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Government corruption is the misuse or abuse of political powers for

illegitimate private gain. This politician abuse their powers for repression of
political opponents and general public brutality. Government corruption has
many types such as those, bribery, extertion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage,
graft and embezzlement. but in our local governent, the most used types of
corruption are :

Bribery is the offering of something which is most often money but can also
be goods or services in order to gain an unfair advantage.

Extortion is threatening or inflicting harm to a person, their reputation, or

their property in order to unjustly obtain money, actions, services, or other
goods from that person. Blackmail is a form of extortion.

Embezzlement is the illegal taking or appropriation of money or property that

has been entrusted to a person but is actually owned by another.

Nepotism is the practice or inclination to favor a group or person who is a

relative when giving promotions, jobs, raises, and other benefits to

Patronage systems consist of the granting favors, contracts, or appointments

to positions by a local public office holder or candidate for a political office in
return for political support. Many times patronage is used to gain support and
votes in elections or in passing legislation. Patronage systems disregard the
formal rules of a local government and use personal instead of formalized
channels to gain an advantage

One great example of corruption is the economic distortion of funds for

the public sector by diverting the public investment of funds into capital
projects where bribes and kickbacks are plentiful.

Corruption really affects the economy and all the sectors of the country
especially the poor and less fortunate. This affects income inequality and
poverty by reducing economic growth. The progressivity of the tax system,
the level and effectiveness of social programs, and by perpetuating an
unequal distribution of asset ownership and unequal access to education.
these ways of corruption makes the poor become poorer and rich become
richer. As the politician gets the funds for the political projects, the proper
projects and activities for that particular project is not done or will never
come true. Just like in Education and health, If the funds for free education is
going to be corrupted, the poor will not get their benefits in that education.
Thus, they can't attend school and will not finish their education. And if they
are nnot engaged in education, during shool age, they might engage
themselves in the use of rugby and other prohibited drugs. Same as with
health, if the corrupt officials got the money that is intended for the medicals
(e.g. medical mission) The poor can't get their benefits in the said medical
activity, thus leading to deficient knowledge about medical conditions leading
to worsening of their disease.