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…no govt funding available for victims of cyclones Atu and Yasi
By Jane Joshua Futuna Island in the Tafea
province is experiencing acute food shortage in the aftermaths of inconsistent shipping services and zero relief supplies after Tafea was battered by cyclone Vania and in particular for Futuna, cyclone Atu. Daily Post (DP) has found out there ‘are no available funds from the government’ to cater not only for cyclone Atu victims in Futuna but also for cyclone Yasi victims in Torba province. The last ship to call in at Futuna was in December 2010 and after the succeeding number of cyclones in the beginning of 2011 a food crisis is affecting the people of Futuna, whose staple diet is manioc but when damaged such as in cyclones, easily rots. And in the midst of this Futuna’s Ihasia Secondary school is likely to close its doors before the two weeks midterm break next week. “We are appealing to the government and relief agencies to urgently consider our plight. Our food rations for the 100 plus students is very low,” said a Ihasia teacher in a telephone call to the DP using the only telephone working on the island as of April, 2011 at Taroumara, Herald Bay. “We have heard rumours that Futunese communities and chiefs in Port Vila were fundraising to send relief supplies over and we are still waiting to see this. “The last ship to service our port was five months ago. Usually when our food rations are low we depend on communities to beef up our supplies before the next ship comes but this is not the case now. o To Page 6

Futuna in food crisis

Osama Bin Laden: African leaders hails killing
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Electors victimised by own government: Molisa
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Labour Day

Labour Day celebrations in Port Vila on 1st May 2011 was a major event. This is the first time the day had been celebrated by a parade through town, led by representatives of Government, workers and employers. The day also marked the official launch of the Tripartite Labour Advisory Council. In this photograph representatives of government, workers and employers sign the Agreement to launch the Tripartite Labour Advisory Council on Labour Day 1st May 2011.

WTO to gain new member Vanuatu amid turmoil
T he
chief of the

Over 1000 people flock to NDH to get treatment
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W orld

Labour Day celebration in photos
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Trade Organisation (WTO), Pascal Lamy, hailed on Monday the impending accession of small Pacific island state Vanuatu as a sign of confidence in the body at a time of turbulence. Lamy, who said last week that the WTO’s Doha round of negotiations on a new global trade pact was on the edge of failure after 10 years, was speaking after a working group approved terms for Vanuatu to join. “Vanuatu’s accession to the WTO is a sign of confidence in the organisation and the multilateral trading system at a time of turbulence for the trading round and the WTO,” Lamy told a ceremony mark-

ing the end of the entry talks. Russia and Algeria are the two main trade economies outside the WTO, although a session of Moscow’s 18-yearold accession talks is due to start on May 31. When formalities including ratification of the accession terms by Vanuatu’s legislature have been completed, the archipelago will become the 154th member of the WTO, which sets the rules for global trade and oversees their implementation. Vanuatu trade minister Sela Molisa told the ceremony the agreement negotiated with many WTO members in the special working group over the last decade and a half offered “a high quality package” for

his nation’s future trade relations. The package, setting out terms for goods and services trade with other WTO countries, would provide “an impetus for modernisation, integration into the global economy and rapid growth”, Molisa said. Small countries generally see the WTO and its rules as providing a framework to trade their way out of poverty, allowing them to make development plans based on predictable income from abroad. The Doha negotiations, launched at the end of 2001, were long described as a development round aimed at bringing poorer nations into the mainstream of world com-

merce. But the round has missed several deadlines for completion, largely because of disagreements between and among major industrial powers such as the European Union and United States and advanced developing economies like India, Brazil and China. Trade diplomats and analysts say they cannot see the round continuing much beyond 2011, and Lamy, a former EU trade commissioner, voiced similar views last week. However, many also say the WTO has a major role to maintain in underpinning the framework for world trade as a whole. —Reuters

[ 2 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Wednesday May 4, 2011

Local News

UN Secretary General’s Message on World Press Freedom Day
When governments repress
their people and shield themselves from scrutiny, press freedom is among the most powerful vehicles for exposing misdeeds and upholding public trust. When people face discrimination and marginalisation, access to media can give them voice and create a shared awareness of their plight. And in an era of pressing global challenges, the free exchange of information and ideas through the media can connect people and countries in networks of common cause. World Press Freedom Day has its roots in the African journalists who, in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the crumbling of media restrictions in Eastern Europe, sought similar advances on their continent. They worked with UNESCO to organise the 1991 seminar in Namibia that produced the landmark Windhoek Declaration on free and independent media, which in turn inspired the UN General Assembly two years later to proclaim this observance. Today it is the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East mobilizing for their democratic rights and freedoms -and doing so with a heavy and creative reliance on the Internet and social media to help spur change in their societies. The theme of this year’s observance, “New Frontiers, New Barriers,” highlights this dramatically changed global media landscape. New media and tools such as cell phones continue to empower individuals, enrich news-gathering and illuminate once-largelyhidden workings of government, business and industry. Yet alongside these benefits stand old challenges such as the use of media to disseminate hatred and incite violence. There are also undeniable new barriers being imposed by States, including cyber-surveillance, digital harassment and censorship on the Internet. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, at least six journalists who worked primarily online were killed in 2010. And in 2008, for the first time, more “online reporters,” were in jail than those working in traditional media. On World Press Freedom Day, let us remember the journalists, editors and other media professionals who have been killed for their reporting.  And let us honour their memory by pursuing justice. The impunity that often follows such murders suggests a disturbing lack of official concern for the protection of journalists, and outright contempt for the vital role they play. Many other journalists languish in jail simply for doing their jobs. On this Day, as we mark the 20th anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration, let us also pledge to bridge the digital divide, so that all people can benefit from access to and use of new media and communication technologies. Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims the right of all people to “seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”. Let us reaffirm our commitment to this bedrock principle of democracy, development and peace.

Westpac presents cheque from International Women’s Day ribbon sales to VNCW
d i sp l a y e d i t s

support for International Women’s Day, which celebrated its 100th anniversary on Tuesday 8 March 2011, by selling purple ribbons at its Port Vila branch throughout March. The ribbons were on sale for 100 Vatu with all proceeds being donated to the Vanuatu Women’s Centre. A total of 713 ribbons were sold in the Westpac branch throughout March. A cheque for 71,300 Vatu was presented to the Vanuatu Women’s Centre on Friday 29 April 2011. The presentation took place at the Vanuatu Women’s Centres’ office.

“At Westpac, we understand that not all women enjoy equal rights, opportunities and privileges. Westpac believes that it can support a future that is bright, equal, safe and rewarding for all women, free from violence and discrimination,” said Shane Smith, General Manager, Westpac Vanuatu. “That’s why the Westpac Group is delighted to be a major supporter of International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. “This is just one of the

activities we supported as part of International Women’s Day,” added Shane Smith. We also announced the Westpac Women’s Education Grants which provides ten girls with the opportunity to receive money toward the cost of their education” he concluded. Westpac has operated in Vanuatu since 1970. Westpac’s Pacific operations cover the Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands,  Tonga, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. There are more than 50 Westpac branches and agencies and 82 ATMs throughout the Pacific.

Electors victimised by own government: Molisa
By Thompson Marango Former Private Secretary
to Former Minister of Health in the last government, Chief Daniel Molisa, has expressed his concerns over the huge amount of public funds that have been ‘wasted’ as a result of continuous motions of no confidence which lead to changes of government. Chief Molisa whose position in the last government was his first political post ever said the amount they received after Kliman’s coalition was ousted by current PM, Serge Vohor’s group has cost the public dearly. “The public or electors have been victimised by their very own government that they themselves have elected,” said the outspoken chief. He estimated that around Vt100 million of people’s money have been wasted to payout the employees of the former governments each time a coalition is overthrown and another government takes over. Mr Molisa strongly spoke against the current system of government which he said openly entertains political instability. He said it is about time the country reconsiders the system and bring in required amendments to legislations and even the constitution in order to shut off political instability. “Since 1991 there has been no road map, it is time to create a government of national unity to embark on either new legislations or make amendments to constitution,” suggested chief Molisa. “To prevent continuous crossing of floor by MPs to stimulate instability a government of National Unity should be allowed to govern for 4 years to allow the people to make better judgments before MPs could be allowed to change sides. “In a government of National Unity the number of political parties should be limited to 3 as a maximum because too many independent candidates is also a problem in the current government system because they are one of the main ingredients of instability,” he alleged. Meanwhile chief Molisa is
Forecast for today:

rallying support to coordinate a task force of the civil society to work towards the government system of national unity. “People themselves have to demand change. Enough is enough, in life there is a limitation,” he stressed. “Government of National Unity is the only way forward.” He said only with a stable government of national unity could other national issues can be addressed.


