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Quality of life, success and vitality

Available in everey cell of your body!

Sound of the dolphins

Hearing through the skin

The sound of the dolphins

Ultrasonic hearing - your benefit at a glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 13

Your value - quality of life at the push of a button . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 14

Mental and physical fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 15

Hygiene of thought and mental training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 16

The biology of belief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 17

Neurogenesis (growth of brain cells) and cell stimulation . . . . . . . . . Page 18

Subliminal perception . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 19

The KOSYS™ academy - your partner

for tutoring and further learning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 10

The KOSYS™ thinkman® . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12

The KOSYS™ software . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 13

The KOSYS™ tutoring programmes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 14

System37 - you remain in tune . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 15

"The thinkman® keeps what the Mindmachines

have always promised. It is an astonishing expe-
rience to hear through skin and bone. Today we
know that synchronisation of the cerebral waves
pattern is accompanied by pleasant mental experiences of harmony,
complete relaxation and inner calm.
Perfect synchronisation of right and left hemisphere is synonymous
with unity experiences. In this respect the thinkman® supports
spiritual-mental development on a continuing basis."
Rüdiger Dahlke, Management- and Healthtrainer

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Ultrasonic hearing – your benefit

Ultrasonic hearing - your benefit

at a glance
Your possibilities

With ultrasonic hearing you are relaxing at the push

of a button, pure quality of life for busy people.
Ultrasonic hearing features the worldwide most
efficient possibility of synchronising the subconscious
and consciousness (belief and will). So you are
able to programme and reprogram-
me you behaviour patterns
thus using your personal re-
sources optimally. Mental trai-
ning at top level - for application
in business, school and private life.
And last, but not least - your learning
speed can be doubled. Languages, Experience the thinkman® - live
school subjects and any other subject
matter can be memorised easily and The simplest way is for you to arrange an appoint-
playfully. ment for consultation with us - you can test the think-
man® any time at our premises. We are also happy to
make arrangements to visit you. A further possibility
is for several weeks test-training (a device is included
The results - When? on loan, see details on page 10).

You feel the relaxation within a few minutes. For the

programming of behaviour patterns (concentration,
success etc.) two weeks are enough in order to
achieve measurable results.
You can conclude an English linguistic course
containing 2500 words within three months.
At school the time spent for doing homework can be
halved within six weeks by removing learning
blockages - this raises problem subjects at least one

Your investment
The thinkman® is available Get started start today
from 750,- Euros, mental If you order a device for mental training or a
trainings start from 30 Euros. linguistic course please calculate three working days'
For further details concerning delivery time. If you would like to visit one of our
devices, accessories and trainings and test the thinkman® in the lending
programmes please see enclo- mode, please enquire about our current training
sed product list and price-list. dates by phone or internet (+49.80 46. 1 89 55-0, Page 3
Quality of life

Your value - quality of life

at the push of a button

whether foreign languages, EDP know- onsider for yourself what value the
ledge or the improvement of your social technology of ultrasonic hearing creates.
skills, lifelong learning is required nowadays.
This often means that training and further learning be- What is it worth ...
come hard work. ... if a pupil needs only half the time for his/her
homework and improves in problem subjects by
Even in our language usage mental work is described one grade at least?
as exhausting and dangerous. We "rack our brains", ... if a child gains more self confidence because of
"think hard", have knowledge "drummed into us" and his/her results?
concentrate "intensely". ... if a child, hyperactive up to now, can play quietly
again or focus on his/her homework, or falls
Nevertheless lifelong learning is a fact. Prepare your- asleep relaxed in the evening?
self for a huge amount of information which makes ... if an autistic child responds to his/her parents for
life, learning and personal advancement easier the first time?
for you. ... if somebody needs only five minutes instead of
two hours to fall asleep?
... if a Parkinson patient trembles less?
... if a young person completes his/her course of
studies in minimum time with a good graduation?
... if a Tinnitus patient becomes more stabilised in his
life through the lessening of the noise in his ears?
... if people can learn a language on the side?
... if people lose weight in the long term and thus
stabilise their health?
... if people break addictions and build up
... if people move from negative to wholistic thinking?
... if people can relax at the push of a button?
... if people achieve their most ardent wishes and
targets more easily?

