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A New Pursuit/Chase Drill
Is Force-on-Force Training the Best? By Ralph Mroz In Iraq’s Shadow By Eric Schmitt My Number One Wish By Col. David Hackworth



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she turned to run—but wait! Time for one more head butt! She stopped and without even looking. A few years ago I got into a scrap with a perpetrator in the middle of the night. When I woke up. down range.THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT Spring 2004 I work as a patrolman for a city in “I recently read your webpage speeches on the problems with head butting. they shook it off and continued. either way subject to considerable enemy attack. She was swinging her head around as though it were an impact weapon! With STAND DOWN ON THE HEAD BUTTS! By W. we grabbed each other. Simulated! But vets tell a different tale. head butting the target with this helmet on. And. I don’t like head butts either. but honestly at times when doing so. suffer repeated knockouts and concussions? Because their soft brains inside the hard skull. tough-guy weapon. What I discovered many martial artists are just not going to like to hear. and being young and tough.The Hochheim Group Report . On one of my birthdays they gave me a helmet as a present.” —Name withheld by request. how did football players like Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman. simulated forehead smashes that were meant for the opposition’s nose. why is the head butt so prolific in the martial arts? Why. aiming for his nose. I was laying on the sidewalk. inside the helmet still. alone. real “yes!” If indeed dangerous. the Midwest and have taken Jeet Kune Do. and I tried to throw him to the ground. very few military close combat battle manuals even mention head butts. came the usual groin kick. but next came a series of head hammerings. I think I could have been killed. and members of my department still needle me about it. thespian devastation. knocked her head sideways into the side of the attacker’s head. “You alright?” I asked.” They crashed and both. If the skull is so tough and resistant. telling them the light tap of a soccer ball should be avoided. One wavered. then lurched forward. Killed by my own pistol. despite all Mister JKD__________’s words. while the other dropped to one knee! I weaved my way through the battling groups in my 1989 Texas martial class over to the duo. I myself can fake a darn good one. but his footwork was fast. It’s funny but. Observing a simulated head butt is a very seductive motion to the novice student seeking street creds. dirty. The bad news was…they did them simultaneously. “The practice of striking the enemy with your head in a butting fashion can be foolish. I have a medical/scientific answer to that very question. “Possibly.just sudden. however. This was very embarrassing. martial arts magazine run an article about a woman who. it is easy to see why so many are simulating head butts in training. and for the first time in their lives actually cracked their head against something. “Is that what can happen to you if you do a real head butt?” he asked. Hock Hochheim Two students charged and wrapped arms in the classic “fighters clinch. high-tech helmets. That is without any contact! Why the head butt craze? The head butt is often promoted as some kind of easy.” articles like this. as you could well be stunned or fall unconscious. One British commando Page 5 . Most soldiers are wearing helmets anyway. That answer is a very big. independently. their heads ensconced in the latest padded. The New England Journal of Medicine recently issued a warning to all athletes to wear helmets in their activities. I lowered my head. decided to simulate head butts . recently did a major. but special operation personnel may not. I often feel a second or two of dizziness. had lost a few precious seconds. freely splash and twist against the inside of the cranium. Both. demonstrates no less than five head butts? First. I would never tell anyone to head butt. secret. In the martial arts article. I saw a chance to head butt him. when attacked by a man. There was a cartoon passed around that pictured officers shooting at a range and me. (We learned later he was a walk-around and look-out for two burglars inside a music store. Worldwide. my gun and badge gone! I had knocked myself out when I hit him. At session’s end.” was my answer. which of course the acting criminal reacted to with dramatic. the topic came up in our parking lot gossip session. but now years later. then she ran off.) During the confrontation.

Did Joe finish high school? Do not misunderstand me. are contusions—the bruising of brain tissues and the worst.” Dr Stephen Mendel told me. these splashes are also called—concussions! A concussion may result in temporary loss of brain function. “If your brain smashes up against one side. depending upon where the injury occurs. It has absolutely nothing to do with what part of your skull is thicker or harder and everything to do with the force that moves the brain inside the skull. this is a very dangerous event.Confusion with amnesia. hitting the far side of your skull. If your head is hit from an outside force your brain is accelerated inside your skull.” Unconsciousness also may result from your brain twisting-even ever-so-slightly-inside your cranium.Loss of consciousness. injuring the opposite side to a lesser degree. Page 6 . “Never do a head butt. No loss of consciousness. Read one or more to gain additional insight and information. you experience a sudden stopping or deceleration of the brain. even little ones. everyone has an anecdotal story about some Joe who did a headbutt one night and survived. The nerve cells of Still have doubts? More brain questions? Below are four of the best books I’ve ever read on the brain. Maybe Joe was lucky. 2) Moderate . If you find yourself unconscious for more than four minutes you really need to visit a doctor. crime and other social misfit activity may result. such as the crown-circling the top part of your head?” This is often high-lighted by martial experts as a so-called “safe” surface with which to head butt. confined inside the rigid structure of the skull. cannot and should not build an entire fighting system around head butts. or your sense of smell. The brain will swell from injury and.” Cautioned Dr. or we know of a Neanderthal who has done several. “Another neurosurgeon. try to strike the nose of the enemy and there is much solace in the collapsible nose giving way under such a hit. under any circumstances use a head butt. You don’t want to risk these injuries. William Baker. connectors can stretch or even rip free. Then other artists will tell you if you should head butt. a hematoma—a collection of blood from a broken vessel. Repeated injuries. you may already be suffering from the effects of one too many head butts! Stand down on the head butts! God did not make your head to be an impact weapon! “When you are stunned. it will in most cases splash back. At times with this twist. There are three kinds of concussions.The Hochheim Group Report . may result in a host of grave consequences. “But Doc.” There are accelerated and decelerated brain injuries.” I have asked Baker and so many other MDs and EMTs.THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT manual warned. Some of the biggest proponents of head butts have actually knocked themselves out when they have really done them in a fight! What I am warning you about is that you must not. SPLASH! At best. a noted neuro-surgeon. steel yourself and do it! But first. 3) Severe . No loss of consciousness. tighten up your neck. Maybe you should take a good look at Joe. it’s from your brain splashing against the inside of your skull” “When you are stunned or knocked unconscious. In such a situation. or knocked unconscious.Confusion without amnesia. Spring 2004 the brain are unable to regenerate. If you still disagree with these brain surgeons. ever. I am not telling you that you should never. 1) Mild . There are rare times and positional situations when that may be all you can do. Next on this list of brain injuries. even very minor ones have been investigated. “what about using the harder parts of the skull to strike with. Sure. Repeated hits to the brain. If you are holding the enemy’s head in your hands to try a nose smash? Then you could and should probably hammer-fist the nose instead. Some medical studies indicate problems like drug addiction. If your head travels to hit something. it is from your brain essentially splashing against the inside of your skull. Dr Kenneth Chen reports: “Sometimes the simplest bump on the head or a ding from a fall could take away your sense of taste for life.