Courtesy Vanuatu Meteo Office Call 22932
Yesterday’s recorded weather variables (8am-8am)

General situation:

A trough lies further north of Torba province. A low pressure lies west of New Zealand.

Partly to cloudy conditions with isolated showers and possible thunder expected over the group. Light to moderate east and southeast winds persist throughout.

E/SE winds 12/17 knots expected over all open waters of Vanuatu with light to moderate seas to 1.0 metre.


Saratamata (Ambae)

Pekoa (Santo)

Lamap (Malekula)

Bauerfield (Vila)

Whitegrass Tanna


Rainfall (mm) Max. Temp (•c) Min. Temp (•c)

2.6 32.6 24.6
HEIGHT (Meters)

1.7 31.0 23.0

86.8 //// 24.5 1.19

NIL //// 22.9

NIL 30.0 16.0

0.1 30.3 22.4

HEIGHT (Meters)

05:43 12:34




Today: 06-01 Tomorrow: 06-01

Today: 17-26 Tomorrow:17-26

TEL: 22932 WEBSITE: www.meteo.gov.vu

vanuatu Daily Post | Wednesday May 4, 2011 [ 3 ]

By Colson Wari T he N orthern D istrict

Over 1000 people flock to NDH to get treatment
“The Vanuatu health professionals are very interested and excited to work with and exchange best practices with the U.S., Australian, and New Zealand health care professionals.  We are proud of the services being provided to the community as part of Pacific Partnership. “The country is responding in a significant way and the exchange of skills between the Pacific Partnership physicians and our local surgeons and providers is tremendously exciting and the exchange of skills has been powerful.” Members of the Pacific Partnership have also visited the rural areas to provided treatment. The Pacific Partnership teams 2011 have teamed up well with their Vanuatu counterparts after 65 workers from Luganville and the rural areas attended a training that was organized by the health authority in Luganville at the Agriculture College last week. The Pacific Partnership team is participating in other

Local News

Hospital(NDH) has been overcrowded for the past two days as over 1000 people turned up to get treatment from the Pacific Partnership 2011 medical team. Daily Post witnessed a high number of people arriving on Monday this week to get dental, surgery and medical treatment and from the visiting specialist at the Northern District Hospital. Joseph Mabe, the Northern Health Care Director said he is overwhelmed with works carried out so far by the Pacific Partnership 2011 and Vanuatu team. “The participation in Pacific Partnership has been amazing; at the NDH alone we have had over 1300 outpatient visits in the first three days and today is the largest crowd yet to seek care.  At 9am this morning the lines wrapped around the hospital and the manager indicated lines had been forming since before dawn,” Mr Mabel said.

Medical personal at work community service projects with the painting of dormitories at Matevulu College. Reports obtained by the media also states the team played a football match with the students over the weekend. They also put on a rock and jazz music at Hog Harbour village and at the Luganville Park where over 1000 people were in attendance. A source close to the media said the concert was “awesome” and the village was totally celebrating and geared up for the performance.   “We also had U.S. Navy personnel there painting the local Prenter school and playing soccer with the kids.  It was a great day in Hog Harbor and fun was had by all.  One of the main goals of Pacific Partnership is to build sustainable relationships and projects and working sideby-side at the Prenter School was a highlight of the day for the volunteers from the USS Cleveland,” he said.

Vanuatu Post and Air Vanuatu expand services in Ambae
The Chief Executive Officers
of Vanuatu Post Ltd and Air Vanuatu have announced a new partnership in Lolowai, building on their Memorandum Of Understanding signed in July last year. VPL CEO Wesley Rasu said the new partnership in Lolowai would see an improvement in service delivery throughout Ambae. ”Our priority since signing the MOU has been to improve services throughout the outer islands by working with Air Vanuatu to allow access to postal and airline services in remote and regional areas. “We qualified the partnership in Sola late last year, with Air Vanuatu sales and ticketing being represented by VPL. It has proven to be a great success,” Mr. Rasu said. Air Vanuatu CEO Joseph Laloyer said the national carrier was committed to improving services in the outer islands and feedback from Sola had been positive. “Our partnership with VPL in Sola has meant Air Vanuatu services are no longer limited to flight days. “This has meant greater access to services for the people of the Banks,” Mr Laloyer said. Currently, many outer island airports are opened to receive and dispatch flights only, meaning new bookings or flight changes are not available for those customers living or visiting the outer islands at other times. “The success of the Sola trial has allowed us to expand the partnership to include Lolowai, starting from 01 May,” Laloyer said. “We are confident the people of Lolowai will be as pleased with the new service as those in Sola. We are delighted with the partnership with Vanuatu Post and look forward to working together in other areas of the country in the future.”

Head of IWG Regina hands over stove and shakes hands with Head of Dorcas Alice Alwin. Back row - Elder Garae and son, Minister Lolette Worwor (half hidden), and IWG members Chintana, Jenny Ligo, Lucy Sandy, Beverly and Anita

IWG donates six-burner stove to Freshwind Dorcas
By Len Garae The International
Women’s Group(IWG) has donated a brand new 6-burner gas stove to the Dorcas of Ohlen Freshwind. Minister Lolette Worwor, Head Elder Wince Garae and Head of Dorcas Alice Alwin represented the 800-member SDA Church to receive the gift. In his welcome remarks and words of gratitude, Elder Garae thanked the International Women’s Group for their prompt response to the request by the Dorcas. He said the members’ arrival at the church with the gift is a “blessing” for the Dorcas who have prayed for such a convenience to help them cater for church functions as well as to cook hot meals for their Adventist men who give their time for free everyday to complete the giant church construction project that is scheduled to be opened on October 5 this year. He said quietly the Dorcas have been making a positive impact in the Port Vila community at large with their catering skills and the stove will be a real plus towards expanding the service they provide. The IWG is 20 years old and their main fundraiser is the International Food Festival which takes place every year. All IWG members consist of both local and expatriate volunteers and the money they collect is well managed and used to support hospitals, schools and churches with whatever equipment the IWG approves.

[ 4 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Wednesday May 4 , 2011

Local News

Labour Day celebrations in Port Vila on 1st May 2011

Govt Ministers, MPs, public servants, employers and workers join the parade

Labour Day parade banners

Employer's representative addressing the crowd at Saralana Park

Labour Day worker's representative addressing the crowd

F oreign A ffairs M inis ter

Minister’s short trip to Vanuatu cost NZ taxpayers $75,000
Shearer said. However, a spokesman for Mr McCully said the flight also ferried leaders and officials from Samoa and Tuvalu to the meeting, which was held to discuss the political situation in Fiji. Using the Defence Force was deemed to be the most efficient way to get everyone to the short meeting, he said. New Zealand had offered to give other leaders a ride to ensure a good turnout. The spokesman disputed the $75,000 figure, saying the Defence Force had not provided Mr McCully’s office with a specific cost for the flight. Prime Minister John Key said he accepted Mr McCully’s reasoning at the time for using the Defence Force for travel. He also did not confirm the $75,000 cost, saying the actual cost of overseas travel was often considerably less than the amount originally approved.

