RESPONSES TO VENDOR INQUIRIES REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) Entitled, “Pre-Populated Collection Information Statement (PCIS)”

Question 1: Can IRS please verify the due date and time for this RFI? Government’s Response: The RFI was posted on October 24, 2007, at 10:00 AM. The questions to the RFI were due on October 30, 2007 no later than 2:00 PM. Question 2: Can IRS clarify Question 7, specifically what is meant by "guaranteed" levels of service? Government’s Response: No comment Question 3: The IRS indicates that it is interested in obtaining information from industry to consider when determining acquisition strategy and development of the RFP. Has the IRS identified a contract vehicle which it plans to use in procuring these services, or does the IRS plan a full and open competition to the market? Government’s Response: The IRS has not yet determined the procurement vehicle. Question 4: The IRS asks, “Does your firm offer guaranteed levels of service supported by contractual Service Level Agreements?” Can you provide insight into the service levels which the IRS would believe applicable to this effort? Government’s Response: The IRS is seeking information in preparation of the RFP. Presently that information is not available. Question 5: The IRS asks, “What approach would you take to ensure that the IRS is operating on the latest or most appropriate versions of software, consistent with a release management strategy that effectively deals with compatibility issues?” Does the IRS have a release management strategy, or would the IRS intend for the chosen vendor to propose a release management strategy in support of this effort? Government’s Response: Release Strategy would depend on the information or solution provided by the selected vendor.

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Question 6: Where will performance take place: Contractor Site or Government Site? Government’s Response: Government sites only. Question 7: Where will the system be put into production: Hosting at a Contractor Site or at a Government Site? Government’s Response: Government sites only. Question 8: Is the response date November 5, 2007? Government’s Response: The response date is November 6, 2007. Question 9: What is the email address for electronic submission of the response to the RFI? Government’s Response: The email address for the electronic submission of the RFI response is: . Question 10: Is this is a new requirement or is there a current incumbent performing the required services at this time? Government’s Response: No comment Question 11: What is the name of the incumbent, the contract number, the award/expiration date and the value of the incumbent contract? Government’s Response: No comment

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