100 meters. from Fort Lewis. As the counterinsurgency grinds into its ninth month.000 people. The intimate horror of the guerrilla war here in Iraq seems most vivid when seen through the sights of a sniper’s rifle.” Listening to his partner. To qualify for the school. spot telltale signs of an enemy shooter. Tennessee.” said Sergeant Randy Davis. though. but snipers have honed the art of killing to a fine edge. 24.) The rigorous course fails more than half of its students. Georgia. Snipers By Eric Schmitt Soldiering is a violent business. “You just think about the lives of the guys to your left and right. But commanders say snipers are a different breed of warrior: Quiet. and emotions in combat run high. In the month since he arrived here on his first combat tour. Indiana. though. a soldier must already be an expert marksman. who has one confirmed kill. and try not to see their Iraqi foes as men with families and children. unflappable marksmen who bring a dispassionate intensity to their deadly task.The Hochheim Group Report . Davis already has eight confirmed kills — including seven in a single bloody day — and two “probables. and take down their target with a lone shot.” said Lieutenant Colonel Karl Reed. soldiers. “I shot one guy in the head. they learn to stalk prey. “Usually. and other high-value targets.S. army snipers here in Iraq cloak themselves in the shadows of empty city buildings or burrow into desert sands with camouflage suits.” Page 7 . northwest of Baghdad. “You don’t think about it. and emotions in combat run high. and to kill guerrilla leaders and disrupt their attacks. 20th Infantry Regiment. Usually.” Soldiering is a violent business.” He and his partner.S. the sniper school has placed increasing emphasis on urban tactics. or about 30. methodical and disciplined. of Murfreesboro. “Properly employed. is how I look at it.600-soldier Stryker Brigade. At a five-week training course at Fort Benning. we can break the enemy’s back. (“To make sure they’re not training a nut. speaking at an austere base camp nearby after a late-afternoon mission. a hotbed of Saddam Hussein loyalists that is 105 kilometers. Army’s new 3. Their words reflect a certain icy professionalism instilled in men who say they take no pleasure in killing. you just see a dust cloud pop up off their clothes. That makes sense in places like this city of 250. you just see a dust cloud pop up off their clothes. waiting to fell guerrilla gunmen and their leaders with a single shot from as far away as 800 meters. Washington.000 feet. or 65 miles. In an age of satellite-guided bombs dropped at featureless targets from more than 9. do not brag about their feats. or half a mile. U. But commanders say snipers are a different breed of warrior: Quiet. Davis’s parent unit. Specialist Chris Wilson.THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT spring 2004 In Iraq’s Shadow. “Our main targets are their main command and control elements.” All soldiers are trained to destroy an opponent. unflappable marksmen who bring a dispassionate intensity to their deadly task. “I shot one guy in the head. army snipers can see the expression on a man’s face when the bullet hits. pass a physical examination and undergo a psychological screening. Davis nodded in agreement: “As soon as they picked up a weapon and tried to engage U.” Davis said. 25. of Muncie. and his head exploded. and his head exploded. conceal their own movements. who commands the Stryker Brigade’s 5th Battalion. the army relies increasingly on snipers to protect infantry patrols sweeping through urban streets and alleyways. The demand is great enough that the army has sent a team of trainers to Iraq to keep churning out new snipers for the war effort here and other hot spots. and see a little blood splatter come out the front.” Working in teams of two or three. they forfeited all their rights to life. “The good ones have to be calm. As the army faces more conflicts where terrorists use the tight confines of city blocks and rooftops to stage hit-and-run strikes.” said Davis. one of about 40 snipers in the U.S. and see a little blood splatter come out the front.” said Wilson.

