FilmQ_ Mexica (Aztec) Empire Your responses to these film questions will form the foundation of, or supplement, your

notes for this lesson. The Conquistadores voiced their amazement and shock in the chronicles of Bernal Diaz and Hernan Cortes. The Mexica eventually fell victim to European technology, disease, and fauna/ flora. However, many of their accomplishments have been assimilated into Western Civilization. 
SOURCE: CNN’s Millennium Video Series:The 15th Century: Century of the Sail ©1999. Narrated by Ben Kingsley. [~7 Min.] _________________________________________________________ Context: Mesoamerica (Central Mexican Valley) Mexica (Aztec) Empire 15th - 16th C.

1. How did the Mexica (Aztecs) know where to create their capital city? 2. How did the European chroniclers react to the site of Tenochtitlan? 3. How did the Mexica keep goods flowing through the markets of the capital city? 4. How did the Mexica 'renew' their world and nourish their deities?

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