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Date Prepared: 03/08/2011 Overall Risk Assessment Code (RAC): M

AHA No.: 20110308-001
Risk Assessment Code Matrix
Project Name: 10th Street Mall E=Extremely High Probability
Electrical Conduit H=High Risk
Activity/Work Task: Frequent Likely Occasional Seldom Unlikely
Installation M=Moderate Risk
L=Low Risk
Dept. / Div. / Section: Agoura Office
S Catastrophic E E H H M
Office Building, Parking e
Activity Location(s): Lot, Warehouse v
Critical E H H M L
e Marginal H M M L L
Prepared By: Ben Johnson r
Negligible M L L L L
Task Start Date: 03/08/2011 i
Task Duration: 5 Days y
Task Supervisor: Ben Johnson
Reviewed By: Dan Smith

Job Steps Hazards Actions to Eliminate or Minimize Hazards RAC

1. Pre-job set up - Hand tools Check operating condition of hand and power tools, L
- Power tools (electric, gas, inspect power cords for frays and nicks. Use proper
hydraulic, pneumatic) extension cord.

2. Install Hangers - Aerial lift equipment Use forklift to raise hangers to ceiling, mark area M
- Elevated loads under platform. Tie hanger to platform to prevent
- Elevated work platform or stairs dropping. Do not store hangers on platform.
- Lifting equipment (forklifts,

3. Drill Hole for Hanger - Aerial lift equipment Mark area under platform, keep personnel out of area, M
- Elevated loads falling object hazard. Locate tools and power cord to
- Elevated work platform or stairs minimize tripping hazard. Gloves and eye protection
- Hand tools required.
- Power tools (electric, gas,
hydraulic, pneumatic)

4. Place Conduit - Aerial lift equipment Lift pipe with forklift. Block area under pipe from foot M
- Elevated loads traffic. Tie pipe to lift until hangers are tight.
- Elevated work platform or stairs
- Hand tools
- Lifting equipment (forklifts,

5. Post-job demob - Aerial lift equipment Power off all equipment. Check condition of hand and M
- Elevated loads power tools, inspect power cords for frays and nicks.
- Elevated work platform or stairs
- Hand tools Proceed to AHA for next portion of job.
- Lifting equipment (forklifts,
- Power tools (electric, gas,
hydraulic, pneumatic)

Equipment Inspection Training

Aerial lift equipment - General Inspection every 1 day. - Proper certificate

Forklift - General forklift inspection every 1 day. - OSHA Forklift Training

Power tools (electric, gas, hydraulic, - General equipment inspection (before use) every 1 - State Certification
pneumatic) day.

Involved Personnel: Bill Pearson - Certified Electrical Contractor, Jim Right - Certified Electrical Contractor

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