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An Introduction To

Slow Seduction

A Special Report from

Alpha Male Planner
An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner


1. The Difference Between Fast Seduction and Slow Seduction

A. Fast Seduction Teachers (Ross, Mystery, and the rest)

B. Some Problems with "fast seduction"

C. Slow Seduction Teachers (Robert Greene, Brett Tate)

2. Three NEW Ideas In Slow Seduction

A. Concentric Harems

B. Simultaneous Slow Seduction

C. Profiling

3. Bonus Section

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

Chapter One:
The Difference Between
Fast Seduction and Slow Seduction

First, If you're in a hurry, SKIP THIS CHAPTER, and go right to chapter two.

I have a very specific goal for this chapter. I want to orient you a bit to the
current dating and seduction literature and systems, and show you how slow
seduction is different from fast seduction.

If you're not in a hurry, READ THIS CHAPTER. It will be well worth your time.

I'm not interested here in the “soap opera” aspects of the dating and attraction
community – why Mystery no longer associates with,
what happened between Ross Jeffries and “the Bishop”, whether Papa and
Tyler ruined Project Hollywood or not, what David DeAngelo's motives were
when he started “Double Your Dating”, or any of that stuff.

You can read Neil Strauss's book “The Game” to get a start on that stuff, and
visit various forums to try to catch up on the time since the end of the book.

In this chapter, I want to briefly account for the origins of modern attraction
theory and give an overview of some of the main styles of attraction and
seduction, highlighting some of the major works in each style. There is a lot of
excellent material out there that you really should get ahold of and read when
you get a chance.

There are two main styles for wooing women I want to discuss here. The first
we'll call “Fast” seduction, and the second is “Slow” seduction.

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

A. Fast Seduction Teachers (Ross, Mystery, and the rest)

If you engage in Fast Seduction, your goal is to spend very little time from the
point at which you meet a woman to the point at which you have sex with her.

Mystery claims that if you choose carefully, you can pretty much seal the deal
with a woman within 7-10 hours of meeting her.

Some brag that they have had sex with a girl within 30 minutes of meeting her,
though they will admit that this is extremely uncommon.

I have some misgivings about making speed such a priority, but I'll wait until the
next section to share my misgivings.

For the purposes of this chapter, the fast seductin teachers will be divided into
two camps: Ross Jeffries's camp, and Mystery's camp.

There are other ways to classify these materials, and other classifications might
be better for certain purposes. For instance, you could distinguish between
those who primarily teach “inner game” from those who primarily teach “outer
game”. Or “night game” and “day game”. Or, . . . whatever. None of these
classifications will be perfect, though, partly because none of the distinctions is
particularly sharp, and partly because most experts teach at least a little bit of
all of it.

Ross Jeffries and Mystery are the most recent godfathers of dating and
seduction. There were others who went before, but these two, relatively
independently, founded two of the main modern schools of fast seduction.

Ross came first. Ross is responsible for coining the term “speed seduction”.
Roughly speaking, Ross teaches men how to use language to move women
from the state of nervous stranger to the state of wanton lust. He teaches men
how to use “weasel phrases" and descriptive language. And, generally, he
teaches men how to take and lead the woman's imagination. He borrows many
techniques from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), though he often wants to
distance himself from some of the excesses of NLP.

Ross also teaches men how to adopt certain frames of mind when dealing with
women so that men can keep the power in the relationship for themselves, and
not give it unnecessarily to the woman.

Some others coming out of the “speed seduction” school include J.D. Fuentes,
Michael “Bishop” Emery, Swinggcat, Major Mark, and David DeAngelo (though
each departs from Ross significantly at places, and each emphasizes different

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

parts of Ross's system.)

Now let's look quickly at Mystery.

Mystery's mantra is “survival and replication”. He is the experimental

evolutionary psychologist of the attraction and seduction community. He is also
a tall, dark, mysterious magician with the charm of 5 men.

Mystery has broken the seduction process down into stages. There are three
main stages, with three sub stages in each main stage. A man under Mystery's
tutelage is taught first to “spark attraction” then “build comfort”, and finally to
“seduce”. Mystery frequently gives evolutionary rationales for the techniques he
recommends, and he also provides ample anecdotal evidence.