“He was trying to look over to see where the guys were in the courtyard. They carry their weapons in padded green canvas bags. noting that snipers fire from distances well beyond their adversaries’ weapons. he saw his head and then the distinctive shape of a Dragonov SVD Russian-made sniper rifle. often under cover of darkness. Davis drew a bead on the shooter with his weapon of hairs and a red aiming dot. Davis said. Davis’s standard M-24 sniper rifle. like other sniper rifles. They also carry spotting scopes. B Company had walked into an ambush in central Samarra.000 meters away. In the desert.C. but in the shifting battlefield that is Iraq.62-millimeter ammunition. 20th Infantry Regiment. hitting targets up to 1. rather than semiautomatic. where seemingly everyone is armed. “We don’t have civilian casualties.” Three days earlier. Both men are married with children. “We baby the hell out of them. a thick stainless steel barrel. one candidate emerges. like the guy in D. or like in the movies. dry air can cause a shot to fire high. It was a good hit.” Davis said. It was a good hit. snipers wrap plastic bags or condoms over the gun muzzle to keep the sand out.B Company.” Davis said. By the end of the 45-minute firefight. you know exactly what it is.” The training paid off on Dec 18th. a mounted telescopic and a day/night scope.” Davis said that as the gunman rose from the shadows to fire. “Everything you hit. armed this time with an M-4 rifle. “I watched him kick back. 5th Battalion. is simple in design. matter-of-factly.” Davis said. He said he knew the gunman was a sniper by the way he sneaked along the roofline to track a squad below Davis’s Unit .THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT Spring 2004 “We try to get away from stereotypes that you’re a psychotic gun nut. his rifle flew back. Gunmen on motorcycles used children leaving school as cover to attack the patrol.The Hochheim Group Report .. They fondly remember hunting deer as youngsters. You know where every round is going. There are not many targets these men dread.” Army snipers generally choose from four weapons. a father of five. But Davis had a different view: “I’d shoot him. matter-of-factly. It sets up on a bipod and fires 7. his rifle flew back. “I watched him kick back. “We try to get away from stereotypes that you’re a psychotic gun nut running around. army snipers spend hours planning and setting up their positions.” said Wilson. “We don’t have the capability to survive a sustained firefight.C. Would they ever shoot a child who targeted them? “I couldn’t imagine that.” said Davis. It has an adjustable Kevlar stock.” Page 8 . shot seven of the 11 attackers that American commanders say were killed in the skirmish. like the guy in D. when he silhouetted himself against the rooftop. who has 20/10 vision. laser rangefinders and barometers.” Davis said of how he avoided the schoolchildren. depending on the mission. “I went ahead and engaged him and shot him one time to the chest. “I went ahead and engaged him and shot him one time to the chest. and both owned their first rifles before they were 10. But I wouldn’t feel good about it. the sergeant. “We use surprise and stealth to accomplish missions. Dusk was setting in and Davis was wrapping up a counter-sniper mission when he spotted an armed Iraqi on a rooftop about 300 meters away.” In city or desert. otherwise he’d shoot me.” Eric Schmitt works as a reporter for the New York Times covering the Middle East. “The guy made a mistake. and I saw a little blood come out of his chest. but say they do not talk much about their work outside their tight-knit clan. a cool-guy assassin.” Davis said. Humid air can alter a bullet’s course. and it is bolt action. Hot.” said Davis. and I saw a little blood come out of his chest.” Firearms are hardly new to most snipers — Davis and Wilson grew up on farms. painted sand color to blend in with the desert.

Nearly 448. the stats change when you add in parole figures. by mail or by telephone. as HRW notes.The Hochheim Group Report .7 million adult men and women — about 3. on Parole or Probation in the USA were women. 18 percent Hispanic and 1 percent were of other races. Kentucky (23 percent) and Oklahoma (21 percent). led by South Carolina (down 14 percent) and Florida (13 percent).353).808.S. More than half were white. Forty-five percent had successfully met the conditions of their supervision and 41 percent had been returned to incarceration for violating a rule or committing a new offense. And. About 75 percent of probationers were under active supervision and were required to regularly report to a probation authority in person. an all-time record of 4. Among those states with 100 or more parolees.000 parolees were discharged from supervision during 2002. Of the more than 2 million probationers discharged from supervision.5 percent average annual growth since 1995.” While one out of every 142 Americans is currently in prison. one in eight were Hispanic and 2 percent were of other races. but violence of all forms. Thirty-five states experienced an increase in their probation population during 2002.487) and California (7. Twenty-four percent had been convicted of a drug law violation and 17 percent for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol. A cautious inference is that nearly 200.024 additional probationers).. followed by Washington State (7. 49 percent of a misdemeanor and 1 percent of other infractions. about one in five probationers “.434 during 2002. Prisoners face not only sexual assault from other inmates. led by North Dakota (27 percent). 14 percent were reincarcerated because of a rule violation or a new offense.8 percent. the reports reveal that sexual slavery following rape is also an ordinary occurrence. By the end of 2002.000 current inmates have been raped and nearly 1 million have been sexually assaulted over the past 20 years. The number of adults on parole increased by 20.1 percent of the total U. prisoners with certain characteristics— first offenders. One out of every 32 is either in prison or on parole from prison.” According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ report Probation and Parole in the United States. Moreover.7 Million in Prison. led by Idaho (down 12 percent) and Nebraska (down 8 percent). almost double the 1. 13 percent had their probation sentence revoked without incarceration and 3 percent had absconded. Parole is a period of supervised release following a prison term.about 3. Thirteen states reported a probation population decrease.748. As of last Dec 31.The HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT Spring 2004 SQUAD ROOM 6. New Mexico (26 percent).. 42 percent were black. those with high voices and passive or intellectual personalities—face far higher probabilities. Ohio had the largest increase (16. often leading to horrific injuries and death. more than one in seven were women. 39 percent white. This means that 6.” Page 9 .306 adult men and women were either on parole or probation. At the end of last year four states had an increase of 20 percent or more in their parole population.S. Stories abound of prisoners who. Half of all probationers had been convicted of a felony. forced to do menial jobs and sometimes “rented out” to other inmates to satisfy their sexual needs. 62 percent successfully completed the terms of their supervision. or 2.1 percent of the total U. one in three were black. About 9 percent had absconded and 2 percent had failed to meet their parole conditions but were discharged without incarceration. Robert Weisberg and David Mills of Slate Magazine recently sited a 2003 report by Human Rights Watch that synthesized data and various perception surveys from around the United States and conservatively concluded that approximately 20 percent of all inmates are sexually assaulted in some way and at least 7 percent raped. 2002. once they are “turned out” (prison jargon for the initial rape) become the rapists’ subordinates. according to yet another report on Americans from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Among parolees at the end of last year. adult population are now members of America’s “correctional community. 17 reported a decrease in their parole population. 2003. adult population are now members of America’s “correctional community. the number of adult persons on probation grew by 63. Probation is a court-determined period of non-prison supervision served following a conviction.

