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SSW Program SWKU 468

Eastern Washington University Research I

Study Guide for Midterm # 2

If you know about the following, based on both Rubin & Babbie and the lectures, you
should perform well on the midterm examination. Remember that I am testing for
. concepts, so memorizing exact terminology from either source will not help as much as
understanding the ideas behind the terms or figures.

Readings Covered

In Textbook:


Between Groups Designs

Single Case Designs


Unobtrusive Methods

Be comfortable defining and describing: .

. 'rt\-\c.rnQ..\ _L _L
1) Internal and External Validity.~re~ -~exkent. ~t..dn\V""\ c.J.t::e.rn~_1\
~\Q.raf1c'n s can'oe.rO\e.do0t;j -E)(..~e.r-n~-
tb.u l.A..:C.\\ '+ca.n 'oE.. ("efre~l-:crl tct~1
'-.1.... ,.._ ••.•.•......\_ ~) Why threats to Internal and External Validity need to be addresse~\~c..b..)("e.tlla - SO
"O,e. re~\..:n \':)SClX\C\. (b;xp=nmentttl '\)e.S"tf' 'oe":C ~Qdcke~s ~se ..'~,",Y'"e.o.t::l}
3) Specific kinds of Validity in measurement. (Face Validity,

L .•••.
LD 1\_
~eJd are· \-e Fa.c.e.- Oc::es t.Ofpeo.t'1C~'\
. ==e= ...
Con\CergentiConcurrel1t Validity, Discriminqnt Validity ••Predictive Validity)
e ~se
The criteria for In.f~r~~ causalitY.I..Jec.W'("e.~lC-T-e.mnN"'n\on§~~
7 1 '-i

cct'\e\o.Id..c:n) CU\G :t:t'\t:.ernoJ \10..1\0 \ orr' . r-' -.. .-u) J

\ L ....•. 5). The basic requirements of all StnglEj Subject Designs. S,\.6et:t8. M.o...Ke ~("e.,(...\C).) .
~'(\o...U 'TT'M.N ~e. \~ o...rn\'(") cf?>QSSeSSm~/COn-t\nvOu s f\ssessm~tJ &'\:&hj'rlt!
6)· The strengths and weaknesses of Survey Research. Lecl:ur-~ \ \
. . ~UYtf.
7) • L Levt!:, .~f measurement'Pjoperties of Measurement ~d::u(e.~<o - nOO"\LncJ) l~
and'- v-n CJ.,J.::) -me. C, ura.ccer \~-ttc.
s (\. e- d \~e~ ~~QQ.~\a.\, e..Cc..).
8) Randomization vs. Random Sampling Leci::u("€. It l t)
RandcmLl.Dlt.C1L refers '=o,cm6cxY\ ~'ff'menc to ~nb"'C\ J Bru.lfS ·
Ro.rdcm '5alYf\U-<~- fardom LtJ Q\r-a..wn yY1:fY\ ~r<:>.f Ln Er" rP ..
SOWK 468 Study Guide for Midterm # 2
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1) What experimental designs. allow us to do and their essential components. Le~ tt:.l t
~ 2) q - c..~~E lnmeClI\
Principles of visual analysis in single subject researchLe.c:.bJf'e~
C. - - O-l.y, \e\)el) ~~~) \ClienCJ,4,cra.n~e.lh trend) \Jos\ah\ \\~ OJ'\ds~i hi(? .
3) Reliability and'Validity in Yneasurement.

4) What Pre Experimental Designs can and cannot do. }-e.,c.J:::.uV- e..~ I ()

5) 6dvantages and disadvantages of Archival Research. L..e~.:.t0r~ \:0

6) ABAB Designs·l.Jee-b..:ce~~.
*,\c..~~'Jo\ved)u.,)'ooJ:;cu"e. bhe....A'sa.ndB~)
7) Considerations for Survey Research techniques. \,)("e...t\..-\ \ (Gene.r-aJ ru \€.5'
~(" (\ew SL)...-v~~

SOWK 468 Study Guide for Midterm # 2

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