Murray McCully’s office has defended his use of a Defence Force plane to travel to a day-long meeting in Vanuatu, saying it was used to ferry other Pacific leaders. Labour MP David Shearer accused Mr McCully today of spending at least $75,000 on the February ministerial contact group meeting in Port Vila. Using commercial flights, travel there should only have cost about $4000, Mr

We care for your car

Hospital duo lend a hand in Vanuatu
D r B r a d y T a ss i c k e r
returned to Vanuatu in March to see emergency medicine progressing slowly after his initial visit last year. In November, Dr Tassicker and emergency nurse Carol Scott, from the North West Regional Hospital, joined a team of medical professionals in the South Pacific island to study existing services at the Vila Central Hospital. Dr Tassicker said during their two-week stay they created an exhaustive report on the hospital with a number of recommendations for the Vanuatu government. At this time the Japanese government offered to build a new hospital and emergency department in Port Villa as a foreign aid project. The Japanese Government notified Dr Tassicker that on March 16 they would be in Vanuatu to discuss the new hospital’s future. “Carol and I had two weeks’ notice that the Japanese Government would be in Vanuatu and there was a mad scramble to get time off and funding,” he said. The earthquake had hit Japan just days before the arrival in Vanuatu but the Japanese government still planned to built the hospital. Dr Tassicker and Ms Scott met with the Japanese design team. “The (Japanese) government is not going to follow all of our suggestions, but that’s fine,” he said. The pair also used this time to follow up on other recommendations at the hospital and their progress. “The hospital has appointed a couple of doctors to train in emergency medicine which is really promising,” Dr Tassicker said. “A member of the nursing staff has signed up for advanced qualifications in emergency nursing.” Dr Tassicker said he looked forward to bringing one of Vanuatu’s doctors to NWRH on sabbatical for several weeks to experience a different hospital. Ms Scott said she was very appreciative of the opportunity to assist in the proposed improvements at the Vila Central Hospital. “I would really like to continue with the improvements proposed if possible,” she said. Dr Tassicker is hoping to gain funding from AusAid to continue this project.
—Australian Coastal Times

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VANUATU DAILY POST Wednesday May 04 2011 [ 5 ]


Voice of the People
PO Box 1292, Port Vila fax: +678 24111 email: letters@dailypost.com.vu Letters must be less than 300 words. Everyone has the right to express an opinion without fear of persecution. All letters must give your full name, address (not a PO Box) and a daytime phone number for verification. Letters emailed must be from a confirmed address. Your name will be kept confidential if requested. Letters may be edited for space and legal issue. The opinions expressed here are not those of Vanuatu Daily Post.. The editor reserves the right to decide whether to print or not.
Email hacker
Dear Editor, It was brought to our attention that someone was sending email messages to companies here in Vanuatu using this email address, Christine.dollesin@yahoo.com, the content of which is degrading not only the Ni- Vans but the whole Vanuatu as well. I would like to point out that the email account was created by somebody who is impersonating my wife. We only learned about the existence of such account early part of this year, weeks after my family arrived in Vanuatu. We have difficulty in tracking who the person is as Yahoo USA, for privacy protection, does not provide any member's information unless there is a court order asking them to do so. We are doing our best to find clues and ways to pinpoint who the culprit is. We have reasons to believe that this identity thief will strike again to discredit and humiliate my wife by means of this email account. We have no idea what triggers this actuation as we are very private persons. As such we are requesting your good office to please ignore any email messages coming from such account. I also would like to add that this impersonator is a hacker who had successfully cracked my wife's real email address, cris_dollesin@yahoo.com. In relation to this we then would like to request that, should there be any correspondence bearing the following names as sender, please contact me first to confirm whether it's really from us: a. Christine Bongalon _ Existing email address: tinbongalon@yahoo.com b. Gil Baltazar V . Bongalon _ Existing email address: gbv bongalon@yahoo.com and gbv bongalon@vanuatu.com.vu Sincerely yours, Mr Gil Baltazar V. Bongalon CPA
Cartoon: Allvoices

Re: Are we sliding back into a situation destroying the aims of the CRP?
Dear Editor, Thanks to Kevin Dick Abel's letter to the Editor published Saturday 30 April 2011. I would like to respond to the points raised accordingly. Mr Abel, let me point out to you that there is no need to dwell on the issue of my identity. I have my right of whether to put my real name or not, or whether I've been to University is not important for you to know. By the way, I'm a Ni-Vanuatu and proud of my custom name which I have used in my letters. Anyway, the discussion here is about Ministers' increased discretion without heeded advice from their DGs and Directors. Maybe Mr Abel has missed the point, but certainly, diminishing the control or discussions with the DGs who were appointed on the basis of their education and merit only serves to make the public more suspicious of Government intentions as over the years it has been systematically abused. I guess Mr Abel must have connections with Politicians and that is why he seemed to be defensive. Let me point out to Mr Abel that even though some systems of checks have already been put in place under the Public Service Act, some politicians have continued to deliberately act contrary to the guidelines. What can Mr Abel say to one of the latest cases where a former Minister of Lands signed the Lease for the whole of Lamap on Malekula as reported in the media even though his technical people in the Department advised against his decision? I will continue to question the politicians and ministers even if it's a “complete disgrace and disloyalty” as Mr Abel has put it. Sad to say, but experience has shown that once MPs are voted in, they tend to forget about the whole purpose of being there while their focus now would tend to be for their own political survival and personal wealth. I guess Mr Abel has never been to the outer islands to see the deteriorating road conditions, poor health services, lack of market opportunities for local farmers etc. Funds that should have been used to provide better services to the people are used instead for increasing the MP salaries, government legal costs for wrong decisions, regular overseas travelling expenses, and unnecessary change of government that cost millions of taxpayer's money etc... Do we want to see “the choice of the people” continue to run havoc the country's financial resources? Thank you. Viregalato

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ጒ PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
Minor health problems may lower your vitality. Be prepared to make changes to your personal documents.

[ 6 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Wednesday May 04, 2011

The news of the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has come nearly 10 years after the September 11, 2001 attacks United States President Barack Obama announced on national television on May 1 that the terrorist leader had been killed in Abbottabad in Pakistan.
Saudi-born Osama bin Laden
had been on the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s ‘Ten Most Wanted Fugitives’ list since 1999. He became the most wanted man in the world in 2001 when he was identified as the mastermind of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington that levelled the World Trade Centre’s iconic twin towers. Bin Laden never admitted responsibility for the attacks, but he had called for a holy war against the United States in 1998. He managed to evade a massive manhunt in Afghanistan and Pakistan by US-led coalition and Pakistani forces for years.

Osama bin Laden is dead

News Feature

Early life

Bin Laden was born in 1957 in Saudi Arabia to a Syrian mother and a wealthy Yemeni construction industrialist with ties to the Saudi royal family. He studied management and economics at King Abdul Aziz University in the Saudi city of Jedda, where his religious teachers also introduced him to Islamic politics. The 1979 invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Army is seen as a turning point for Bin Laden. He became a strong supporter of the Afghan mujahideen resistance against the USSR, with backing from the United States. American support for the resistance was also provided to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan for the setting up of Islamic schools in Pakistan for Afghan refugees. These schools would later become training centres for radical Islamists. After frequently visiting Afghanistan, Bin Laden moved there in the mid-1980s and established Maktab alKhidimat (MAK) - an organisa t i o n w h i c h recr uit ed Muslim soldiers from around the world. He also built camps for Arab resistance fighters inside Afghanistan, which he dubbed “al-Qaeda” - the Arabic phrase for “the base”.

