Ton 1 My Hanh Ton Professor Oster Intro to Theater 3/8/2011 Play Response #1 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor

Dream Coat Plot: The title of the musical is called Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat . The musical is set at a time before the birth of Jesus Christ, with hints of modern dancing and music. The story starts with four narrators describing Joseph and how everyone around loves him that is, everyone but his brothers.The story ends when Joseph s brothers realize their wrongdoings they and apologize to Joseph and all the family members reunited with Joseph as they live together. The central character here is just Joseph and his journey from being loved by his father to being a slave in an Egyptian household to being the pharaoh most trusted advisor. The turning point of the plot, also is the most important dramatic event in the musical is when the Joseph reads the Pharaoh s dream and foresees the next fourteen years of Egypt s fortune. The most interesting event in this musical is the pharaoh posing as Elvis Presley. The pharaoh character is very funny at explaining his dream to Joseph and his song is very funky. Even though it is a wonderful musical, I cannot relate to it in my everyday life. The story unfolds itself in a very chronological way. Nothing seems to jump out of balance. Although I have to say the ending is very predictable; part of it is because I ve read the story quite a few times and have seen many movie similar

including the ending. The pharaoh is a supporting actor that helps the main protagonist. is part of a protagonist role. himself. from the way he moves to the way he dances to the way he talks are just the same as the past idol. the perfect person to play for this role would be Angus T. Yet in a way. He wears tinted glasses and has his hair in cool style. If Jones was to be the cast. The pharaoh is a dark and shady character and he might look old at his first appearance on stage.Ton 2 to this play before. Jones from Two and a Half Men because his innocent and humor is unmatchable. because it was a fun thing to go to. he. since it is a family gathering event with little children watching. Also. If I could recast this role. So in a way. Character The pharaoh. Then he turns into a funky modernize king of rock and roll with his white overall and red linings with a cape as a finishing touch. informing Joseph about his dream. he will lighten the whole theater up in a heartbeat. I get to see quite a nice dances and funky songs. overall. almost as deep as the devil himself. The pharaoh transforms into a modernized king of rock and roll and performs a lively song. The actor s acting was very steady throughout his parts. the pharaoh is the equivalence to the king of rock and roll. The actor who plays the roll of the pharaoh was very fitting. the simile is quite fitting. The pharaoh first appeared to be in a dark cloak with a low deep voice. . Even so. the whole musical. He was around the same image as the popular twentieth century idol. is very enjoyable. He does not look like the pharaoh type. it s hard to see anything that is anywhere closed to a sad or crazy ending.

So if I were to miss about two minutes of the song. I would miss most of the important parts in it too. Melody About 97% of the musical has songs in it. The production didn t express the idea very well. The language in the musical is PG to no profanities or vulgar languages were used. But if one were to take a deep analysis toward this. just because he could interpret dreams. from soft ballad to rock and roll. how is that fair? Maybe children plays are to express it so that children have a clear understanding of who the main character is and how they should act. Each song tells a different scene of the story. for . The reason for this is because Joseph was quite arrogant at first. Sometimes.Ton 3 Thought The main idea of the musical is dream can come true if you can believe and be true to yourself. it s been said that Joseph s father loves him more than his brothers. then they can see the mistreatment toward the supporting characters. All the singers have unique voices. at least not in my opinion. it depends on what type of song they re singing. different vocal has been used. that also happens a lot. Diction: All the character interaction in the musical is through songs. then everything will be all right. The musical has different varieties. it does not give me the right to make it so that his brothers hate him. it s hard to follow every word in the song. Also. The playwright tries to say tell people that as long as you live a happy life.

In my opinion. that helps the audience understand the adversity they re going through. Spectacle: The musical sets place in multiple places. The scene changes was staged by turning off the lights on stage. but one can still see what people are doing up on stage. the pharaoh palace is just decorated with a large 2D picture of a sphinx in the background and touches up with supporting actors and actresses playing the roles of the pharaoh s councils and servants. The lighting of the musical was semi-realistic and semi-imaginative. I m quite indifferent with their method of transitioning because it does not bother me nor does it makes me feel anything. For example. the jail scene. Joseph s brothers sang a very gloomy score. the Pharaoh palace scene. for example. but no song has been repeated.Ton 4 example. There s a scene in the neighborhood of Joseph. Sometimes. etc. Most of the songs there are very upbeat except for maybe one or two. the songs are there to set the mood of the story. . the in the scene of the famine. the colors are grayscale to improvise the gloominess of the scene. The typical colors used were warm colors. The transition of light often included in the transition of the scene. his brothers sang happily about Joseph s forever departure. These colors are used to represent the sun or the outdoor. While after he was sold to be a slave. The sceneries of the play are imaginative. in the first scene has a song that Joseph sings. so the whole stage is going through a semi-blackout and a different set of light and stage would come on. talking about his loveable life.

Ton 5 At first. they aren t every day clothes. I thought it was extremely weird that the costumes used by Joseph s family are cowboy hats and tavern clothing that does not fit in the time zone. The fabric were used depends on the scene of the musical. but they fit the characters very elegantly. and in order to do that. I don t know the differences between fabrics and their textures. I started to comprehend the purpose f the music and that is the director wanted to create a joyous night for everyone. but the musical did have a very soft feel toward the characters and narrator in the show. The clothes worn by the actors and actresses in each scene represent their particular song style. But then after they started singing in old-time music. The attires used are very spectacular. . and so their clothes change according to the origin of the song. she changed their clothing style to fit that particular song and its origin.

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