Finally there is a system which really lets me

unburdon myself, which relaxes me and streng-
thens me! An absolute must for every stress-
afflicted businessman!
Mario von Bern, owner of an advertising agency

reation of value for you and your family is
defined quickly and precisely - a higher
quality of life. With enthusiasm.

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Mental and physical fitness

Mental and physical fitness

ltrasonic hearing by the thinkman® Ultrasonic hearing by the thinkman® offers the follo-
synchronises the hemispheres of your wing physical advantages at the push of a button:
brain within a few minutes. ƒ Your brain is powerful and receptive!
ƒ You are at your most responsive and use your full
Ultrasonic hearing by the thinkman® improves the potential!
blood circulation and lowers pulse frequency and ƒ Your personal perception is more positive, actions
respiratory rate. are more constructive!
ƒ Learning content and new information are
memorised fast and effectively!

ou are wondering how this works? The
thinkman® works exclusively with frequencies oc-
curing in the human organism (bioresonance). Your
nervous system is brought into relaxation at the push
On the left you can see a thermographic exposure be- of a button. The signals transferred by ultrasound
fore application of the thinkman®, to the right 30 have a balancing effect on the body. You know these
minutes after application. The temperature change results for example from the dolphin therapy with
(increased blood circulation) is clearly visible from the handicapped and autistic children. The thinkman®
red colouring. offers the sound of the dolphins - well-being at the
push of a button.
Ultrasonic hearing by the thinkman® balances your
meridians. For many years ultrasound has been used in Your quality of life increases with
acupuncture - Ultrasound acupuncture. Within a few mental and physical balance.
minutes your meridians are balanced, a kind of side
effect which ensures physical well-being and the streng- Apply the oscillators to the forehead, perceive the
thening of the self-healing forces. sound in the middle of the head. Apply the oscillators
to your arm, back or leg, use 100 percent of sublimi-

ltrasonic hearing by the thinkman offers ®
nal, inaudible transmission. Your body is relaxed, you
relaxation at the push of a button. With a are highly focused and attentive. We speak of
relaxed body you are enhanced Alpha proportion, which was standard up
mentally highly efficient. to the sixth, seventh year - here is the explanation for
The thinkman provides a
the potential of our first years of life.
haven of rest and a learning
studio - worn on the belt.

our optimum mental and physical balance
is our claim. Find your way back to
the life motto of your childhood ... more
success with less effort!

I am enormously efficient and relaxed all the

same. For me the number 1 argument for the
thinkman® - particularly in combination with my individual tutoring.
Finally, time for myself! Melanie Unger, Mother Page 5
Hygiene of thougt

Hygiene of thought and mental training

More than 50.000 thoughts occupy our mind - nd which thoughts do we rehash again
every day. We cannot touch our thoughts, or smell and again? Which thought patterns settle,
or feel them. Nevertheless they exist. what determines our mental horizon? Everything that
relates to an equivalent emotion - an equivalent

ave you ever wondered what thoughts experience. Emotions intensify something chemically
consist of? in the long-term memory. The stronger the emotion,
the stronger the thought.

William Tiller, Ph. D. says to it: »Most people do not

influence their own reality in a constant and extensi-
ve way because they do not believe that they are
able to do this. Thus they note an intention and then
erase it immediately because they think "this is s
tupid" or "I can't do this". Then they note the inten-
tion once again and delete it again. From the tempo-
ral average this is a tiny effect. It really results in the
fact that they suppose they are not able to do it
(extract from the film Bleep).«

Create desired causes

to experience pleasant effects.

y ultrasonic hearing through the
So how can we describe thoughts? Not at all, but all thinkman® you make use of the most
the same our thoughts are everything. They stimula- efficient possibility worldwide for deliberate
te us to unbelievably high performance levels or they "hygiene of thought". In mental training your
drive us insane, into illness. Nobody can influence our subconscious is confronted every hour with up to
thoughts unless we permit it. 10,000 repetitions of your personally defined senten-
ces. Thus you synchronise consciousness (it's all a
matter of consciously worked out sentences) and the
You are your atoms, you are your cells, subconscious. You become an effective unity of
and above all you are your thoughts. body, mind and soul. Discover the fantastic
possibilities of the active "hygiene of
The vernacular says thoughts are free. Can you
really think freely, can you think what you want? Of We have used the thinkman® mental training
course I am able to do this, you will say. You are already with more than 600 people experiencing
able to do it really - if you do. But probably you are annoying ear noises. We achieve excellent results
like most of us. We do not think consciously any also with hyperactive children. Active "hygiene of
more but in repetitions. Scientists have found out that thought" is a possibility which is vastly underestimated even today.
we allow only three to five percent new thoughts out In the area of "Wellness for yourself", too, mental training is certainly
of 50,000 thoughts everyday. The rest is repeated the most important instrument.
constantly - mental rehashing. Dr. Richard Kirchmair, ENT doctor, psychotherapist, mental tutor