And, even though I encourage men to embrace "slower" seduction methods, I

have incorporated Mystery's classification scheme directly into Alpha Male
Planner -- because it's a very useful way to think about the process.

Others coming more or less out of Mystery's school are Style (Neil Strauss),
Lance Mason (at Pickup 101), and the folks at, such as
Savoy, Sinn, Tenmagnet, and Future.

Many techniques and routines are used in both kinds of fast seduction, and
there is some overlap.

I do not wish to entertain issues of priority. Ross surely invented some

techniques, Mystery others, and some may have been invented independently
by both, borrowed from the other without remembering, or borrowed by both
from a common source. Any human being who has been involved in innovation
knows how unclear issues of priority can become, even when all parties
involved act with utmost integrity.

The important thing for us is that there is a growing body of techniques for fast
seduction, and the two camps are starting to merge to a large degree.

The growing body of techniques include things like “negging”, bantering, telling
stories, stealing the frame, controlling the frame, role playing, peacocking, using
weasel phrases to embed commands, games, quizzes, cold reading, kino
escalation, Amogging, “fractionation” (which is related to the “push-pull” or
“pinch and pet” in other systems), and techniques for overcoming “last minute

I think a man interested in fast seduction (or slow seduction for that matter)
would be remiss not to learn techniques from both schools. They can
complement each other nicely. For instance, one might follow Mystery's
classification scheme, and many of his techniques, while plugging in some of

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

Ross's material and developing some of Ross's verbal skills. (Swinggcat and
Bishop seem to have done this to a great extent, and to great effect).

Fast Seduction Books, Audios, and Videos:

I think there are a few works that are definitely worth your time and money, but
this is from my perspective. You might place other works on the “essential” list,
and I think there are many worth owning that are not on my short list.

First, There's Mystery's classic book, The Venusian Arts Handbook. This
is getting harder to find. Mystery has recently published another book called
The Mystery Method, and you can get that on Amazon. Also, Nick Savoy, one
of the main figures at has published a book called
Magic Bullets, and this is excellent as well. It is firmly within the Mystery
tradition, and goes beyond it at places.

Second, Ross Jeffries's Basic Speed Seduction Home Study Course. This
is very good, but you have to get comfortable learning in a “non-linear” manner.
You really need to listen 3-4 times and organize things for yourself if you want
to get a system out of it. That can be very worthwhile, though, as you'll
undoubtedly add stuff from your own perspective in the process, and it will
make it even more powerful for you.

Third, Swinggcat has a great book called “Real World Seduction”, and there is
an option to get an “audio” version. This is really an excellent piece of work.
Swinggcat has an “aw shucks” kind of surfer-dude charm. (I think he sounds a
lot like Keanu Reeves). It's very disarming, and makes it easy to learn from
him. Swinggcat has a lot of material for you, but he is probably best known for
emphasizing two particular concepts. First, he insists that you see yourself as
the “prize” (and get her to see you as the prize, too, of course) -- that's his big
“inner game” concept. Second, he advocates something called “push pull” --
that's his big “outer game” concept. Excellent stuff. (BTW, Swinggcat has
another product, "Sexual Connections", that is even better in my opinion.)

Fourth, there's Michael “Bishop” Emery's “The Fire Of Seduction”. Bishop

seems to have been marginalized to some degree within the seduction
community, but I'm a big fan of his writings.

FOS is an excellent book, from the same guy who wrote “Bishop's Journal”. In
“Fire Of Seduction” Bishop seems to have abandoned some of the Ross
Jeffries-style speed seduction techniques he used with marvelous success in
“Bishop's Journal”. But one gets the feeling while reading the book that this is
because he doesn't need women like he used to. Or, put another way, he can
get all the women he needs without talking in poetic patterns (though he still
does some of this, too). He seems to have arrived at a place where he can say,
“hey, here's what I'm about, don't give me any crap, and you might be allowed
to take an adventure with me.” And it seems to work.

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

Along with a good manual, you get more of Bishop's famous journal entries.

