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ô President John Adams inherited George Washington¶s policy problems but not his aura of
leadership. Elaborate. a 

½ c 
ô ½homas Jefferson described his election to the American Presidency in 1800 as ³the Second
American Revolution´. Was the claim justified? Support your answer with evidence. a 
ô Yiscuss Jefferson's decision to purchase the Louisiana ½erritory, and explain the political and
economic impact of this decision on the United States. a 
ô ½homas Jefferson was termed ³a bull in the china closet´ by the Federalists when he became
the President of the United States of America but his policies and performance negated this
impression. Yiscuss. a 


ô ponroe Yoctrine was a Charter of America¶s Isolation. Still what circumstances compelled
U.S.A. to plunge into the World Wars. a 
ô What is ponroe Yoctrine? On what occasions has it been enforced and with what results?
ô Ê  ½he ponroe Yoctrine a , a 

ô In what way did the philosophy and purpose of Jacksonian democracy differ from those of the
Jeffersonian democrats? a  
ô What are the Salient features of Andrew Jackson's Presidency and Yemocracy? a 
ô ow did Jeffersonian Yemocratic thinking differ in philosophy and purpose from the Jacksonian
democracy? a 
ô ³President Andrew Jackson was a people¶s president.´ Yiscuss. a 
ô Ê  Andrew Jackson a  
ô Jackson has been called the first modern President because he was the first to see the power
which a President might exercise ± Yiscuss. a  

ô Evaluate the Presidency of the Abraham Lincoln. a 

ô Ê  Woodrow Wilson a 
ô Ê  Wilson¶s Fourteen Points a  
ô Woodrow Wilson had said, "We had a chance to gain the leadership for the world. We have
lost it, and soon we shall be witnessing the tragedy of it all". Comment upon America's
attitude towards ½reaty of Versailles. a 
ô Assess the contributions of President Woodrow Wilson to the problem of world peace and
security. a 
ô President Woodrow Wilson said in 1917 ³½he world must be made safe for democracy. Its
peace must be planted upon tested foundations of political liberty. We have no selfish ends to
serve. We desire no conquest, no dominion «´ Yiscuss what your consider to be the main
reason for the United Staes entry into World War I. Give reasons for your choice. a 

ô Evaluate the presidency of Franklin Y. Roosevelt. a  
ô Ê  President F Y Roosevelt. a , a 
ô President Franklin Y. Roosevelt in 1933 said ³½his great nation will endure as it has endured,
will revive and prosper´. Explain in light of the FYR presidency and the New Yeal. a 

ô ½he NEW YEAL was to save capitalism but ironically it was denounced by the Capitalist Class.
Why? a 

ô Ê  FYR and ½he New Yeala  


ô Ê  ½ruman Yoctrine a  ,
ô ½ruman¶s statement on fundamentals of American Foreign Policy in 1945. a  
ô Ê  ½he ½ruman Yoctrine and the parshal Plan a 


ô Ê  Eisenhower Yoctrine a 

c  ½ 

ô J.F. Kennedy was many men. e was a statesman and politician. Analyze his domestic
reforms. a 


ô ½he American Civil War brought revolutionary dangers in warfare, but more important,
produced significant economic and political reconstruction in the country. Yiscuss. a 
ô American Civil War (1860-65) was a clash of economic interests as well as of Social Ideals.
Elaborate. a 

ô Was the institution of slavery in the Southern States responsible for the Civil War? Yiscuss
with examples. a 
ô Yiscuss the major factors responsible for the µsectional divide¶ between the Northern and the
Southern states of the United States of America that finally led to the American Civil War.

ô ½he American Revolution was the child of Enlightenment. Comment. a 

ô Some American historians insist that the American Revolution was a social upheaval as well as
a political revolt. Yiscuss the social and economic results of the Revolutionary years. a 

 ½ ½½ 

ô ½he American Constitution is a system of ³Checks and Balances´. Yiscuss. a 
ô Yescribe the salient features of the constitution of USA. a 
ô Give the salient features of the Constitution of the USA. a  
ô What were the major flaws in the Articles of Confederation (the first constitution of the United
States of America) that led to the Philadelphia Convention and the drafting of a new
constitution? Yiscuss the salient features of the present constitution of the United States of
America. a 

ô ³½he American War of Independence was a revolt against percantilism.´ Yiscuss. a 
ô Yescribe the reasons that lead to the war of Independence. What part did the dislike of
mercantilism play in this war ? a  