auditory exclusion. That is. it’s the first couple scenarios with these technologies that have any severe stress effect on participants. In order to respond as if your life is in danger— you must actually put your life in danger. target focus. they point to the fact that the tactics and techniques they teach hold up well in FOF training and conclude they are therefore validated survival skills. we cannot claim that because a technique holds up in minimum FOF training that it will be reliable. the perceived slowing of verifying that the skills taught are actually possible under extreme stress.The Hochheim Group Report . that in terms of gun courses. We will never be able to determine what works in real-life encounters except through AARs (after-action reports) and videos of them. nose or other vulnerable spots. That’s not possible. Participants soon learn they won’t die in these FOF sessions and won’t even get hurt all that much. This assumes we know ahead of time what these skills are. After these initial scenarios. such as with warrant executions and hostage-rescue entries. they will be helpless when they exceed their threshold. we train people not to enter this undesirable state. wrong! They may well be teaching techniques that will get their people killed! It’s wrong because much FOF training is different from many real-life encounters. But all too often we see operators are unable to execute trained skills when they lose control of the situation. by inoculating the operators to high levels of stress. or even possible. and therefore the techniques they honed in those FOF sims will get them through a real-life situation. But we need to recognize that unless operators are trained thoroughly in the basic skills possible. Wrong. but they are not forums in which we can observe the effects of genuine fear for one’s life.THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT Spring 2004 Validating Technique Through Force-on-Force Training: A Bad Idea! By Ralph Mroz ____________________________________ time. These skills can be honed successfully with FOF simulations to train more complex skills. But too many instructors make the jump from acknowledging the necessity of FOF training to validating their curriculum with it. and so on. And we do: one-handed shooting. for the purpose of training only. In a spontaneous. you are probably going to drive your sympathetic nervous system into an extreme state that I call Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) fight symptoms: tunnel vision. This often works as planned when we have control of the real-life situation. So where does this leave us? I submit that for the most part we need to train extensively in those few techniques. static range training is useful for nothing more than developing basic marksmanship and gun handling skills. these simulations become good validators of tactics and time frames. tactics and skills that are possible in SNS override. Use your hands to strike the eyes. I. and so on-the basic curriculum. Therefore. target focus. for example. sometimes the only defense left is to attack. In these cases. violent. No one has served as a more vocal proponent of force-onforce (FOF) training over the last several years than me. Page 10 . We proclaimed to anyone who would listen that FOF training is an absolute necessity for developing the skills that save a person in a real-life encounter. Obviously. Don’t be fooled into thinking that FOF sims are With car-jackings on the increase. These basic skills are the only things that will be available to us in most spontaneous encounters and will often be necessary even in those that aren’t. What we hope for in FOF training is the level of stress to which we inoculate participants will be greater than that which they will experience in a real-life encounter. they simply revert back to whatever Mother Nature lets them do in the state of SNS override. real-life fight for your life. And I stand by the last statement. and therefore what works under such conditions. In FOF training. wrong. and many others have correctly pointed out. in a real-life encounter. you can’t do that. As Model Mugging Suit. Airsoft and Simunitions veterans know.

