Tenesia Sealey Dr.

Rieman March 31, 2011 My Own Thing When thinking about a prompt for this Writing to Explore piece I contemplated many things. I thought about writing about my inquiry question since we all know it is the main topic on our minds. I also thought about describing the types of writing I am used to and the history I have with writing. I could not decide on one really good prompt so I decided to try and combine all of the above and talk about a little of everything. When it comes to this inquiry paper, I think I have said before that it is unlike anything I have ever done before. The only papers I have ever written are research papers and essays. I think it is a fun experience trying a new form of writing. I was a little worried when I found out it had to be about writing and language but the fact that it could be on any topic we wanted made it better. I have to admit starting this project was a little overwhelming. Not knowing exactly what was expected from me made me nervous on if I would do well with this assignment. After the numerous assignments we have had that dealt with this assignment, I have gained more insight on what is expected of me and out of this assignment. I know now that this assignment is meant for me to learn something about a topic dealing with language and writing, that I am interested in. I know that this assignment does not have any particular guidelines concerning how I present my question and it is up to me to make this as creative and exciting as possible. The next topic of my prompt is writing itself. Hmmm...I have expressed before my thoughts on writing and how difficult it is for me to sit down and write a paper that I feel confident about. I mentioned in my midterm paper that I do not feel like my writing skills have improved all that much over this semester. Which I am beginning to believe is not as true

anymore. I told Dr. Rieman in our meeting with our groups that I will probably realize my progress when I finish my final portfolio and can actually see the progression I have made. We talked about different goals and ways to help me be a stronger writer and one of my goals was to expand my vocabulary. I am proud to say that I have taken a major step towards accomplishing this goal. For Fall semester 2011, I have signed up for a Latin class. If this does not expand my vocabulary I do not know what will. This class will also help with the fact that I am planning on going into the medical field. I am starting to find it a little easier when writing my papers. I know these papers are nothing compared to the papers I will have to write in the future, but I look at it as “I will cross that bridge when it gets here”. I feel that I should concentrate on what I am doing now, and what I can do to better the writing that I am assigned. I will keep focusing on the things that I am assigned for this semester and try to do everything else I can to reach the goals that I made just a few weeks ago.

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