Page 6
Biology of belief

The biology of belief

The current progress in cell biology shows that since Cells read their environment, value the information
the 50s we have been living with scientific and subsequently choose in each case the behaviou-
misinformation. ral programme which guarantees their survival. From
the point of view of these cell-biological research

ealth and personal development are esta- results the cell is a selfpowered (conscious) micro-
blished in the genes was the generally processor - an organic computer.
held doctrine until a few years ago. Neverthe-

less the latest research of cell biologists indicates cle- he CPU (central processing unit) is the cell
arly that this dogma has collapsed. The environment membrane, the keyboard (data input) is re-
- and here in particular our perception of the envi- presented by the membrane receptors, the hard disk
ronment - governs directly the activity of our genes. (memory) is the nucleus, the screen (data output) is
the physical state of the cell.
Overview of the origin of the genetic Determinism
(= our state is predetermined by our genes): In 1953 The structure of our body is determined by
the scientists Watson and Crick revealed DNA as the representing the physical counterpart of the
molecular blueprint which governs the composition of environment, our impressions. The perception
proteins by amino acid sequences. It was concluded units of the cell membrane convert the environment
that DNA governs structure and behaviour of living into consciousness. Cells react to environmental
organisms (such as the function of the brain). impulses activating a programme for growth
behaviour or protective behaviour.
It was supposed that DNA governed the life of the
cells like a blueprint, so the nucleus would correspond
to the brain of the cell. Then the elimination of the Growth behaviour or protective behaviour =
nucleus - the removal of the core - would entail the Development or shutdown (degeneration).
immediate cell death.

act is, however, that cells can live two or As our cells only react with growth behaviour or pro-
more months without nucleus. The supposi- tective behaviour, precise conscious perception leads
tion that genes govern cell behaviour is wrong. to life-enriching behaviour. If we act as a result of
Nijhout states that cells do not start up by them- sensory illusions, inappropriate protective behaviour
selves, which signifies that genes cannot activate or will impair our health and endanger our vitality.
deactivate themselves independently.

If genes do not govern themselves, how can they Perception is the interface between
then govern the behaviour of a cell? In addition, the environment and the develop-
Nijhout stresses that genes are regulated by envi- ment of our cells. Conscious percep-
ronmental signals. Consequently the environment go- tion with high repetition rates is the se-
verns the genetic expression (genetic development). cret of vitality, joy of life and quality of
life. Ultrasonic hearing is the most efficient
possibility worldwide for creating environ-
mental factors at will - in order to create
your own future.
The precedence of the DNA is replaced
by the precedence of the environment! Based on "The biology of belief", Bruce Lipton Page 7
Cell stimulation

Neurogenesis and cell stimulation

(neurogenesis = growth of brain cells)

n this infinite ocean of possibilities around The scientific results are clear. Under stress
us, why do we create the same reality over neurogenesis - new creation of cerebral cells - is
and over again? impossible. Neurogenesis is realisable through har-
monious surroundings, stress resistance and lively
Because our body cells learn by experience of life and mental activity. And there are only two possibilities -
grow - without new experience our growth behaviour growth or degeneration. Progress or regression -
is blocked. you must decide, because there is nothing in
In the 80s the first evidence was supplied that
neurogenesis is possible (regeneration of cerebral

cells). In 1928 neuro scientist Ramón y Caja formu- ental processes like belief, perception
lated the dogma that the nerve cells of the central and comprehension cause physical chan-
nervous system could not be regenerated. This ges in the body. Thoughts and feelings are tools by
doctrine was maintained up to the end of the last mil- means of which the bioelectric charge in our cells is
lennium. Interestingly the dogma was verified by nu- altered. The person reacts to all his or her experien-
merous animal experiments. However, as scientists of ces with vastly differing feelings.
the Princeton University were able to prove, the mi- It is necessary to analyse the inter-connections
stake was due to the testing procedures. between thoughts and cells in order to understand
how our experiences influence the body at cell level.

