too months with head-
types of headache that
be responsible. It has to be caused by inter- much or too little sleep ache free intervals of Dr Oluwatoyosi Dairo
they cannot be ex-
been long believed thatplay between chemi- may trigger migraine. months to years. can be contacted on
hausted in this write
muscle contraction in cal imbalance (low Food: Tyramine a sub- •Pain is usually severe, phone at 718 526
up. One way of cat-
the head and neck may serotonin) and the stance found in cheese, often behind one eye. 7600 or in person at
egorizing headache
also be contributory. function of one of the wine, beer, sausages •Restlessness with Amazing Medical Ser-
is to divide them into
pain regulating nerves can precipitate mi- tendency to bang the vices located at 110-16
primary and second-
Migraine Headache in the brain (trigemi- graines. Red wine and head on something dis- Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica,
It’s a form of moder- nal nerve). The blood chocolates have also played by sufferers. New York, NY 11435.
Primary headaches
ate to severe pain in vessels in the brain been implicated. Caf- •The eye involved
consist of three types
the head that usually at that time increase feine in high doses may become red and
namely: tension, mi-
disturbs the person in size (dilate) and may cause disturbed watery.
graine and cluster
from routine activi- become inflamed in sleep and migraine. •The nose on the af-
headaches. Headaches
ties. It affects about response to one of the Food abstinence as in fected side may be
20 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

ACROSS 36. Crinkle 16. Food grain
1. Rest here please,
37. In a way, fed
38. Stake
20. This (Spanish)
22. About Sudoku
4. The compass point 40. Turkish leader 24. Swedish rock
that is one point title group
south of southeast 42. Spoke 25. A way to view
8. A French abbot 46. Staff of life 26. In a way, left
12. Own (Scottish) 48. Coil 27. __ Shankar,
13. A sword similar 50. A way to squeeze Indian musician
to a foil but with a 51. Clupeid 28. Exhaled
heavier blade 52. Queen of Scotts 30. Tumours
14. River in South 53. Surrender 32. Sacred writing
Africa 54. Hosiery 35. A way to diverge
15. A way to decree 55. Born of 36. A space reserved
17. __ Spumante DOWN for sitting
(Italian wine) 1. Letters of the 39. Business
18. A group of alphabet 41. Cincture
similar things 2. Rich person 43. Sir in Asia Rules: Fill all empty squares so that the numbers 1 to 9
ordered one after 3. Person 44. Bulky grayish- appear once in each row, column and 3x3 box.
another 4. More dried-up brown eagle
19. Network of 5. Shows 45. Sandy piece of
6. Article of furniture seashore ANALOGY
21. Alligator 7. Visionary 46. Beginning mili- 1. I: Mine :: Her : _____
8. A visible personifi- tary rank
23. Dish
cation of an abstract 47. Wrath A.their
26. Part with
quality 49. The 17th letter of B.hers
29. Fulmination
Can you Find these Missing 31. Turn tail 9. An imaginary line the Greek alphabet
or standard by which
Words in the Diagram? 32. African cape
33. The compass things are measured
2. Beauty:Beautiful:: Anger:_______
point that is one or compared
point east (clock- 10. Eutherian
11. __ Lilly, drug A. Sad
wise) of due north
company B. Mad
34. A way to vanish
C. Angry
annual grind revenue 3. TOE : FOOT :: eraser : _____
astray heart safety
banish insult secret A. desk
believe manage shore B. write
business signal C. pencil
call nine sing
career office sister
children pride stuck
confusion purge stupid Unscramble Words
damage rain sweet to Solve o-r-y-i-s-t-h
early rescue tastte Example: u-p-s-r-e
Solution: Super
fault retirement ticket

Texas vs NY
and registration, please.”

A lawyer runs a stop sign and gets The lawyer says, “What’s the differ-
Joey and The Priest ‘I’m sorry, but I cannot name her.’ pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy. ence?”
Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I ‘Was it Cathy Piriano?’ He thinks that he is smarter than the
have been with a loose girl’. ‘My lips are sealed.’ deputy because he is a lawyer “The difference is you have to come to
from New York and is certain that he acomplete stop, that’s the
‘Was it Rosa DiAngelo, then?’ has a better education than any law. License and registration, please!”
The priest asks, ‘Is that you, little Joey ‘Please, Father, I cannot tell you.’ cop from Texas . He decides to prove the Deputy says.
Pagano ?’ The priest sighs in frustration. ‘You’re this to himself and have some
fun at the Texas deputy’s expense. Lawyer says, “If you can show me the
‘Yes, Father, it is.’ very tight lipped, and I admire that. But legal difference between slow
‘And who was the girl you were with?’ you’ve sinned and have to atone. You The deputy says, “License and registra- down and stop, I’ll give you my license
tion, please.” and registration; and you
‘I can’t tell you, Father. I don’t want to cannot be an altar boy now for 4 months.
give me the ticket. If not, you let me go
ruin her reputation’. Now you go and behave yourself.’ “What for?” says the lawyer. and don’t give me the
“Well, Joey, I’m sure to find out her ticket.”
The deputy says, “You didn’t come to a
name sooner or later so you may as well Joey walks back to his pew, and his complete stop at the stop “That sounds fair. Please exit your
tell me now. Was it Tina Minetti? friend Franco slides over and whispers, sign.” vehicle, sir,” the deputy says.
‘I cannot say.’ ‘What’d you get?’
Then the lawyer says, “I slowed down, At this point, the deputy takes out his
‘Was it Teresa Mazzarelli?’ and no one was coming.” nightstick and starts
‘I’ll never tell.’ ‘Four months vacation and five good beating the daylights out of the lawyer
‘Was it Nina Capelli?’ leads.’ “You still didn’t come to a complete and says, “Do you want me to
stop, Says the deputy. License stop, or just slow down?” Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 21


