Our philosophy of athletics is one of hard work, dedication, and commitment to a cause. It is important to instill in every young athlete the desire to excel and to play to the best of their given ability. We believe that coaches should help young people set goals and point them in the direction they should go in order to achieve those goals. The mind and body must be developed to the best of its ability. This requires discipline and hard work. We believe that the coaching staff and program should be very well organized so that there is very little wasted time. We also feel that it is important that the coaches show a genuine interest in each athlete. Each individual athlete should leave every workout with a positive attitude. Most importantly, we believe in coaching by teaching. To be an effective coach, one must be an effective teacher. Coaching is not how much you know, but how much you can get your athletes to do.


Sit in the first Three (3) rows in every class.miss next game and/or extra running. drinking. III.minimum of one (1) 'Ladder. 2. e. 2. you will be automatically placed in study hall and have ten (10) horse-shoes. First Offense . and/or make-up work. b. II. Second Offense .ineligible for one game.* 2. ACADEMICS: a. Substance Abuse/Use: smoking. Classroom/Faculty and Staff. Spread the good word about the program. going to class is required. 1. First miss . Parking Lots/Cafeteria. c. Be a positive example on campus. Academics come first.minimum of one (1) ‘Ladder. OVERALL PHILOSOPHY: a. Have respect for yourself! d. Second miss . MUST attend EVERY team practice. * d. b. c. You are allowed only two (2) excused absences per class. Football Equipment: 1.’ or ten (10) Horseshoes. DISCIPLINE: a.dismissal from squad. c. Campus Violations: Penalties same as Unexcused Absences* 1. b. f. For every absence over two. Class Absences: 1. d. You are attending high school.VICTORY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY FOOTBALL PLAYER GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS I.' etc. drugs.* 3. 3 . LOST equipment must be paid for.dismissal from squad. Tardy for practice . Females. Unexcused Absences: 1. No head ‘coverings’ of any kind in any building. 2. then the team (family) comes before the individual. In football. 2. God. Equipment left on field or out of locker .

work as hard as you can. Know the rules. Wear your helmet at all times. j. 4 . Use it to make yourself better. No mental mistakes. Never leave your helmet on the ground. Be courteous to your coaches and managers/trainers. g. Do not get involved with the spectators or friends . it will be in your hand. V. I."Act like winners".THE GAME FIELD: a. VII. We will not use abusive language on or off the field. Hustle on and off the field . Be on time. f. Be courteous to the Officials.Rules (continued) IV. If your helmet is not on your head. never leave a bar loaded. Let the captains and coaches do the talking. c. Encourage each other and be positive. d. b. h. be ready. You will be either on the field or on the sideline yelling encouragement. When it is your turn. d. b. d. We will NOT get any major penalties for misconduct. Always wear athletic shoes and a shirt. When you are in the lineup. g. There is no excuse for being late unless you have discussed it with the head coach PRIOR to the workout. Use them and protect them with courtesy. Be involved at all times. VI. WEIGHT ROOM: a. Everybody wears the same uniform. b. are in the game. the VICTORY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY uniform. Make progress everyday. c. Be ready physically and mentally. unless you are on the bench. PRACTICE FIELD: a. Always rack the weights. c. e. f. k. Act like you are having fun. Help each other. Be alert on the sideline. I. FOOTBALL NOTEBOOKS: VICTORY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY Football Program.

never care who gets credit and always be positive. General assignments such as being in your office at designated times and making sure the weight room is properly supervised are the responsibilities of all coaches.GENERAL FOOTBALL STAFF ASSIGNMENTS All assistant coaches have the authority to carry out the duties assigned to them. be creative. and should keep their office areas organized and clean. It is my managerial style to never ask you to do more than I am willing to do. practice and games. If you are willing to do more. Being professional also includes proper attire for classroom. and Superintendent. 5 . All coaches will help and complete paperwork in a timely manner. we will be successful. we will be Champions. There is nothing I that I will ask you or assign you to do. It is the Peripheral Duties that require patience and hard work off the field. and must be performed effectively. Each assistant coach must keep the head coach aware of all situations that arise involving any aspect of the program. that I have not done myself. should keep the head coach updated on all depth chart situations or changes. Each assistant answers to the head coach. It is not always fun or glamorous. who in turn answers to the Principal. The head coach is ultimately responsible for everything that happens in the program. We will follow that chain of command and be loyal to the people we work for. There is a chain of command in every effectively managed organization. The actual coaching duties are the easiest part of our job. Each job assigned has a reason that it was assigned. Coaching football is hard work. Be PROFESSIONAL in ALL your assigned duties (know what those assigned duties are). All coaches are to help check the academic progress of players and help any player who needs help or tutoring. If you can keep up with the pace I am going to set. Coaches do have an input in all disciplinary matters.