Osama bin Laden photographed in 1998. [Reuters] ly disappointed at the lack of Saudi recognition for his accomplishments in Afghanistan, and was incensed in 1990 when the Saudi government turned down his offer of a “mujihideen army” to defend the country after Iraq invaded Kuwait. The Saudi monarchy instead invited American troops to be stationed on its territory - a move Bin Laden regarded as an affront to Islam. In 1991 his anti-government activities led to him being expelled from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government eventually froze his assets and stripped him of his citizenship. He first moved to Sudan, and later - with the Sudanese government under pressure from Washington to expel him - he returned to Afghanistan, where in 1998 he called for a global war against Americans and the Jewish community. geting Los Angeles Airport and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole while it was stationed in the Yemeni port of Aden. In 2001, Al-Qaeda was blamed for carrying out the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, and the US government immediately named Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda as the prime suspects. Despite a reward of $US25 million offered for information leading to his capture or death, he managed to evade capture. On 13 July 2007, this figure was doubled to $US50 million. Since 2001, Bin Laden released several video tapes broadcast on Qatar’s Al Jazeera network, the first of which praised the September 11 hijackers, but stopped just short of claiming responsibility for them. In subsequent tapes, he threatened more attacks against the US, and warned that “America will not live in peace.” Announcing his death, President Obama said Washington continues to expect further attacks, and that the US will remain vigilant “at home and abroad”.
Radio Australia

‘Betrayal’ and radical-


War against the US

Bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989. His Afghan mujahideen split into factions, one of which was the fundamentalist Taliban network. The Taliban went on to take control of most of Afghanistan by 1991. Bin Laden was reported-

Later the same year he is believed to have ordered twin bomb attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. He was regarded as having masterminded or being involved in a string of other attacks and attempted attacks on US targets, including a bomb plot tar-

o From Front Page “Their supply is low and we cannot rely on them. We are struggling and if no assistance comes before the next school term begins we will be force to extend the school holidays as wait to see how we restock our food supplies. Ihasia has six teachers, including the principal. The School Board and chiefs are having dialogue to consider our options.” Futuna has six villages and an estimated population of over 300 people. Meanwhile the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has clarified its position in the relief process that, “NDMO coordinates the relief efforts but funding comes from the government”. The NDMO coordinator confirmed that after the cyclone impact assessments on Futuna no relief assistance has yet been send because there are no “available gov-

Futuna in food crisis
ernment funds”. “NDMO has done its part in reports and assessments but the government has no available funds, it is in the pipeline and a lengthy process for the funds to be accessed. The funds are allocated to each individual cyclone respectively and cannot be duplicated. Last time it was only for cyclone Vania,” he said. “But funds are yet to be made available for victims of cyclone Atu in Futuna and cyclone Yasi victims in Torba.” The plight of the Futunese islanders has also prompted the NDMO to call on all Futunese leaders and communities in Vila to rally as soon as possible and collect items to contribute to relief efforts in Futuna because currently NDMO can only meet the costs for a ship to go down to Futuna but not for food and other relief supplies. Previously the NDMO’s

estimated cost for cyclone Vania’s relief assistance of logistical support and rice in Tafea was vt55,207,000, as approved by chairman of the National Disaster Committee George Bogiri. Furthermore the Chinese government further handed over Vt4.5million towards the government’s emergency cyclone relief efforts and assistance by the New Zealand, Australia and French governments and efforts by Tafea MPs. The Council of Ministers also approved Vt63, 661,129 million to waive school fees on Tanna and Tafea outer islands. So far all islands in the Tafea grouping have received cyclone relief assistance except Futuna. As funding for cyclone relief operations from the government is separate and the process lengthy every one needs to rally together for immediate action.

vanuatu Daily Post | Wednesday May 04 , 2011 [ 7 ]

Regional News

Post Comics

US donates $US25 million to pacific obesity study
US authorities have given
researchers a $US25 million dollar grant to study prevention of obesity in remote Pacific Islands and parts of Hawaii. The five year Department of Agriculture grant will fund research to be headed by the University of Hawaii, involving scientists from American Samoa, Guam, Micronesia and the Northern Marianas. Professor Rachel Novotny from the University of Hawaii says those communities show high levels of obesity, leading to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. She’s told Radio Australia’s Pacbeat program the research can make a difference. “If we can find some of the most salient factors in each community such as foods that are being imported, and maybe put some more support towards some local production, some of these sorts of things - the effect could be quite dramatic especially in these island communities with fewer inputs and outputs than some of the larger places,” she said.
Radio Australia



Cyprus High Com presents credentials
T he R epublic


C yprus

Hagar the horrible

Today in
history May 4

Solution to your Sudoku puzzle


Peter Minuit landed in Manhattan, which he later bought for $24 worth of cloth and brass buttons.

The Haymarket Square riot broke out as a result of a labor demonstration.

Public Enemy Number One, Al Capone, was jailed for tax evasion.

first High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Yannis Iacovou yesterday presented his letter of credence to caretaker Governor General Sir Allan Kemakeza. In a statement His Excellency said the Republic of Cyprus was ready to strengthen its bilateral relations with the Solomon Islands for the benefit of both countries and its people. High Commissioner Iacovou said the bilateral interaction between the two countries had been developed and enhanced through the participation and co-operation in international fronts such as the Commonwealth and UN. He said Cyprus had been a full time member of the EU since May 2004 with the interest to support and develop bilateral relations between EU and the pacific region. “And it is my honour to take this opportunity to express the sincere appreciation of the Government and people of Cyprus for the support of Solomon Islands to the independence,” he said. The High Commissioner added that the support was

Cyprus high commissioner to Solomon Islands Yannis Iacovou and the Caretaker Governor General, Speaker Sir Allen Kemakeza after the ceremony. reflected also through Solomon Islands adherence to the Security Council Resolutions on Cyprus for the agreed settlement of Cyprus’ problems. His Excellency affirmed his commitment to build on the friendly ties that exist between the two for the betterment of the people. Meanwhile, caretaker Governor General Sir Allan Kemakeza received and accepted on behalf of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth , Queen of Solomon Islands the letters of Credence presented by Cyprus High Commissioner. “As you the first High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus to the state of Solomon Islands reflects your Government’s desire and commitment to further strengthen bilateral relations with Solomon Islands,” Sir Allan said. The caretaker GG assured his Excellency that Solomon Islands stood ready to enhance the friendship founded on mutual relations. Finally the caretaker Governor General congratulated Cyprus High Commissioner to Solomon Islands.
Solomon Star

The first Grammy Awards were held.
1961 Civil rights activists, called “freedom riders,” left Washington, DC for New Orleans. 1970

Bougainville considers calling on UN to end lawlessness
The president of the autonomous
Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville says he may call on the United Nations to send in peace keepers if violence and lawlessness continue in the Konnou region in the south of the main island. The President John Momis says Bougainville won’t be able to hold a referendum on independence, as scheduled from 2015, if the rule of law is not fully observed or guns remain in the community. He says peace keepers may be needed if a summit he’s called of the wider south Bougainville community doesn’t come up with ways to solve the problem internally. “If the internally developed strategy doesn’t work, to put an end to this problem, then we might have to consider the deployment of a kind of foreign intervention force - not on a big scale like the RAMSI style in the Solomons, but having the presence of peace keepers or peace monitors in Bougainville to encourage those with guns, many of whom are at loggerheads with one another, to dispose of guns.” Bougainville president John Momis.

Fiji Geothermal power station planned for Fiji
The company says geothermal
energy will reduce Fiji’s reliance on fuel imports. In a statement, the firm says it believes the new facility will also “be the key to Fiji’s ability to transform its economy and greatly increase the wealth of its people”. Geothermal Electric’s chief executive, Tim Daniel, has told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat that the new plant may also bring down the cost of power for Fijiian residents. “We have an enormous fuel bill from fossil fuels and the objective is to reduce that and complement renewable energy sources,” he said. “The way to go now is really renewable energy, given the oil price will not come down, it will continue to increase. As it increases, it puts a big dent in the nation’s economy in terms of importing oil into the country.”
Radio Australia

Four Kent State University students were shot down by National Guard members during an anti-Vietnam War demonstration.

French Polynesia gets US$62m loan from France
France has agreed to lend
French Polynesia 62 million US dollars as the territory is short of funds amid a prolonged economic crisis. The deal was announced in Paris by the overseas territories minister, Marie-Luce Penchard, and the French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru. Mrs Penchard says 37 million will be released before the end of the month if French Polynesia meets the lending criteria of the French Development Agency. Mr Temaru says the funds will be used to relaunch the economy. The loan was negotiated by his predecessor, Gaston Tong Sang, but he turned it down after rejecting its terms

The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, was sentenced to four life terms plus 30 years for his series of bombings that killed three and injured 23.