And she was in bit-
terness of soul, and
prayed to the LORD
and wept in anguish.
Then she made avow
and said, “O LORD
of hosts, if you will
indeed look on the af-
fliction of your maid-
servant and remember
me, and not forget
Pastor Abraham Obadare your maidservant, but
USI News Columnist will give your maid-
servant a male child,
Peninnah could be then I will give him to
as wicked as she the LORD all the days
would, but as long of his life, no razor
as Hannah hid in the shall come upon his
LORD her wicked- head. 1 Sam 1:10-11 He gives us rest when we worship. He gives us peace of mind.
ness was useless. So …O LORD of hosts, Worshiping God will give you peace that passes all understanding.
long as Hannah had a Hannah worshipped
shelter in the LORD God calling Him David was cognizant of the fact that so many enemies surrounded
the devil’s darts were by one of His cov- him but he was not worried so long as God was his shield.
fruitless. Hannah enant names Jeho-
would not bear the vah-Sabaoth [LORD the LORD sustained through. He knows 13] You will over- and other needs. He
affliction alone, it of hosts]. She wor- me. Psalm 3: 1-5 who has been unfair come in Jesus name. has just released the
was too severe and shipped Him who is He gives us rest when to you. The battle is 2nd edition of his
relentless, but when the supreme com- we worship. He gives no longer yours; your This is an excerpt book titled “Chosen
she went to the house mander of all the heav- us peace of mind. God has already in- from a book I co- But Naughty.” Please
of the LORD she enly army. She was Worshiping God will terposed Himself in authored with Pastor call to obtain your
got help. What you Provoking Him in this give you peace that your struggles. “He Justus. The book is copy. You may also
are facing right now covenant title so that passes all understand- has taken over your titled “HELP!”? listen to him on radio
might be too much He would command ing. David was cog- warfare. Do not be To contact Pastor by logging on to www.
for you to bear, take His angels to fight for nizant of the fact that afraid. Stand still, and Abraham Obadare,
it to the LORD. Many her. Worship is a spiri- so many enemies sur- see the salvation of the pastor of CAC-
times I have hit a tual warfare weapon. rounded him but he the LORD, which He WOSEM in Queens,
stonewall and more Worship releases the was not worried so will accomplish for N.Y., please call 718-
often than not I could anointing that breaks long as God was his you…” [Exodus. 14: 6588981 for prayers
not do anything on my yokes. Worship re- shield. David
own to help myself. leases the anointing knew that any
There are times when that heals our wounds. time he called on
I knew clearly that LORD, how they Him He would
all possible efforts have increased who answer! “He
had been exhausted. trouble me! Many never sleeps nor
But thanks be to God are they who rise up slumbers”. “His
because every time I against me. Many are ears are always
turn to Him, He helps they who say of me, open unto the cry
me. I bless His holy “There is no help for of the righteous.”
name. Do you know him in God.” But you, The bible says
how to turn to Him? O LORD, are a shield that, “He gives
He can hear the cry in for me, my glory and His beloved
your heart. He can see the lifter of my head. sleep” [Ps. 127:
your wounded heart. I cried to the LORD 2.] He takes away
When you are down with my voice, and worry and re-
and wounded He is up He heard me from His stores our peace.
and ready to lift you holy hill. I lay down He knows what
up. and slept; I awoke, for you are going Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 22

When Your Co-workers are Mean and Your

Workplace is Crazy
As a consequence, mean and mean what Reality is that these colleagues. Make a not approval or accep-
their children, spouses you say - Stay out cliques are usually cut- distinction - your co- tance.
and other relatives are of office gossip and throat, disloyal, and workers are work part- 8. Be professional –
the ones who bear the politics. Make sure ruthless. Stay away ners, they are not your From flipping burgers
brunt of their dissatis- to running an execu-
faction. tive office, every job
Perhaps the has its internal pro-
easiest solution to this tocol and policies.
would be to change Follow them. Carry
Norka Blackman-Richards jobs but in this tough yourself in a profes-
USI News Columnist
economic environ- sional manner even
ment it is something if you wash dishes or

oo many employ- that many are not pre- clean bathrooms.
ees can identify pared to do. However, 9. Hold yourself ac-
with “employee if you do stay in your countable to a higher
discontent”; they feel crazy workplace, your creed – It’s not about
unfulfilled and un- situation is not hope- pleasing your boss
appreciated on their less, you can find ways or even making the
jobs. To make mat- of dealing with those company look good,
ters worse, many are mean co-workers in it’s about maintaining
underpaid and over- crazy work places. a personal reputation
worked. Impossible Perhaps the easiest solution to deal with this would be to
If nothing else, you change jobs but in this tough economic environment it is some- of high standards. Ev-
workloads and unfair always have the power erything you do carries
work policies com- thing that many are not prepared to do. However, if you do stay
to change you. The your name on it. Do
pound the feelings of in your crazy workplace your situation is not hopeless, you can
most powerful thing a good job because it
unhappiness for many find ways of dealing with those mean co-workers in crazy work
about changing you is represents you.
employees. Other job- that when you decide places.
related issues that can to do so, people and Copyright  2011
also add to employee situations around you that whatever you say from them. therapists or counsel- by Norka Blackman-
discontent are having will change automati- within closed quar- 4. Don’t take work ors, and some may Richards
to labor in emotion- cally. Here are some ters you can repeat in home – Don’t call not even be worthy Norka Blackman-
ally unhealthy envi- suggestions: public. Never offer or colleagues after work of being your close Richards is an educa-
ronments filled with 1. Keep your work add information that to gossip about what friends. tor, a writer and an
drama and competi- area clean and orga- will damage anyone happened at work. Re- 6. Be committed empowerment speaker
tion where mean col- nized – even if no one personally unless you member that you do to getting the job on women, education,
leagues and overbear- else does – There’s are willing to say it to have another life away done – It’s simple. It diversity and genera-
ing bosses seem to nothing more telling their faces. from work; invest time doesn’t matter who is tional issues. She is
abound. Unfortunate- of a working envi- 3. Stay away from in it and in those who not doing their job or the Chief Editor of
ly, this is the descrip- ronment than how its the workplace clique form part of your real doing it right, you do Empowerment 4 Real
tion of many work en- workspaces are kept. – Every workplace life. yours. That’s what you Women, the Founder
vironments and it does Disorganized offices, has one or a few 5. Don’t take your are paid to do. of 4 Real Women In-
not end at the job site. cubicles, and desks inner circles. They home to your work- 7. Live up to your ternational, Inc., and
There is an emotional are an indication of are usually employ- place either– Leave personal principles – the Global Developer
backlash that remains. disorganized, careless ees with seniority or your personal issues Be clear about who for The Global Com-
Employees often take workers. Your work- those with some form home where they you are and what you munity for Change.
home the residues of space is a reflection of authority. New em- belong. Because we stand for. Don’t com- She teaches for CUNY
their stressful work- of the quality of work ployees and unpopular spend so much time promise your values at Queens College.
places with them, and you deliver. Even if workers can feel os- in the workplace we for anything or anyone.
even after work they no one else does, keep tracized and at a dis- think that it gives us What you need from
can remain moody, your area clean. advantage if they are permission to share co-workers is respect
miserable or fatigued. 2. Say what you not part of this circle. our personal lives with for your value system
23 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011


