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We, the members of SIGLO, an organization of all bonafide students of the University of the
Philippines in the Visayas Cebu College whose expected year of graduation is on 2012, in order to
establish an independent year level organization that shall embody our ideals and aspirations in
academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, do hereby ordain and promulgate this

The organization shall be called SIGLO. The official domicile of the organization is the
University of the Philippines in the Visayas Cebu College (UPVCC).

Section 1. The organization’s objectives are:
To foster unity and strengthen the camaraderie among the members,
1.2 To encourage service among the members, and by this, actively participate in the activities
benefiting the campus and the community,
1.3 To help in advancing the concerns of the members through the proper channels, including, but
not limited to, the Student Council of UPVCC.

Section 1. Composition. The members of the organization shall be all bonafide students of UPVCC
whose expected year of graduation is on 2012.

Section 2. Rights and Privileges. Any member who pays the required fees and dutifully fulfils his/her
responsibilities shall be considered a member of good standing, entitling him/her to the following rights
and privileges:
To be entitled to one vote each in matters needing serious deliberation by the organization as a whole.
To be nominated to a position, and if elected, serve as an officer of the organization for one academic
year provided that he/she accumulated a GWA grade of at least 3.0 in the previous semester.

Section 3. Duties and Obligations. Every member is required to:

Attend and participate in all activities sponsored by the organization, such as periodic meetings, and
Render full support in the implementation of projects that will promote the welfare of the organization.

Section 4. Membership Fee. Each member is required to pay a membership fee of ten (10) pesos for
every semester on a cash basis.


Section 1. The organization shall have the following officers with their corresponding responsibilities:

Section 1.1. Chairperson. The Chairperson shall (1) preside over the meetings called by the
adviser of the organization; (2) sign important documents in behalf of the organization provided
that the approval is secured from the members; (3) coordinate any activity sponsored by the
organization; (4) see to it that all the policies and guidelines are properly implemented and
consulted among the member; and (5) call special meetings to discuss or decide on matters
he/she deems important to the attainment of the organization’s objectives.

Section 1.2. Vice-Chairperson In eventuality of the Chairperson’s incapacity, the Vice-

Chairperson will assume office. (2) He/She shall assist the Chairperson in his/her duties. (3)
He/She will also be the editor-in-chief of SIGLO Publications.

Section 1.3. Secretary. The Secretary shall (1) take and keep records of the minutes of the
meetings and shall update the roster of members; and (2) keep an official record of all
transactions made by the organization.

Section 1.4. Treasurer. (1) The Treasurer shall collect fees and act as a controller of all
expenditures and monetary transactions made by the organization and also upon the request of
the body; (2) and shall assess, inspect and review all the expenditures and monetary
transaction made by the organization.
Section 1.5. The Program Coordinators. (1) The Program Coordinators shall serve as the
direct link of officers to the members; (2) and shall be responsible in informing the members
about the minutes of the meeting and carrying out the actions agreed upon. There shall be one
(1) Program Coordinator per block.

Section 1.6. The Year Level Representatives to the Student Council (as ex-officio members).
They shall serve as the direct link to their year level constituents to the Student Council and are
thus mandated to report any activities, developments, or issues that, in a way or another, affect
the organization.

Section 2. All officers shall serve the organization for one Academic Year. It will commence on the day
of their election into office and shall end on the day when a new set of officers is elected. The officers
(i.e., Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) are not eligible for any re-election for
the same position.

Section 3. Any officer may be removed from office for, and in conviction of, culpable violation of the
constitution, negligence and betrayal of public trust.

Section 4. Qualifications shall be in accordance to the ones set by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).


Section 1. The election shall be held at the end of the academic year, preferably after the year-level
representatives have been chosen. The positions viable for election are President, Vice-president,
Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2. Election Committee. There shall be an Election Committee composed of an election officer
from each block. Selection of the said election officer will be done by the block members. They are
tasked to:
2.1 Set the date for the election
2.2 Draft the guidelines and timeline for the election
2.3 Make necessary logistical preparations
2.4 Plan the whole process of the election proper
2.5 Implement the plans

Formation of the election committee should be done after the nomination. Any of the nominees
or the incumbent officers is not qualified to join the committee.

Section 3. There shall be a consultation with the incumbent officers regarding the drafted guidelines. It
shall be deliberated and finalized by the Election Committee.

Section 4. Nomination. The process of nomination shall be accomplished by the incumbent officers.
Any member of the organization shall be qualified for nomination to any position. Each division namely:
Management, Computer Science, NSMD, Humanities and Social Sciences shall come up with a set of
nominees from there division. There shall be one nominee for each of the four positions viable for

Section 5. An incumbent officer can be re-nominated and/or re-elected but for a different position.

Section 6. A General Assembly shall be held solely for the purpose of election; wherein the election
guidelines and the nominees shall be presented.

Section 7. Results of the election shall be announced and/or posted the day after the canvassing. And
a turn-over activity shall be done after the results have been made known.

Section 1. The SIGLO Publications shall serve as the official paper publication of SIGLO which
functions to update the activities of the organization.

Section 2. The editor-in-chief shall be the Vice Chairperson. The editor-in-chief (1) shall receive and
review the screened articles; (2) has the right to review, edit and block articles as deemed appropriate;
(3) and shall be in-charge of the production and dissemination of the publication.

Section 3. The SIGLO Publications shall be published at least semi-annually. A minimum number of
two (2) copies shall be provided to each block.
Section 1. The General Assembly shall be the chief decision maker of the body of the organization. It is
composed of all members of the organization.

Section 2. The General Assembly shall meet in the start and end of the semester. The Chairperson
shall call for special sessions if and when necessary.

Section 3. Announcement of special meetings shall be made at least two (2) days prior to the meetings.

The quorum shall consist of one-half (1/2) of the total present members plus one (1) member of the
organization to render any election or decision valid during an election or decision-making processes.

Section 1. Any member or officer may be removed from office by impeachment, by a resolution in
writing by at least one-half (1/2) of the total residents members of the organization, which shall be
certified by the Secretary and in meetings finally concurred to be less than three-fourths (3/4) of all
members of the organization including those requesting his/her removal on the following grounds:
(1) Wilful violation of the Constitution and By-Laws.
(2) Gross negligence and dereliction of duty.
(3) Any grave offense or misconduct reflecting upon his/her moral character.

Section 2. The officer charged shall be given at least a week’s notice prior to hearing. He/She shall be
allowed to present his/her side during the hearing to be conducted by the other officers and the
Any faculty member(s) may serve as the adviser of the organization provided that he/she agreed to be
one. Qualifications shall be in accordance to the guidelines set by the Office of Student Affairs.


Section 1. Any amendment to a provision of this Constitution may be proposed by any member and
coursed through the officers.
Section 2. Any amendment shall be made by one-half (1/2) plus one (1) votes of all the members of the
organization. This can be done through a General Assembly or any form possible and made valid by
the officers.

Attested by:


SIGLO Chairperson, AY 2010-2011