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Unprecedented  Progress  in  Frankfort  
Anti-­Bullying  Measure  Passed  House  Committee  21-­1
The 2011 Kentucky State Legislative Session is one for the Fairness history books! For the first time ever, a piece of pro-LGBT legislation passed a committee in our state's legislature, and it did so with almost unanimous bi-partisan support! Rep. Mary Lou Marzian's (Louisville) House Bill 370 would have enumerated protected classes in Kentucky's anti-bullying law to include race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and many more. While the measure sailed through the House Education Committee with a 21-1 vote, it was permanently stalled in the full House of Representatives by Rep. Mike Harmon (Danville), who proposed two amendments to the bill allowing for verbal bullying and harassment, and the right to conceal and carry deadly firearms on our Commonwealth's college campuses. Though the bill ultimately failed, its progress was historic! This was also the second year in a row that not a single piece of antiFairness legislation was proposed in either the Kentucky House or Senate, and we once again achieved a record number of co-sponsors on our anti-discrimination Statewide Fairness law! This session's addition of Louisville South End Senator Perry Clark brought the number of Senate co-sponsors on Statewide Fairness to five, while the number of House co-sponsors held firm at last year's record, ten. The Fairness Campaign and its Statewide Coalition partners aim to build on our 2011 legislative victories by reintroducing the anti-bullying bill in the 2012 session, as well as seeking the first-ever committee hearing on Statewide Fairness.

2011  Primary  Endorsement
John  F.  Lackey  for   Commissioner  of  Agriculture  
The Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Fairness Campaign, C-FAIR, announces its joint endorsement with Kentucky Fairness Alliance's FAIR PAC of John F. Lackey in the Democratic Primary for Kentucky John F. Lackey Commissioner of Agriculture. Originally elected to the Kentucky State Senate in 1973, Mr. Lackey helped pass historic legislation that expanded Kentucky’s minimum wage law to include all workers and established overtime pay for every person who labored more than 40 hours a week. In his C-FAIR interview, Mr. Lackey expressed a strong commitment to diversity, an emphasis on farm-to-table local agriculture, and his desire for the office to take a more active role in our state's governance. No other primary candidate in any race returned a C-FAIR questionnaire. There are few contested primaries in general, with the Republican Primary for Governor and Lieutenant Govenor the highest-profile. Among candidates in that race is Rep. Mike Harmon (Danville), who blocked passage of Fairness' anti-bullying House Bill 370 with two poison-pill amendments. Harmon is the Lieutenant Governor candidate running alongside Phil Moffett for Governor; other candidates in the race include Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw with Bill Vermillion, and Senate President David Williams (Burkesville) with Commissioner of Agriculture Richie Farmer.

Kentucky students who testitified for Rep. Mary Lou Marzian's anti-bullying House Bill 370: (l-r) Aye Jay Long, Bradley Coffman, Rep. Marzian, and Meghan Lampe.

ACLU/Fairness  Dinner  a  Sold-­Out  Success
Huge thanks go to Susan Hershberg and The Wilshire Pantry for hosting and catering the ACLU/Fairness Dinner for the 11th year in a row! Special thanks also go to our incredible event sponsors, who helped make the dinner possible: Eric Graninger & Jeffrey Been John & Mary Moss Greenebaum Bert Greenwell Natalie Bajandas, Keller Williams Realty Allison Lundergan Grimes Emily Bingham & Stephen Reily Sandy Gulick Christy & Owsley Brown Gill & Augusta Holland Rebecca Brown Blaine & Bani Hudson Rusty Cheuvront Jessica Loving & Sheryl Snyder Cornerstone Group Realtors Jonathan Lowe David Dafoe Mary Lowry Janet Dakan Tom Wallace Lyons, in memory Lisa Doyle of Henry Wallace Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Eleanor Bingham Miller Magnolia's Florist Ernest Marshall Jeff Noble Lisa Osanka Eugenia & Hon. John Potter Quantum Graphics Jeff Rodgers & Ed Kruger Aaron Satran & Angela Singla John E. Selent Greta Sherman Jennifer Starke, State Farm Insurance Stites & Harbison Cliff Todd Carla F. Wallace Naomi F. Wallace Drs. Terry & Morris Weiss Hal Warheim Jane Welch John & Marilyn Werst Anonymous, in honor of Josefina "Fifi" Boucourt-Diaz

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VOTE in the 2011 Primary Election Tuesday, May 17, 6 a.m.-6 p.m.

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  Kentuckiana  Pride  Parade-­  June  17,  8  p.m.,     'It  Gets  Better'  Panel  Discussion-­  May  11,   7  p.m.,  Carmichael's  Books,  2720  Frankfort  Ave. Main  Street,  Downtown  Louisville  

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