1. Front of U.S. Post Office 13. Front of US Post Office
in New York City 1. Corner of Church & Flat-
bush Ave, Brooklyn, NY
on Linden Blvd, Cambria
Heights Queens
3925 61st Street
Woodside, NY 11377
1. Front of Duane Reade on
Broadway, New York (Closest
to 26 Federal Plaza)

Now in your
2. By Atlantic LIRR train 2. Front of U.S. Post Office 14. Front of U.S. Post Office
station on Flatbush, Brooklyn, Rochdale Mall, Queens. 122-01 Jamaica Avenue Rich- 2. Front of 291 Broadway by
NY mond, NY 11418 26 Federal Plaza, New York
3. Corner of Parsons

3. By Subway, Corner of Blvd & Archer, Jamaica 15. Front of US Post Office 3. Front of Nigeria House on
Court Street & Montague St, Queens. 195-04 Linden Blvd Saint 828 2nd Ave, New York, NY
Brooklyn, NY Albans, NY 11412
4. Corner of Archer 4. 525 Lenox Ave
4. Front of U.S Post Office on & Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica, 16. Front of US Post Office Manhattan, NY
Atlantic btw 3rd & 4th Ave. Queens. 120-0715th Avenue (Opp. Harlem Hospital)
Downtown, Brooklyn College Point, NY 11356
5. Front of Citibank 5. Front of 243 Canal Street
5. Corner of Fulton St on 121-13 Liberty Ave, Rich- 17. Front of US Post Office Btw. Centre & Lafayette St.
& Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, mond Hills, Queens 329 Beach 59th St (By J, M, Z, N, Q Subway)
NY Arverne, NY 11106 New York, NY

Now in Banks, 6. Front of U.S. Post Of-

fice on Flatlands, Carnasie,
6. Corner of Leffert Blvd &
Liberty Ave, Richmond Hill,
18. Front of US Post Office
7523 Main Street
6. Front of 284 Canal Street
Btw. Broadway, (By J,Z,W
Brooklyn, NY Subway) New York, NY
Stores & Post Offices
Flushing, NY 11367
7. Front of U.S. Post Office
7. Corner of Pennsylvania & on Rockaway Blvd, South 19. Front of US Post Office 7. Front of 78 8th Avenue,
Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY Ozone Park, NY 2950 Union Street Btw. W. 14th St & Greenwich

in Long ISland 8. 380 86th St Bay Ridge 8. 58-17 Junction BLVD

Flushing, NY 11354 St, New York, NY

( Front of “R” Train Station)

Brooklyn NY
Lefrak City
(Front of US Post Office)
20. Front of US Post Office
197-33 Hillside Avenue Hol- THE BRONX
lis, NY 11423
9. Stillwell Ave Coney Island 9. 209-20 Jamaica Ave 1. By Subway on E.149th St
NY ( Front of “F”,“Q”, “D” Queens Village, NY 21. By F Train, Opp. Queen & 3rd Ave, Bronx, NY
& “F” Train) (Front of US Post Office) of Sheba 87-75 Parson Blvd
Hillside, NY 2. Front of Supreme Court on
10. 1427 Rockaway Parkway 10. 2115 Mott Ave Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY
Carnasie, NY Far Rockaway 22. Front of U.S. Post Office
(Around “L” Train Station) ( Front of “A” Train Station) 95-07 Linden Blvd St. Al- 3. By Subway, Corner
bans, NY of E.167th St & Rivers Ave.
11. Front 480 86th Street 11. 40-06 Main Street Bronx, NY
Btw. 4th Ave & 5th Ave 23. Front of U.S. Post Office
er Flushing, NY
Anoth of Brooklyn, NY (By “7” Train Station) Rochdale Mall
initiat ws
Rochdale Village, NY STATEN
e 12. Front of US Post Office
USI N 8642 Forest Pkwy ISLAND (NEW)
G Woodhaven, NY 11421
E W INNIN 1. 205 Bay Street, Corner of
Victory Blvd Staten Island,
(Front of Food Stamp Office)
24 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