World News


Osama Bin Laden: African leaders hail killing
T he
leaders of

Indonesia says bin Laden’s death won’t stop terror attacks
Indonesian authorities have warned the killing of bin Laden won’t stop local radicals from trying to launch terrorist attacks. The head of Indonesia’s counter-terrorism agency, Ansyad Mbai, says the death of bin Laden will have an effect on local jihadis, but he warns they’re committed to a violent ideology, not just one man. Sidney Jones from the International Crisis Group says there’s a risk of revenge attacks “What you need is the impetus, and that’s what we might see coming out of this killing in Pakistan,” he said. Several attacks this year have been launched by small independent jihadist groups.
Radio Australia

A frican

countries where al-Qaeda has staged attacks, such as Kenya, Tanzania and Mali, have welcomed the killing by US forces in Pakistan of Osama Bin Laden. Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki said it brought justice for al-Qaeda’s victims. Some 224 people, mostly Kenyans, were killed in the twin bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi and in Tanzania’s main city Dar es Salaam in 1998. Kenyan security services are now on high alert in case of revenge attacks. Francis Kimemia, a senior official in Kenya’s internal security ministry, told the BBC that the US should also target al-Qaeda cells in East Africa. The al-Shabab militant group, which controls much of southern Somalia, has close links to al-Qaeda and last year carried out a suicide bombing in Uganda. In 2009 US forces killed Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, a top al-Qaeda operative accused of links to the 1998 embassy bombings, in a raid in Somalia. Somali women cheer Mr Maiga also said that he hoped Bin Laden’s death would make negations currently going on to free five western hostages held by alQaeda in the Islamic Maghreb easier, as some hostage-takers have previously referred mediators to Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden was killed by US forces in a ground operation in outside the Pakistan capital Islamabad, after the US received intelligence on his whereabouts. US President Barack Obama said US forces had taken possession of his body. Bin Laden was accused of masterminding a number

Gaddafi supporters vow revenge for son’s death
Pro-government supporters in Libya have vowed revenge for the deaths of Moamar Gaddafi’s son and three grandchildren in a NATO air strike. More than a thousand mourners turned out for the funeral of 29-year-old Saif al Arab Gaddafi and three children who were killed when NATO missiles struck the Gaddafi residential compound on Saturday. Colonel Gaddafi and his wife escaped unscathed, even though they were reportedly in the same building shortly before. NATO has denied it deliberately targeted any individual.
Radio Australia

Most of those killed in the US embassy attacks were Kenyan of atrocities, including the attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001. He was top of the US’ “most wanted” list. The US has put its embassies around the world on alert, warning Americans of the possibility of al-Qaeda reprisal attacks for Bin Laden’s killing. Kenya’s prime minister was among those hailing Bin Laden’s death. “Osama’s death can only be positive for Kenya, but we need to have a stable government in Somalia,” Raila Odinga told Reuters news agency. “The loss of its [al-Qaeda’s] leader may first upset the movement but then it will regroup and continue.” A l - S h a b a b s p o kesman Mohamed Osman Arus said the group would take revenge for Bin Laden’s d e a t h w i t h “ d e s tructive explosions”, reports the AP news agency. But some Somali women’s groups thanked the US for killing Bin Laden, saying he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of women and children in the country, especially in the capital, Mogadishu, where alShabab has been battling the UN-backed government. We have to be careful - particularly in the next three to six months” Douglas Sidialo, chairman of Kenya’s 1998 US E m b a s s y B o m b Vi c t i m s ’ Association, who lost his sight in the attack, said Bin Laden’s death was “a reason for celebration”. However, he said he would have preferred him to have been captured alive and put on trial to answer for his crimes. Tanzania’s Prime Minister Jakaya Kikwete said the news was a relief but that the fight to bring the perpetrators of terror attacks to justice was far from over. Bin Laden lived in neighbouring Sudan from 1991-6 but authorities in Khartoum have not yet commented. The BBC’s James Copnall, in Khartoum, says Sudanese authorities are caught between trying to improve relations with the US and a domestic constituency which has some support for Bin Laden and even has fond memories of him. ‘One less intermediary’ An al-Qaeda-linked group also operates in north and west Africa, staging attacks in Algeria, Niger and Mali. Mali’s Foreign Minister Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga told the BBC that he welcomed Bin Laden’s death but said there is a risk of retaliation. “We have to be careful particularly in the next three to six months we have to be extremely vigilant - because we know that every time alQaeda suffers a blow like this, it’s followed by attempts at revenge,” he said.

Cambodia asks international court to intervene in border dispute
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) says Cambodia has filed an application over a border dispute with Thailand. It’s asked the court to order the Thai military to withdraw from the area. The fighting between Thailand and Cambodia has become Southeast-Asia’s bloodiest border dispute in years. The latest outburst caused several deaths and forced more than 50,000 people on both sides of the border to seek safety in evacuation centres. The ICJ, based in the Hague, Netherlands, ruled on the dispute nearly 50 years ago, in 1962. It awarded the Preah Vihear temple to Cambodia, but both countries lay claim to a patch of land around it.
Radio Australia

Indian bashings ‘not racially motivated’
A court in the Australian south-eastern city of Melbourne has given a suspended sentence to a 19-year-old man who was found to have been involved in a series of assaults of Indians last year. A judge found the bashings of seven Indian men in Melbourne’s west last year were not racially motivated. Ricky Petrusic was sentenced to three years in prison, wholly suspended, for his part in a series of bashings across Melbourne’s western suburbs last December. The Victorian County Court heard Petrusic provided transport for the attacks, in which he and six other teenagers drove around looking for Indian targets, before punching them or hitting them over the head with an iron bar. They called it punji-hunting. Despite the label, County Court Judge Elizabeth Gaynor found the attacks were not racially motivated and had more to do with Indian men being perceived as soft targets. She ordered Petrusic to undertake 150 hours of community service and his car has been confiscated. Dr Gurdip Aurora from the Australia India Society of Victoria says the sentence is unacceptable. “There has got to be a message sent to such people that this sort of behaviour is not accepted or is not acceptable,” he said. “I am of the opinion that there has got to be a mandatory sentencing for these people. “In general, I think the streets of Melbourne, or generally Victoria, are unsafe and I think the politicians need to take note of that.”
Radio Australia


New Zealand city hit by tornado
suburb in the


Over-fishing remains an issue in the Pacific
R egional



Zealand city of Auckland has been hit by a small tornado. The national news agency NZPA says police have received reports that one person is dead. The New Zealand Herald reports a roof has collapsed at a mall in Albany and the building is being evacuated. It says police confirm there have been injuries and the fire service has dispatched multiple appliances to the area.
—Radio Australia

groups in the Pacific have called for stronger governmental effort in response to scientific warnings on reduced fish stocks. A meeting in Suva in Fiji heard that Pacific Island regions need to work more closely with scientific bodies to address the issue of over-fishing. The workshop organised by the World Wildlife Fund brought together fisheries officials from Kiribati, Tuvalu, Niue, the Federated States of Micronesia, and Vanuatu. Seremaia Tuquri from the WWF in Fiji says one of the problems is the inability of Pacific countries to enforce fishing regulations. "An issue a lot of the Pacific Island governments have... is capacity - in terms of capacity on the ground, infrastructure

A meeting in Suva in Fiji heard that Pacific Island regions need to work more closely with scientific bodies to address the issue of over-fishing. [ABC]z to be able to police the exclusive economic zones," he said. "Almost three quarters or two thirds of the body of water in the Pacific is oceans - so that's probably one of the important areas that needs to be looked at in order to safeguard the resources of the Pacific."
—Radio Australia

[ 8 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Wednesday May 4, 2011
vanuatu Daily Post | Wednesday May 4, 2011 [ 9 ]

