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EXPOSED! The Truth About Self-Help Books, Courses, Programs And Seminars Most Gurus Don’t Want You To Know…

If You Do Nothing Else Read This Special Report Before You Buy Another Self-Help Product…
By Stephen Seretan
Copyright © 2010 Stephen Seretan. All Rights Reserved.

Dear Friend, The self-help section at your local bookstore is bursting with hundreds of books by self-styled gurus. Yet, month after month more and more books are written on the subjects of attaining success, prosperity, happiness and health. Could all those gurus, books, courses, programs and seminars be right? And, if any of them worked why would you need any more? You‟ve probably spent a pretty penny buying some (or a lot) of that material. There‟s nothing wrong with that per se. However, I wonder how much closer you‟ve gotten to reaching your goals as a result? I‟ve been around the self-help/metaphysical/religious market for the better part of 30years. I have studied the Scriptures with world-renowned scholars. Read the writings of ancient and modern-day mystics. And worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the first and (as far as I know) only true American Master. In that time, I‟ve discovered a few facts about this industry that are downright appalling. This report is a summary expose of some of the tactics used by the gurus to separate you from your money… and… give you very little in value in return. Let me reveal… The Shocking Facts The Self-Help Industry Hopes You Never Discover! Shocking Fact #1: Most “Gurus” Are Frauds Who Don’t Practice What They Preach The first thing I‟d like to point out is the proliferation of gurus who are out on the speaking circuit these days. Look on TV… or… online… or… at any bookstore and you‟ll find a new guru every month (at least it seems like it) coming out of the woodwork. They all promise to show you how to improve your life. They all promise to show you how to be more successful, make more money, be happier with yourself and others and get healthier. There is one big problem. If you were to pull back the curtain… or if you were an insider… you‟d quickly discover a lot of these gurus are some of the most dysfunctional people in the world. If they practiced what they taught from the stage they should be as successful, rich,

But if it‟s worth a dime. The self-help industry at large could care less if you get results.happy and healthy as they are promising you could be if you shell out a few bucks. http://www.. Like it or not.LesterandMe. All Rights Reserved. While those letters give them “face-value” credibility. All Rights Reserved. If the first one… two… ten or more self-help products didn‟t work it‟s okay. What they want is to get into your wallet. So beware of anyone with a lot of “schooling”… because… the odds are they know a lot intellectually… but… they don‟t know how to apply it. artists have a few letters behind their names like: Dr. there are some legitimate experts in this field. Which leads me to… Shocking Fact #2: It’s Almost Impossible To Separate The Real Experts From The Fakes And Flakes Want to know what most of the fakes and flakes hide behind… and… why this makes it a Herculean task to figure out who is real and who is not? It‟s simple.S. http://www. the doctor is sporting a pot-belly and tips the scales at 30-pounds or more over his ideal weight. To prove that is the case. Copyright © 2010 Stephen Seretan. A lot of the B. It‟s sort of like the doctor who tells his patient to lose weight. most of these Ivory Tower academics do not apply what they teach practically in their lives. Which is where the rubber meets the The reality is a majority of these people don‟t really know how to achieve what they are promising to teach you. or some other title earned in the world of academia. Because it‟s likely you‟ll buy more. The best teachers of self-improvement are those who do practice what they teach. you should get results that are positive when you use it. The litmus test of any self-help technique is if you can: (1) prove it to yourself risk-free… and… (2) if it works based on your application of it. Obviously. that‟s the stone-cold truth. the thing is you simply don‟t need to keep chasing after rainbows. Copyright © 2010 Stephen Seretan. The powers that be in this industry know that hope indeed springs eternal in the human heart. But there are so few of them in the world. here‟s an article on the subject from Yahoo! Finance: Why Most Self-Help Books Stink (And a Few That Don't) . That goes without saying. let‟s move on to… Shocking Fact #3: The Industry Thrives On People Hoping The Next Book Or Whatever Will Be The Answer They’ve Been Hoping For As I mentioned earlier. Granted you do have to actually use it first in order to test it out. They got into the game because there is a market for selfhelp and these mass-market manipulators know how to sell their products. you simply would not need another self-help technique or process if the ones you‟ve already spent money on actually worked. They hook you much like a dope dealer hooks his regular customers.D. Now. Yet. It‟s really that simple no matter what anyone says. But there is a big problem. Look.

