TIME: 5PM-7PM. VANUE: TOWNSHIP CHURCH OF CHRIST, OPP. NO.3 CREEK ROAD, PORT HARCOURT, RIVERS STATE. THEME: REKINDLING THE FIRE OF YOUR SPIRIT: TEXT:JEREMIAH.20:9 THEME ANALYSIS: DEFINITIONS: REKINDLE: {ING}: According to Longman dictionary of contemporary English, is: to make someone have a particular feeling, thought etc again [= reawaken]: FIRE:

EMOTION.[uncountable] a very strong emotion that makes you want to think about nothing else

fire of the fire of religious fanaticism Fire in your belly a strong desire to achieve something: SPIRIT: Character: CHARACTER [singular, uncountable] the qualities that make someone live the way they do, and make them different from other people. SOUL: [countable] the part of someone that you cannot see, that consists of the qualities that make up
their character, which many people believe continues to live after the person has died DETERMINATION: courage, energy, and determination - use this to show approval: ATTITUDE: the attitude that you have towards something or while you are doing something: INTRODUCTION:

Human involvement in the affairs of life is driven by so many factors. And life itself is a sphere of activity that no individual will be so happy, complete and fulfilled if he or she is denied of the potentials that tend towards productivity and hard work. The principle of creation portends that God the creator, made man in His own image. The image of goodness, or pureness, or right living and of hard work. The record also show that Himself God, got busy within a period of 6 days and was able to create all that the human eyes could see and those he can t see. One of the natural endowment on man in Eden is, have dominion, keep and dress the garden, be fruitful and multiply. So, man was given the spirit of labor, a character spirit that feels weak and dead if not actively invested in meaningful exercise. No right thinking individual will be so happy if denied freedom to work, to labor, to utilize the mental capacity and power from the creator to make things happen. So, we have it as a natural ability to work towards achievement of goals, realization of goals, because we are goal oriented human beings. From the foregoing, we discover that the energy God has given to man is not diminished by whatsoever environment he finds himself. Its innate, its not taught, is a gift of nature on him. Little wonder, kids whose body composition is not so strong also try to hold, pick and even want to work. When this man with this kind of nature embraced Christian faith, he also invested that same energy into the daily requirements of that faith. Relationship with God demanded, a walk, work, and also a mind participation. God has always chosen men whose abilities and capabilities as so profound in them to achieve His set goals. A backward look to these characters; Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Noah, David, Saul, sameul , Elijah, Jeremiah, and Christ. Show that they were men of ability. The apostles of Christ were equally selected based on that same criterion. Paul, a lawyer and tent maker, Peter and John, fishers, Mathew , a tax collector, Luke, A physician, and on to us today. These were men who utilized their potentials, their mental strengths, their skills, and trades in the service of the Master. They embraced the faith with all that they had. When Jesus had selected his men, he taught them, charged them, and also energized them for the work which they had to do. In His words, If I go away, I will send you the comforter, the Holy Spirit, the power from on high. This was to stimulate their faith, their character, their zeal, and make them ready and fit for the task ahead of them.

In Acts 1:4-5,8; they got the promise, and in Acts 2;1-4; the received the spiritual energy that Jesus promised them. Significant things happened as a result of this new energy. They preached the word of God with boldness, prayed together from House to House, eat meals together, had fasting and greatly grew the kingdom of God. In Acts 11; there character, determination and attitude, amazed the community where they were, and they pronounced the new name God promised.

Christianity is a way of Life that is energized by the holy Spirit of God. The Natural spirit of Man is baptized and influenced by the Divine Spirit of God for him to be able to live the new life. It¶s the working together of the word of God with the Spirit in the life of the man that him a vessel ready for honorable deeds. The book of Galatians 5; teaches what goes on in the man as a result of these new birth. The New life in Christ is possible because he submits to the direction and control of the divine Spirit. Christians are encouraged to remain active, productive, and zealous in doing the will of God . they are not to submit to the sin that formerly encapsulated them and made them enemies of god .Romans 8:1-4. The dominance of sin to the soul makes it difficult for the Christian to live for God. Romans 6:1-23. Sin dominates the mind, enslaves the soul, and incapacitates the body . The Christian man or woman is charged to behave like the prophet Jeremiah. He lost the fire of his spirit due to opposition facing his ministry. Jeremiah decided to quit preaching, to abandon his ministry, his calling, the charge he got from God. But listen to what he said;¶ then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.´ That was Jeremiah¶s response to weariness, to weakness, to discouragement due to opposition. Many of us have lost connection, we have lost spiritual vitality, our aroma is no more sensed, we have lost the joy of Salvation due to sin has defeated us. In this ugly situation, we have this wake up call, Use the power of the word given to you, to rekindle the fire of your love, of your participation, of your engagement in spiritual matters. Listen to Paul writing to Timothy.11Tim.1:7; Romans.8:15; 1 John,.4:8; Lk.24:49. This is the time to fan into flame the fire of your spirit. To recover your lost glory. To reclaim your fronts in the battle field of faith. This is the time, to humble yourself before the lord and make restitution. The early Apostles and disciples, received the energy of God in forms of tongs of fires, they at the same time, went aglow for god and His word. The fire should be burning in your bones, in your heart, in your mind, in your eyes, in your tongues, legs and entire body.Ps.39:3 The Christian is the temple of the holy Spirit when the holy spirit tabernacles there. But if by sinful live he is smothered, you lose your power and therefore encouraged to rekindle it.Ps.29:2,3; Job.32:18-20; Acts18:5 Notice that if you continue to remain in inactivity, you will grow spiritually old. Ps.32:3.
See the power of the spirit of prophecy in those that were actuated by it; and thus will a holy zeal for God even eat men up, and make them forget themselves

CONCLUSIONS: the fire of our spirits must be rekindle to be able to win victories and crowns for the Lord and ourselves. let us remember that woe is unto us if we preach not the gospel, no matter what it costs us. 1 Cor. 9:16-17. It is really a mercy to have the word of God thus mighty in
us to overpower our corruptions. Read Jeremiah 23:9. May God help us in this meetings to receive power to be able to rekindle, receive the revival, the restoration, the Reformation and ability to break the barrier of Sin in our Lives..

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