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A, Sustainable Development & Construction Department )) e ‘o0Marta Street Room 58 Worth Oli, TX 7AIY Phone 2165704208 Fax 246TOARTO Zoning Change Application seis City of Dallas Provide the following Information. (Please print. Avolestions hat eth mint be scale. Pese tach seond sae reer ‘Applicant Representative ‘Owner Omer CT Paweaiebae—[— acai Tet D1 raven O_O Tast Wane] Wes balan vestments. LP, | Nowe _| Said snTeny Mann -WnseadPC_| Mane: ‘ares: [391 Sineeton Bid Suite #200 | Attree | aren, Hanoos s. a csv: |" Daes, TX 75212 mya | pats T7801 es “aeons Tesphone | aee50 Telephone Fa Fa Fa Emait | feynolis@tiniygovescom | Eat | aratnwsestcon Ena (Soe attached eter of authorization} Signature of Applicant Signatur of Owner extra sore: [IRV Tovaton roe set S06 200 9048, S00, 304 1,410,174, 8 T¥6 Gun Lane (NE Gate Ln ard Sra Bd) Hapacono. | 440 7 _| Reet : | Zonna mop no | _ Gounell dist | 6 7 Sool ati | DISD Tesi acts | 101,00, | ait pon aos mans TBBATRE nc oa Tom | Sew tment aL SPS acres “reas below tobe completed by staff during application Intake. General Zoning Change* | Specific Use Permit* See Now (Ch Rerewal 7 New J) Cl Amendnent Terminaion OQ” Chamendment | Amerdrent(] (2 Ato Reneal Fie sara | Prpersoranre= LY Fierce Ma Tete subaraaon Sia ameceae= Teter olan Late) fun Ling us tt Lande sere enduse sioner Land se Stent Deed Restrictions* Zig seston WAGE Tatooine facets conten ene axa Zeng Lean ps Zing esto VEE Tex Pal Maps 2 Conreael& becker ie @ Po Tax alia Corea bt § eck Tease Bains ney wih dave 2 el io 6S Cares toc oF TEE Boindesineywin awe 2) | | epr arose Bown une win dwng 2) | Sounds suey win ring Dee “eval seiner Cony SDeed 4 Cap ood Tat in “ata Vas ain RE ‘at en a aT atime Sera [eps tetstet Tis np et mer tne Tenor csasatean™—[] [Tete pc sso vane™ —T)-[ TaipSaone™ ewsnes CHO eesaatine™ [1 [oad ptsirropatead™ Concise oF Tincicse Pans (10 = ee Sever 2 sed ™ o GS5 = $95.00 yea waher linge Escort Reveit ra, | Recsii no. Notation are No.of eis Land Use Statement This +/-3.76-acre request (this "Request") is for a planned development district to allow a special office project and community memorial plaza on property located north of Singleton Blvd., east of Gulden Ln,, south of Canada Dr., and west of the Trinity River (the "Property"). The Property is currently zoned Industrial Research ("IR") and is developed with surface parking. Land located adjacent to the west of the Property is zoned IR and R-5 and is developed with restaurant, retail, and single-family, The Trinity River is located to the north and east of the Property. Land located adjacent to the south of the Property, across Singleton Blvd., is zoned IR with an Oncor electric substation. The Request in part is for a special office project allowing up to 400 feet of height and a maximum 650,000 square feet of floor area, The Request also includes a planned West Dallas Veteran's Memorial in partnership with the surrounding community that will occupy the northern portion of the Property (identified in the enclosed request as Tract 2). ‘The Request also provides enhanced streetscape along Gulden. ‘The applicant and residents of the La Bajada neighborhood; located to the northwest of the site, have met with the developer and development team on several occasions to inform the design and plan for the site. Z (av (58 4826-4542-4814v.1 Cho unte ae Binwermeem Saree Srna DD sroncat oye Bw © conta part O sev zoning Dros car tne Or Ou Drconay C0 orem 3 ne eri O cee nesrcions Ow OD vesncory ED vcrrar cr © n0.oveiey CB ssexpmant ovary a Ths dala ie to be used for graphical representation only, The sccuracy is net to be ‘akeniuced as data produced by a Rogistered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) forthe State fof Texas. "This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, enginooring, of surveying ‘Government Code § 2051102) 1:2,40

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