These are books that encourage the reader to get back to core virtues like perseverance. The "real people" are made up. All Rights Reserved. Another analyzed his TV time logs and decided to get more sleep instead. Anecdotes are great for illustrating a point. self-control and thrift -." Whelan says. So we learn that "Bob" and "Jane" learned to communicate well and now their marriage is all better! Um. "Who knows if positive thinking actually cures people. andMehttp://www. or washboard abs in 60 seconds a day. There's probably no evidence. . and any book that promises you instant changes is selling you snake oil. This University of Pittsburgh professor did her doctoral dissertation on the self-help industry and what makes something in this genre a best-seller. For her new book called "Generation WTF: From 'What the #%$&' to a Wise.full disclosure and brag alert -. author of Grindhopping. Copyright © 2010 Stephen Seretan. "But here's the unpleasant truth: Behavioral change is among the hardest things we can set out to do. I‟d like to point out… Shocking Fact #4: Almost Every Single Self-Help Technique Has One BIG Flaw That Make It Ineffective In The Long Run Pay close attention: The premise behind almost every self-help technique is that you must re-program or re-condition your mind. One student re-established contact with her grandmother a few days before the grandmother passed away. actual real-people results.literally." So which books don't suck? After wading through more than 300 over the years.168 Hours.Lester. Tenacious. M. One reduced her text messages from a record 267 per day to 10. Most self-help writers aren't in the business of documenting whether their ideas work for the majority of people who try them. ### And finally. But self-help books use rhetoric and repetition to prove their Laura Vanderkam Thursday." Whelan says. You probably already know that part. and Fearless You. Scott Peck's "The Road Less Traveled" (1978). Here's why: 1. yeah.not empty quick-fix solutions. and using composite characters. March 3. Whelan is partial to "books that offer solid advice to guide readers step-by-step toward long-term change. Which has its place. you'd see a lot more svelte. This is simply ridiculous once you know the truth. Most of what you feel. Real life is messy. Here it is… Scientists have discovered long ago that 95%+ of our lives are run by the subconscious mind. "There's no efficacy data on the vast majority of diet self-help books. "We want three easy steps to overhaul our financial life. They promise that change is easy. Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" (1987) and a few other dark horse ones. What's your favorite self-help book? Laura Vanderkam. 2011 Christine Whelan is a student of the self-help movement -." These include Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" (1937). If changing our lives was painless. are just other words for fiction. So change is possible. think and do is not under your conscious control. or those with the details changed. 2. It just isn't easy." Whelan had her students test drive advice from the books that didn't suck. but is always suspect in a genre that claims to be true. blogs for BNET at 168 Hours. and had some interesting. including -. rich and happy people walking around. 3. Her take? She tells me that while the idea that we can make ourselves better by reading a book is perennially popular (who wouldn't want to improve their lives in 4 hours?) many books fall far short." Put it this way. Samuel Smiles' "Thrift" (1876!).

you will always be doomed to partial success. Fleeting. . Copyright © 2010 Stephen Seretan. In other words. I could tell you more about this technique here but I won‟t. feelings and beliefs in their minds. Now you might be wondering. It was developed by a physicist while he was basically on his death bed.But what you may not know is that buried deep in the subconscious mind are… Four Master Programs Playing Havoc With Your Life! These programs dictate everything you do. You‟ve heard of millionaires who were living high on the hog one day… and… lost it all the next. True success requires… Letting Go Or Releasing The Negative Thoughts. Never truly satisfying. Feelings. Lester went on to test and prove that KISS Releasing worked on any goal. the Sedona Method is all you need to clear out all those subconscious blocks preventing you from living the life of your dreams. how you react and the level of success or failure you achieve or succumb to on any single topic in your life.LesterandMe. All Rights Reserved. Inconsistent. “What about all those successful people who have not removed these „programs‟ from their subconscious mind? How did they achieve success?” Copyright © 2010 Stephen Seretan. And the most direct… the fastest… and the simplest way to do that is to learn… KISS Releasing (TM) Unlike all the other self-help modalities out there. He created the primitive version of the Sedona Method to completely cure himself of major health problems (including the effects of a massive heart attack) during a 3-month stretch in 1952. Happens all the time. he used it to make one-million dollars in the early 1950‟s doing no money down real estate deals. His name is Lester for more info or call 888 521 9997. And he did this at a time when such deals were not common at all. http://www. Beliefs And Programs Lurking In The Subconscious Mind! Unless… and until… you clear out these negatives. In fact. someone making a lot of money – unless they have removed the thought of financial problems from their subconscious mind – may eventually suffer from a lack of money at some point in the future. All Rights Reserved. happier and healthier person is to learn how to let go of the subconscious baggage you‟ve been lugging around all your life. Email me at SedonaMethodKISS@yahoo. So the key to really helping yourself to be a better. The key to successfully changing your life is to remove or… De-Program… your subconscious mind of these four master programs. Once you do that… then… and only then… are you free to create without Good questions and here are the answers… Most successful people still harbor contrary thoughts. more prosperous. This technique stands alone – head and shoulders – above any others.

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