The Call To Holiness

In God’s Presence Ministries International

Meng Choo



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In God’s Presence Ministries International


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The Call To Holiness

In God’s Presence Ministries International

Meng Choo


Table of Contents
In God’s Presence…6 My Testimony…9 We Are Righteous In Christ..10 Holy Ground…11 The Power of Forgiveness..13


In God’s Presence When the presence of God comes upon His people during meetings one of the things that God is doing is to remind His people that He is a Holy God.


Heb 12: 14(b) reminds us that without holiness no one will see the Lord. We come before His presence and we long to seek His face but we will not be able to see Him without holiness in our lives. The Lord is coming back for His bride and it will be soon.

He will be coming back for a bride that is pure and holy without spot or blemish. Why does God desire for His church to be holy? Just because He is a holy God. (1 Peter 1: 15).


My Testimony I remember many years ago my youth leader, Susan, asked me "Meng Choo, do you know that you and I can live holy lives?” I looked at Susan, shocked by her question and replied, "Really? Is that possible? Are we really holy before God?"

She explained, "Yes, the Bible tells us that we are made righteous through Christ.” Of course, by ourselves, we are not righteous for our righteousness is like filthy rags.


We Are Righteous In Christ “But in Christ, we are righteous and holy before God.” 1 Peter 2:9 declares, “We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God.”


I looked at Susan as she explained during the bible study and I said "Wow! Christians are called to be holy then!"


Holy Ground God is a Holy God and therefore you and I are to be holy as well. We are to be blameless and without sin before God. I remember the time when God spoke to Moses in the burning bush and in Exodus 3:5, God told Moses that the

ground he was standing in is Holy ground. When you and I come before God, we must come with the consciousness of His holiness. Therefore, we must enter His presence without sin. We need to examine ourselves every time we come into His presence and if there are people that we need to

forgive, we must forgive them. If there are any hurts or bitterness in us, we need to bring them before God and ask for His healing in those areas.


The Power of Forgiveness People who have hurt us or spoken against us before. We need to bring them before God and ask God to deal with the offences in our lives. Only after we have been cleansed and asked for His forgiveness are we able to seek God and enter His presence. We are then free

from those "Spiritual and emotional baggage’s" that will hinder the work of the Holy Spirit in us. Let us continue to be aware of His presence and His holiness in our midst and continue to seek Him for greater things.




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