Links between different tables that we use

Sales order (VA01): Whenever a sales order is created using transaction VA01. The tables which get updated with the entered data are VBAK, VBAP. VBAK-VBELN, VBAP-VBELN: Sales order number. Payment card details are stored in table FPLTC; RPLNR is the field name in VBAK that connects VBAK to FPLTC table through the relation. VBAK-RPLNR = FPLTC-FPLNR. FPLTC table contains the data like Tokenized card number, card type and so on.





Here Sales Order is created in VBAK Header Data) and VBAP(Item Data) tables:

Sales Order Number VBELN




LIPS-VGBEL = VBAK-VBELN (Sales order number). LIPS LIPS-VGBEL = VBAK-VBELN VBELN VGBEL VBAK VBELN RPLNR LIPS Delivery Number VBELN VGBEL LIKP VBELN Delivery number stored in these two tables. VGBEL is the field name in LIPS that links VBAK with LIPS table. LIPS_VBELN = LIKP_VBELN (Delivery number). VGBEL contains the sales order number for which we had made delivery. Link between sales order tables and delivery tables. LIKP-VBELN.Delivery data: After the sales order is created we deliver the goods in the sales order whenever we deliver the goods. . LIKP. LIPS-VBELN: Delivery Number. LIPS are the tables that get updated with the entered data.

Billing Document details (VF01): After the delivery is done we create a billing document for the delivered document whenever we create a Billing document VBRK and VBRP are the tables that get updated. VBRP-VBELN: Billing Document Number. From these tables we have a link to sales order tables and delivery tables. This VGBEL field contains the delivery number for which billing document was created. VBRP-VGBEL = LIKP-VBELN (Delivery Number). VBRP-AUBEL = VBAK-VBELN (Seles order number). AUBEL is the field in the VBRP table that links billing data to sales order data. VBRK-VBELN. AUBEL field contains the sales order number. VGBEL field in the VBRP table links billing data to delivery data. LIKP (Delivery Number) LIKP-VBELN = VBRP-VGBEL VBELN VBRP VBELN VGBEL AUBEL Billing Document Number VBAK VBAK-VBELN = VBRP-AUBEL (Sales Order) VBELN Note : VBRP-VBELN = VBRK-VBELN .

Accounting Document details: Whenever a billing document is created SAP itself generates an accounting document. BSEG-BELNR and BSEGC-BELNR: Accounting document number. BKPF-BELNR. We are having a link between billing document number and accounting document number. BSEGC tables. These details are stored in BKPF. BKPF-AWKEY = VBRK-VBELN. VBAK BKPF Accounting document number VBELN BELNR AWKEY BSEGC Note : Here BKPF-belnr = BSEGC-belnr. with the accounting document number (BELNR) in BSEGC we can get the settlement run number CCBTC. Settlement run number is also stored in BSEGC. BKPF-CCBTC: Settlement run number. BSEG. BSEGC-ccbtc = Settlement run number. BELNR CCBTC . AWKEY is the field in BKPF table that contains the billing document number which links to the accounting document number.

BSAD. BSID-BELNR. Whenever we clear the open items using the transaction F-26 the newly created accounting document number are stored in the following tables. BKPF. BSID-BELNR.Table Links for Open Items and Clear Items in FI: Whenever we run the transaction using F-22 to create customer invoices open amount documents are created and these documents are stored in the following tables. If at all we maintain taxes for the invoices BSET table gets updated with the values BSET (Tax) BSET-BELNR: Accounting Document Number. BSAS-BELNR. BSEG-BELNR. BSAD-BELNR: Accounting Document Number. BKPF-BELNR. BSEG-BELNR. BSEG. BSIS. BSEG. BSAS. BSID. . BSIS-BELNR: Accounting Document Number. BKPF-BELNR. BKPF. BSID.

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