According to Mayor Paul Oeland. “People were crammed into City Hall trying to pay. police training—worlds hungry for acronyms. it might be practicing a Urban Operation (UO) versus an opponent team with simulated ammo who will shoot back... And there you have the FOF brain wrap! —W. Hock Hochheim Get Ralph’s insightful and outstanding books and tapes at Paladin Press. -To a martial artist. Ralph has a black belt from the United States Judo Association. Erin Cox won the bet.. There are 20 various definitions of Force-on-Force training. specific definitions put forth in quasi-military circles. -To a patrol officer. the tickets were “petty in nature. force-on-force is a simple idea to grasp. it might mean a Model Mugging Suit session battling an attacker. it might mean working a session on pistol retention against a partner in a padded suit and helmet who is really trying to get the gun. He is the Training Director for the New England Police Officer’s Safety Association. fists.THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT Ralph Morz is police officer in Massachusetts.. police officers received their walking papers because they were competing to see who could write the most tickets in a single month. Extra force is applied. fad titles and catch-phrases. interactive training with simulated weaponry and safety gear. or even sitting inside a computer simulation tank game room. it might mean punching and kicking against a partner in a padded suit. He is a frequent instructor at the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors conferences. FOF training sessions are a loosely orchestrated conflict with an enemy who resists to some degree. FOF involves harder-core.” Oeland says. But. He considered the number of tickets “staggering” for parttime officers who only worked 16 hours per week. it is stick sparring. There are many long.. Frank Jackson wrote only 72.”... FOF training might mean running his troops against another commanders troops and shooting blanks. it might mean raiding a shoot room and having unruly occupants who will resist commands... -To a tank commander. He is a well-known defensive tactics and firearms author of books as well as over 250 articles in the professional law enforcement journals.. and holds multiple firearms and defensive tactics instructor certifications.. “It all makes sense now. GA. -To a SWAT team.. www. because each discipline will have its own meaning. two. Spring 2004 SO WHAT IS FORCE-ON-FORCE TRAINING? Steve Krystek wraps up a knife attacker in an FOF sim. but cutting edge trainers and trainees must wrap their minds. -To a rifle team. -To a citizen..The Hochheim Group Report . He wrote 76 tickets. Jack Webb-jargon... Page 11 .. -To a stick fighter. bullets and knees around the general FOF methodology. and has been a student of the martial arts since 1973. and the intensity is notched up a few clicks. In summary. It is a term manifesting from the military and then later.Paladin Press 303-442-8741 Hochheim Note: In Porterdale. who is kicking back. assigned to a narcotics/gang task force.

KY Oreland/Philadelphia. Meiwes killed Bernd Brandes—a man he met on the Internet after advertising for a willing victim— sauteed him in a bit of garlic.10 16 . soldier and military correspondent in nearly a dozen wars and conflicts from the end of World War II.13 19 27 Stockholm.28 Apr 3 . Hock Hochheim Seminars 2004 Mar 20 . MO: Expert CQC Group Camp Chattanooga. Everyone fought this lousy order. Unless the rifle’s working parts were surgically clean at all times.11 17 . IL: The CQC Group continues Denver. KY area 4-7 Valdosta. Korea.23 Shreveport. has seen duty or reported as a sailor. GA: The CQC Group continues Wish No. he was replaced by one of the forerunners of today’s Perfumed Princes. CO: PAC WEEKEND! Thunder Bay. Canada My No.21 Mar 27 . VA 13 . Page 12 . check www.16 Independence. NJ San Francisco. Judge Volker Mutze said the more serious murder charge was not appropriate because Brandes wanted to die and be eaten. FL: PAC Seminar Kansas City.19 23 . Sweden London. A year later. Hochheim Note: Berlin: Cannibal gets off easy: Self-confessed cannibal Armin Meiwes was cleared of murder recently and sentenced instead to 8 1/2 years for manslaughter. IL (north of Chicago) Sep Sep Sep Sep Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov 4-5 9 .THE HOCHHHEIM GROUP REPORT Spring 2004 W.12 Madrid. MO: The Tri-Annual PAC Seminar 22 .25 31/Aug 1 Aug 7 .4 Apr 16 .31 San Diego. GA: Advanced CQC Group Camp 1 . PA Huntsville. England Dallas. then fought again in Korea — handed me a rifle that looked like a Mattel toy. Cassidy sent the jammer back to R&D and told them we’d be sticking with the M-14.” When I put the rifle through its paces. NM Romeoville. the Pentagon’s wonder weapon was responsible for thousands of U. But when he left the 101st Airborne Division. Hackworth. David H.5 Capetown.22 Libertyville.S. Spain: Knife Seminar For details. the M-16 failed miserably. casualties in Vietnam. CA: The CQC Group continues Denver (Brighton). TX 20 . David H.HocksCQC. it misfired. LA 27 .17 23 . If it does half what the Pentagon claims. Consistently.18 24 .com or call 817-581-4021. Col. CO: Gun/Counter-Gun Valdosta. “Test it. ID: CQC Seminar Aug 14 .12 18 . South Africa Dec 11 . author of his new best-selling Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts. Hackworth 1-2 Fredericksberg. TX Chattanooga. mud and snow of Fort Campbell. The two men were “psychologically sick people who found each other. And along with the deployment order came instructions to swap the rugged M-14 for the M-16 widow-maker. Vietnam to the recent fights against international terrorism. as well as Price of Honor and About Face. CO: CQC Group continues Florence.8 Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls. that sucker did only one thing well: it jammed. TN: CQCG Lambertville.18 Apr 24 .14 San Antonio. my 1/101st Brigade was ordered to Vietnam as one of the first units sent to that swamp.” says the judge.15 Upstate New York: Under development Aug 21. 1 Wish for 2004 By Col. and washed him down with red wine.The Hochheim Group Report . Pat Cassidy — an old pro who led a parachute battalion into Normandy.. CA Harvard MA: CQC Basic Instructor Camp t Vero Beach. I reported back to Cassidy that — as opposed to the M-14. Just ask our grunts in Iraq — who keep paying for it in blood and want it gone with a passion. Ky. Australia Dec 2 . even though we didn’t have a prayer without a two-fisted guy like Cassidy backing us up at the Head Shed. From 1965 to 1973. and Reds in Korea — the M-16 was a combat warrior’s biggest nightmare.28 Melbourne. 10 . a first cousin to the reliable M-1 rifle our soldiers packed for 20 years while punching holes in millions of Germans and Japanese. As anticipated. it’ll be an ideal assault weapon for our paratroopers.21 Los Angeles. AL: 2nd Annual Knife/Counter-Knife Denver. which has been a disaster from the get-go.26 2-3 9 .31 Germany: Big international CQC Group Camp 5-6 12 . “Let me know if it can replace the M-14. And after 40 years of costly modifications. firing thousands of rounds amid the dirt. 1? Get rid of the M-16 rifle.24 30 .25 May May May May Jun Jun Jun Jun Jul Jul Jul Jul Elsmere. Gen.” he said. In 1963. from the brigade commanding officer down. CA 25 . TN: Special Street Ground Fighting Albuquerque. it’s still a jammer the troops can’t count on in battle.

