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Welcome to Toronto,
a wonderfully cos-
mopolitan yet cozily
welcoming city. While
you are here, be sure
to check out all the
culinary adventures our
city has to offer. From
all our Chinatowns, to
Greektown, Little Italy,
Little India, to the St.
Lawrence Market and
the Distillery District, we
are blessed with food
and drink from every
corner of the world, as
well as from the natural
bounty of the Province
of Ontario.
March/April 2011 | driven by content


or fine dining, we Sen5es
have the usual sus- 328 Wellington Street West, Toronto
pects, Canoe, North (416) 935-0400
44, Bymark, Hy’s, Mis-
tura, Scaramouche, etc. Senses Restaurant is located on the
The recession seems to ground floor of The SoHo Metropolitan
have only dampened Hotel. This place is indeed a treat for your
the demand for haute 5 senses, with fine decor, upbeat ambi-
cuisine and the resilience of the Canadian ent music, the aromas and tastes of haute
economy has left relatively few casualties. cuisine, plus the sight of masterfully
We have restaurants like The Black plated dishes.
Hoof for those nostalgic for grandma’s Sen5es’ cuisine can best be described
old-country cooking, or wanting to fill as classical French with an Asian twist,
their palate’s bucket list of odd things with applying Asian food preparation and
the likes of raw horse sammy with hot cooking techniques to complement West-
sauce, tongue on brioche, duck heart tar- ern food in a synergistic yet far from gra-
tare, or pig head tacos. tuitous fashion.
The restaurants below are but a sam- I had a tian of red tuna, salmon, and
pling of things to try around the financial hamachi tartare, with avocado, cucum-
district. Despite running a food blog, I find ber, vine ripened tomato, aged balsamic
that I will just never be able to get around glaze and spicy mayo. That was just one
to all the tastes Toronto is so blessed with. appetizer. What an explosion of taste and
There are just too many. colour.
For my main I had a roasted Grand
Enough meetings. I Marnier liqueur duck breast, duck leg
want to go out and confit lasagna and orange duck jus. Then I
finished it off with a trio of Cherries Jubi-
eat. lee, Crepe Suzette and Vanilla ice cream for
Ame Though the menu may change, rest
19 Mercer Street, Toronto assured the art and craft of food lives here.
(416) 599-7246
This chic Japanese restaurant serves Le Select Bistro
what can be called Japanese tapas. Din- 432 Wellington Street West, Toronto
ers are encouraged to share their dishes (416) 596-6405
with each other and the food arrives in the
order of light tasting dishes first to meats You can slap a bistro label on just about
last. It doesn’t matter that you order two any informal dining establishment that
rice sides for example, your plum rice will serves booze, so it’s great to actually find
arrive early on with the fish, and your a place in Toronto that takes the moniker
Wagyu rice will arrive with your steak. more seriously.
The menu is divided into sushi, Robata French cuisine is synonymous with
Grill, hot kitchen, and tempura sections. high-minded, hifalutin, elaborate, mag-
It’s nice to get a mix of raw and grilled num opuses. But we can’t be intensely
food, deftly prepared, while bopping to serious everyday. Sometimes a simple and
clubby music. satisfying dish that doesn’t break the bank
can be the most fun of all. OK, forget that
A big draw to Ame is their unique and there’s an Aston Martin parked in front of
exotic cocktails. I had one with whis- the door, and that some dilettante might
key, egg-white, and mushroom extract, show up with two women in tow, on a
garnished with a bunch of mushrooms perceived fancy pit-stop to clubland with-
wrapped in seaweed. That was deelish, out even bothering to look at the fascinat-
and was equally well paired with sushi ing menu. I digress.
or steak. Enjoy the Oreille de Cochon - crispy
Ame prides itself on its elegantly funky sow's ear strips served with lentils Du Puy
decor and caters to the fine dining crowd from France's volcanic soils. The Joue De
early in the evening while slowly trans- Boeuf Bourguignonne - beef cheek braised
forming itself into a hip and trendy bar as in red wine, with pork lardons and but-
the night progresses. ton mushrooms makes an excellent main.

