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PN alles O)s ANIMAL ANATOMY FOR ARTISTS es, Nils elst S| Nein PS SN in Oi a yx Edited by lewis S. Brown 288 illustrations LUMINOSITY AR437 AN ATLAS OF ANIMAL ANATOMY FOR ARTISTS BY W. ELLENBERGER, H. BAUM AND Be Der nC a Second Revised and Expanded Edition Edited by LEWIS S. BROWN, Exhibition Department, American Museum of Natural History DOVER PUBLICATIONS, INC., NEW YORK coprnicur © 1949, 1956 sy poveR rusLicaTions, INC. All rights reserved under Pan American and International Copyright Conventions Published in Canada by General Publishing Company, Ltd, 30 Lesmill Road, Don Mill, Toronto, Ontario. An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists, frst published in 1949 by Dover Publications, Inc is a new English translation by Helene Weinbaum of Handbuch der Anatomie der Tire fr Kuntler originally published by Theodre Weicher, Leipzig in 1901 ‘The second revised English edition, edited by Lewis $, Brown and frst published in 1956 by Dover Publications, Inc contains « new Preface, 25 ‘ditional plates and an enlarged bibliography. International Standard Book Number: 0-486-20082.5 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 56-14001 Manufactured in the United States of America 180 Varick Street New York, N. Y. 10014 Preface to Second Revised American Edition have ndeaen with «gad hea he paranoia ‘oro me hy ld me they ltd ech Se ky Sig ta ee he fd a To el mmo ‘he Sire format nl a dye purl Te er Ahegh laf the da Named, yw mer 8 ‘Meret eer Te mi al te oer Pda pei {be Sa ad the thier ae el he ng er ina ‘amen ao Te Nori ie ae teed ws srnetn vrery toot The Hf eden yu ‘il mac. ye tne onthe Sevlpment ofthe py we he ‘de ed the th sa Th vee nd te rear ew fo on cet Shah fe amido owt ae wh ae ‘hm wa tay he ve fg ha pe be sted, “ior pla on he msony af th ea sled om he Dorin ped 148 Te sume etn he dn ovate by Cor Car sd M aura plied in 1 eit tthe on sean low ate eed sr aly f Fron for mors Ono af manana The have td the Bring al sre of the ere Roden rodie-t uc) the st ‘pre, th rer Meaptiencrpim-qah); the Bat 1 ry Cpa (hired panning) The make. th run fi ath aed wth he ear ‘om oop he toma mony oa ny be le 9 tee {te hr or th ow Tha mel 4 nfo fr not irene in stro. ne eed to Tok erly enh Seow hae al ha eh od ri on em aero eh cmon hie cnr ee an in) ‘Saw te tet rite wa eee inthe ipa ne A NoTr ox srevcrune, nls with ten and mac I he Flenre B td Dice phn, aor pat digas sa, the bore the dog the lows, the cow, the pate sg te freed tr pom ee Imo strghen the man stg ths mult el The Horse THE HORSE nate THE HORSE - PLATE 4 FIGURES 4.5 6 Te edie EW senomenditaers {Cpe gu te cps chi var po Me pcr mar Fert prof pecs mor Bet peo pra ior Lar ese ba re mete) Gare paar Spin senpte Str evndseof kameret Sf hea amet Dad erty fre (Rett) TEP ona ge orem eae S0-M, rabyaen NF jn (el THE HORSE - PLATE 5 FIGURES 7 89 aver trina teen of Mis neror amor dorm pi ers Mh feo igor profi. ip fe aon Terminal pata the united Mi. ger tendo wl Force | Seperftl femr tadon et ‘=A fear din pds ng Ser ct aes EE sm st Mace of he nit Meet fase 15-Femar 16st condo oir eee me of ear BEd oe of erie Bt