ll tests and measurements were carried
out on animals which were locked up un-
Will-ppower, goals and mental activity
der undignified, stress-generating conditions.
Monkeys and other animal species were kept in
provide for the new production of brain cells.
metal cages in the most cramped space.
Each of approx. 60 trillions of body cells func-
After the testing procedures had been changed - the tions like a tiny electric circuit. This circuit has
monkeys were kept in natural surroundings with a resistance and an electric charge, it can store
suitable space and social contacts - neuro genesis energy and can be regulated.
was proved within the shortest time.
When a person has an experience, thoughts emerge
which are associated with this experience. Thoughts
(consciousness) generate electric charges. If you
change your thoughts this will generate a displace-
ment of the pH- value in the corresponding cerebral
Progress or regression – area. Then this affects the pH-value of the cell liquids
these are the options. in the body and thus its oscillation frequency.

his electro - chemical sequence demon-
strates the effect of ultrasonic hearing. If
you load a new goal system into your 60 trillions of
cells by the thinkman® with a 1000-fold repetition,
you will change. The matter (cell) follows the mind

Page 8
Subliminal perception

Subliminal perception according to Vera F. Birkenbihl

(sub = under; limen = threshold; subliminal = below threshold)

The subliminal perception attained equivocal fame in hen two American companies appear in
the 50s. It is said to be the atom bomb of psychology. 1957 and claim to be able to manipulate
But let's begin step by step... people to higher consumption by means of sub-
liminal perception. There is an outcry whose echo
still resonates today - nearly two generations later.
1641 Descartes in France declares his "Cogito ergo
sum" (I think, therefore I am). For the first time It was too late by the time it turned out that we react
great importance is attached to mental capabilities. under subliminal suggestions just as under hypnosis.
Since we do only what we would have done
1689 John Locke in England postulates " conscious-
ness gives us the ability to recognise the
anyhow. Just faster with the help of subliminal
world." The idea of an individuals's own conscious-
ness grows. Why faster? Quite simply - if belief and will go the
same direction, a person is capable of optimum
1850 C. von Helmholtz publishes studies concerning
"conscious and unconscious perception".
perormance. A perfectly coached sportsman is only
world class if he also believes in his victory. As long as
Impulses not perceivable by the consciousness are he believes the competition is better, his trained body
perceived by the subconscious. You perceive without helps him little.
suspecting that you have perceived. Only in the late 80s was research on the subject of
subliminal perception seriously undertaken again. This
1884 the Americans Peirce (mathematician and philo-
sopher) and Jastrow (perception psychologist)
led in the end of the 90s to the development of the
thinkman® technology.
confirm the results of C. von Helmholtzen.

1890 the Danish philosopher and psychologist

Hoffding ascertains: "mental activity can also U
ltrasonic hearing brings
perception into the top dimension. Direct,

take place without consciousness". subliminal instructions to 60 trillions of body cells

ensure that you do exactly what you really want to do
1917 Plötzl postulates that "subliminally perceived
information tends to appear in consciousness
- will and belief are synchronised, you are capable of
at a later stage". The ideal world of complete Synchronisation of consciousness and the subcons-
consciousness was finished definitively. cious, of will and belief. Capacity to act at the highest
level. The turbocharger for specific programming of
1991 Prof. Lenhard proves - human beings are able
to perceive ultrasound. Direct, subliminal instruc-
desired behaviour patterns. Coupled to your free will.
That means results only arrive if you want it, if you ap-
tions to the cell - scientifically proven. ply your will.
This description is based on an article from the book
From the 20s onwards people don't want to know “The internal archive”, © by Vera F Birkenbihl in 2002.
anything more about the research results. They
don't want to consider (consciously) the fact that I will be happy to submit the thinkman® to a test.
there is something stretching beyond our conscious- New technologies always interest me and being
ness. And that this something could be substantially open-minded concerning innovation is natural for
even more potent than consciousness. Other resear- me. The combination with a subliminal training is
ches continue only underground. highly interesting" ... Vera F. Birkenbihl Page 9
Tutoring and education

