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Siglo 2nd meeting

May 3, 2011, 6:30-8:30pm

Venue: Jollibee JY

Officers Present:
Chao (Chairperson)
Rox (Vice Chairperson)
Vanne (Treasurer)
Pepay (Secretary)
Cha (4th yr rep)
Marvin (4th yr rep)
Patrick (Biology program coordinator)
Grace (MassComm program coordinator)
Amylene (PolSci program coordinator)
Jecjec (ComSci program coordinator)
Nessa (Psych program coordinator)

Officers Absent w/ Communication:

Titus (Math program coordinator)
Tere (Mgt block A program coordinator)

Officers Absent w/o Communication:

Kendrick (Mgt block B program coordinator)


1. Review of constitution and files for org recognition

2. Enrollment updates
3. Statement of Support & signature campaign
4. Cookout Assistance
5. Batch Book
6. Other matters
a. OJT Report (as presented by Vice Chairperson Roxanne Facurib)
b. Team Building (as presented by Secretary Estephanie Fernandez)
c. Scholarship for Japan (as presented by Chairperson Carlo Cabatingan)

I. Review of constitution and files for org recognition

The officers agreed to adopt the same constitution used last year with no
revisions at all. Constitution will posted on the FB group for reference.

All required documents for org recognition files will be compiled by

Secretary Estephanie Fernandez and to be printed out by Chairperson
Carlo Cabatingan.
The files for org recognition are ready, and are as follows:

● Letter of Acceptance of advisorship

● Letter of Application to the Dean
● Organization’s Constitution and By-Laws
● List of Officers and Members
● Org Recognition Completed Checklist
● Plan of Activities
● Accomplishment and Financial Report of previous year
We would like to remind the program coordinator and officers of the
following requirements for the List of Officers and Members:
● Recent picture
● Photocopy of Final Grades for 2nd semester AY 2010-2011
● Photocopy of Form 5, 1st semester AY 2011-2012

Secretary Estephanie Fernandez will collect this one, deadline on June 6,

2011 (note: for officers and program coordinators only).
II. Enrollment updates
a. Schedules:
i. May 2- May 27, 2011 (Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
only): 3rd batch of processing for STFAP applications.
ii. May 3-31, 2011 (Every Tuesday and Thursday only): Medical
iii. May 30-June 3, 2011: Enrollment Week
iv. May 31, 2011 (Tuesday): designated enrollment date for
incoming 4th year students or students with batch number 2008-
v. June 6, 2011 (Monday): start of classes.
vi. June 6-10, 2011 : late enrolment week.
b. Concessionaire:
i. The following are the concessionaires for the enrollment week:
1. Joco’s Food Stall (by Carlo Cabatingan)
2. Thirsty (by Alnessa Villondo)
3. Leylam’s Shawarma
4. Waffle Time
5. Dunkin Donuts
c. Assistance:
All the officers agreed to be open for assistance all throughout the
enrollment day for Siglo members. Just contact the officers for any
questions, clarifications or feedbacks.

Carlo Cabatingan 09326889957

Roxanne Facurib 09227163344

Estephanie Fernandez 09232660235

Vanne Balboa 09334161864

III. Statement of Support & Signature Campaign

The issue about dean was discussed through the presentation of
documents including the actual complain draft filed against Avila and his
cohorts to better suffice knowledge about the issue before conducting the
signature campaign.

The signature campaign was assigned per program coordinator, to be

appended for any formal arrangement or case to be filed on court.
Deadline for collection of manifesto of support will be on June 6, 2011.

IV. Cookout Assistance

a. Updates:
i. Chairperson Carlo Cabatingan updated the SC representatives to
deal with the media sponsorship package urgently.
ii. Chairperson Carlo Cabatingan talked to 2 potential sponsors for
the actual event and will be dealing with them personally. In the
meantime, no company name will be announced or involved
unless approved with finality by the Cookout 2011 Overall
Director Boni Abuyog.
One sponsor will give out ₱ 25, 000 cash as co-presentor. Second
sponsor will take care of models and fashion related items for
the event, may include hosts and evening gowns also.

b. Segment heads: the names below are to be arranged still and may be
approved upon personal decision of persons involved.
Overall Head: Yllana Saavedra (BS bio)

Kantahan: Bap Palen(BS Mgt)

Sayawan: Aises Miñoza(BS Math)

Rampahan: Pepay Fernandez(BS bio) voiceover: Patrick Fortunato(BS


Bandahan: Jecjec Geverola(BS ComSci) for bandahan, strictly: Siglo

members only

c. IGP for cookout:

i. concessionaire
ii. photobooth
iii. glowsticks
iv. glowing LOLLIPOP

V. Batch Book
To be presented during the 1st General Assembly to solicit concerns and
comments from members. Also, appointed Editor-in-Chief and Overall
Head for Batch Book project will be SC Councilor Marvin Gabo.

VI. Other matters

a. OJT Report (as presented by Vice Chairperson Roxanne Facurib)
i. feedback c/o program coordinators
ii. list of companies and employers
Deadline: June 6, 2011.

b. Team Building (as presented by Secretary Estephanie Fernandez and

Biology Program Coordinator Patrick Fortunato)
i. Proponents will be making a formal proposal and plan for this
activity still.
ii. Scheduled after 1st week of classes.
c. Scholarship for Japan (as presented by Chairperson Carlo Cabatingan)
i. Document shall be posted in the FB group page for interested
applicants. This document is forwarded by the National Youth
Councill. Deadline of Application will be on May 27, 2011 and
accepted applicants will depart on April 1-7, 2012.


Enrolment week


Prepared by:

Secretary Estephanie Fernandez

Edited and approved by:

Carlo Cabatingan