Tae alte! ‘-Eutrat el coen pa bone ital tne 25"Caputan local center of he omer 20 Porn chen fe foe BS ones ofthe digi jolt Phan won Scar ef th tl lou THE HORS PLATE FIGURES 10 11 12 Tendon ofr a tM dean, {Capt toga pis tak Flt prt of he Meat ta tas dt itp eM. iy doin lambda fre "Mgrs mena Mr et {Terr oa of the bcp fers. Pena had of he M enti ‘st Short ang ts fet a Hci He tectaee cee ‘in (pt ieee 12 Sot jr of hear Fr baci boty Sts pote nar ae THE HORSE - PLATE FIGURES 13 14.15 4, eraamaniari ator tino he pcr jr [Por pois ofthe pura ine Spur portion oth Meas Tho prt ote erone aor Coat prion oe Mots mapas "Semdon of de Maia sbomin Po ltrs me OW medina ‘tc Slr and lng rts of he it absitor wef he d FM logins ai YA tmp alts 2, pris "Minhas =i a ae or en Som ej ree re ee acm Sear Face an leanne ete Emaar Ee oe 52M amolgidns SU poem 25M, pet op des eee a lei dr lh ico TOA ligase itera tom SM, rurale ‘Mate ine ding the diane Daten ‘het stale of te dam onan ee ofan the two ip jane ape sew of he isis of wai 16 Dane ine ibeting he dane ten the tere the hin per THE HORSE - PLATE & FIGURES 1617 18.19 ea drones of te M. bien aos he fold of the ri atl iy the Mp tes cans lad ofthe sends For muof b bet po dco fhe gee tsp eon ne ToS depron (pu foe) 10a oy bP BrSygeati fei ct $0 fat of I nly lesa Cope ne 57 Pione orn ad oon te onion sew ht cen ric. 18 rie. 19 tou THE HORSE - PLATES 9 10 FIGURES 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 20 PSs a ‘ale ep atte Tp ha 1 al a Depron of te mite rt aa ey na oars ett ae Site te hore of tes Tofeease tra heer 2 Buco purses rice Ste ae a Sto ore Sd ps of ice St 10Tempoe foe Pra canada he nt jcne 10 Teer pre of ii Coie ke Cot ho pial 1 Osho TM winery Temporary fl BOs arma iia molest ap 27 Bygone fl eet ‘dy fe lero eth pd fom he ae 297i at exe ram hell 10-Brct of te ote a tno he oe oe SIGs pe of tower tae ett (dar Sted seal soir Stal erg of he nse 5,8 The ahd or aa srg ofthe 3, mn externa 367 eer 39V Jot St Prat an “Glan ports tthe Sect of ec tt sn Tron te maser are 7 Mal tp ari oe nis THE HORSE - PLATES 11 12 FIGURES 30 31 32 33.34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 SM rn dia commons Sarat di mini (SSM eer cr alr FM td pas on {ie dhe dep fsa of te dig cE te bri rae Ean the poral ej (roster uf eee de COs mde Wanna bd he nd ofthe dst |For nde Chek amen La pee et i (cen rae arlene ra fede Eat aoe cone of he mre (9 Eatera arya the ri {o-oo ae apes tra al tp oe 1 Sema ons af tf dig jolt 16 Pllns prime {Plans ean Sem orf he ed igi jit THE HORSE rrare it THE HORSE - PLATES 18 14.15 FIGURES 42 43 44 45 46 47 48.49 50 51 52 53 54.55 56 57 5859 eM tiki eterin fad of he Memes t-te fo tra ment of the heck toner broth of iii etre Pan of sedis ‘an ‘ov rch of Mal sor Sdadef el arate Ine of thle ah othe se Meee nts ecto ‘ilo ho Evite digarm lngas Feared emeri Patra hr lta gn of the hack S.4-M. esr dighram petals Lerner i Sipe ttt mene Oe eof the at sare 0 he se Tins enin ool fee bllass BLP ri Jar a Ting BU fxr conse of hie {9 Par en fe ak eine mgr tern grat fre oh. ho {0st swt of hock ot 1 tine tein Rad ht ergo ae Poi toe Tanta og lar gamit of hak ape fr don Ta Co enee motes Sele