Fifth, there's J.D. Fuentes's “Sexual Key”. J.D. takes the NLP-type “speed
seduction” languaging, and boils out some core elements that seem to make it
easier to master the kind of communication involved in Speed Seduction®. If
you use J.D.'s material, you will cause women from time to time to have an
honest to goodness “deer in the headlights” look to them. Their breathing will
change, and they will be in a pleasurable trance. You'll want to know some
other techniques to take it from there, but it's a real trip just doing that.

Sixth, David DeAngelo has some good material. He has the beginner book
“Double Your Dating”, and he has many advanced materials, most in the form of
videos. It's not clear that DeAngelo should be placed in the "fast" seduction
camp at all, but he definitely came out of that camp, and still teaches many fast
seduction techniques.

There are many other excellent fast seduction products out there. Jon
Alexander, Guy Gets Girl, Carlos Xuma's Alpha Male book, Juggler, etc.

Fast Seduction Seminars

I should note one other kind of fast seduction product. Seminars. There are
two sources of seminars that I can highly recommend, because I have had
some interaction with the staffs of the providers. First are the seminars offered
at Second are the seminars put on by Lance Mason
and crew at Pickup 101.

I have not taken a seminar myself, but I don't doubt their effectiveness. They
are primarily for developing “fast game”, as opposed to “slow game”, but
someone who is great at “fast game” is going to have a definite edge in “slow
game” as well.

At these seminars there is usually a bit of instruction coupled with “field trips”.
These field trips can be on the street, or in a club, and the idea is to get practice
approaching and talking with women under the watchful eye of a coach.

If you want to be a legendary fast seduction artist, along the lines of Casanova
or Don Juan, my advice is to start with a couple books like Mystery's “Venusian
Arts Handbook”, and J.D. Fuentes's “Sexual Key” (or any of the others). Then
take a seminar from or Pickup 101.

Then practice approaching women a lot. Use the techniques at clubs, or in your
every day life.

Now, let's take a look at some of the problems with the Fast Seduction model.

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

B. Some Problems with Fast Seduction:

I have a few problems with the emphasis on speed. Here are a few of my

When speed is the key, . . .

 . . . men tend to engage in more risky behavior and don't screen women
for disease or mental illness. And it's not merely a private preference
issue with me. I think more emphasis OUGHT to be placed on
screening. We all have an interest in slowing the spread of STDs. You
can't just pee on your end of the pool without it finding its way over to my
end of the pool eventually.

 . . . men tend to treat women as mere sexual objects.

 . . . riskier social strategies are used that might burn bridges if used with
women you know.

 . . . the focus tends to be on bars and night clubs instead of more

ordinary meeting locations.

 . . . men are sometimes encouraged to use unnatural, and sometimes

sneaky material (this is actually the least of my complaints).

Now, with that said, I think that even if you're interested in a slower, safer, more
reasonable pace for wooing your women, the fast seduction gurus have a ton to
teach you. And I would recommend reading most of the books mentioned

Now, let's take a look at what I call "slow" seduction . . .

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

C. Slow Seduction

There is not nearly so much information on "slow" seduction, and that's too bad,
because slow seduction is, in my opinion, even more fun than fast seduction.
Though fast seduction skill always comes in handy even with slow seductions.

Slow seduction seems somehow more satisfying to many men. Even if you can
get a liquored up club girl into bed in 7-10 hours, sometimes it's more fun to play
for a while -- with a quality woman. You don't let her have you for a while. You
tease her. You try to drive her crazy for you. You see if you can get her to
eventually lose all inhibition and literally attack you sexually at some point. Now
that's fun! That's a more worthy kind of conquest. Much more satsifying in my

A couple great books on the subject are Brett Tate's “The Professional
Bachelor” and Robert Greene's “The Art Of Seduction”.

Robert Greene's The Art Of Seduction is a fun book. Actually, I found it both
fun and frustrating. He has these little red stories and quotes on the side of
almost every page, so you can't just read the main text linearly without
constantly having to decide when you want to read the red text. It's not that big
a deal, though, you eventually develop a strategy and deal with it (I eventually
decided to read the red text first, and then read the main text for a chapter). I
suppose some people like the non-linear approach, but I'm not a big fan of it.