World News

P akistan ' s

Pakistan defends against bin Laden support accusations
president has


acknowledged for the first time that his security forces were left out of a US operation to kill Osama bin Laden. Writing in the Washington Post, president Asif Ali Zardari defended his country against accusations it did not do enough to track down the Al Qaeda leader. "Although the events of Sunday were not a joint operation, a decade of cooperation and partnership between the United States and Pakistan led up to the elimination of Osama bin Laden as a continuing threat to the civilised world," he wrote in an opinion piece for the US newspaper. Underneath a headline reading "Pakistan did its part," he added: "we in Pakistan take some satisfaction that our early assistance in identifying an Al Qaeda courier

ultimately led to this day." The CIA is now sifting through what has been described as a boatload of intelligence, retrieved from bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, a hillside retreat popular with retired Pakistani generals just a few hours drive from Islamabad. The discovery of the world's most hunted terrorist so close to the Pakistani capital seems to vindicate suspicions that Al Qaeda found sanctuary in Pakistan, which has received billions of dollars in exchange for pursuing terrorists. US counter-terrorism chief John Brennan says it is "inconceivable" bin Laden could have lived in such a conspicuous, sprawling compound so close to Islamabad without a support network inside the country. "I am not going to speculate about what type of sup-

port he might have had on an official basis inside of Pakistan," he said. "We are closely talking to the Pakistanis right now and, again, we are leaving open opportunities to continue to pursue whatever leads might be out there." Mr Brennan said US officials did not notify Pakistan of the raid until its helicopters exited Pakistani airspace with bin Laden's remains. 'Baseless speculation' Mr Zardari provided no detailed explanation on how bin Laden managed to live in Abbottabad for years undetected. But he criticised US press coverage suggesting that Pakistan "lacked vitality" in pursuing terrorists. "He was not anywhere we had anticipated he would be, but now he is gone," he wrote.

"Some in the US press have suggested that Pakistan lacked vitality in its pursuit of terrorism or, worse yet, that we were disingenuous and actually protected the terrorists we claimed to be pursuing. "Such baseless speculation may make exciting cable news, but it doesn't reflect fact. Pakistan had as much reason to despise Al Qaeda as any nation. "The war on terrorism is as much Pakistan's war as it is America's. And though it may have started with bin Laden, the forces of modenity remain under serious threat." Former Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf also rejected the notion of any collusion between bin Laden and the authorities. "I would say it is certainly ... an intelligence failure," he said. "Since you are blaming

Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari. [Reuters] Pakistan, let me also blame the United States, to an extent. It is also a failure of the CIA, may I say, who were very much in total co-operation with Pakistan. "But any aspersions that the Pakistan military or the intelligence knew about him and that he was staying there this is absolutely wrong." Meanwhile, Pakistan is bracing for a backlash, fearful of a wave of revenge attacks. Pakistan's main Taliban faction reacted angrily to the announced death of the Al Qaeda number one, promising to "avenge his death and launch attacks against American and Pakistani governments and their security forces". Pakistan has beefed up security across major cities, diplomatic installations and around the site of the killing in Abbottabad. More troops were deployed in Islamabad to safeguard government offices and the city's diplomatic enclave, while in Lahore and Karachi, the two biggest cities, extra road blocks and barbed wire were laid around sensitive buildings.





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[ 14 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sports News

Brian Aldridge steps down as an ICC Regional Referee
New Zealander who stood
in 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup final retires after four years on panel The International Cricket Council (ICC) today announced the retirement of Brian Aldridge as an ICC Regional Referee for the East Asia-Pacific (EAP) region and also as an Umpire Coordinator for the region. Having been an international umpire from 1986 to 1995, standing in 26 Test matches and 45 ODIs – including the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup 1992, Mr Aldridge joined the Regional Referee panel in 2007.  Christchurch-born Mr Aldridge also worked as New Zealand Cricket’s Umpire Manager from 1996 to 2009 while in 2000 he became involved with the ICC EAP umpire development programme within the region and was also used as a referee for tournaments within the region from 2004 onwards. Mr Aldridge will remain on the committee that selects the ICC Associate and Affiliate Umpires which sits on an annual basis. Upon announcing his decision to step down from his role, Mr Aldridge said: “I have always held a great passion for cricket development beyond the traditional cricket playing countries. “It has been my privilege to be involved in this development work as ICC Regional Referee and as an Umpire Coordinator with the ICC East Asia-Pacific region. “During this time I have seen first-hand the game of cricket in the EAP region go through a remarkable growth and it has been very exciting to look back on how the game has improved in the way it has been managed, played and umpired.” “I have had a very long and enjoyable relationship with the game of cricket, and will leave with many fond memories and fantastic friendships. With the recent earthquake in Christchurch it is now time that I focus my energy on being with family and helping the local community in the recovery process,” said Mr Aldridge. ICC Umpires and Referees’ manager Vince van der Bijl paid tribute to Mr Aldridge: “Brian has been a tremendous servant to the game as a former umpire, administrator and more recently with his work in cricket development. “Brian’s work has helped laid the foundations for umpiring to be able to flourish within the East AsiaPacific region. We are very grateful for his contribution and he receives our support and well wishes for his work to aid the recovery process in his hometown of Christchurch.”  Finally, ICC EAP regional development manager Andrew Faichney added his thanks to Mr Aldridge for all his hard work and efforts in the region. “Brian has had a huge impact on the EAP region over the last 10 years and our umpire community, and the region as a whole, would not be where it is today without Brian’s involvement. The administrators, players, officials and umpires are all indebted to Brian’s service and friendship,” said Faichney. ICC



Kombouaré signs new deal with PSG
French Cup finalists Paris
Saint-Germain FC have extended coach Antoine Kombouaré’s contract for 12 months until 2013 as they look to build on the momentum of his first two years. Paris Saint-Germain FC have extended the contract of coach Antoine Kombouaré for 12 months until June 2013. “With a desire for continuity and satisfied with the work already undertaken, the club has decided to take the option of another year in Antoine Kombouaré’s contract,” said a statement on the French Cup finalists’ website. Kombouaré replaced Paul Le Guen at PSG on a threeyear deal in 2009 and won the French Cup less than 12 months later. With victory over his former team Valenciennes FC on Saturday, the New Caledonia-born coach lifted PSG level on points with third-placed Olympique Lyonnais with five Ligue 1 games remaining. On 14 May, PSG will defend the French Cup in the final against league leaders LOSC Lille Métropole.

Bin Hammam backs his chances
s i a n



o o t b a l l

Real Madrid and Barcelona protests dismissed by Uefa


governing body has rejected the complaints lodged by Real Madrid and Barcelona following their Champions League semi-final first leg. Uefa said there was “no common strategy to provoke” by Barca after Real claimed the Catalan giants were guilty of “unsportsmanlike behaviour”. The decision to dismiss Pepe was upheld while the complaint about Real boss Jose Mourinho was rejected. But Uefa will investigate the charges it has brought against both clubs. A Uefa statement read: “FC Barcelona have been referred to the proceedings already brought against Mr Mourinho, which will be heard by the control and disciplinary body on Friday 6 May. “No new disciplinary proceedings are therefore to be opened against Jose Mourinho on the basis of the complaint lodged by Barcelona.” Real Madrid are in the dock for the dismissals of midfielder Pepe and Mourinho, the latter’s post-match outburst and the behaviour of their fans during last Wednesday’s 2-0 defeat at the Bernabeu. Barcelona have been charged over the red card

Mourinho was sent off on Wednesday and has been charged by Uefa shown to reserve goalkeeper Jose Pinto at half-time. The already heightened emotions surrounding the match were further inflamed by Mourinho after the fulltime whistle when he suggested the Catalan club is favourably treated by referees. Barcelona then said after a board meeting last Thursday that they believed the former Chelsea, Inter Milan and FC Porto coach had “crossed the line” with his comments. And Real responded by complaining that Barca’s players “consistently feigned aggressions with the sole purpose of misleading the referee of the match”. The decision to reject their complaints was taken by the vice-chairman of Uefa’s disciplinary panel and can be appealed against within three days if the clubs wish to do so. But Real Madrid assistant coach Aitor Karanka believes Uefa’s decision will overshadow Tuesday’s second leg semi-final at the Nou Camp. “We have been punished but there are Barca players who didn’t respect the principles of fair play or who made racist insults, covering their mouths, who will be on the pitch tomorrow,” said Karanka. The Real assistant coach’s mention of “racist insults” was a reference to an allegation that Barca midfielder Sergio Busquets had directed a racist remark at Brazil-

ian full-back Marcelo in last Wednesday’s game. However, Barca coach Pep Guardiola insisted that the Catalan club instilled values of sportsmanship in its players. “They think we are unsporting, but I think completely the opposite,” said Guardiola. “Here we teach our players manners from a young age. “Mourinho was at Barcelona for five years and he knows our values: to win, fight and earn respect by respecting your rival.” “Tomorrow it all finishes,” added Guardiola. “We are playing for a place in the final, not to beat Real Madrid.” Barca midfielder Xavi also talked about the negative impact last week’s game had generated. “From my point of view everything that has been happening is sad,” said the Barca playmaker. “It would be nice to talk about football instead and not these ridiculous issues. “We will try not to let any of this tension affect us, which is negative for football and sport in general. It’s impossible but we will try.”