The KOSYS™ academy...

reality is mental possibility - mental possibility is consciousness

With the thinkman® there is a brilliant tool for Quite simply - if after the visit to a one-day-seminar
supporting change processes. you believe yourself to be equipped with new action
patterns, this is utopian. Nor are you able to win a

n order to apply the thinkman even more
marathon after a single training in the gym. Only
perfectly as a tool, Jemina and Josua constant training is the key to success. Only by
Kohberg established the KOSYS™ academy in constant training will you be able to change the
2002. In the meantime a network of more than action in your mind. You know the concept of mental
30 trainers exists. In this way we can support you training from professional sport. Mental strength is
extensively and competently as a thinkman® user and the number one factor for success in business, too.
accompany you in your personal development.

The KOSYS™ academy supports you in the practice

of mental and learning trainings. Here is a short over-
Applied knowledge with guarantee of
view of what the academy has to offer ... success - through constant training

Business tutoring or in-house tutoring we fix the subjects
In the business tutoring we offer open seminars as and targets with you individually. We tutor
well as in-house tutoring sessions. We organise open managers on their own as well as core teams or a
seminars on the following subjects amongst others: whole staff. We utilise the thinkman® during
tutoring as a back-up tool to focus consciousness and
- Success and personality development the subconscious of the participants on the agreed
- Time management and Work-Life Balancing target.
- Authentic selling

Language tutoring
In language tutoring, too, the main argument is
saving time. Thus it is possible for example, to
The business tutoring was a turning point for me. complete an English course containing 2,500 words
I have a substantially better contact with my cu- within three months. An excellent possibility which is
stomers and, at the same time, I have doubled also used eagerly by beginners in a language.
my turnover within three months. My attitude has changed funda- We can offer thinkman® support to you for more than
mentally, I go much more consciously through life. These were the 30 languages. In private you can work through the
most important weeks of my life, thank you. language courses in the self-learning mode, in
Roswitha Meier, beautician business we recommend a training with the back-up
of a certified language tutor.

Our business tutoring sessions run throughout a

period of several weeks. You invest some hours in
active - conscious - tutoring. During the remaining We have carried out the three-month English
weeks you only need 15 minutes daily, the rest runs course for beginners in our company. The results
subconsciously and on the side with your thinkman . ®
were excellent. Two technical employees were capable of communi-
Constant training for people with little time. Why cating within two months in such a way that communication abroad
constant training, you may ask yourself now. was possible. Hochland AG

Page 10
Tutoring and education

...Partner for tutoring and education!

An easy and playful application. I have applied the Individual tutoring

thinkman for five years in kids' tutoring - with
In individual tutoring disturbing behaviour patterns
amazing results. Especially hyperactive children are analysed within the scope of conversation therapy.
immediately build up self-confidence through inner calm, gain inner A change can only be worked after the cause of the
strength and improve significantly at school. This is as important as behaviour pattern has been found.
the changes within the family which result from the new calm.

Joachim H. Roth, kid’s coach hus blockages are removed fast and effi-
ciently with the thinkman® technology. An-
noying behaviour patterns are adjusted, bringing sta-
Kid’s tutoring bility and freedom of action as a result. Behaviour
The kids' tutoring of KOSYS™ brings immediately me- patterns which have been built up for decades, can
asurable results for teenagers and children. The syn- be re-programmed by individual tutoring within a
chronisation of the hemispheres and efficient few weeks. You will find further info at
removing of mental blockages leads to better results
at school, to a higher quality of life for children and to
a more harmonious family life. By individual tutoring I have overcome an
addiction which had accompanied me for 23 years,
The kids' tutoring is carried out by certified KOSYS™ with only nine weeks of training. The tutoring is
tutors. Another possibility is the application of the brilliant, I will continue! Christian Holmer, Businessman
thinkman with suitable programmes in private. With

this method the kids' tutoring proceeds on the side

homework periods. Sports coaching
We support sportsmen and women at every
performance level. The mental training of the KOSYS™
Since I have been wearing the thinkman® on my academy is used by professionals (PGA, basketball,
arm while doing homework, I only need half the JuJutsu, moto cross, Olympic base Obertauern etc.)
time. I can play football more often. In maths I as well as amateurs. You will find further info at
have advanced from grade five to three - really
great. Jürgen Wirth, pupil

