Reflection This is the first English class where I have had to reflect on my writing.

I am use to writing about ideas and concepts in novels. When I do that type of writing I never really put forth serious thought and consideration. Recently we as a class have been more focused on ourselves and how we write. For me that means digging deeper to analyze things that I did not focus on before. What are my strengths and weaknesses as a writer? What is my writing process like? How is my writing process developing? These are all question that I had to answer in order to accomplish my assignments and to create this portfolio. I chose the selected pieces because they help display how I went about writing them. “Loyalty is like a book.” Is the metaphor I ended up with after my classmates and I switched cards. The cards had our concept words and our everyday words, that were used to create the metaphor. I started this assignment by listing the words that are associated with loyalty, and by listing the elements that make a book. One of my strengths as a writer is that I am organized and concise when I go about writing. That can also be one of my weaknesses, because it can inhibit my creativity. Especially when I am so focused on the details and facts. There was a small catch with this assignment though, it had to be six hundred words exactly. This where I ran into some trouble, I had a tough time coming up with six hundred words. Explaining the concept of loyalty was a challenge for me, because it is such a heavy concept. Overall I enjoyed this paper it helped me better understand metaphors. The narrative was a story about a time in out lives when writing or reading stood out to us in a certain way. For some it was positive and others negative. I chose the dialogue that I wrote separately before I added it to my narrative, mostly because it is what I most enjoyed doing. In order to make the dialogue feel natural I grabbed a pencil and paper, and wrote as I talked. I thought back to the conversation I had with Noelle when I was asking her to be my mentor. The dialogue within the narrative I felt was wellbuilt. The writing process for this was completely different than what I did for the metaphor. For this I had to look to personal experience, while with the metaphor it was just the general concepts of loyalty. I believe that I should continue to use dialogue because it is a strong point for me. Simple but unique is what describes my logo. Swirls with my name embedded in it, which in actuality represents me very well. When in class or in my room trying to do homework I start to draw swirls, and for no apparent reason. I imagine that it aids in my thinking, more or less concentrates my thoughts. You will find this logo in my notes, homework, and even as the backdrop of my computer. The logo uses my favorite colors teal, and black. Which is also the color scheme for my dorm room. The swirls are feminine and lucid which compliments me. One of my goals is for that hopefully in the near future for my writing to also represent me in a clear way. I want the style to feel like me, and I want my writing process to bring out the best writing in me. For my next piece I chose one of my reading logs. The “Banking” Concept of Education was not by any means an easy article to read. That is why it was necessary

to have a reading log for me personally. The way I went about reading this was I read it through once, then I read it a second time while I wrote down quotes and words I did not understand. I drew a two column table with quotes and words on one side, and with explanations and definitions on the other side. As I mentioned before this article was definitely a challenge to read but the reading log helped me with understand it. Also exploring more of my own ideas contributed to me grasping the idea of the article a little more. With the quotations I took what Freire the author said and I wrote my ideas of his statements. Defining the words I did not know is something so simple but it was tremendous help in reading the article with more ease. I will most likely use reading logs to help me with future readings, but not just in English class but in my other classes as well. Space Invader. This certain piece is one of my all time favorites ever. I had so much fun researching and writing this paper. This was an assignment from my Theatre teacher at UNC Charlotte. She wanted us to step outside our boundaries and do something that broke society’s rules. I chose that moment when you are walking behind someone who is going too slow and you want to pass them. Instead of passing them I walk beside them for a few moments. It was honestly one of the most awkward moments in my life. The reason I loved this assignment was because it was truly fun to write. I got to be funny and witty without being worried about the details and how it comes across to others. The writing process for this was unique to anything else I have ever done. Going out and following someone is not normally something I do everyday, especially for a school assignment. Even though she was not an English teacher she improved my writing so much. I am grateful to her for freeing up my writing. Goals for the future. I am the type of person like many who leaves things for the last minute. An easy goal would be to procrastinate less and plan out my work schedule. Also like many college students I spend way too much time on my computer. For a midlevel goal I would like to spend more time doing activities outside or joining clubs at UNC. As for a challenging goal I want to enjoy my classes and appreciate that I am getting an education that others do not get the chance to have. These pieces are meant to show my growth as a writer, my writing process, and that I truly understand my writing. My expectation is that they do just that. That my writing is developing and growing to represent me and my ideas. Not just those of my educators and my peers.

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