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Community Life in Mekele ~
by the Spirit of Christ in a community of believers!  Orphans study the Bible extensively!

Food for the

poor & needy

. . Not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer; distributing to the needs of the saints, given to hospitality. Romans 12:11—13

How Good! & TSIGE

How VICTOR Pleasant!

(Engaged to be married!)

Men of God:

Dinner w/ Orphans


Community Life, cont’d

Tarik, my

language teacher

Truth Bible

Study: 2 years on

How late I am in reporting to you about what God is doing here with us in Mekele, Ethiopia! Please forgive me! What with traveling to the capital to attend and preach at the 2011 annual conference of a partnering ministry, hosting the director of LCM, searching for & moving into a new rental, and keeping with our ongoing ministry, Mesi and I have been super busy! The above excerpt from Romans 12 is absolutely descriptive of the friends you see featured in the photos—these are committed Christians living in Mekele who want to shine for the Lord Jesus in their respective fields of work & life. Each one commits their life to service to the community both professionally & personally. Each is a believer on the Lord Jesus. Each gives, each goes, & each glories in the name of Jesus Christ! I came here as a missionary of the gospel, and God graciously granted me these wonderful Christians who also have missionary hearts for Christ. These crowns of joy join with Mesi and I in the worship of God each Sunday, prayer each Tuesday, and other gospel-oriented ministries throughout the week. Not one is being paid to join with us; but each does so from their heart made glad in the Holy Spirit. Worship & fellowship in the Spirit of Christ fuels this union! Without worship, prayer and fellowship, mission work would be drudgery, but God has not designed it to be that way, praise His name! (Continued on pg. 3). . .



Food for the Poor & Needy
Visiting prisoners, widows, and the extremely needy is our thing, because giving assistance to the powerless is God’s merciful heart. The photo to the left is our newly constructed food pantry shelving. We buy flour, macaroni, spaghetti, tea, juice, crackers, cooking oil, soap, laundry powder, softtissue, et al., all to make food baskets for giving to some of the needy in the city. Our international group, some of whom are featured on the cover, have given funds to help us make the shelves, fill them and continue this merciful ministry. Your funds, as well, help us when you give to continue this vital ministry of compassion, showing the great goodness of God and enhancing the gospel witness we give to the poor. In the photo
below: partners Jonathan Bucklew & Joe Spell after making food baskets in Feb 2011.

MEN OF GOD: Dinner & Devotion with Operation Rescue’s Boys’ Home
Men of God—a simple, but definitive name for our international guys, a name which defines our greatest desire in life—to be those known truly as men of who belong to & represent God! We are but a handful in number, but men who would be used by the hands of Almighty God! This month we invited the boys who live at the Operation Rescue Ethiopia (ORE) Boys’ Home to attend a dinner meeting with us, as an act of kindness and inclusion, hopeful and prayerful that these young men will also become, one day, men who love & live for God. Normally, we invite other foreigners & expatriates living or working in Mekele to attend with us as a venue at which to meet, eat together and talk of what the Bible teaches men. At other times we had several Ethiopian men who were educated in English and were willing to come and hear what we had to say. In some ways it has been an evangelistic venue toward inquirers, as well as an encouraging time for believing men who love God. But this time we wanted to invite the orphan boys with whom we usually have a Sunday night Bible study, to join with our men of God. So, this April 15th, Victor, a Nigerian fellow believer, brought the devotion from the Word of God at our dinner. He spoke from some of Paul’s closing statements in 1st Corinthians 16:13, connecting the ideas of being watchful, brave, steadfast in the faith and strong with some Old Testament exhortations to men of God, such as Joshua, to be strong and very careful to obey God’s commands. This obedience and growing in grace as our Lord Jesus exemplified in His humanity is the means to strength for every man of God. The boys listened very well, and after prayer and an invitation to respond, we had our dinner together. Then, as a surprise celebration of Victor’s birthday, we presented a cake for all to enjoy. All in all it was a pleasant evening, made possible by a collective desire to be used of God, to speak His Word and to call others to respond promptly to that Word. Not only that, but programs like this are made possible by God’s love in you, which prompts you to pray, to give, and to remember us as we serve God on your behalf and His, in Jesus’ name.









Community Life in Mekele (Cont’d)
Spirit gives a Caption missionary describing more men and picture or women to share graphic. the good news, apparent favor and blessing give reason for rejoicing. This is my heart and joy, that God knows I am no super-hero, but in great need of His power. Praise His name, He has concentrated His power by giving me and Mesi more born-again believers with whom to carry out the Great Commission! So, we are reaching not only Ethiopians, but also other African nations, South Koreans, Chinese, etc. Rejoice with us!!

As a missionary, one hopes to reach many people for the name and glory of Jesus Christ. And when God’s

This is my heart and joy, that God knows that I am no super-

Learning the Language: 7 years on. . .
hero, but in great Need

It’s been a real adventure learning the Tigrinya language. I started out in 2003 on my first vision trip to Ethiopia learning a few greetings & polite responses. On my return home that year I began studying the Fidel, the Ethiopian ‘alphabet’. Over

the years I’ve had some really good teachers from the community who spent time helping me learn and improve. Even my wife, Mesi, has been instrumental in my progress over time, challenging me, & helping me get pronunciation just right!

At this point in my journey, I am even reading & writing the language, although still at

of His power!

~ Still Learning Tigrinya
an elementary level. On Fridays, I visit a widow & her 2 daughters on a hill overlooking Mekele. There, we have about an hour to read in the Gospel of Luke in Tigrinya, work on grammar, pronunciation & vocabulary. The other day, while waiting for Tarik (one of the girls, pictured right), I stood on top of an unfinished building & took this photograph of the city of Mekele. Tarik, just arriving from school, smiled as I took her photograph. She & her family also receive one of our food baskets!



M ?

LCM is a 501c3 Organization

which began in 1997. Its inception rose out of a growing fellowship of believers interested in gospel evangelism primarily within the inner city of Shreveport, Louisiana. Currently LCM part-

Last Call Ministries
ners with several gospel mission works around the world, including sites in Brazil, Chad, Ka-

Support: P.O. Box 4203, Shreveport, LA, 71134 Correspondence:

zakhstan, Moldova and Bayou Du Large (S. Louisiana). LCM is currently sponsoring Doug &

Mesi, who are commissioned by their home

P.O. Box 1944, Mekele, Ethiopia
church: Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport,

Phone: 318-456-9602
Louisiana. All monies received are currently

used in the support of the budgeted work under-
way in Mekele, Ethiopia.

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ until He returns in word, letter and deed!!!


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Truth Bible Study: our 2nd year!!
As we continue to teach the Bible 2 years on at the 2nd of the two orphanages which we serve in Mekele, we rejoice at the amount of material covered. The kids are excited about the Bible Study, always turning very swiftly in their Bibles to the references we give them. The Attributes of Scripture, the Attributes of God, the Trinity, God’s Sovereignty, God’s Covenant, Sin & the Fall of Man, Christ the Mediator, the Ten Commandments, & the Books of the Bible have been areas of our focus over the past year and a half. Beginning in January, we began a study of the B-attitudes of Christ from the Gospel of Matthew, focusof “free will” in March, we began ‘effectual calling’ in April, seeing what God’s Word has to teach us! Thanks for praying & helping us be successful through your giving. Our international fellowship here in Mekele is also to be commended for their assistance in helping the kids & in giving, which helped us to purchase 15 brand new Amharic Bibles this month!

Children at the 2nd orphanage we serve preparing to study the Beatitudes of Christ in

ing on one b-attitude per month, and giving illustrations from selections in the Holy Bible. Also, finishing a study

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