Confederation president Mohamed Bin Hammam has expressed his confidence ahead of the FIFA presidential elections on 1 June where he is hoping to unseat incumbent Sepp Blatter. Bin Hammam was speaking at the congress of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) on Sunday as the campaign to become head of world football’s governing body intensified. “I started from zero and I believe that as of today I have the same chances as Blatter,” said the Qatari. “Now I am better known and each day I get more votes. It’s all going well. I believe I can win more than 50 percent of the votes.” Bin Hammam is posing the first challenge to current world football head Sepp Blatter in nearly a decade. “Let there be a competition, let there be a decision by the (FIFA) congress. Things are on the table, (let’s) keep things dynamic and keep the congress always deciding where they are going to go,” Bin Hammam told news agency Reuters. “I think a new vision, a new opening, new blood, the competition in itself is what we are requiring, not change,” added the 61-yearold. Despite his confidence however, CONMEBOL, which has staunchly supported Blatter since he took office in 1998, confirmed on Friday that it would back him again, in a move that was warmly received by Blatter. “I would like to thank you for the faith you have expressed in FIFA,” said Blatter in his address to the

congress. “I am very happy and honoured with your decision and I accept it gladly ... to continue playing together on the same pitch.” CONMEBOL holds 10 of the 208 votes at the FIFA congress. Blatter believes he has about 50 percent support from Africa and Asia and a majority in the rest of the world. Bin Hammam says the issue is not settled. “I have to (campaign), frankly speaking, and I’ve said this before, when we first decided to go ahead, we knew where we are strong and where we are weak, and so far I believe none of the decisions has been taken left or right,” he said. “I will not say where my strength is and where my weaknesses are going to be from but I believe that for the election I have time (to garner more support).” In an interview with Al J a z e e r a i n J a n u a r y, t h e Qatari said it was time to “inject fresh blood” in FIFA and criticised Blatter’s handling of speculation that the Qatar 2022 World Cup could be held in winter. “Maybe now we got tired of always defending same opinions, same ideas, same things, so maybe we’ve reached the stage that our president, who is supposed to defend our organisation, is defenceless - he cannot anymore do it,” he said. In his bid to become only the fourth FIFA president in half a century, he said he would support goal line technology if elected to the post. He also promised more transparency in the  in the confederation’s decision-making. 

vanuatu Daily Post | Wednesday, May 4, 2011 [ 15 ]

Sports News

Sia Raga hemi mentenem lid long LFA klasmen
Colson Wari i ripot S i a R a g a FC


Sports inbrief

Bees on bar hold up Brazilian football game
The discovery of a beehive on a crossbar held up play for 20 minutes at a football match in Brazil on Sunday. The Goiania state championship match between Vila Nova and Goias at the Serra Dourada was delayed when hundreds of bees gathered on one of the goals. The fire brigade was called in and they used an extinguisher and a flaming torch to get rid of the bees. The Serra Dourada will stage the international friendly between Brazil and Holland on 4 June.

putumaot wan strong pefomens agensem College De Santo long las wiken blong mentenem posisen long Punjas 2010/2011 jampionsip klasmen blong Luganville Futbol Assosiesen. Sia Raga FC hemi bin kapsaedem College long sko blong 5-1 long las wiken. Gem ia we hemi las jampionsip blong tufala tim ia i bin stap long feva blong Sia Raga afta 90 minit. College hemi manej blong skorem wan poen nomo long gem blong tufala mo oli bin mestem plante janis blong olgeta we wan long olgeta hemi wan pen-

alty wei liding skora blong LFA, Mr Seka hemi hitim igo aotsaed afta we wan difenda blong Sia Raga hemi foulem wan pleia blong College insaed long penalty eria. Tufala tim i bin finisim gem ia wetem 10 pleia nomo long tugeta saed afta rafri i bin soem red kad long tufala pleia blong tufala tim long sekon haf. Win blong Sia Raga long las gem ia hemi mekem se hemi stil lidim jampionsip wetem 27 poen mo bae hemi wet nomo long risal blong Vaum United wetem AS Concorde wiken ia. S a p o s Va u m l o n g 2 4 poen hemi dro o lus wetem

Concorde bae i lukim Sia Raga FC hemi karem jampionsip long yia ia. Vaum United mo Sia Raga tufala i bin stap kitkit long 24 poen be gol diferens nomo i bin plesem Sia Raga long nambawan spot. Blong Vaum hemi ova tekem Sia Raga FC long top blong tebol hemi mas winim As Concorde long las gem blong ol jampionsip long tis Sarere mo oli mas skorem ova 9 poen. Long narafala gem we hemi bin tekem ples long las wiken Milo Spirit FC hemi ron antap long Tafea FC wetem 12 poen everi wan long ful 90 minit blong matj ia. Faenol sko i lukim

Tafea 3 mo Milo 12. Milo hemi strong tumas mekem se Tafea FC wei hemi stap long las ples long tebol wetem 10 poen oli mas kakae wan hae sko. Long narafala nius blong futbol afta long ol las gem blong jampionsip, i luk olsem Sia Raga, Vaum, Concorde mo Milo oli bukim nem blong olgeta finis blong kompit insaed long supa 4 series mo mein sponsa Punjas bae oli okanasem blong faenem bes tim we bae hemi ripresentem Luganville long nasonal tunamen long kaontri olsem Bred mo TVL Kap mo ol narafala nasonal tunamen.


British boxing legend Sir Henry Cooper dies aged 76
Heavyweight boxing legend Sir Henry Cooper has died at the age of 76 at his son’s house in Oxted, Surrey. The former British, Commonwealth and European champion fought 55 times and is revered for his 1963 knockdown of Muhammad Ali - then Cassius Clay. In a statement, Ali said he would miss his “old friend”, calling him “a great fighter and a gentleman”. London-born Cooper, who won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award twice, was knighted in 2000. Alongside Frank Bruno, Tommy Farr and Lennox Lewis, Cooper is considered one of the great British heavyweights. After an amateur career that included an appearance as an 18-year-old in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, Henry and his twin brother George, who died last year, both turned professional at 20 in 1954. He went on to enjoy a hugely successful professional career, but never won a world title and retired, aged 36, in 1971 after losing to Joe Bugner, a year after becoming the first person to be named BBC Sports Personality of the Year on two occasions (1967 and 1970).