And Joe knows collisions. Page 13 . It is noted that a linebacker will generate over a ton of force when he runs and hits an opponent—the equivalent of being knocked to the ground by a charging Rino! Dallas Cowboy football star. “I’d run over my own mother to win the Superbowl.THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT A Funny Thing Happened to My Body on My Way to the Superbowl By W. Perhaps part of that sole-searching happens in the gym. Hock Hochheim Spring 2004 an American team has some distinctions. all larger than he. But 300 lb. as he suffers still from hundreds of brutes. some of those things are hard to believe!” Reports San Francisco 49-ner Joe Montana. Still. I often make the comparison between a fight and hard contact sports like football. most of the guys are in close contact with the ground. running back can charge at 22 miles per hour.—plus. A quarterback’s pass will accelerate faster than the Apollo jet rocket at take off. Despite this lack of wear and tear on receiver footwear. Ever-developing research on football helmet technology reveals the minor concussions the brain suffers from rams. crashes and collisions each game. crashing into him on a weekly basis. No wonder some of these pros drop passes! It’s like catching lightening in a jar! During a 100 meter sprint.500 pairs of shoes each season. An NFL team will use 2. weighs about four times as much as other similar sport teams from other countries. She has a better chance of surviving! Question: what do the fans miss when they watch football on TV? Answer: What the collisions are like.” Poor Mom! I hope he was talking about running her over with a car. Not just America style. as a group. but the rugby and footie sports one can find around the world. Washington Redskin Offensive Lineman Russ Grimm once said. a kick in American football accelerates faster than a F1-11 jet fighter. A 220 lb. “When a defensive back hits a guy trying to catch a pass. where the weight lifted during a typical NFL training season shakes out to be the same as lifting 25 amored tanks! You have to be really dedicated to work that hard and take all that abuse. A USA pro-football team. It’s a game of power and speed force multipliers.The Hochheim Group Report . the equivalent of some birds in flight. running back Tony Dorsett said that his chiropractor told him he had the body of a man who has suffered more than 100 minor car wrecks. multiplying his force. When I teach. an NFL wide receiver will only spend a fraction of a second in contact with the groundbecause over 90 percent of the time he will be flying through the air. And speaking of speed and flight.

Then the average naive system ends the practice there.THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT Spring 2004 The Knifer’s Irish Whip Knife/Counter-Knife Tactics By W. a person either tumbles over. Well.The Hochheim Group Report . Hock Hochheim Have you heard of the Irish Whip? It is a classic grappling move when an arm is grabbed and turned in revolutions so powerfully. Here is how it is typically taught. Next.ramming the blade back into the attacker.. they always miss two vital life-saving steps because they are attempting the movement against complying practice partners. I may call it that. but many other systems like to use the same root movements against a knife attacker. or experiences damage to his shoulder. . Page 14 .. I have adopted the root movement of this technique and called it the Knifer’s Irish Whip.. A free hand often drives the blade home. The name seems to come from “Catch-as-Catch Can” wrestling. most systems dictate you go under and turn in. You interrupt a knife quick draw by charging forward dash and a two-handed grab. But..

This breaks his isometric and opens the path to the stab. One stab does not a finish make. Page 15 .The Hochheim Group Report . There is isometric strength in that captured arm. Spring 2004 ALWAYS ram a shoulder into the torso.THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT Here are some steps you need to add.. Think football! ALWAYS finish the opponent.. Buckle it into a bend with a shoulder drive.