Learning and training concepts

Since 2000 the thinkman has also been used in
Every aspect of the thinkman® learning and training
schools during lessons. English, art and mathematics content is constructed compatibly. Our academy has
lessons have been supported among others. access to a professional recording and video studio,
Especially the application with weaker pupils is in which we process your subliminal training
very successful. Pupils with problems can be bet- material, using multimedia and videotechnology.
ter integrated into the class, the self-esteem of the Thus it is possible to train your employees and part-
pupils rises significantly with higher performance. ners fast and systematically in the
desired subject. By means of the
With problem pupils I reach for the thinkman . Ag-
most modern video-stream techno-
gressions are removed by relaxation, hemisphere logy we integrate the training
synchronisation and instructions to the cell, and communication with content seamlessly into your website. We are happy
the pupils becomes easier. to show you the possibilities using a realised training
Josef Weiss, headmaster and therapist of Tomatis concept. Page 11
KOSYS™ thinkman®

The KOSYS™ thinkman®

Relaxation at the push of a button, tutoring and learning support

At the heart of our range of products is the thinkman® n the context of mental training and lear-
which we put on the market after a two-year ning content a transference of information
development in 1999. Today the thinkman® is at cell level is possible (details see page 9, subli-
already in its fourth development stage. minal perception). With this quick and efficient trans-
ference of information ultrasonic hearing offers an
With the thinkman ®
trinity ultrasonic hearing has enormously wide spectrum of application. The three
become applicable in a mobile way. The thinkman® main areas are relaxation at the push of a
trinity has an integrated "swish" generator and offers button, tutoring and training for learning.
relaxation, concentration and whole body resonance
frequency. The human being is in the foreground of the think-
man® technology and the requirements of the human
being, whether old or young, whether businessman
or life artist. The synchronisation of consciousness
and the subconscious, of will and belief is decisive
for every single of us.

Many problems arise out of stress. Stress

hormones are the cause of almost all illnesses.
I see the thinkman® as an ideal support in stress
therapy. V. Vermeulen, physiotherapist

Some possibilities for use ...

– applications for wellness and
"self-assertiveness training"
– relaxation training
– application in competitive sports
– sleep support
– support of massage and cosmetic treatments
The thinkman works on the basis of the body's own
– mental training and personality training
bio-compatible oscillations - frequencies from 30,000 – application in seminars
to 144,000 Hertz. Brain and body can be harmonised – synchronisation of teams (sports / management)
and balanced in their activity by the application of – development of better school performance
bio-resonance frequencies. These frequencies can be – learning of foreign languages
used for specific relaxation as well as for – internalising of presentation texts,
increased concentration. theatrical texts and speech texts
– reducing of learning blockages
– etc.

I was thrilled even after the first application. apacity to act at the highest level repre-
I know how fast I can calm down with my sents quality of life, success and vitality.
techniques. The fact that this can function with a "device" just as You will achieve the capacity to act by means of the
fantastically … I am overwhelmed. "turbocharger" of targeted programming of behaviour
Wolfgang Reichl, business trainer and mental tutor patterns - the original KOSYS™ thinkman®.

Page 12

The KOSYS™ software

The KOSYS™ mental training programmes are Some subjects of our mental programmes:
especially adapted for use with the KOSYS™ – BASIC / self-love thinkma
n® Pro

thinkman . Pitch, frequency and pulse are perfectly
– Letting go
adapted to the technical possibilities of the ultrasonic – Success
transference. – Healthy eating
thinkman Programm




– Communication
g / Na und
ltrainin wing So he
Menta g / Flo d Sprac
20 min. ltrainin und un
N° 1 – Menta tureso 3
Track 20 min. g / Na rial MP
N° 2 – ltrainin smate
Track Menta s Bonu