Basketball squads named for Noumea
The Papua New Guinea Basketball Federation named its 25-member training squad for men and women for the upcoming Pacific Games in Noumea, New Caledonia, in August. The announcement was made by vice-president Emma Waiwai and the national development officer Ronnie Mea. “After a thorough check with all appointed coaches in the country working with the athletes over the last four months, this will remain the final squads for both men and women,” Waiwai said. The final teams of 12 players and three non-travelling reserves will be named on May 27. A training camp has been scheduled for the May 25-29 in Port Moresby to finalise the travelling team. “Players will be selected based on their level of fitness, skills, commitment to training and also are required to put up a levy fee of K 2,000. “All selected athletes are encouraged to continue their commitment to training in the next three weeks in order to be selected in the final 12.” Meanwhile, invitations are now open for expressions of interest for team coaches and managers for the 2012 Oceania Youth Games. Interested individuals may submit their EOIs to PNG Basketball Federation or to the PNG Sports Federation. Applications can also be submitted to the PNG Sports Foundation Office at the Sir John Guise stadium in Port Moresby. For further information please contact the PNG Basketball Federation secretary Sere Kala on 7216 4639 or the national development officer on 7637 2974 or 3251126 extension: 220. The PNG Basketball Federation women’s squad: Karo MahaLelai, Julie-Anne Diro, Nape Waka, Emily Koivi, Marcia Muri, Dianne Hani, Susan Paisoi, Louisa Wallace, Ronnie Pomat, Nellie Jamsop, Jenny Magatu, Mary Elavo, Opa Eko, Emma Daroa, Jenny Maroroa, Veronica Ole, Ethel Narua, Richanda Idau, Nanai Nao, Sima Kariko, Jenna Travertz, Hekoi Trudi, Hennah Kuwimb, Doris Wingi and Grace Wong. Coach is Veitu Diro, assistant by Salape Parapa and Maria Coombs is the manager. The men’s squad: Wally Parapa, Peter Davani, Dia Muri, Apiah Muri, Robert Kave, Joseph Elavo, Lawrence Lahari, James Ipassi, Purari Muri, Michael Nao, Richard Arava, Sibona Kala, Soi Ben, Donald Kala, Mika Loko, Xavier Wablasu, Rex Mohu, Eke Kendi, Veuga Taviri, Jonathan Orme, Slieve Mohu, Wayne Aaron, Percy Aaron, Ferdinand Daroya (coach), Nick Daroa (assistant) and Kala (manager).
The National



Cup winner’s fan club targeted in arson
Greek police say suspected soccer hooligans have set fire to the office of an AEK fan club in Athens, two days after the team’s Greek Cup final victory over Atromitos ended in riots. A police statement says nobody was injured in Monday’s attack, which extensively damaged the club’s office and two cars parked outside. No arrests were reported. AEK won its first Greek Cup since 2002 on Saturday, but the match ended in chaos when AEK fans invaded the field, fought with Atromitos players and abused their fans. A disgusted Atromitos coach Giorgos Donis claimed that some aimed flare guns at supporters in the VIP stands. The government has renewed older threats to cut state

Water Football


Rory McIlroy overtakes Tiger Woods in world rankings
Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy is up to a career-best sixth place in the latest world rankings and is ahead of Tiger Woods for the first time. The 21-year-old from County Down and 14-times major winner Woods swapped places in the standings after a week in which neither played. McIlroy is back in action on Thursday as he defends his title at the Wells Fargo Championship in North Carolina. Former world number one Woods misses the tournament because of injury. McIlroy won in 2010 - his first victory on the PGA Tour - when the event was known as the Quail Hollow Championship.


Norwich promoted back to Premier League
Simeon Jackson kept up his hot streak to fire Norwich back into the Premier League. The striker headed his ninth goal in seven matches to sink stubborn Portsmouth and secure promotion for Paul Lambert’s side. Third-placed Cardiff’s shock home defeat by Middlesbrough meant Norwich kicked off knowing a win on the south coast would ensure they went up with a game to spare.

U.S. Navy sailors play football during a swim call in the well deck of the amphibious transport dock ship USS Cleveland, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, April 29, 2011. The Cleveland is in Vanuatu for Pacific Partnership 2011, a fivemonth humanitarian assistance initiative that will make port visits to Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and the Federated States of Micronesia. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Russell

VFF blong tagetem human risos bilding
Raymond Nasse i ripot Vanuatu U20 oli soem


Vanuatu i gat potensol blong save kam olsem wan long ol oltaem top pawa haos blong futbol long rijen tede wetem pefomens we hemi bin putumaot long OFC U20 Wol Kap Kwalifaea long New Zealand las manis be yumi nidim iet blong developem ol human risos insaed long VFF. Tekniko Daerekta blong Vanuatu Futbol Federesen (VFF), Charles Vatu hemi

talem se Vanuatu hemi gat bigfala potensol blong impruv i kam olsem wan top futbol kaontri long rijen be human risos bilding blong yumi ino inaf iet blong sustenem futbol long kaontri long level we hemi shud stap long hem naoia follem gudfala pefomens we tim blong U20 i bin mekem ia. Vatu hemi talem se setting ap blong Academy mo inklusen blong Academy FC insaed long premia nao

hemi tufala mein samting we i allawem Vanuatu blong kambak wetem wetem risal ia we i lukim ol karem Fair Play, Golden Boot mo namba 3 ples be yumi nid blong impruv iet long eria blong human risos. Vatu hemi mekem toktok ia from kwalifikesen we ol koj blong yumi oli gat naoia hemi no majem iet wanem nao risen blong why nao yumi gat wan Academy nomata we ol lokol Academy

koj blong yumi olsem Moise Poida, Wilson August mo Richard Iwai oli bin karem fulap gudfala toktok i kam from ol rijinol media. Vatu hemi talem se yumi nidim blong leftemap kwalifikesen blong ol lokol koj blong yumi blong yumi save tekemap ol hae level koses we Academy hemi shud ron anda long hem blong yumi save havestem gud ol prodak blong Academy blong yumi. Vatu hemi talem se wan

Academy hemi operet wetem ol hae level kos mo i nid blong level blong ol lokol koj blong yumi tu i semak olsem ol kos ia. Blong Vanuatu i save smutum eria ia, VFF hemi stap tekem i kam insaed samtaem long manis blong Julae wan top teknikol ekspet we bambae hemi kam attaj wetem VFF mo hem bambae hemi serem ol eksperiens mo save blong hem wetem ol lokol koj blong oli save developmen

kojing save blong olgeta. Vatu hemi talem se VFF i gat akses tu long wan scholarship we VASANOC thru long Olympic Komiti hemi stap givim long ol lokol koj bambae i save lukim wan koj i save go spendem 3 manis long Europe or Asia wetem ol top futbol klab o Academy long we. Vatu hemi talem se Vanuatu futbol bambae i save luk ol jenis ia long 4 yia taem.


Development Programs would have helped U20: Ali
Fiji Football Association
Technical Director Saiyad Ali believes the Fiji U20 side would have had a better result at the Oceania U20 playoff in New Zealand if the players would have gone through a proper development structure. His comment comes in light of the dismal outing of our U20 side which lost to Vanuatu 2-0 in the 3rd and 4th place playoffs and 6-0 to NZ in the semis. One thing is very clear, you cannot expect the players to perform if they are not taught how to perform”. The right time for their development is when they are 8-9 years old and when they are not developed till the age of 10-12 years the results will not be satisfactory”. The programme will take about 7 – 8 years and we cannot expect anything to happen overnight” He says one of the disadvantages for the U20s was that the team did not participate in the U17 playoffs. “The players lacked exposure in comparison to New Zealand, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, they performed in the Under 17 qualifiers and due to flooding, Fiji was not able to participate”. When posed with the statement he made before ment process should start at the age of 8-9 years” “I cannot make a team over night and what you can expect from players if you bring them into national team at the age of 18”. Our Just Play Program has started involving 6-12 year olds and we can expect results in the next 8-10 years.” The question here is when there no development program in 2003, Fiji finished second and again in 2007 the side finished second. In 2003, the players that are currently in the Under 20 squad were around 11-12 years old and if they would have been part of the development program we could have seen a better result then what we are seeing now. Fiji Football Association president Doctor Muhammad Samshu Dean Sahu Khan is expected to make a statement on his development programs since 1985 and the reason for the sacking of coaches and drop in Fiji’s International ranking later this week. The Fiji U20 team arrives in the country tonight and team officials are expected to submit the tour report to the senior executives of Fiji FA.

Fiji U20 playing against New Zealand in the recent Oceania  U20 playoffs in New Zealand the start of the tournament that this is the best prepared side and if this side fails no other team can win, Saiyad added: “Really it was the best ever squad, they played two seasons in the domestic competition and had lot of experience, we had one of the best teams, the only thing they lacked was international exposure”. One thing I would like to make clear  is that I am just in my second year of this job and when I started there was no structure and no plans”. I understand a player needs 10,000 hours to be developed and that develop-

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