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Council shakes up administration at reorganization meeting - NorthJersey.com

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Council shakes up administration at reorganization meeting
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 BY AMANDA BASKIND

Staff Writer


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS - The Republican-controlled council voted against reappointing some current borough employees at the reorganization meeting on Jan. 2. The borough administrator was among the officials who failed to win reappointment. Council President Robert Agresta, a Republican, said in an e-mail message that the moves were made to "save the taxpayers money." He added, "The taxpayers deserve an administration capable of efficiently working in their interests to reduce the spending." The council's 4-2 Republican majority chose not to reappoint Borough Attorney Fred Semrau; the labor attorney, Fred Knapp; and Borough Administrator /Clerk Ilene Cohen.


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Englewood Cliffs council members at the reorganization meeting on Jan. 2 opted not to reappoint several key officials, including the borough administrator.

"I'm still in shock," Mayor Joseph C. Parisi Jr., a Democrat, said a day after the reorganization meeting. "I am aghast of the treatment of the borough employees; it's inhumane." Parisi said he has been trying to get information from the Republicans about these appointments the last three weeks. He said there was no indication that changes were going to be made. "Everything came as a surprise to me." Parisi said, adding that he has yet to receive the names of any people who might fill the vacant positions. The appointments that were not approved by the council will be carried over for 30 days. E-mail: or call 201-894-6700
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Reader Comments (7)
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1. Saturday January 8, 2011, 3:22 PM - ECFD says: It's really sad that those terrible Republicans don't understand. They should leave everything as is because the Democrats know best because they are experienced. They really know how to work the system and many municipal positions have been filled by people they chose. So you know they are good people. In addition, the Democrats are open minded about new ideas and accept contrary points of view,

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3/27/11 11:16 AM

Council shakes up administration at reorganization meeting - NorthJersey.com

even from people inferior to them. Plus they are very classy people (see previous comments)and only they can tell when someone has the best interests of the residents. That's why the comments about Carol, boys, etc are not really as infantile as they sound. It's only infantile when you are wrong, and they know better because they are experienced good guys. I am lucky to have the Democrats looking out for my interests. I support their position to increase taxes because the residents demand the best and most expensive municipal services. After all, we are Englewood Cliffs and we are (soon) Democrats. 2. Thursday January 6, 2011, 9:35 AM - bushes says: Ah ha! Now we get to the bottom of the EC GOP despicable shenanigans at the reorganization meeting. ITS ABOUT THE SPOILS! They are soiled with spoils (another word for payola). In a civilized world, victory at the voting booth does not entitle you to loot the town but the republicans choose to dump all qualified employees and replace them with.....SPOILS. To all residents: watch what happens to your taxes after the "boys-agresta, petrone and deli man) get finished putting in their buddies. we will all pay twice for the same services that the present employees are admirably performing. 3. Wednesday January 5, 2011, 9:17 PM - freetobeme says: Nepotism-definition: undue favoritism in awarding public appointments to one's relations....Last I heard, none of the people that are loosing their jobs are related to any of the Democrat's. If this is for the good of the town, can't wait to see what the Republican majority has in store for EC next. Good luck!! I will have to guess that the spoils will be going to the Republicans..right? the winners. At least that is what they call now. But wait we will be paying more taxes for the new attorney's and for a BETTER administration. WHAT A JOKE!!!! 4. Wednesday January 5, 2011, 3:59 PM - tcsh says: Hey Freedom, the only problem with you argument is that the Republicans were the ones that appointed these people to begin with last year when they took over. This was done for purely political purposes because Carol and the boys weren't getting what they wanted to hear from their appointees. So their solution fire them all, and put even bigger cronies in. Look at their planning board and Board of Health appointments, all of them flunkies for the majority. (Consalvo, Bancroft, O'Shea, Halas, etc.) Oh and please show some evidence of the nepotism that exists currently in EC. It's a nice red herring to throw around, but I suspect when you actually look, you will find little if any of that happening. 5. Wednesday January 5, 2011, 3:04 PM - FreedomforNJ says: I see is that the Republicans have done what had to be done and that is to get rid of the nepotism in the town. These borough employees are not working for the town, they work for the old administration and keeping them in power, never looking after the town’s best interest. The republicans must put in place a new system of hiring for borough employees. A system similar to that used in NYC and other towns where people take a test and are added to a list, and as positions open up the next one in the list gets called without skipping or preferential treatment. This will stop the nepotism in the towns for both parties. The system must be put to vote by the people of the town via referendum. This will keep the council members or any future administration subject to it and a majority not overturning it. Only way to overturn would be by the people of the town. To the republicans, please make sure that you put good qualified people in these opened positions. No more friend and families like the democrats have done for many years. The mayor still thinks that this is his personal playground and that needs to end. Independent Voter of Englewood Cliffs for better Government. 6. Wednesday January 5, 2011, 1:50 PM - tcsh says: It's all a game to the majority. How can Carol and they boys say that this is going to save money when it is going to result in a lawsuit and going to add costs of bringing new people on. This screams of political toadyism by people who have no interest the functionality of local government. Just hope the town can survive until these people are voted out in November. 7. Wednesday January 5, 2011, 1:02 PM - Vincognito says: Parisi you reigned long enough, to the winner goes the spoils

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