6 .

JEFF SCHAUM Assignments: HEAD FOOTBALL COACH DEFENSIVE AND OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR Orange Linebackers and QBs in Run Game II.SPECIFIC FOOTBALL STAFF ASSIGNMENTS VARSITY PROGRAM : I. Grady Morrell Assignments: VARSITY ASSISTANT COACH Defensive Back Coach Punt Return Units 7 . TBA Assignments: VARSITY ASSISTANT COACH Offensive Line Xpt and FG Units IV. Terrance Moore Assignments: VARSITY ASSISTANT COACH Running back Coach Punt Units VI. Ron Bradish Assignments: VARSITY ASSISTANT COACH Blue Linebacker Coach Kick-off Units VII. Joe Salvato Assignments: VARSITY ASSISTANT COACH Defensive Line Coach Extra Point Block and Field Goal Block Units III. Larry Derringer Assignments: VARSITY ASSISTANT COACH WRs and DBs Kick-off Return Units V.

9. 4. Player Counseling. 7. 4. Defensive/Offensive Game Plans. 7. Practice Plan by segment. Game Plan Coordinator. Program Organization. Public Relation. 3. 5. 3. 2. Scholastic Checks. COACHING RELATIONSHIPS 8 . Attend all Staff Meetings. 5. Position Meetings (game plan and strategy). 6. Attend all Squad Meetings. 2. Attend all Practices. Equipment by segment. Personnel Evaluation of players. Discipline by segment. Parents. Morale Coordinator. Notebook Coordinators.General Duties 1. 6. 8. 8. Specific Duties 1.

6. Patience. it shows up in these areas. but if a player needs to be pushed. Players must respect you! This can only be done if they have feeling for you. 4. Be loyal and complementary of fellow coaches. Changes are to be made from joint decisions with the head coach. 7. 3. PLAYERS 1. they are all we have! 5. don't hesitate or wait for the head coach to do it. Willingness to devote his time tirelessly to all phases of the game. Be prompt for all coaches (and team) meetings. Thorough preparation for all practices.A.A player must talk to the head coach first (24 hour rule). All coaches must share the small things in the realm of discipline. A player reflects the coaches' attitudes and goals. d. This indicates a professional attitude and consideration for others involved. It is each coach's responsibility to know the techniques being used by the other members of the staff. demanding persistence is the key. Preparation of charts or teaching aids for his position. B. e. b. Don't knock the squad. The push.we must all be together to accomplish our common goal -a Championship Team. Disagreements are to be voiced during coaches meetings . All coaches should know our total offense and defense. A strong. The head coach should help each assistant coach achieve his personal goals. The assistant coach is expected to blend all efforts to make the program and the squad more successful. Attitude on the field which indicates real enjoyment of coaching. There is a difference between a great competitor as a player and a great competitor as a coach. Quitting . winning attitude is a must. Disputes between coaches should never occur in front of the squad. 5. A staff conference will be held and a final decision reached. A coach may request a player be dismissed from the squad. 2. c. 6. Praise is more important than criticism. Constant probing of one's thinking to assure he is covering all phases of the game for those players over whom he has direct teaching responsibility. 2. 4. This does not mean he will always please the assistant coach. the drive and enthusiasm of a team comes from the coaches. 3. For a coach. STAFF 1. a. 9 .

etc. Do not make the person an enemy. but first inform him of the situation. that many people are acquainted with you in the community.C. 4. FACULTY 1. Do not comment on the ability of a player in front of a parent and avoid comparisons. 3. PARENTS 1. Constantly strive to gain good community support. D. but try to turn them into a friend of the program. Parents will receive a Football Program Manual. gear your actions accordingly. do not succumb to their attitude. the best approach is to talk to him/her ‘face-to-face’ rather than on the phone. Try to "win over" anyone who might be against our program (maybe by asking advice. E. Develop good relationships with the faculty and administration. 2. Always have favorable comments about and for them. 2. We cannot maintain a successful program without it. If a parent or any adult has a complaint. Remember. We need their support. 2. Once in a while you may encounter a person in another department who will attempt to hurt the program with their comments. Do not hesitate to refer parents to the Head Coach.). therefore. COMMUNITY 1. which will explain the rules and procedures for the football program and football itself in genera 10 .