foe a Certara ntl htt Time ofthe bok Fedor bend fromthe irons mein an SM, foordigem pe fog Ae prof agit ore hoo} Stroh of ft ore a Tendo of Mf iron pois lone 29-Sed bor dig et. Min ore of rot oe ao anton wos ine {Lal ro fr ho} rlaconrng eM. godceps fomos—3N-Ploe wenada Sorta lave! "ide eps fort Plas tre tit jr do. ht nina and fom Hers fers Mt ie Mf hin ho Tesi of THE HORSE - PLATE FIGURES 60 61 62 63 Sih patel ames TA taal ptr tr ‘Used ea Bigot of he ae for Timor) jn merle Het of the oe Cor enor) jon A eit {Esl alignment of hop oa Seed ata ies of hepa 16 64 65 66 67 Star nd fhe dias ‘tarde tere ‘tna erro there ‘rm tcp NB rp ie tor oof the omer 1 tt leo ttf oer BY Berrnl conse ofa Bhi (we) THE HORSE - PLATE FIGURES 68 69 70 71 target tor nal nd of the eee sll espe aa Sar ce Sri ptr ae Sond plates oral ors one 1 Tied eto cop Tht pan of fone TS lo te ed ig Tends hal tad fro the spe 72°73 AF Dep fea enon 15. Sap fxr ean FT err ofthe fla eden ta roe as RC Refrig sho te dr err rdon {9 teen igpors of he co fot 2 Fe hear di tener ml 2 Peroni th alo hea! Siew) eh Frog the op S1-Llp of hestoe "Chev th breshor ai Fett 314 mal grin cringe sen ileal a tee es THE HORSE - PLATE FIGURES 7475 76 77 1 of he tn te sn Pleo te eos mation ofthe bed sown Sn ie of eh oe seewintie oe ats" Pe tn or Ste fe of sn tae te a sn of he idan Nara TEA neh" a eta BOW pee 2 Thorac wire 18 78 79 80 81 82 a3 Bt Nip cre Tho oy 26M pcr in BM fs ada Molar doin ners Bee el wr es "A Panieaar mont of ewido 12 Doral pr of the W rpeiae NM ons dr Maton WOE fort lat BAW for radii 2a se dt pnd {Tener ofthe common tao th ig Ando of thea sen of Bei tory heey toe $5 a Duero ane eal mete bar Sep for aden 0-Derp esr tendon 507-Rurforeng ligne of he eer tenn peer sore 5 Lange coo een dit 8 Superfeil for tendon (Dep fear ef edi (Gra tts paren (7 fosr ig nnn ‘Ava dg beac Isl eto a STondian te G6 Tendon of the lng ot somon digo 2 Suprise tn (Seep esr don oA wip pre Ho non lb ep eee ma iceaume a prema eu Seo or BM eta bine S1-Fr bne Moly THE HORSE - PLATES 19 20 FIGURES 84 85 86 87 98 tio wes 2g of nck Limo eran {lenght of he shader arm iy Seng aot (Lene of erat tel te ro tg of erat Stathers Frame dat of head UTrmnenr dame ak Tere dame a TH-DimneDtors tee ests i 1m fe act gh Proof the srt of th et ‘eh (beth of eo 20 Lengo oe head Die ers hone comand fre ‘row peo seo ip 2-Disee ln ike jr ead of th ae et a fora mr tah of ed ARs ore mr of the ba BM of head 6V il dae of the mtr sma rom te pod Diane ofthe corn fr the rma Maso engi rm the iw nt te sre nd Tonle) of the yc bne Atarenrt 1 he length from the le ranma mo mien poof orm toe Disc emt promi pio he "itr foe fw the mao he ton eng of te ck enh of he oo SS ofthe dopo the ore ‘Dion te kph of he trp Dian ofthe dh of te marae ‘Diao te dp oh oor Dimon of dep athe eo he es Praha oath of the fr Diet of bron rrr dant "he frm ja ae he arpa br of he ape frat acre domo he mide ‘eames ro ea it rath ofthe mle of te fock te bah of he sm do ‘ef 6 Coates rh ofthe) the Bring "iro the wlohe a Veni tance of the pate fom the 47-inch patel from the inne am “tof ee 8 Verio dao the tbr cero the grand 19 -tengho the flk Leh of thor ut te malo