*it is aprimary disease of sheep & may affect cattle (rare) ( it is insect born viral disease


Clinical signs:
1-fever (41-42 c) 2-depression & weakness 3-hyperemia & cyanosis of the M.M of tongue 4-ulceration in and around mouth 5-frothy salivation 6-nasal discharge 7-lameness & recumbancy 8-abortion in pregnant ewe

a- from contagious ecthyma have proliferative lesion (no ulcerative lesion) + no systemic reaction b- F.M.D in early stage , there is vesicles ( ulcer in both disease difficult to be differentiate) c- from lesion cause lamness as polyartheritis , foot rot , foot abscess & white muscle disease

1-local mouth washing with pot.permengnate 1/4000 2-systemic treatment : a-broad spectrum antibiotic as Panterramycine 1 cm / 10 kg b.wt / I.M / 24 hr (or other A.B) b-I/V injection of Novalgine 10 cm / 100 kg b.wt (fever) c- I/V injection of Dexterose 25% ½ - 1 liter

-Live attenuated vaccine:
*give immunity for 1 year 7 the colostral antibodies persist for 3-6 monthes *pregnant animal not vaccinated *should be given 3-6 week before the begining of the service period

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