I've also heard some say that Greene's book is a little repetitive, and that's
probably true to some extent.

However, the stories are truly golden. And they come from across the ages.
After reading The Art Of Seduction you get a real sense for the universality of
women and of the process of wooing them.

I warn you, though. Some of the seductions in the book are extremely slow.
Many of these men set their sights on one woman and work out masterful
seductions sometimes lasting years.

Now you've probably been warned against “one-itis”, and many of these men
probably suffered from it to some extent. But you don't have to take your “one-
itis” to an extreme.

There's no reason you can't slowly and deliberately draw a particular

“unattainable” woman into your web, as long as you don't make success with
her your only goal. There's no reason you can't masterfully seduce that one
woman who captures your attention like no other while attracting and dating

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

other women at the same time.

Brett Tate's book, The Professional Bachelor, is a very fun read as well. Tate
has a Ph.D. In psychology, and has been traveling the world womanizing for
over 20 years. He has a lot of insight into women. Tate gives some general
advice and then gets to the core of the book.

In my opinion, the core of the book consists of two chapters. In the first core
chapter he explains certain role playing routines to run (some of these, like the
“Dumb as a fox” routine can last for months, and can draw many women
simultaneously into your net.

The second “core” chapter profiles different kinds of women, and gives advice
about how to game different women in different ways. This stuff works. Some
women respond to “similarity” and others “difference”. You need to know which
is which, or you'll be swimming upstream if you get it wrong.

There hasn't been as much “slow game theory” as there has been fast
seduction theory. But there has been some. One thing the “slow gamers” do
more of than the fast seducers do is profiling women. This is a crucial skill that
can be easily missed. Both Greene and Tate profile their targets with their own
profiling scheme.

And Tate's types are an integral part of the Alpha Male planner.

In the next section I'm going to explain three concepts that are probably fairly
new to most people, primarily because they apply more to slow game than to
fast game.

And they are made even more effective by the Alpha Male Planner tools.

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

Chapter Two:
Three NEW Ideas
in Slow Seduction

I want to discuss three “new” concepts. The word “new” is in quotes because
the concepts probably aren't really new, but they haven't been emphasized in
quite the way I want to emphasize them.

Part of the reason they haven't been emphasized is because they primarily
“slow” seduction concepts, and most of the recent writing has focused on fast

The three concepts are these:

● Concentric Harems

● Simultaneous Slow Seduction

● Profiling

Let's take a look at each in turn.

A. Concentric Harems:

DEFINITION: A man has a set of concentric harems when he has many

women organized in the following way:

1.They are at various levels of involvement (see below)

2.They move progressively from outer levels to inner levels.

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

Among the levels for concentric harems are:

interesting stranger


mutual attraction,

emotional connection,

some physical intimacy,

sexual relationship.

Long term relationship

In addition to these progressive categories, a man might have women in other

categories (e.g., friends, x-girlfriends, and acquaintances with whom no further
advancement is desired.) These are “outlying categories” and are not part of a
man's system of concentric harems.

A visual representation concentric harems appears on the next page :

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

Concentric Harems Illustrated

Figure 1: A set of concentric harems.

The reason the harems are “concentric” is because the categories more or less
exhibit a “containment” relationship. Those who are at deeper levels (closer to
the center) also count as members of shallower levels (closer to the periphery).
(E.g, a woman with whom you have an emotional connection counts as an
acquaintance, but the reverse isn't necessarily the case).

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

The containment relationship isn't perfect in practice. For instance, it's possible
to have a sexual relationship without having an emotional connection, but the
scheme works well enough, and is typical of most relationships.

Typically there are more women in the earlier categories, and the process
resembles a funnel. (Or kind of an upside-down funnel in the diagram above).
More women will count as acquaintences than will count as having a mutual
attraction relationship with you. There will be more mutual attraction
relationships than emotional connection relationships, and so on.

Alpha Male Planner allows you to know where in the process every woman in
your realm is. And that helps you know which attraction, comfort, or seduction
material to create for each.