Conditional Green Card Could
Lead to Deportation
All immigrants on the the day? It would grant whose perma- loosing their green monthly bills. For flag to file your taxes
pathway to perma- have been better no nent resident status cards after obtain- example, joint bank separately instead of
nent resident status to have ever obtained is denied at this stage ing them lose them account, joint cable jointly. It is a red flag
and those currently for your State IDs
holding the two year or drivers’ licenses
conditional green to have different ad-
card must read this dresses. Once any
and get serious. To of these red flags is
keep the conditional sighted; the case is
green card now is as referred to interview.
important as obtain- The Immigration
ing it. Service Officer that
will evaluate your
Over the past few case has a checklist
years as the noose is and unless you meet
tightened on illegal the requirements on
immigration to the the checklist, they
United States, more will deny your case.
and more immigrants
who previously were It is important that
green card holders all immigrants take
are finding them- preparing to remove
selves in removal conditions on green
proceedings. These cards more seriously
groups of immigrants by preparing ahead
have no other person of time through
to blame than them- proper documenta-
selves. It is highly tion of their marriag-
unimaginable for es.
an immigrant to
serve 10years of Any immigrant that is not ready to do what it takes to This article is for your
“slavery” in the keep green card should not bother obtaining one other- information only and
United States wise such an immigrant will be deported after loosing not a legal advice
doing menial jobs that could only be
to survive while
the green card than the ones that never obtain one. rendered by an immi-
trying to obtain gration attorney. If
permanent resi- you need legal assis-
dent status only to tance, please feel free
lose it to carelessness. one in the first place.
is sent into removal as a result of their account, joint elec- to contact Attorney
Some immigrants are proceedings before own negligence. To tricity account etc. It Joseph Famuyide at
simply sloppy and The rule regarding the Immigration remove the condi- is also essential that 718-647-6767 or send
negligent in handling the issuance of the two Court. tion on your green you file your taxes as email to jfamuyide@
their own affairs. year green card is put card, with or without married filing jointly.
in place by the U.S. Apart from the agony your spouse, requires
Any immigrant that Congress to further and the expense of proper documenta- The U.S. Citizenship
is not ready to do ascertain whether dealing with the im- tion of the marriage & Immigration Ser-
what it takes to keep or not a marriage is migration court, the during the two years vices always look for
his / her green card legitimate. Any mar- immigrant if denied before the filing of red flags to doubt
should not bother ob- riage denial at the relief by the Judge the application for your marriage at this
taining one. What is removal of condition could end up being removal of the con- stage. Unfortunately,
the essence of having stage is adjudged to deported. dition. It is essential many immigrants
a green card if you be fraudulent and for that you maintain at leave red flags flying
are going to be de- immigration purpos- Majority of the im- least six types of joint high in their cases.
ported at the end of es only. Any immi- migrants who end up accounts which carry For example it is a red Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 25


D E F R A U D E D B Y A N E V A N G E L I S T.
Mrs. Oladele Williams- prophecies, that I should and £12,000 between
Oni, an architect narrated not have anything jointly 2002 and 2005 to pur-
to an Ikeja High Court, with him because he chase the property on her
Lagos, how she was was having an affair be- behalf, which turned out
scammed of #17 million hind my back. He gave to be fraud.
by a shepherd in charge me a liquid to drink and I
of the Celestial Church of started vomiting. I was
Christ, Genesis asked to sit down and he
Parish, Alagbado, Prophet lighted a candle and said
Israel Ola Ogundipe. I should be there until the
The lady told the court that candle goes off”
she entrusted the accused She said her misfortune
person with her money to started when she returned
procure some to London, the prophet
landed property on her be- asked her to invest
half because she thought in landed property in La-
he was a “good pastor,” gos, which she agreed.
but was surprised This she did after consul-
that the prophet only made tations with some
her to suffer in vain. She people. About #17mil-
said, “He told me some- lion in five installments of
thing about my #900,000, #2.5 million ,
husband in one of his #8.5 million, #2.7 million



A Nigerian, Oladapo identity theft. He was others engaged in fi- Five white American students from layo, Barry has adopted Kayode,
Oladokun, has been sentenced by Judge nancial transactions the University of Wisconsin, United and Moses is Akinwunmi while
sentenced to two years Ellen S. Huvelle in the such as buying goods States of America, who Keegan’s
are undergoing a Language immer- Yoruba name is Kolade. Yoruba
imprisonment for car- U.S. District Court for and services,
sion program at the University of Language is the language of about
rying out the District of Colum- depositing the bank
Ibadan, Oyo State, were 40 million people living in the
a scheme in which he bia. In addition to the checks into accounts
some of the guests at the 2011 South West geopolitical zone of
took over financial prison term, the judge opened in the names of Yoruba Day at the Vivian Fowler the most populous black nation on
gains belonging to ordered Oladokun to other victims, cashing Memorial Girl’s College, Lagos. earth, Nigeria.
about 25 victims. He pay checks, The mastery of the Yoruba Lan-
was said to restitution of $269,304. and purchasing money guage by American students is gen- Olakunle O. Bolarinwa,
have scammed his According to gov- orders. erating new concerns, that Is a Nightline Family Member Of
victims to the tune of ernment’s evidence, while many Nigerian parents in The Voice Of America {VOA}.
three hundred thou- once in possession of foreign lands no longer teach and E-mail:
sand dollars. the victims’ checks or speak their mother-tongue
The authorities said credit to their children, these young Amer-
Oladokun, 37, took cards, Oladokun and icans are working towards ob-
over more than 40 taining their Bachelors of Art
financial accounts in the Yoruba Language.
fraudulently. He The students are Lauren Hal-
was accused to have loran, Caraline Harshman,
also used , possessed, Kelvin Barry, Kelly Moses and
or opened the accounts O’Neil Keegan. Apart from
without the victims’ studying the Language, they
authorization. He lived have adopted Yoruba names.
in Lanham, Maryland, Halloran is
and pleaded guilty to a Abike, Harshman is Titi-
charge of aggravated
26 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