HUSTLE! . It is all-important or we would not be doing it.don't compete one unit against another. Do not allow anyone to go unnoticed. Have drills (equipment. Do not accept anything less than perfection. personnel) set up beforehand. This will transmit to your players. 8. Give attention to every man on the team. Do not overlook a thing. Create pride in everything we do. Don't relax during cal. 7. Everything has a proper place.Keep your poise and confidence on the field and all other places. etc. 10. etc. 11. 4. kicking game. Do not run off right after practice. Time is the only thing all schools have in common We must get more done (repetitions) in the time we have. 3. Strive to improve your group and each individual in at least 1 phase or focus area each day. 11 . 5. 6. Be available to help with equipment.Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm! 9. This should be your personal goal . gassers.COACHING STAFF PHILOSOPHY OF PRACTICE 1 Be properly dressed out and on time for all practices. injuries. 2. Do not allow things to lay around in the dressing room. Strive to make your group the best on the field.

VICTORY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY FOOTBALL PROGRAM ORGANIZATION 2010 The following is the year round practice organization procedure for every day of the week devoted to football for my staff and me. We will all be better prepared to work in a systematic method. 12 . In doing so. a plan for SUCCESS. The purpose of this day-to-day organization philosophy is to acquaint my staff as well as myself with a well-developed plan. very little time will be wasted as we accomplish our stated goals.

Staff: start working on passing game. IV. V. and work on their over-all defense Go over personnel for the week Present scout report to staff Staff: posts 2 or 3 game tendencies. spend time studying the tendencies XI. Grade Film D. go over the opponent with the staff Staff: make out scouting report I. Strengths B.PRACTICE SCHEDULES A. start working on team stunts. Break Set Defense Set offense Make out Monday’s workout schedule 13 . VII. Weaknesses C. XIV. Critique Position Play Staff: view film of opponents for computer breakdowns Staff: chart film. Football Season SATURDAY . XII. XIII. II. III. A.Coaches Schedule Early morning Meet with coaches and go over opponent’s previous game film. VIII. IX. Staff: enter 2 or 3 games of upcoming opponent into computer program VI.

WR. opponent B) Secondary .Punt Team (10) Pass Offense (2 huddles) vs. 4:50 VI. Specialist: QB. . and kickers. 5:20 VII.In-Season Practice Schedule Fall 2010 MONDAY Full Pads (4:00-6:00 pm) Scouting Report and Film @3:15pm I. Specialist: QB.minimum 30 plays. stay on feet Finish 4:35 IV. TUESDAY Full Pads (4:00-6:00pm) Weightlifting – Lower body @ 3:15pm I. 5:30 VIII. stay on feet Special Teams .Extra Point Field Goal/ and Block (10) Break (5) Group Defense vs. 4:05 III. OL & DL Pass Rush/Pro 14 . 4:45 V. 4:05 plays .30 plays .live. 4:00 II. deep snappers. and kickers. Opponents Defense (7 on 7).fundamentals.pass skeleton vs. 4:15 IV. 6:00 IX. deep snappers. WR. schemes vs. Opponent Defense (30) . 4:00 II. 30 mins. All others offensive fundamentals by position Stretch & Agilities (5) Offensive Fundamentals (10) Pass Offense vs. opponents pass Special Teams . Opponent Offense (30) A) Forcing Unit . All others offensive fundamentals by position Stretch & Agilities (5) Run Offense (1st and 2nd Team) vs. Opponent Defense (30) .

