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intern netlegalco ompliance <***@att> Sent a *:** PM (GMT-0* at M *:00). Curr rent time there: *:** PM. **/** */** Important Civil Subpoena Notificat a tion yahoo

**Plea do not re ase o eply to t this em mail**
ruary **, 20 011 Febr &T Services AT& Internet S Lega Complian Depart al nce tment 1010 N. St. Ma 0 ary’s Street t Suite 315-A2 e San Antonio, T 78215 TX 6409 Fax: 707-435-6 T eceived a s subpoena requiring d disclosure o records related to your of AT&T Internet Services re user account. Please reference the attach hed subpo oena. Thi subpoe is ena was not ated by AT T&T and th email s his serves as a courtesy notificat y tion only. initia ised that A AT&T is req quired by law to resp pond to the subpoena on March 10, e a h Please be advi 1 o motion for a protectiv order, or other mo ve otion is file in ed 2011 unless a motion to quash, m acco ordance wit applicab law. If such a mo th ble otion is filed a copy m d, must be pr rovided to both AT&T Internet Services (at the add T dress and fax numb above) and the p ber plaintiff prio to or date of product tion. AT&T does not have additional infor T rmation about the cas and can not se n ide any le egal advice All com e. mmunication with AT ns T&T are di iscoverable and may be e y provi used against y d you in cou urt. You m may wish to consult an attorne for advi ey ice before you conta any party or make any decis act e sions regar rding this c case. Than you. nk

**Please do no reply to this email. This email addres e ot y s ss is not m monitored for incom r ming em mails.** *

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