It would be very difficult to make the most of your concentric harems without a
tool like Alpha Male Planner. And that's probably why the concept hasn't been
taught much in the past.

Now, the best thing about knowing the state of your concentric harems is the
way in which it facilitates the wonderful practice of simultaneous slow

B. Simultaneous Slow Seduction

Simultaneous Slow Seduction is the practice of seducing multiple women at the

same time over a period of days, weeks, and months.

NOTE: You don't have to sleep with all of them. In fact, you shouldn't. It's nice
to keep many waiting in the wings.

Let's look at how this can work, and why it's so much fun.

Take a look around you as you go throughout your day. You probably have
many interesting strangers in your midst. Now if you think you have to take just
one of those beautiful strangers from being a stranger to being in your bed in 7-
10 hours, it can be a little overwhelming.

But what if, instead, your initial goal is just to turn 10 of those strangers into
acquaintances? You approach them with no other goal than to chat for 5
minutes and get them to the point where they would wave and say hi if they ran
across you again.

Think you can do that?

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

When you keep your interactions less ambitious, you can move girls from your
stranger harem to your acquaintance harem without much trouble. You also will
have a lot of success, because you're not taking things very far.

Another benefit is that you'll come off looking strong, because you will be able to
determine when to cut off the conversation. Preferably, you will cut it off at a
point where the woman is starting to enjoy the conversation.

That will leave her wanting more. In fact, it really pays to master the art of
“cliffhangers” when you are doing simultaneous slow seduction. Intentionally
leave some of your best stories unfinished. Inject teasers into your stories and
then let the women know you don't have time to tell them that “other” story.

Soon you will have dozens of women in your world “wanting more”. You will
also become very good at getting women to find you interesting, because you
will be approaching them all the time with no fear.

This provides a lot of benefit for you. Not least of which is social proof. Now
when you go throughout your day you have beautiful girls saying “hi” to you,
and maybe even stopping to chat for a few minutes. This says volumes to other
women in the neighborhood, and makes it even easier to make acquaintances
out of them.

Now, let's suppose you have a few dozen women in your acquaintance harem.
Perhaps even by accident some of those women will be attracted to you. In that
case they are also in your “mutual attraction” harem.

And you can also work on moving some of the other women in your
“acquaintance” harem into your “mutual attraction” harem by bantering with
them, teasing them, and running attraction routines on them. Just give them a
little at a time, and always leave them “wanting more”.

The benefit of mastering new material:

One benefit of building up your concentric harems in this way is that it makes it
easy to master new material.

Suppose you craft a new attraction-oriented story, and you want to get it down.
Well, since you have dozens of women in your acquaintance harem, you have
dozens of women you can tell the story to. And with Alpha Male Planner, you
can record which women you have told the story to, and jot down a few notes
about how it went, and how you might want to change the story for even more

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

Now suppose you've got 40 acquaintances, and 10 women attracted to you.

Surely you can sit and have a more intimate chat with some of those women in
your attraction harem. That gives you a chance to work on your “emotional
connection” material, and move women into your “emotional connection” harem.

The "Inner Game" benefit:

Another benefit of doing simultaneous slow seductions with concentric harems

is that it's great for your inner game. Suppose you have an emotional
connection with 10 women, and you start trying to get some of them alone to
embark on some physical intimacy.

What's the worst thing that can happen? The first one says you are moving too
fast and she just wants to be friends. No big deal for you. You have 9 other
women waiting to spend more time with you.

Eventually you move a woman all the way, and you have a regular sexual
partner. And you can conduct the relationship on your terms, because you are
in a position to insist on it. You are not needy. If they insist on getting jealous
when you flirt with other women, or start taking your for granted, you can tell
them what your terms are, and you won't flinch because there are plenty of
women around willing to play by your rules.

Again, Alpha Male Planner allows you to do all this very efficiently. And every
once in a while you can click on the “view my harems” tab and survey your
kingdom. That will give you a very powerful feeling.

To do this most effectively, and to manage the largest funnel possible, you need
specialized software to integrate your journaling and your planning.

Let me summarize the benefits of using concentric harems to conduct

simultaneous slow seductions:

It improves your inner game.