Election 2011 in Nigeria: Winners and Losers

Republic of Nigeria to The commission also insignificant number lowing Monday, 4th incidents of ballot
complete the tenure engaged a good number of eligible voters were April, 2011 due to box hijacking and the
of the erstwhile Presi- of the members of the unable to register at the delay in the delivery general violence that
dent, late Alhaji Umar National Youth Service end of the exercise. Be of the electoral materi- had come to character-
Yar’dua, who himself, Corps (NYSC) as ad that as it may, it was als by the Contractor, ize elections in Nigeria.
was a product of the hoc staff to ensure the generally agreed that however, after what It is undisputable from
2007 elections. One of integrity of the exer- the new voters regis- he described as “wide the results that the can-
the undertakings the cise. ter is more dependable consultation with didates were indeed
new President made to those who scored the
Nigerians and indeed highest votes in that
the International com- election.
Ayobami Odeyemi munity was that he This is not to say the
International Correspondent
e-mail: would ensure that the National Assembly
next general elections election was perfect,
Achieving credible are free and fair. Con- but the hitches were
elections in Nigeria sidering the anteced- well managed, as elec-
had been a tall order, ent of the President’s tions had to be post-
almost right from the party, Peoples Demo- poned again to 26th
first general election cratic Party (PDP) in April, 2011, in 15 Sen-
held in 1959. The best the previous elections atorial districts and 48
ever recorded free and and the fact that the Federal constituencies
fair election held in President was also due to security threats
the country was the running in the election, and logistic problems.
June 12, 1993 election Nigerians were gener- There are about sixty-
which was annulled ally skeptical about the three (63) registered
by the then head of the promise of a free and political parties in the
Military Junta, General fair election. True to Country, however, the
Ibrahim Babangida, his promise, President parties that featured
in spite of the over- Goodluck Jonathan, prominently in the elec-
whelming trans-ethnic followed through on Several novelties were introduced into the electoral processes in the tions are Peoples Dem-
support enjoyed by the electoral reforms 2011 elections as checks to rigging and other electoral malpractices. ocratic Party (PDP),
the late Chief M.K.O initiated by his prede- For instance, computers and fingerprint capturing devices were used Action Congress of
Abiola, the acclaimed cessor and also went a in taking the eligible voters’ personal information and finger prints to Nigeria (CAN), Con-
winner of the said elec- step further by appoint- prevent multiple registrations. gress for Political
tion. There have been ing a well respected Change (CPC) All Ni-
several general elec- Professor of Political gerian People’s Party
tions after that, but Science and former (ANPP), Labour Party
until the just concluded Chair of the Academic Although the good in- than previous ones. the stakeholders” the (LP), Accord Party
elections, it appeared Staff Union of Univer- tention of the electoral On Saturday, 2nd April, INEC chairman further (AP), Peoples’ Party of
conducting credible sities (ASUU), Profes- commission was well 2011, Nigerian elector- postponed the elec- Nigeria (PPN) and All
elections in Nigeria had sor Attahiru Jega to noted, the voters’ reg- ates went to the polls tions to Saturday 9th Progressive Grand Al-
become elusive, espe- head the Independent istration exercise was to elect candidates that April, 2011. liance (APGA).
cially with the massive National Electoral spotted by technical would represent them On the new date, Nige- Out of the 90 senatorial
rigging that plagued Commission (INEC). hitches, and logistic at the two chambers of ria’s electorates went seats that were contest-
the 2007 general elec- Several novelties were problems. The finger the National Assembly all out to elect candi- ed during the election,
tions. It took years of introduced into the prints machines, com- and to their dismay, dates of their choice to the ruling party, PDP,
civil suits (from elec- electoral processes in puters, generators and the election was called represent them at the won 58 seats predomi-
tion tribunals to the the 2011 elections as other equipments used off, at a time when a National Assembly. nantly from the South
appellate courts) for checks to rigging and did not function well good number of voters Apart from the exercise – South, South-East
some of the candidates other electoral mal- enough to justify the in some parts of the being transparent and and some part of the
that were rigged out in practices. For instance, billions of public funds country had already largely peaceful, Nige- North-East and North-
that election to reclaim computers and finger- spent procuring them. undergone the accredi- rians and indeed elec- Central, Nigeria. ACN
their mandates, and print capturing devices As much as people tation exercise, one tion observers from the won 14 seats pre-
sadly enough, some were used in taking the wanted to take the of the novelties intro- world over, witnessed dominantly from the
never did. eligible voters’ per- President for his words duced by the reforms. for the first time since South-West and part
Dr. Goodluck Jonathan sonal information and that their votes would Initially, it was an- the ‘June 12’ election, of the South-South,
was sworn in as the finger prints to prevent count, an indetermin- nounced to have been a well organized voting ANPP won 7 Seats,
President of the Federal multiple registrations. able but definitely not postponed to the fol- exercise with the least CPC won 6 seats, LP
contd on pg 26 Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 27

Contd from pg 26
won all the 3 seats in Ondo tion. PDP, the ruling party, the highest votes in Abia, of the Federal Republic Mohammed Buhari (Rtd)
State, APGA won a seat in lost in the wards of some of Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck based on an erroneous
Anambra State, while DPP the party’s chieftains like Anambra, Bayelsa, Benue, Jonathan has since been report broadcasted on an
won a seat in Delta Central. the former President, Chief Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, declared winner of the elec- international media on
The result of the Federal Olusegun Obasanjo, the Edo, Ekiti, Enugu, Gombe, tion by the Chairman of Sunday 17th April, 2011,
House of Representative Vice President and Alhaji Imo, Kogi, Kwara, Nasar- INEC. that the transparently col-
reveals that, out of the 218 Lamido Sambo to mention awa, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Nigeria still has a long way lated election results were
seats that were contested just a few. Oyo, Plateau Rivers, Taraba to go in achieving sustain- being rigged in favour
during the election, 123 The Presidential election states, and the Federal able development through of the incumbent Presi-
seats were won by PDP, which came up the follow- Capital Territory Abuja. democracy and good gov- dent. Hoodlums from pre-
ACN won 45 seats, CPC ing Saturday, 16th April, The CPC’s Candidate, ernance. However, the suc- dominantly muslim states
won 21 seats, ANPP won 2011 turned out much Former Military Head of cessful conduct of transpar- went on rampage destroy-
11 seats, LP 8 seats, Accord better than the earlier Na- State, General Moham- ent polls has been a step ing churches, properties,
Party 5 seats, APGA 4 seats tional Assembly Election med Buhari (Rtd) had over taken in the right direc- and government facilities,
while PPN won a seat. in terms of logistics, op- 25% votes in 17 states of tion, a lot of commenda- killing and maiming a lot
The results clearly showed erations and security. The the federation including tions have been going to of innocent citizens in the
that elections in Nigeria election took place in all the FCT, with votes total- the leadership of INEC, the process.
are no longer business as the 36 states of the Federa- ing 12,214,853. He scored security agencies, serving Although the situation has
usual. Some of the serving tion and the Federal Capital the highest number of votes members of the NYSC and been brought under control,
senators and members of Territory had Nineteen (19) Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, the general public from it is hoped that in future
the House of Representa- candidates including the Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, the international commu- polls, adequate security
tive lost their bid to clinch incumbent president vying Katsina, Kebbi, Niger, nity, civil societies and measures would be put in
return tickets to the Nation- for the office of the Presi- Sokoto, Yobe, and Zamfara pro democracy entities, for place to forestall such post
al Assembly. The incum- dent of the Federal Repub- while the ACN’s candi- staying committed to the election outbreaks. Overall,
bent Speaker of the House lic of Nigeria. date Mallam Nuhu Ribadu achievement of credibility lessons learnt from the just
of Representatives, Dimeji At the end of the exercise, scored the highest number in the Country. concluded polls should be
Bankole lost to the Action the Presidential Candi- of votes in Osun State with On the flip side, the gloom applied towards ensuring a
Congress Candidate, as did date of the PDP and the above 25% votes totaling cast upon the success of more peaceful and credible
the daughter of a former Incumbent President, Dr. 2,067,301 in Ekiti, Ogun, the election was the spate polls in the future.
President, Senator Iyabo Goodluck Jonathan had and Oyo. of violence that broke out
Obasanjo-Bello. Some over 25% votes totaling Having fulfilled all the con- in some part of the North-
PDP ex-governors were 22,495,187, in 33 states of ditions precedent as pro- ern states believed to be
also defeated in the elec- the Federation, and scored vided by the Constitution the strong holds of General
28 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