Felipe Staks was trying to evade police officers. When Greene saw the man draw a gun. asked the man who he was. Carter aimed a . she went to a grocery store later that day with her boyfriend. The woman had just stepped out of her shower when Starks crashed through her ceiling. Police investigating the break-in recovered a gray jersey that may have been left by the unwelcome visitor. “The law allows citizens to use deadly force to protect their homes. Utah man nearly had his ticket punched when he attempted to rob a Greyhound bus station. revolver at the man and fired three shots. killing him. Williams found cover behind a tree and told the two boys to duck down.THE HOCHHHEIM GROUP REPORT Spring 2004 The Citizen’s Self Defense League Jane Eden with Rudy Giulaini at a recent conference on Homeland Security. Ronald Kirk was awakened just before dawn by an intruder. —The Augusta Chronicle A Bank robbery went awry when the sus- pects crashed their getaway car in a Sacramento. —Las Vegas Review Journal James Carter became aware something was not quite right when he noticed someone had damaged his front door. she pulled her handgun and the two exchanged fire. Fearing for her life. NV woman shot and killed her next-door-neighbor. “Out of fear for his life. Greene was not injured. and fired several shots at Starks.” he said. Tippets noticed a shoulder in the doorway of his laundry room. Doyle retrieved his rifle while his wife dialed 9-11. was acting strange. Moving toward the kitchen. The Augusta. lives and property. watching several helicopters bearing down on his neighborhood. but managed to shoot the gunman later identified as Emmitt Warren.” he said. The homeowner then ran outside where he was ordered to the ground by police. Las Vegas homicide Lt.” —Albuquerque Journal A 26-year-old Portsmouth. Kirk shot the wouldbe burglar in the leg and dialed 9-1-1. Temesha Greene was fearful of the increasing crime rate in her community and had purchased the gun to protect her family. “If a man fell through the ceiling right after you’re getting out of the shower—I’m told she had just finished drying off—I think it’s reasonable that you would be terrified. Mr. who ran back into his apartment. pistol at the target range for the first time and ended up relying on it to defend her family from an assailant the same night. Ed Tippets was in his backyard. and the lives of his family. The suspect.” he told authorities. Tippets recalled that he went to the back of his house to load his gun and then began searching room to room. one night by loud banging on his back door.” given chase and was shot in the leg. so I started firing. who has a CCW permit. VA mother had used her new . The homeowner then applied pressure to the Page 16 . GA homeowner told police he then heard a loud noise and that’s when he saw a man standing in his living room. LA man shot an intruder and then administered first aid to the wounded suspect.” said police spokesman Jeff Arbogast.The Hochheim Group Report . “I saw a pistol pointing at me. and her two sons. Police took him into custody. Tom Monahan said it appeared the woman had cause to fear for her life. lives and property. but he did not respond. The suspect was charged with attempted robbery and public intoxication. fled the house and tried to escaping by jumping several fences. but he later died of his wounds.40-cal. when he noticed his dog. A Las Vegas. “The law allows citizens to use deadly force to protect their homes. drew a gun and held the would-be robber at gunpoint until authorities arrived. Charley. The clerk. A police task force is investigating 13 other local bank robberies that may be linked to Blair. Cedric Williams. a Decatur. Upon returning home and while they were unloading groceries from the car. she picked up a gun she had purchased after a burglary in April. “That’s when I decided to get armed. but the intruder escaped. The suspect. by using a crawl space above the two apartments. Robert Lee Goode was taken to the hospital and later charged with second-degree burglary and possession of burglar’s tools —The Huntsville Times Justin Doyle was roused at 11 p. —The Salt Lake Tribune In an odd turn of events. whom she had previously caught burglarizing her home. It’s a tragic event to have to go through. Doyle shot the home invader once in the torso. Doyle armed himself with a rifle and shot the intruder. The man handed the clerk at the station a note demanding money. —The Sacramento Bee An Orem. After learning to shoot the gun at the range.357 Mag. Police later identified the suspect as Manuel Villa. CA suburb and took off running to evade authorities.m. Blair confronted two police officers who had wound to slow the bleeding until police arrived. obviously searching for someone. In order to protect his pregnant wife and 19month-old child who were at home. —The VirginianPilot Reprinted w/permission of America’s 1st Freedom Magazine. who wanted him in connection with a string of burglaries and a parole violation. Suddenly a glass door was smashed in with a cinder block and a man with a knife burst into their home. Greene said a man got out of a van and approached them in the driveway. later identified as Jermain Blair. Greene and her boyfriend.

The wrap-around may be an attempt to haul you to the ground. from muggings. rather than stabbing the arm near your throat—always a dangerous proposition for you Page 17 . In a life or death situation. sports disagreement to military ambushes come from behind. barfights.The Hochheim Group Report . Crashing the enemy into the sharp corner of a building may break the hold. or simply a misguided. Never forget the environment! Crashing the enemy into the sharp corner of a building may break the hold.THE HOCHHHEIM GROUP REPORT The Spring 2004 Back Attack By W. In a life or death situation you may have to draw your knife to attack the leg. to choke you. rather than stabbing the arm near your throat— always a dangerous proposition for you. Hock Hochheim So many attacks. you may have to draw your knife to attack the leg. unplanned attack of sheer rage.