ô Critically examine the significance of the issue of Slavery in American history. a 
ô One of the bitterest fruits of westward expansion was the intensification of the slavery
controversy. Yo you agree with this statement? Support your answer with specific incidents.
ô Ê  Issue of Slavery in America. a a 
ô Compare and contrast the views of each of the following towards the institution of slavery in
the United States. Charles Summer, Stephen A. Youglas, Abraham Lincoln. a 


ô Yiscuss, µWar against ½error¶ as an instrument of US foreign policy. a  

ô Ê  US War on terrorism a 


ô Ê  Cold War a a 

ô Yiscuss, µWar against ½error¶ as an instrument of US foreign policy. a  
ô ighlight salient aspects of American foreign policy since World War II. a 
ô ow do you think the foreign Policy of USA concerning Europe and Japan between the two
world wars can be held responsible for the World War II? a 
ô ow has the American foreign policy strategy been altered by America¶s war on terror? ow
has this influenced American relations with Pakistan? a  
ô ½he U.S. foreign policy in the light of 9/11 and the War on ½error a 

ô µ½he United States would do whatever it is able to do to assist in the return of normal
economic health in the world, without which there can be no political stability and no assured
peace.¶ Yiscuss in the light of parshall Plan. a  
ô Ê  ½he ½ruman Yoctrine and the parshal Plan a 

ô Ê  War with England 1812 a 
ô What developments lead to the war of 1812? ow did the war increase American prestige?


ô ½he Bush Yoctrine is the name given to a set of foreign policy guidelines first unveiled by
President George Bush in his commencement speech to the graduating class of West Point
given on June 1, 2002. Explain with arguments. a 
ô Ê  ½he Bush doctrine a  


ô Yescribe in detail the colonial period in the history of United States of America. a  
ô Account for America's emergence as an imperialist -colonialist power after 1898. a 
ô Explain the characteristics of Colonial assemblies and representative government from 1776 to
1789. a 
ô Why England failed to take the initiative in the colonization of the American continent? What
factors were responsible for the British interest in establishing their colonies in the areas that
are now part of the United States of America? a 

ô Who were FEYERALIS½S? What were their political views and economic vision for the US?

ô Write comprehensively about the struggle between the Federalists and anti-Federalists from
1787 to 1800 in the USA. a 

ô Ê  ½he great depression 1929a 
ô Yiscuss in the details the causes and effects of the Great Yepression on the people and society
of the United States of America. a 

ô Yiscuss the progress of the Progressive povement in the United States between 1900-1916.
ô Ê  Progressive povement. a 


ô Ê  Yollar Yiplomacy a 

ô Ê  U - 2 Incident a 
ô Ê  Waterloo Scandal a 
ô Ê  pissouri Compromise 1820 a  
ô Ê  New World Order a  
ô Ê  POPULSp of the 1890s. a 

ô Ê  ½he Jazz Age. a 

ô Ê  pcCarthyism a 

ô Ê  Watergate Scandal. a , a 
ô Ê  Compromise of 1850 a 
ô Ê  Jay¶s ½reaty a 
ô Ê  NA½O a 
ô Ê  ½he Yeclaration of Independencea 
ô Ê  Navigation Act of 1660a 
ô Ê  ½he Scandals and controversies involving President William Jefferson Bill Clinton
ô Yescribe Pan-Americanism with special reference to Latin American Republics. a 
ô What are the sources of government Revenues and Funds in U.S.A.? Is it true to say that the
Americans pay taxes for civilized society? a 
ô Evaluate briefly America¶s political and military involvement in Iraq since Iran-Iraq War.
ô Impact of the tragic terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 on World ½rade Centre. a 
ô Since the Yeclaration of Independence Westward expansion is a story of annexations cessions
and purchases. Elaborate. a  
ô Americans are called µa Nation of Nations¶ very briefly describe the different waves of
immigrants that came to the US. as America been a µmelting pot¶ or a µmixing bowl¶? a 

ô Between 1877 and 1900 the American Society was transformed from being agrarian and rural
to being industrial and urban. What factors and forces helped to bring about this change?

ô After World War-II the dominant focus of the U.S. policy had been anti-Communism on global
scale. Yiscuss. a 
ô What do you understand by µpanifest Yestiny¶? What fruits it bore in the shape of expansion of
United States? a 
ô Yiscuss briefly the USA relations with Pakistan from the earliest time. a 
ô What were the factors that ushered in the democratic era and the rise of the common man
with the election of Andrew Jackson to the presidency in 1928? a 
ô Write a comprehensive note on the Black Civil Rights povement in America for equal civil
rights and the role played in it by different individuals and organizations. a