Itinvolves lower social risk in every day contexts. (You don't want to
“shit in your own bed” by using aggressive night club techniques in the
coffee shop you always go to).

It provides immense Social Proof.

You can be more picky and avoid the women who pose higher psycho
and disease risks.

You can quickly build your routine stacks, and get new material down
quickly, because you know which women in your realm are at a stage

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

where your new material would be appropriate. You can practice

“downstream” material without having to go through a whole seduction
every time.

You will start to see every woman in your realm as being in your harem
in one way or another. This gives you an almost “God-like” self-
confidence. In fact, every once in a while you should just survey every
woman in a public place, and say to yourself under your breath “you're in
my harem, baby, whether you know it or not. You're mine.”

Youcan select the path of least resistance, and plan to meet the
women who seem most ready to move to the next level.

Now, let's take a look at a third key concept for slow seduction:

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

C. Profiling

The third “new” concept is that of improving your game and your profiling skills

In order to illustrate the importance of this, consider the following chart.

Number Of Approaches You Can Convert Out Of 1000

Profiling Ability
(percentage of bad bets you can
rule out )
0% 50% 90%
Game: Poor (1/1000) 1 2 10
(percentage of Good (1/100) 10 20 100
blind approaches
you could convert) Great (1/10) 100 200 1000

Figure 2: number of approaches you can convert out of 1000.

This is an artificial example meant to illustrate the relationship between your ability to
profile women and your skills as a general seducer. I don't really want to quibble
about the exact numbers.

Suppose your game is either poor (in which case you can convert only 1 in 1000
blind walkups), good (in which case you can convert 1 in 100 blind walkups) or great
(in which case you can convert 1 in 10 blind walkups.)

Now those numbers might seem low, but consider what I mean by “blind”.

Blind approaches are the situation when you have absolutely no profiling abilities.
This is unrealistic. We all have some profiling abilities to start with. But to illustrate,
just imagine a case where you have no profiling ability whatsoever. You don't have
the ability to assess the situation or the woman at all. So you will approach nuns,
pregnant women with their Black-Belt-in-Jiu-Jitsu husbands, girls in bible studies, old
ladies, normal single girls, as well as the occasional lonely girl in a night club.

In the boxes are the number of successes you will have after approaching 1000
women. In the case where you are blind, and have no ability to rule out any “low
probability” women or situations, you will convert 1 approach with poor skill, 10
approaches with good skill, and 100 approaches with great skill.

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

Now consider what happens when you add in the ability to rule out low probability
women and situations. That is when you stop hitting on the nuns, and get more
picky about which kind of women you approach.

With “Good” profiling skill you are able to rule out as low probability, let's say, 50% of
the women and situations. So you never approach these women in these
situations. You don't waste your time. Now, if you make 1000 approaches, you will
convert 2 with poor skill, 20 with good skill, and 200 with great skill.

And with “excellent” profiling skill, let's say, you can rule out 90% of the women and
situations as being low probability. You can always tell what kind of woman
responds to approaches in certain situations, and so on. Now, even with poor skills,
you will convert 10 approaches. With good skills, you will convert 100 approaches,
and with great skill, you will convert all 1000, because you have perfect profiling
skills (you know which kinds of women will respond to you), and you have perfect

Now, if that's not clear, go back and re-read it, because I'm about to tell you the
important part of all this.

Notice what happens if you ONLY work on your general skills, or you ONLY work on
your profiling ability.

If you work only on your general gaming skills, and not on your profiling ability, and
you get really, really good, you will get 100/1000 women you approach. (only 10%)

If you work only on your profiling ability, and not on your skills, you will convert
10/1000 approaches.
(only 1%)

If you work on both at the same time, developing great game, and perfect profiling
ability, you can get to the point where you convert almost every single
approach you make.

Here's a dirty little secret. The pickup gurus who talk about converting “5 for 5” don't
just have great game; they also have great profiling skills. They can walk into a
room, size up the women in it, and pretty much know which women will fall prey to
their charms. In other words, they probably wouldn't be 5 for 5 approaching only
nuns one after another as they randomly walk out of mass -- though don't be
surprised if they get 1 or 2 :-)

But profiling doesn't get talked about much. Part of it is because you can't help but
get a little better at profiling as you get better game and more experience. We just
naturally start profiling to some degree.