Matter of Alla Adel ALYAZJI, Respondent

In general, an alien’s involving moral turpi- rity (“DHS”) initiated based on Matter of
conviction for a crime tude committed these removal pro- Shanu, holding that the
involving moral turpi- within five years . . ceedings, in which respondent
tude triggers . after the date of ad- the respondent is is removable be-
removability under mission,” provided the charged with remov- cause he committed
section 237(a)(2)(A) crime ability under section his offense less than 5
(i) of the Immigration is punishable by a 237(a)(2)(A)(i) years after his
and Nationality Act, 8 sentence of imprison- of the Act, which “admission” to law-
U.S.C. ment of 1 year or lon- provides as follows: ful permanent resident
§ 1227(a)(2)(A) ger. In Matter Eric Holder Any alien who— status in April 2006.
(i) (2006), only if the of Shanu, 23 I&N U.S Attorney General (I) is convicted of a The
alien committed the Dec. 754 (BIA 2005), crime involving moral respondent acknowl-
crime within 5 years vacated sub nom. Are- turpitude committed edged Matter of Shanu
after the date in his motion but ar-
of the admission by gued that the
virtue of which he or Matter of Alla Adel ALYAZJI, Respondent Immigration Judge
she was then present should decline to fol-
in the United States. Decided February 3, 2011 low that precedent be-
of Shanu, 23 I&N U.S. Department of Justice cause its
rationale had been
Dec. 754 (BIA 2005),
overruled in part.
Executive Office for Immigration Review repudiated or criticized
by several reviewing
FOR RESPON- Board of Immigration Appeals courts. The
DENT: Wayne Sachs, Immigration Judge
Esquire, Philadelphia, removability under suring the statutory disagreed, finding that
Pennsylvania mu section 237(a)(2)(A)(i) 5-year period in rela- within five years he was obliged to ap-
AMICUS CUR- v. Department of only if the crime was tion to a particular (or 10 years in the ply Matter
IAE:1 Emily Creigh- Homeland Security, committed offense. case of an alien pro- of Shanu. This time-
ton, Esquire, Washing- 450 F.3d 578 (4th Cir. within 5 years after vided lawful perma- ly appeal followed,
ton, D.C. 2006), we held, the date of the admis- I. FACTUAL AND nent resident status and the respondent and
FOR THE DEPART- first, that the term sion by virtue of which PROCEDURAL HIS- under the DHS have
MENT OF HOME- “admission” used in the alien was TORY section 245(j) of this filed extensive
LAND SECURITY: section 237(a)(2)(A) then in the United The respondent, who title) after the date of briefs. Furthermore,
James A. Lazarus, Ap- (i) referred States. See 8 C.F.R. § is alleged to be a native admission, and the American Immi-
pellate to adjustment of sta- 1003.1(g) (2010) (“By and citizen of Pales- (II) is convicted of a gration Council has
Counsel tus as well as admis- majority vote tine, was crime for which a sen- filed an amicus cur-
BEFORE: Board sion at the border; and of the permanent admitted to the Unit- tence of one year or iae brief in support of
Panel: FILPPU, PAU- second, that Board members, se- ed States as a non- longer may the respondent.
LEY, and WENDT- an alien’s conviction lected decisions of the immigrant in August be imposed, is de-
LAND, Board Mem- for a crime involving Board rendered 2001. He remained portable. II. ANALYSIS
bers. moral turpitude sup- by a three-member in the United States Shortly after remov- A. Legal Back-
FILPPU, Board ported removal panel . . . may be des- thereafter, and in April al proceedings com- ground
Member: under that section so ignated to serve as 2006 his status was ad- menced, the respon- Section 237(a) of
This case presents a long as the crime was precedents in all justed to that dent filed the Act provides in its
recurring question as committed within 5 proceedings involv- of a lawful perma- a written motion re- opening sentence that
to the proper interpre- years after the ing the same issue or nent resident of the questing their termina- the grounds
tation date of any admis- issues.”) This does not United States. In Janu- tion on the ground that of deportability ap-
of section 237(a)(2) sion made by the alien. necessarily ary 2008, the his indecent ply only to aliens “in
(A)(i) of the Immigra- require that the date respondent was con- assault conviction and admitted to the
tion and Nationality We now overrule of admission be the victed of indecent as- resulted from an of- United States.”
Act, 8 U.S.C. this second holding of alien’s first, or even his sault in violation of fense committed more The language, struc-
§ 1227(a)(2)(A)(i) Matter of Shanu and most recent, Pennsylvania law, than 5 years after ture, and purpose of
(2006), which (in per- conclude admission. But it based on a 2007 of- his “admission” as a the Act, taken as a
tinent part) authorizes instead that a con- does mean that there is fense. As a result of nonimmigrant in Au- whole, has led
the removal viction for a crime only one “date of ad- that conviction, the gust 2001. The Immi- us to conclude that
of any alien who “is involving moral turpi- mission” that Department gration Judge the class of aliens “in
convicted of a crime tude triggers is relevant to mea- of Homeland Secu- denied the motion and admitted to the
to be contd Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 29
or not you qualify for waiver on the ground of good faith marriage.
You could also apply for waiver on ground of abuse or hardship. The
easiest one is the good faith marriage waiver. Consult with a lawyer
before you file your application.