he bol SC pion of deo he eg Sk tha of th eg ofthe oer Stone depth dance heres Ste ofthe pth of he mae of the Diane of he depth of he a joi Dimer of they af he io the fen S7-Tretoe mao he mos prominent mr of bo ore igs, trad ater dmc ewe le SDM sea dat oe owe eg {teal f te tran (Mite ah oth ind mettre {© tnt ofthe hind feck (Ste Dat fhe hdfc Str fhe pe ce ie of te (Blof he earn go the hind ot THE HORSE pare 9 Directions of the hair trace = = ° = = 5 att iteg ew — | ere os | omic ain ay fame ou | me amy meat ae | me | oe te nh td ee om fom me sol ho ame | wate ame | om | a ow ‘hin omar nit etd stn oes | erie rk mae | me site am |e he te ate rm] aa | ate rug sratind mee | osu | arn ay me amy | are eae | ath team mt ow | aie in messes | we arg | ie 164 iat | are ae ot | teammate | ame oo amy in mine seen | as ve | we tu am sk | tte mmo | nate ah | sm | ate os rations [ide | sane an at et strato [ew few om | mel wow | oe Re he ng tnt amet | om amy fir [ek wt | le ate ake wea in ated est ted atin] 6 ate | ate me | rr | oe oh | ake oe KK ett and mer | Se oe | amie soe ame | om [ok am | hee He tek ets stews — | mae | ame me fe | emu | my 1 ee ia noe-ssan | om ote | oom ke] ae fw | te 1% he OK he nein sven {oe mw | ome uma | ume fm ow | ne enact [oy wow | ie tte a | ew en en tint win oy 94 ate ome ow [ome mm mt Lm sts tematind mee |g Hy Oa of Oe a ay a es fo gore he 2 mh Om Om tat | me Mm me | oe Om Om me erat eat in| Oh he KM | Bee Ny the hem ett tet mee | me Lae eee a he at Ph Oe ee | Oe ein mews yo Oy we the Oe tL ae Oe ines rss | he ine hun 3 |e the Oe he The Dog H DOG - PLATES 1 FIGURE 6 it ae eae peo aniay EA eh fap mc emt 2M pl mar apes Eldest ater refocer Crapo Wena 1 ig cre ‘err pt of Maran peter Lied fe Am yo ii of Melis SS ik Ta fener in» sep cnr mater Meg oor 2345678 #9 10711218 acre at Porenirets Weer nia (a itetent ered Os pnjome nal condyle te Eta 2 Taber een Bollea Ph pot BC et fo opitle 3.24 yrs fei Son arto M. hmbidane 35M sii sell des 0M, nro ce eh Wipe dot 1p ee espe Step of eta STM deal 12-Pepie! plate nd 6 Aetrir partof Meine Put of er of ee jr SW pcm doa St pe of le THE DOG prare THE DOG THE DOG priate THE DOG - PLATES 9 10.11 FIGURES 14 15 1617 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Plant ball eM fer di sbinie Digi i STi far dos the orp of he Dig bal of he Eto fs di bli Cpl a a, erie pena Per en ofl Sei tr ag alii Coe TiS te er pat ofthe A, W-Olereon €oM etn Sigh cami eo die. rojas ‘Eu esemor digit mind ‘+ Thethend dono Mss alee Sa ee ep alt Ionarts pone Me Ser ali mens 1M tri -Balol Mecha ners nen pares al Me bk it pao er TCA fer cp aii al dete gem Pht onde 1M fee ran pees Pht ee THE DOG riareo THE DOG - PLATES 12 13 FIGURES 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 Ea rrr Lippi agan intr tere igen Spoons ge ana ate of Jomer tixtoe {End of cp femoris FFend of extn dig. pi araln "End of sme A perc bre {pec dos rend Momeni Ms fl halt Longs State) Mepte eines tigen Te bal of Mein Tenn of tas poor Sateen dig pb re {oni etin often peronemi ‘eam nd of th er Fon ttn eg far dig pds lini Eee tere Tene Epes Mba eri wl fer dg, pong tee dof fle 28-Taberntan Shae 2 Seed Ene of