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

But there's no reason to have to re-invent the wheel, when others have learned a ton
about women already. You can accelerate your progress if you consciously try to
improve your profiling skills simultaneously with improving your general game. And
if we all share our profiling observations with one another, we will collectively amass
and codify more profiling knowledge than any one individual could on his own.

Start paying attention to the types of women who respond to different kinds of
approaches and routines. With some, you will just want to rule them out altogether,
in any circumstance. With others you will want to learn how to match your approach
to the woman and the situation to maximize your chance of success.

To get started, pick up Tate's book and Greene's book, and start practicing profiling
women according to the schemes they give you.

And please note that AMP codes routines by stage of seduction AND type of
woman. This allows you to develop along both dimensions simultaneously, so
maybe you can even get to the point where you almost never miss.

AMP comes loaded with Tate's types, but you can tag your women with your own
profiling scheme if you prefer. I predict that eventually a consensus scheme will
emerge from the community, and then seduction science will really take off.

If you want to learn more about concentric harems, simultaneous slow

seduction, and a planning system that makes it all work like a charm, please





Here are some of the ways the Alpha Male Planner can help you with fast
seduction and slow seduction:

How AMP helps with Fast Seduction

Here are some of the ways the Alpha Male Planner will help you with fast

−It will facilitate practice. If you learn a new opener or story, for instance,

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

you can practice it on all the women you know, and keep track of who
has heard it and who hasn't. Even if you plan to use it in night clubs, you
can still practice during the day with the women who happen to be

−Itwill allow you to find new routines. The routine database is already
large and is growing. It is fully searchable, and is organized in very
useful ways. Find routines by:

The stage of the seduction you are in

The kind of woman you are with

The style of seduction you are conducting

How highly the community has rated the routine

Custom tags and reviews

Who the author of the routine is


−It will allow you to find routines that others have used with success. For
every public routine you can see which other AMP members list that
routine in their repertoire. There is also a section on the page that tells
you “Members who list this routine also list these routines:” followed by a
list of the most common routines used by members who use the routine
you are considering (a la

allows you to record all the things that happened on day one, so you
can prepare for your “day twos”.

−Italso gives you resources to plan for day two. You can plan which
routines to run, find new routines, etc.

−You can review your own field reports to notice patterns and develop
your game, or you can read other members' field reports to learn and get
inspiration from them.

−You can get help from others and give help to them. As long as you're
not going for the same woman, it's always a win-win when you help
another alpha male with his game and he helps you.

almost certainly want to keep some of the girls in your life, and
AMP will help you manage your growing harem.

An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner

- And more.

How AMP helps with Slow Seduction

−It gives you all the same functions that help with fast game, PLUS . . .

allows you to have short interactions with women over many days and
keep track of your progress with minimal fuss.

−It allows you to work many women in this way simultaneously.

−This allows you to build “concentric harems” of women in your life.

Then you can just gently nudge a few women per day a little closer to
your inner-most harem – the “inner sanctum”. You are like a massive
black hole slowly sucking many women at once in your direction. They
orbit gently for a while before being sucked in and utterly consumed.

−You can look at your concentric harems visually to facilitate big picture
thinking and planning.

−You still draw from the same large database of routines, and still plan
for each woman the same way, but you only have to plan one step at a
time if that's how you're playing the game.

−This encourages you to often leave on a “high note” instead of lingering

too long.

−You might make better decisions about women, because you give
yourself more time to rule out women who are trouble, instead of
allowing yourself to get swept up in your own fast seduction.

−You will be able to produce very interesting field reports – many at the
same time, in fact. And AMP will keep all the individual stories straight
and integrate them with the routines you've used. That's something you
really can't do very well with a paper and pencil journal.

−And so on . . .

If you want to learn more about concentric harems, simultaneous slow

seduction, fast seduction, slow seduction, and a planning system that makes it
all work like a charm, please visit