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Thank you for the opportunity to join you on

Thursday morning for ICT PD. Great to see
teachers enthusiastically exploring websites and
building their skills. It also gave me ideas for how
we can utilise this 1/2 hour time next term. Here
is a very quick overview of what each class will
begin working on during Term 2.
Room 2 - Mrs Brits - Keen to learn more about
integrating ICT with children.
Room 3 - Mrs Gillett - Would like to know more
about how to integrate into each curriculum area so
can have small groups of children utilising ICT
throughout the day. Feels she has upskilled self and
is now ready to integrate into her classroom.
Room 4 - Mrs Young - Using Google to share current
topical information with children around ChCh
earthquake. Wanting to know more about what else Room 16 - Mrs MacPherson - Would like to explore class
is available and ideas to extend current learning. blogs or wiki.
Room 5 - Mrs Thorne - Needing more ideas for Room 13 - Mrs Widger - Would like to start with “simple
exploring literacy/numeracy. Extending children’s stuff”.
skills. Downloaded Tux Math onto class computer. Room 18 - Mrs Crawford - Explore animation and movie
Room 6 - Mrs Sayer - Would like to explore kidpix making. Very keen to purchase digital blue movie maker
for digital storytelling, increasing oral language. for her class use. Would also like to check out scratch.
Room 8 - Mrs Ireland - Shared the amazing work Room 19 - Mrs Foster - Very keen children who enjoyed
her class had been doing with graphs using excel telling me about their ICT skills. Shared story about Holly
and kidspiration. Class very keen to share stories who had experience in movie making with cousin in
and learn more Australia. Would like to do a class movie project.
Room 10 - Mrs Lints - Starting to use cameras with Room 20 - Mr Henson - Another very keen and eager class
children and would like some more ideas. keen to give anything a go. Also shared their current
Suggested using comic life and photo story 3 to skills and interest with me.
extend this learning.
Room 11 - Miss Rook - Where to begin? Want s to Still to visit - Mrs Harrison, Ms Codlin, Ms Abercrombie,
focus on ideas for oral language. Suggested starting Mrs Macdonald, Ms Boaz, Mrs Phipps and Katarina’s
with digital camera and putting together photo class. Would like to re-visit Jill Fuller’s class as she was
stories. busy with group time on this visit.
After school discussion notes:

To work with 6 classes each day 45 minutes each - 2 Junior, 2 Middle, 2 Senior
- Katarina to sort out timetable.
Utilise 4 laptops in each class during this time.
Katarina to ask Matt to send through teachers email addresses to me.
Katarina to invite me into milestone document so that I can put exemplars/
links in.
I will set up Whangarei Primary School Blog. This will be a private space with
the vision of it being a teacher’s play space and place to showcase what is
happening in their classes.
Share this blog at first morning PD session - talk about purpose, what they
would like to see on there etc. Will put links to other school/class blogs on this
so teachers have access to check out the what is happening in other schools.
I will be available after school on Thursdays from 3pm until 4pm to work with
individual teachers and/or groups. To begin with this will be casual and if need
arises we will set time spaces.
Discussed Google Teacher Academy I am attending in Sydney in April holidays
and how this will impact on Whg Primary - lots of new learning to share!
I will visit again 5th April and finish visits to classrooms I have missed:-)

As discussed this visit was more around relationship building and just getting a
starting point for working with teachers at the beginning of Term 2. I imagine as
the term progresses the ideas will flow! Please feel free to email/phone if you
have any questions or further thoughts/ideas.