Forign policy of pakistan Forign policy can be defined as the connections or association amoungst the sovereign states.

the forign policy usually nrefered to as a general principle by which a state governs it re action to the international environments. The location of Pakistan with it linkages with the west and the central asia it curtural and ideological orientation as well as circumstance surrounding its birth culminating in the partition of the Indian sub continent make the of fashioning a rational approach to international affairs complex and difficult.the war with it hostile neighbour the loss of it eastern part its policy with regard to afganistan and its friendship and its dependence with usa constitute the salient elements of its forign these may be added close linkj with china and the muslim countrys specially Saudi Arabia gulf states iran turkey. Another very importance factor has been a weak and unstable political system and the emergence of milttay as a dominant polical force making a tasks of forignpolicy formulating such difficult. Determinants of Pakistan foreign policy The forign policy of a country reflects the behavior pattern of a nation based on it collective wisdom in dealing with other nations Following five factor play impotant role in the formation of pakistans forign policy. • • • • • Ideological obligation Historical legancy Geographical location The Indian threats Economic compulsions

Ideological obligation Islamic ideology is very important factor in the determinations of Pakistan Foreign policy. pakistan calls its self a muslim country for two reasons. Firstly more than 85% of the population adhere as to islam . Secondly Pakistan was created to meet the irresistible urge of muslims of the sub continenet to have a homeland of their own where they good implement the teaching of islam.

Historical legacy
Both india and Pakistan were successor of to an administration which carried certain defence objectives in the area the sub continent had been the haunt of foreign invaders from the north since times immemorial Russian expansion in north west of india and chines presence in north east urge the british authorites in the subcontinenet to devise a mechanism assuring safty against the northen threats. The british northens commands at Rawalpindi the quetta staff training college the extantion of Indian raily line to chaman and landikotal ,the creation of military force in the trible belt in the north west and the establishment of a power full intelligence an surveillance station at Peshawar are but a few instances regard. The decision makers of Pakistan foreign policy always sought western assistance to stem the Russian advance towards their territory .thought at present there is period in this threat perception. Geographical

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