Specialists Stretch & Agilities (5) Special Teams .pass skeleton vs.Kick-Off Team (10) Break (5) Group Defense vs. Special Teams . opponent B) Secondary . 4:00 II. 4:55 VI.Punt Return (10) Finish 5:20 VIII. 5:50 IX. Opponent Defense (20) . 4:40 VI. stay on feet Break (5) Team Defense vs. 5:00 VII. 4:05 III. 6:00 X. Finish 15 .30 plays ..fundamentals. Opponent Offense (20) A) Forcing Unit . 4:15 IV.4:45 V. Special Teams . Opponents Offense (30) Special Teams .live..Kick-off Return (10) Run Offense (1st and 2nd Team) vs. opponents pass Team Defense vs.Punt Block/Return (10) 5:30 IX. 5:20 VIII. Opponent Defense (20) 4:35 V. 5:00 VII. WEDNESDAY “TEAM DAY” Half Pads (4:00-5:30pm) Study hall 3:00-3:45pm I. Opponents Offense (20) Pass Offense (2 huddles) vs. schemes vs.

followed by Friday Night’s game SATURDAY tape 16 . Two-Minute Drill (20) Polish Game Shoes and Helmet Helmet Awards Ceremony Check equipment and pack bags/lockers POST PRACTICE: TEAM “UNITY” DINNER AND MOVIE AT FIELDHOUSE FRIDAY 3:30pm 4:30pm 6:00pm 6:45pm 7:30pm Game Day Offense/Defense Review Film Pre-Game Meal and Movie Tape/Dress Warm-up Have Fun “LACTIC Acid” workout. 5:50 VI. 5:30 V. 5:40 V.THURSDAY 4:00 I. 4:20 III. 4:10 II. 4:40 V. then Team Defense (10) PRE-GAME Routine (10) Substitution Checks for all units (20) *KICK THE FIELD SCRIPT! 5:10 IV. Shorts & Helmets Weight room (Upper body) 3:15-3:45pm Stretch & Agilities (10) Individual (10) Group (10) Team Offense (10. 4:30 IV. 4:50 III.

March – Leadership Seminar and Football Indoctrination Begins April and May .Off Season November through February Weight/Conditioning Program* – DURING ATHLETIC PERIOD. *strongly encourage participation in other sports. 19 practices and Spring Jamboree June and July – 7 on 7 Tournaments. particularly Track and Power lifting! January – Boot Camp prior to Spring Semester Weights and Conditioning Program.Spring Football. Football Camps. Summer Weights and Conditioning Program 17 .

3. Give attention to the small details. AGGRESSIVENESS .Running. POISE A.More a matter of focus and commitment than intelligence or ability. Belief in teammates and coaches . B. Positive approach is essential. C.Do the unpleasant things. This is a year round .Each player on the team is important. team image and high personal goals. Every link in the chain must be solid and strong. B. Do Everything right. B. Proper Nutrition and Rest. EXECUTION A. Continually tested and modified in order to achieve the greatest effectiveness. 2.By-product of tradition.Proven over the years. Weight Training.priority. Belief in self. Physical conditioning .Mental frame of mind. EFFORT A. Mental Discipline . Pride .Trust and mutual respect must be earned by all. 18 .not a seasonal aspect .CRITERIA FOR WINNING FOOTBALL 1. 4. Concentration . Belief in system .

BIG-PLAY OFFENSE! 5.OFFENSE Our offensive system will be the Shotgun Zone Fly Spread it is the offense that will best utilize our personnel. REACTION AND QUICKNESS: More important in our 19 . TECHNIQUE. CAN ATTACK THE ENTIRE FIELD! From sideline to sideline and goal line to goal line. 4. aggressive stunting system with man secondary produces turnovers. STUNTS AND COVERAGE: Keeps Offense from designing a consistent attack plan. 5. FORCING DEFENSE: Coordinated. 2. 1. 4. COMPACT PLAY PACKAGE! High execution factor. FORCES A BALANCED DEFENSE! Opponents must play pass . 1. 2. FLEXIBLE! Can adapt to the strength of the offensive team from week to week or to situations or tendencies in the equally. VARIETY OF ALIGNMENTS. 3.Eleven people going to the football (zone secondary). CONTAINING (MAXIMUM PURSUIT) DEFENSE: Everyone reads and reacts to the ball . DEFENSE Our defensive system will be the Multiple Mated front it is the defense that will best utilize our personnel. PROMOTES SOFT-CORNERS! Options and throwbacks prevent quick corner support with the threat of the deep pass. 3.

system of defense than size or speed -. 20 .can be developed.

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