Besides technical perfection, the programmes are

20 min. plu
N° 3 –

– Concentration
thinkman® Progr

Power Energy
amm ]
File H L E
[ F Ü

designed in such a way that analysis and – Learning with joy thinkma
n® by

ning / Naturesound
Track N° 1 – 20 min. Mentaltrai

creativity are activated in equal measure - a – Power Energy Track N° 2 – 20 min. Mentaltrai
Track N° 3 – 20 min. Mentaltrai
ning / Flowing Sound
ning / Naturesound und
plus Bonusmaterial MP3

synergy which results in the harmonising effect – Relaxation Track N° 1 –


KOSYS [ www H L Es.deE R F O L G ]

F Ü .kosy
20 min. Mentby
thinkman altraining / Natur
Track N° 2 – esound

of ultrasonic hearing.
20 min. Ment
altraining / Flowi

– Creativity
Track N° 3 – ng Sound
20 min. Ment
altraining / Natur
esound und
File plus Bonusmat
erial MP3

thinkman ®
[ F Ü H L E

The results are fascinating. If a golfer putts

better approximately 20 to 30 percent better ur mental programmes are applied in
after 30 minutes of "Pink Noise" application, the results after several three steps. In the first step you familiarise
weeks with an individual programme, are convincing. yourself with the content, i.e. you decide by your free
Relaxation, increased concentration and mental training - that is the will that you want to work with the sentences of the
guarantee for a good score. H. Feierabend, PGA golf trainer training programme. In the second step you create a
positive emotion for every sentence (e.g., you see
yourself within the sentence "I understand others" in

ll our mental training programmes are a pleasant situation in which you have understood
created in the KOSYS™ academy and are another person very well). In the third step you start
checked over several instances. We understand with the thinkman® and transmit the training senten-
the correlation between mind, body and soul as the ces with a 10,000-fold repetition per hour directly to
basis for wholistic training. your 60 trillions of cells. High speed with clear focus.

If a training takes into account mental and physical

requirements, wholistic results can be expected. You KOSYS™ mental training programmes
can extend your mental skills in a very short period
offer high speed with absolutely clear focus.
of time.

hen with every single repetition the me-
morised, positive emotions rise to the sur-
face of your consciousness. You remember -
because subliminal perceived information tends to be
realised. And this process is continually strengthened
because you are dealing consciously with the subject
- you have generated an emotion, you have an asso-
ciation for every sentence...

The thinkman® + Mentaltraining = Small things happen inexplicably from nowhere.

Your brain perceives 10.000 positive Because your brain knows no difference
emotions per hour, fast and between things which happen in the environ-
extremely precisely... ment and things from your memory. Page 13
Products for your balance

Die KOSYS™ tutoring programmes

he KOSYS™ tutoring programmes are the Several thinkman® sessions (with the CD "Pink Noise") will bring the
perfect possibility for tutoring yourself - in human emotional, mental and energetic oscillations into a
the selflearning procedure. Your subconscious is harmonious balance. The people in a group will feel a more
continuously confronted with the training content. intensive common mutuality and harmony. The communication and
Thus the active exercises you are attending within the openness among the participants is strengthened.
scope of the programmes are perfectly supported. Both hemispheres of the brain are integrated very fast.
Biology Feedback Measurements Huna Vita
Here, too, it is essential - capacity of acting at
the highest level stands for quality of life,
success and vitality. In addition to the visualisation chin
™ Coa
and emotional load of beliefs, the tutoring program-
mes offer another important advantage. You work da-
ily on the subject with conscious exercises.
a n a g e m ent
Time m
and Intuit

Coaching Programm

his is an example from the tutoring pro-
gramme "Time Management and Intui-
tion". In the second unit of self tutoring you work on
the subject "Target-setting". KOSYS ™
g Program

With instructions like I am defining my goals and

I have concrete intentions you bring your subconscious en”
in H
“Z eit-N
onto the desired track. And this takes place with
10,000 repetitions per hour.
ung stimmt
Damit die Richt

The thinkman® creates manifestly changed

cerebral wave patterns, enabling a new access to
cerebral achievements. Thanks to this strong and precise effect, the
type of CD imported is of decisive importance.
g für de
n Alltag

Institute of Communication and Cerebral Research

Günther Haffelder - physicist, psychologist and EEG specialist
Through perfect matching of conscious exercises and
targeted instructions to the cell you synchronise will-
power and belief (example: You want to utilise your

our subconscious starts to work for you time better, but you do not really believe that you will
while you are fixing concrete goals every ever achieve it - your belief will always win).
day. You work out what you will achieve within the
next twelve months, then develop a two-year plan, If will and belief run synchronically you will come to
afterwards a five-year plan. You work out how you the pole position, you are really capable of acting.
aim to reach the goals and you establish concrete You are succeeding - and you are fully aware
time frames. of your actions.