March/April 2011 | driven by content


Then finish off with and delicious Black Cherry

the Parfait Praline Pop Shoppe soda and get
- frozen praline ready to take a nap.
parfait served with
a light chocolate
sauce and almond Burrito Boyz
brittle. There are 218 Adelaide Street
more standard items West, Toronto
on the menu of (647) 439-4065
course, but if you’re http://www.burritoboyz.
already at Le Select, ca/
why not try some- Burrito Boyz offers great
thing new? burritos and quesadillas. The
Dining at Le burritos are jam packed with
Select feels like a toppings that you can mix
vacation in Paris. It and match to cater to every
just feels so infor- taste. You may feel like beef
mally French, from or chicken, but I recom-
the dim vintage mend you try at least a hali-
lights, the tin ceil- but or a shrimp burrito. The
ing around the bar, hot garlic toast, with French fries for as long halibut burrito is the health-
tiled floors, French signage and even the as I can remember. Actually since 1966, but ier and heartier choice of the two, while the
French Sugar to go with your French coffee. I haven’t been around that long. You’ll spot shrimp burrito has perfectly cooked shrimp
those aluminum take-out containers on that snaps when you bite into it.
many a trading desk in the financial district. It’s not uncommon to find the lunch time
The Esplanade Bier Markt Just because you’re tied to the phone doesn’t crowd snaking out of the restaurant and
58 The Esplanade, Toronto mean you can’t enjoy a hunk of Angus beef spilling onto the sidewalk, so if you’re order-
(416) 862-7575 with some HP sauce. Their busiest time of ing a bunch of burritos to go, it’s best to call the year is not at Christmas or Fat Tuesday ahead. Don’t worry, it’ll still be warm. This
Toronto’s haven of wonderful things Bel- or any such festive occasion, but at lunch isn’t exactly fast food. Each burrito takes
gian: If you love a crisp, fresh and cold beer, time on the day the CFA results come out. a while to make as the key ingredients are
this is the place to be. The Bier Markt carries You’re bound to be lined up behind interns made to order and it spends some time on a
over 100 beers from 24 countries including a and junior analysts carrying bags and bags of griddle to get everything all copacetic.
lot of Belgian and Quebec brews. steak for their teams. Grab a burrito for lunch, a burrito before
Not only can you find rare beers here, you the movies, before hitting a bar, or a bur-
can also enjoy them with food that’s meant to rito after clubbing. It’s right in the enter-
complement their hoppy taste. From a char- Smoke’s Poutinerie tainment district to fuel you for whatever
cuterie or wurst sampler, Flanders chicken 218 Adelaide Street West, Toronto entertains you.
pie, various fondues, baked oysters Belgique, (416) 599-2873
to six kinds of Moule Frites (mussels with
fries), enjoy the casual comfort of their Bel- Enjoy a colourful spin on this quintessen-
gian Brasserie menu. One of the things that tial Canadian dish, poutine! Smoke’s Poutin-
sets Bier Markt apart is its slate of culinary erie takes fries, gravy and cheese curds to
Feastivuls ranging from Fondue in February, another level, by adding a wide selection
Shellfish in May, Oktoberfest in October, and of additional toppings like pulled pork or
Wild Game in November. smoked meat. Enjoy the traditional poutine
or be more daring and have my favourite, the
But I can’t leave the Hog Town Poutine: Double-smoked bacon +
trading desk Italian sausage + sauteed mushrooms + cara-
melized onions, on top of fries, gravy and
cheese curds of course.
Bardi’s Steakhouse Why not have some veggies with your
56 York Street, Toronto artery clogging meal. No word of a lie, baby
(416) 366-9211 green peas on poutine is sooo good. I always Mark Rodas is co-taster-in-chief of have them no matter what meat combination Tasting Toronto
#1 on my list of Bay Street food that’s I have on my fries. They add a unique pop to
good to go is take-out steak from Bardi’s. Yes your otherwise mushy goop. After all, ça va Twitter @tastingtoronto
you read that right, TAKE-OUT steak! faire une maudite poutine ("it will make a
Bardi’s has been serving a chunk of top damn mess"). He is also a CFA candidate and a former assistant trader
sirloin, broiled, then sliced and served on Push it all down with some super sweet and junior investment analyst.