Frequently asked Questions

Go Ahead and Marry
Inaccurate Information could lead to Denial of Citizenship
Mr. Famuyide,
Dear Editor: I am so appreciative of the way you take the initiative
to deal with our immigration questions
I have been a subscriber to your newspaper since December 2007. I find
the printed material quite informative and I and provide much needed answers.
congratulate you for the good work. I am sub- Thank you. I migrated to the United
mitting to you the following personal request for information and States two years ago, leaving behind a
help. My wife who is a legal immigrant since 2001 lost her can- very loving fiancé (whom I was told not to marry be-
celed passport which contained all pertinent information about
fore migrating, or it would mess up the immigration
her trips for several years. She will be applying for citizenship
this year and she has no other source of accurate information for proceedings). Now I plan to go back and get married,
the exact dates of her trips abroad and dates of return. How can the aches and pains of being apart for such a long time is becoming un-
she prove her trips when filing the application form for Natural- bearable. How soon can I file immigration papers for him, so that we can
ization and also during the interview? I wonder if the attorney for the ASK THE LAWYER be together? How long will it take for him to be a permanent resident?
column has seen a case like this before and if he can advise us ASAP Cordially yours,
Thanks for your response.
Thanks for your mail and kind comment about our news- Thanks for your mail. You really need to go ahead
paper. There is an important requirement for naturalization and marry your fiancé. It is better to marry than to
and that is the fact that anyone who aspires to become a U.S. burn. I can tell you really miss him. Before you travel
citizen must be a person of good moral character. An appli- abroad, kindly consult with an attorney and get the
cant could be adjudged to lack good moral character on many grounds. For necessary forms for your proposed spouse to sign as
example, anyone who owes IRS and has no payment plan is a person lacking soon as you are married. Once you return to the U.S., you can file form
in good moral character. It is not only criminals that are denied citizenship. I-130 for your spouse. If you remain a permanent resident alien, it will
You have taken the first and most important step of asking this question be- take about 5years before your spouse obtains his green card to migrate to
fore filing. Your wife would need to do the following: she needs to remember the U.S., but since you have been in the U.S. for 2years, you could apply
as much as she can with regards to her trips abroad in the last five years. Sec- to become a U.S. citizen 3years from now. If you become a citizen, you
ondly, she should include in her application, a copy of the police report saying will upgrade the filing. From the time of the upgrade, your spouse should
she lost her passport and a sworn statement that she could not recollect ac- be in the U.S. about 6 months later. It means you could be together fully in
curately exact dates of her trips abroad. It is important that she does not claim about three and half years from now.
to have lost her passport in order to hide something because the USCIS has a
documentation of all her trips in her green card record. Whatever information
she supplies will be compared with the USCIS record. I will recommend that Apologize and Stop the Blame Game; You Created the Mess
your wife engage an attorney to do this filing and attend the interview with Dear Mr. Famuyide,
May the Almighty God reward your selfless services to the im-
her. migrant community, Amen. You know, you could have been making
fortunes from consultation fees for your in-
You will not be Deported if your Marriage is Genuine valuable counsel to the community, but you
chose otherwise. At last there’s a Christian ‘Naija man’ out
there who really is his ‘brothers’ keeper. Now my question:
I came to the US in June 2002 as a visitor on a 2-yr multiple
Hi; visa. I filed for change of status in June 2003, after my mar-
I am DP, I admire your newspaper ‘US Immigration news’ riage. Unfortunately, my wife refused to attend the interview
and I found it interesting and educative. I have an issue and which led to the denial of my petition in July 2005. On the
I will appreciate any advice you might have for me. I have advice of my attorney, I divorced her, remarried and filed a fresh petition in Nov. 2005.
On April 18, 2006, my wife and I were interviewed. The interview was successful but
a conditional green card and my wife divorced me recently
the officer could not give a verdict because according to her, she did not know what
and moved in with her new boyfriend. I did whatever I could to make the information was in my old file. My lawyer even assured me that my becoming a per-
marriage work but she left me anyway and went ahead to file a divorce manent resident was a matter of weeks. Now, years after the interview, I still have not
which was granted. She also told me she had reported to immigration that heard from the USCIS and my work permit has been renewed couple of times. I have
she is no longer married to me. This is giving me sleepless nights especially made several enquiries but have always received same answer: “There were reasons
to carry out an extensive investigation” on my case, but the reasons have never been
when I read your article titled “From Permanent Residency to Deportation”.
disclosed to me. My Nigerian lawyer has not been much of a help either. He is lack-
I wonder if her action would jeopardize my status but my immigration at- ing in professional judgment and competence, he now results to lying to cover up his
torney told me the divorce and the report made to immigration would not lapses. What could USCIS be investigating for these years? Is it advisable to enlist
hurt me and that I can still remove the condition but I am not convinced that the services of a ‘good’, white immigration lawyer to follow up on my case as I am
this will not hurt me. contemplating? Your kind response will be highly appreciated. God bless you

Many thanks for your kind words and prayer. I really

Mr. DP, your case is similar to that of many immigrants need them all. I was impressed by your comments until
in the United States. Sleepless nights will not solve the you turned the gun on your lawyer, the black race and
problem. The article in USI News was written in order Nigerian professionals. I do admit that we have lawyers,
to generate questions that will help people not to cause just like we have among other Nationals, who are not doing the right thing, but
you sleeplessness. Now, that we got you asking, let me blaming your lawyer in this case is like going over the top. I read your mail
tell you what to do. Your attorney is right provided you could show that and found no fault in the lawyer; you really need to apologize to this lawyer.
your marriage was entered into for love and not solely to obtain immigra- I assume that you are a professional, if you claim that a particular lawyer is
tion benefits. There are various ways to remove the condition on your green ineffectual because he is a Nigerian. It simply means that you are incompetent
card even when your spouse refuses to cooperate or when you have actually in whatever you do. Think about that. You could have made your point with-
divorced your spouse. In your case you will need to gather all joint docu- out adding “Nigerian” or “White” to your question. It is highly offensive to
the black race and to Nigerian professionals at large to insinuate that “whites”
ments, pictures, bank statements, utility bills, etc issued during the life of the
are more competent. I will not answer your question until you apologize to
marriage. With all these documents, your attorney will determine whether your lawyer and all Nigerian professionals. I challenge you to be courageous
enough to send us your apology.
30 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