he jit of the THE DOG rrare 1s THE DOG - PLATES 14 15 16 FIGURES 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Sar ts mab Mekhi, deidonatidens SN tenonrens ‘eal mney, Sem EW ccatririt ner papel or abt of he co SipeComnne mateo me ‘To of tenga of he Tater f heer Eater palptrar al eli lg) mae Corel bens male frie Pomc) 1 Mtomporl EM epota 22d of he ie "Pros carmen o te inferor 12 Fru pros tema bone Ua le pane 15 Spin of seep owe 1 par prea he cpl one Vinay a iain Cont of he pina one Upp mtr Una pron othe lowe jabone Pod pion te body fo loco SoBe of he le joe S-type teal certilg of te are Stone lero heme SSC rials Str prof tre So Pag The Lion THE LION. PLATES 123 45 6 FIGURES 12345 Mapes PSesdecearae pies matte EM sernomandibalars eM pseralio maior Ee te he pa mir TEA elias omisisxteras Sq eps mee ‘eto he {Aeon of hit SW sep oy Mero the or 6 Teo 5d ae ‘a TeX 12h arc drm) vee ote ade LSet 2S capt {Hamers Ent pci Seca ea 101 ioe T-eviec fae afi Be Peon ob ii Oriya er Bhd bors 30 Pane rc ofthe amb ere Wt hadpae pre sh ans don 4-year, Be fat THE LION pare 2 THE LION THE LION riare 6 (6) THE LION - PLATES 7 8 9 FIGURES 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Tee tere lara ig ne tnd oe ba rae Pdf te pla mae Bone te ta ran LM fea ry aii sn for dior ain ‘Fonds from Mar dig sine Stu the Mf dren dan Mpls re rs Tune tame nd ofthe ne 10-Cora Orzo the 3d & th meta 1 Kineshapd oof sin THE LION uate 9 (e2) THE LION - PLATE FIGURES 23 24 25 Pn bale gl bal Deft beeen Iau 2d it Pete er tere cadences ised Se eae EE Cap tongue tre ‘ac aarp of Metis mir ‘Phra pao rt ner Cant portion of Wats ator 26 + en at Se tan 20 fora candle Bai gee fre 36 Laa poron o lninn des het og of rma ‘Clit prof he Ms ce aba Si fade ir dm OW tr ie aba THE LION ruare 10 1 THE LION - PLATES 1 FIGURES 28 29 30.31 ECM em dg ges FA etesrdigtaran pis tterais f-M fesor bles fnew Be, Saperfealfesar iron lanl mens rae a2 43 34 35 errr Sains cer peeing idan 1 Lor dof the lade fret mano ie 2 Swilig of hia 30-Plalen rin THE LION - PLATES 13 14 15 FIGURES 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 —e bree oes Petes, oe She rae i pais a oo fae a Hoos eee 1S here ete THE LION . PLATE FIGURE 47 Sime hee Macs membre of he ity STipof theme 16 aoe meron of the ip Upper et conn ht eins) tower een th tipper Uni ah ents ince) Ste th at THE LION rate 16 The Cow and Bull (vel THE COW AND BULL FIGURES 1 2 3 67 68 Steeler enters prere mce SeeN barat SW ernomani fh prorat mejor Na tpt minor hone yort of rater Cet pro Mts aga, ial gr ig of he M igen Mer eae or ano ish A dotae ed {ca Mes emai {A Short ad fang leer ofthe tit “Aer of a TW heey be wt pare Pol of Meloni capitis PLATES 123 69 7071 Pte de ter he Meta far re 1S taal tebe 2dr te od fhe cot pda Ep n Humerus pnd Stohr mae cy le h-0sJomrs “Enea candle ofthe wie Beton BO at Bt Pale 25 Paar pli 2 tenet ear 2 Mrqatrg ors a Wn 3M ue AL Bred pee iment "Plan hes too he ck seen ‘aie 0 Fou) and 7 Fa SS Tren prc te ra ere THE COW AND BULL retarted BULL piate 2 THE COW AND THE COW AND BULL puare 4 (ue) THE COW AND BULL FIGURES 45 67 aA enpesne Stel eene pars made (6 -Wbrcicpls te 2. end EW sername a 9 PLATES 