Page 14
System37 – remain in tune

System37 – my tone
remain in tune

he number 37 stands for the optimum Just as the constant body temperature of 37
body temperature. If the temperature is too degrees is important for your health, the sy-
high or too low, you will feel bad. Then you are ill. stem 37 tone is also important to keep your
own frequency in tune.
Just in the way our body temperature is measurable,
our own frequency - our oscillation - is also measu-

rable. How? Every person vibrates with a genetically he everyday application of System37
determined tone. And - just like in music - there are creates concrete benefit for you:
only 12 different ones - seven primary tones and five
semitones as in music. The tone develops within our – you are optimally tuned for exams, discussions and
body when the body's cells charge and discharge negotiations.
electromagnetically like a battery. Whilst unloa- – your personal stress level sinks - you are simply in
ding, they briefly twitch - this generates the a good mood, and on a continuing basis.
tone. – you can gain maximum relaxation and recuperation
while sleeping.
Today we are all more or less under stress. Stress – you increase your efficiency in school, job and
is the main cause of illnesses in our civilisation. sports enormously.
The thinkman ®
creates an effective relief - it is – you strengthen your immune system noticeably
the haven of peace. Relaxation and calmness at the push of a and massively.
button, that's what makes the thinkman so valuable!

Dr. Bodo Köhler, president BIT, author System37 The best thing you can do for yourself! Have
your individual System37 tone determined
and bring yourself in tune!
Through influences from the outside (work, family, te-
levision ...) you loose your own natural oscillation. With my tone I feel great. I am very busy at the
Measurements show that humans oscillate up to two moment but I have got enormous energy!!
semitones above their own individual tone after a nor-
mal working day. This means you are out of tune in Roschi Schaarschmidt, systemical positionings, individual tutoring
the true sense of the word. What happens if the
human being is out of tune? This generates stress, di-

scontent, fear and illnesses. he tonic keynote application is optimally to
be combined with the programme "Activa-
thinkman Progra

SystemTon tion of the Selfhealing Forces".
Healing is a synthesis from the mental attitude of the
10 Minuten Oktav

person, his / her life energy and vitality, the

Track N° 1 – e2
10 Minuten Oktav
Track N° 2 – e3
10 Minuten Oktav
Track N° 3 – e4
10 Minuten Oktav
Track N° 4 – en

treatment by the doctor or alternative practi-

File je 10
Bonus – 4 MP3 KOSYS ™


tioner, healthy eating, healthy water, ade-

ndun !
Anwe achten
Bitte eil be
im In

thinkman by
...und ich l
iebe mich!
quate exercise, sufficient sleep as well as the
way of living in itself. No doctor or alternati- Activvatioon of th
Selfhealing Foo
ve practitioner alone can give us this syn- rces
I am very well, I am wearing the thinkman® thesis because we ourselves have to contri-
during every free minute and it is so good for me! bute the responsibility actively to our hea-
I am very grateful for the great System37! Thank you! ling process. In this case the instructions to
Kathrin Griebner, chemist the cell are working. KOSYS AKA
DEMIE Page 15
KOSYS™ inside

Josua Kohberg

The scientific advisory board

Jemina Anger Advisory board management and tutoring manager of the academy, conversation
therapist, Lüscher Color diagnostics, System37 tutoring manager, EMF Balancing
Technique Practitioner, NLP Master
Prof. Dr. Stefan Koop Specialist for dental therapy and pain therapy
Joachim H. Roth dipl. graduate in business management, PSI-Tech trainer,
EMF Balancing Technique Supervisory Teacher, kid's coach, conversation therapist
Dr. Gudrun Starringer nutrition doctor, trainer for fitness, health and relaxation
Dr. Richard Kirchmair Specialist for otolaryngology, vocal disturbances and linguistic disturbances,
nutrition medicine (DGEM), Med. High-class manager, assistant judge EFQM
Dr. Bodo Köhler President of the Society for Biophysical Information Therapy
School Man. Josef Weiß School headmaster, Tomatis therapist

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