contd from pg 12

office in your district., provides observing whether stu- long. If your son is gist who has worked in ed-
Homework Helps your the dents have grasped a struggling in only one ucation and special educa-
Child do Better in School following reasons why concept or not. Then he/ subject, ask that teacher tion for two decades with
Q. My son entered 4th teachers give homework. she knows for extra help or consider a children of all ages. She
grade this school year and Homework can help chil- whether he/she needs tutor. If he is struggling in holds graduate degrees in
he has so much homework dren: to review further or can all subjects, ask the teacher speech-language pathol-
already. It  Review and practice move on to a new concept. if he is having difficulty in ogy and multicultural
takes him hours to com- what they’ve learned; his classes also. If he is education. She also holds
plete his homework and he  Get ready for the next So how much home- doing well in class but not certification in educational
gets tired while I get frus- day’s class; work should a student in homework, it is probable administration. She is the
trated.  Learn to use resources, receive? Many educators that he is tired and getting to author of the book, “They
Why do teachers give such as libraries, reference believe that homework is bed late after doing home- Say I Have ADHD, I Say
so much homework and is materials and encyclope- most effective for the ma- work. This can become Life Sucks!
homework really neces- dias; and jority of children in 1st a bad cycle. Observe Thoughts From Nicho-
sary?  Explore subjects more through 3rd grade when it whether your son can do las. She is currently em-
Who should I talk to fully than time permits in does not exceed 20 minutes the work but he is wasting ployed in the Hempstead
about the volume of home- the classroom. Homework each school day. From 4th time (watching TV, going School District. You may
work? Frustrated Parent helps your child do better through 6th grade, many to the bathroom etc.). Give contact her at speechlrb@
A. You are not alone in this in school when assign- educators recommend from him specific times when or by visiting
dilemma. When parents ments are meaningful, 20 to 40 minutes a school you expect homework to her website at
get home from work, the are completed success- day for most students For begin and to be complet-
last thing they want to do fully, and are returned with students in 7th through 9th ed. Reward him when he
is hours of homework with constructive comments grades, generally, up to 2 meets the goal. If you still
their children especially if from the teacher. An as- hours a school day is believe that there is just too
a signment should have a considered suitable. much homework, you need
child is having difficulty specific purpose, come Of course some children to make an appointment
with a particular subject. with clear instructions, can handle more and others and speak to his teacher.
First let’s discuss the be fairly matched to the struggle to keep up. Parents If your concerns are not
purpose of child’s abilities, and de- have to judge whether their appreciated, you may have
homework and its benefits. signed to help develop child is the only child who to speak with the principal.
An article entitled Helping a student’s knowledge is taking a long time to Lisa-Anne Ray-Byers is
Your Child With Home- and skills. Teachers often complete tasks or is mainly a licensed and certified
work by Nancy Paulu from use homework as a way of one subject that takes so speech-language patholo- Vol.5 No. 62- May 1, 2011 31

DV Lottery 2012 Result Released

According to the U.S. until November 3, provides information the Entry Status Check lectees). qualifying based on
Department of State, 2010. about the DV time on the E-DV website Successful DV en- education, work, and
the much awaited frame and process. www.dvlottery.state. trants must be eligible other requirements.
result of the Diver- If you are a winner, For Successful DV gov (for DV-2012 se- to receive a visa by The law and regula-
sity Visa Lottery 2012 tions require that every
result will be released DV entrant must have
on May 1, 2011. at least a high school
education or its equiv-
All candidates who alent; or two years
applied to the DV of work experience
lottery 2012 must log within the past five
in to the U.S. Depart- years in an occupation
ment of State website requiring at least two
with their confirma- years’ training or ex-
tion number to find perience.
out if they won. The If you need help con-
result of DV 2012 will cerning the DV Lottery
not be sent by mail. If 2012 result and how to
you applied and do not harness the benefit of
know how to check or winning, please feel
you do not have access free to contact Attor-
to the internet, please ney Joseph Famuyide
come to or call the at 718-647-6767 or
Law Office of Joseph All candidates who applied to the DV lottery 2012 must log in to the send email to jfamuy-
Famuyide with your U.S. Department of State website with their confirmation number to find
confirmation number out if they won. The result of DV 2012 will not be sent by mail.
and we will check the USI News
result for you free of
please follow the in- Entrants: If you
If you have access to struction given online have been selected
the internet, please on the same website for further process-
log onto http://www. on what to do to reap ing in the Diversity on the benefit of being se- Visa program, after
or after May 1, 2011, lected. you receive instruc-
through June 30, 2012 tions, you will need to
to check whether or not The U.S. State De- demonstrate you are
you won. Please note partment added that eligible for a diversity
this important notice Entry Status Check immigrant visa by suc-
from the State Depart- will provide you, the cessfully completing
ment; Online Entry successful selectee, the next steps. When
Status Check will be instructions on how requested to do so by
the ONLY means of to proceed with your the Kentucky Consular
informing you of your application and notify Center, you will need
selection for DV-2012. you of the date and to complete the im-
All entrants, including time of your immi- migrant visa applica-
those NOT selected, grant visa appoint- tion, submit required
may check the status ment. The Kentucky documents and forms,
of their entries through Consular Center will pay required fees,
the Entry Status Check no longer mail noti- complete a medical
on the E-DV website fication letters to DV examination, and be
www.dvlottery.state. selectees. Those se- interviewed by a con-
gov and find out if lected in the random sular officer at the U.S.
their entry was or was drawing are NOT no- embassy or consulate
not selected. Entrants tified of their selec- to demonstrate you
will need to use the tion by email. The qualify for a diversity
information from their above procedures are visa. Please note that
DV-2012 confirmation explained in the DV the Kentucky Consul-
pages saved at the time Lottery 2012 Instruc- ar Center will provide
of entry. The DV-2012 tions. The “Selection application informa-
registration period was of Applicants” section tion (for DV-2011 se-
from October 5, 2010, of the DV instructions lectees) online through
32 Vol. 5 No. 62 - May 1, 2011

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