The runner needs a series of props in his pocket such as a pistol. Combat is situational.. a badge. If you’re a soldier you might shout to your team. then chases. you probably are alone! Then. If you’re a cop. 4) Rawhide initiates his arrest. 2) Then Hock stops suddenly. so-called “electric guns. If you’re a citizen dedicated to stopping a criminal.. to pull out. etc. you can barely report this on your portable radio between desperate breaths.and it’s a moving gunfight! Photos by Bill Whitworth Page 18 . turns.. 1) Another chase starts. The alley to the left offers potential for cover. I prefer the battery-powered. or trying to kill you? He’s shooting back! This is an all-to-common incident in the world of fighting crime and terrorism.. keys. and you are in the classic foot pursuit. Less time on the range.he turns back on you! What’s in his hand now? Is that a set of keys? A gun? Do you draw and shoot? Is he surrendering. 2) Hock turns on the run. Rawhide stops and stands ready.... and in all kinds of urban. More sims! More sims! MORE SIMS! 3). control and contain skills. simulated training experience. Remember you will chase people inside and outside buildings.” because the pellet flies true with only a slight sting. 1) Hock starts the run.The Hochheim Group Report .. 3) ..THE HOCHHEIM GROUP REPORT Spring 2004 The Chase Drill by W. I have created this drill to enhance skills and promote vital.and surrenders.. It must be run with simulated ammo and appropriate safety gear. Practice for all kinds of situations. Hock Hochheim The enemy suddenly turns and runs! Your adrenaline erupts like a volcano. rural and suburban terrain.. Jeff “Rawhide” Laun waits 5 seconds.

That started my fear that if I learned too much. you know. to stay alive and still do the simple. I was in Army Basic training with a guy from Kentucky who would always say stuff like. set up like the dinosaur display at the Museum of Natural History.” Mr Benechek said. I tried to have a safety line attached.” after Rankster the cat got roasted. Eggheads are real smart and curious.their pants I guess. Right? Suddenly that woodshop course was looking better and better every day compared to the math blackboard. that pissed-off.” One thing the Vets taught me? Everytime I had to look down the stove pipe. Mrs. pit of hell itself. Banechek said Rankster was curious and looked in too far.. but we never really got it. The jerky cat fell down the heating furnace’s exhaust pipe from the roof. “that LT. Well anyway boys and girls. assignment and grade and suddenly found themselves in charge of the next biggest link up the golden chain of command. Plain jerks who had learned just enough to get promoted past . “They taught you just enough to get you killed!” as they proceeded to retrain me for the real. its just an Eisenhower kind of smart. Us kids just stared into the open door like we were looking into the steamy. and there was just no talking bad about him! As a result. nothing too eggheadish. Jane and Spot and wrestling with the times tables. one-plus-one equals two. a WWII baby boomer from a truck driving daddy what did his duty in the Big One. I too would become the dreaded egghead.” I never figured that one out really. how could a steak smell so good and a roasted-up cat smell so bad? Mr. Oops. so many of my leaders were LT. huh? They got their tickets punched with time. Man. but they were incinerated. When I got to Vietnam. “That must mean that a lotta knowledge must be a REAL dangerous thing. I was more afraid of them than the dying part of learning too much. If you’re really Ike-smart? You’ll know what I am talking about. is too smart for his britches. I guess I stayed just dumb enough. jungle-fighting deal. to stay over that just-enough line. no one liked those pasty-faced. or General Peter Principle. but they often forget that safety line of real people in real life. I half expected to see Rankster’s skeleton in there. then I’ll surely get killed? Well. She heard him cat-scream all the way down. it worked out that way for some of my buddies anyway. But I couldn’t help but think that if they trained me a whole lot more than just enough. I guess that’s what that means. huh? Ya might say? But naahh. I knew britches were pants. I guess. Pops and all the others had bonded with the old general. your family and your country. Toooo curious!” At school. right thing for your God. up and up. My Pops would read the New York Sunday Daily News and cuss the “eggheads” that would write their columns against our Ike and his ideas.They are up there stomping all over the roof and looking all around and down the stovepipe. I had concluded as a youth.well. Not that Ike’s head didn’t look like an egg itself. intellectuals back then. If I am stupid enough to fall down the big stovepipe of life? I want to howl all the way down. I do know this. Up. My friend’s mother told us one day. You might say that I must be pretty educated to make these observations. he fell right into the coal fire below. cat howl. but the scrambling inside that made you an egghead.” I mean.. I’d hang out near the older guys standing around in their tattered t-shirts and jeans drinking whiskey from a bottle at the shipyard or street corner. Basically. that sounds like my dead Pops talking again. Curious ain’t it? Bye-Bye! Page 19 . but was he issued the wrong set of “smarty pants” or what? We all nodded with Kentuck when he said country stuff like that.THE HOCHHHEIM GROUP REPORT Spring 2004 Curiosity Killed Rankster the Cat By Buffalo Nickels “I like Ike!” General and President Dwight Eisenhower. It was obviously not about the shape of the head. It’s just that Kentuck always had cigarettes. You know. “Don’t get too close boys! That’s the the mistake poor Ranky made. They’d say things like. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!” “Hmm. In the military.. those of us struggling to get by..The Hochheim Group Report . He tottered at the top of the pipe swatting at a bug maybe? Well. low down. Banechek opened the coal furnace that night and tried to fish out Ranky’s bones with a crowbar. “No shoe box funeral for that curious cat. they MADE us learn all kinds of things. and Captain. all pissed-off and mean like Rankster the cat. dark. “curiosity killed the cat.” says I. “Too much college! Too much book-learning!” He’d say. another wisecrack was. You see I am an Ike’s boy. Despite all my fears of instilled knowledge and curiosity. just standing there atop the red and yellow coals. the teachers rapped our knuckles with rulers and yelled at us till spit hit our little red faces every day to encourage us to learn. Then as a lad reading Dick. Not egghead smart.


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