5 6 Abaco te it Sa mientras To pete "Potrero he bod pie Tome Spine sepa Satin 5 Tatra mej of he amet ‘Retr of th amen San aero ceria a Tn fem 10 Tracer maj of he frie Fes es 5 Lag ts no thei THE COW AND BULL - PLATES 7 8 FIGURES 10 11 12 13 14 25 16.17 18 e-Menner rai ing esr don saber of the ai Sa ditt propia LM fee ery rs oto the ps oa nv dite vs ime ind of eM Svorcuri sas 1-04 perme SM gee pr eM fem dg ans 12S he mara a Saar el tar (Tao he om tno the mages HE-Suling fe piary meatal Boe Srecloner tg oun on Poe’ eedinety era anall metry {a hoe pts agus 1 tamer 15 Sound one of tet dig Jot titre fea paris Fence of he her 1 Pane prime fl trina Tne Pane meade TO irene mit 1 bien ene odo aie fhe ed igi unt Ls} THE COW AND BULL . PLATES FIGURES 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 cari Scie ee eae Era aed Uigaat of he went 31Taer fear of hf song ery nd tate Stace fod ex be [oa THE COW AND BULL FIGURES 30 31 32 33 Met ai pis prorios Palisa Gal pr nd mail prt of he 0 ernment SEadot belt seeeyedeas Atha mast fot ‘it mia pri rar FM Soma mi 5M, to et Ee abner haat amt ‘lang abate of te Sa emt tine Pa nl 2-Fetera 0 poser oar of he amie Snr cro of He sare Saito PLATES 10 11 12 3435 40 41 42 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 9 tneygontice 11 Pron oon of he ne jaa 16-Ostmpercle Semper a Ler er ta ‘Ad ona, om aay mld nn Be Int anid) prt of he oer econ Mtr fr) gto he ber tne rn of th lar fa Won of he ae a S1-Chaslnprso tear Starred rea St tipper lal age 3 etri 9-0 foc Gnd para a otc mont 50,50 Cladale bie S2-Sedeyelid ontaningcorilag ition Sita eine S855" Pye S0-Papl [EB bon pigmented marl bend St Mei ed td (0. Tip te rogar St tt pi te macs mae of 2 Par of teva for yng mde the tpt herngee (Pl fh ic of he hea shows ‘ig to Paw Yo ‘ahig sca 10 THE COW AND BULL THE COW AND BULL FIGURES 55 56 57 58 ea open I Stross proces mu cca manea Sei Tid oll ran prin Yate oc Sater sie ae POW. star mei SoM Eos emer ong nd art tr of he a east of ea ate tesa wctrede hpi omen a er Uta orc 1th [Sa oa ve atone of ae PLATES 13 14 59 60 61 62 1 Ste 1B of empl ctge Tranter mujer ofthe fear 2 Totoro Borne NoTitwoilaecondtof hep ft 52 Then tna pio te 8 Th etre iif he pio teat ‘otc cm Pf he sn of the 5Pln of the er ecto he hind eg “toe i ig San Pa MoM esr carpio Be ig pp BM fer pris SCA fo dines rondo 15-1 wpb eter 7M ater digitorum ed Mis {4 perm lng {8A aa dit art po propia 3.307 fda pd fd SVM. forge lange SSeprlfror don THE COW AND BULL {001 THE COW AND BULL. PLATES 15 16 FIGURES 63 64 65 66 53 54 a what Gomera! met fe he eee trip carte tation ep nr eg of ee Four rap cnr dof are Pedr ls he trea eee career uy oa Pe of he in of he ay haa 1.23.4 8.6¢Schomatedagpam fhe an of he ew (ar tins ero erring he ht the et) THE COW AND BULL rire as | | @ @\Ha@ The Stag, Roe, Goat (ou) THE STAG, ROE, GOAT. 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Pea indented of inert Each yar Dove ples ove 20 books on neat mus eas and eework. tes ae saa, rte chr aces cstry ethos Manalacd nthe USA AN ATLAS OF ANIMAL ANATOMY FOR ARTISTS WEENBERGER HLOTTRCH H. BAIN Edited by Lewis S. 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