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Q: - Can a person with any D Grade/ 3rd Division apply for the scholarship?

Ans. No,

Q: - Can an overage person apply for the scheme?

Ans. No, as per approved PC-1, there is no possibility of age relaxation in any case.

Q: - Is GAT General Type test is essential for award of scholarship for Batch-VII?

Ans. YES, for scholars who are yet to enroll in MS/M.Phil./ Ph.D.

For already enrolled scholars in PhD they should have to clear GRE type or GAT (Subjective) at the
time of Admission /conversion into Ph. D as per HEC Quality Criteria of Quality Assurance

Q: - Do scholar have to submit HEC/IBCC attested documents?

Ans. Yes, but they can also send the both side attested photocopies (from any G-17 or above
officer) of their HEC/IBCC attested degrees/certificates.

Q: - Do scholars have to send their admission and joining?

Ans. Not everyone, but for already enrolled scholars in MS/MPhil/PhD scholar they are required
to provide their admission and Date of start of classes duly forwarded from university to HEC.

Q: - Can documents be submitted personally?

Ans. NO, Documents will not be accepted by hand.

Q: - Can a person take 2 scholarships at a time?

Ans. NO, only one Govt. Scholarship can be obtained at a time. However, Indigenous scholars
are allowed to apply and avail IRSIP once during their study phase, after obtaining NOC from
Indigenous PMU.

Q: - Do the scholars have to put in PIN number in their legal documents?

Ans. NO, because PIN number is allotted after completion of all procedural formalities, and
communicated through final award letter of scholarship. Scholar can leave the PIN number column
at the time of filling legal documents but the PIN number is essential for reference to HEC for
future correspondence.
Q: - The scholars whose synopsis have not been approved by BASR, can still get the

Ans. Yes, those scholars whose synopsis have not been approved by BASR can still get the
scholarship, however, they will be required to provide the copy of their approved synopsis as the
same is approved from relevant authority.

Q:- Can a scholars work/undertake any employment with HEC scholarship?

Ans. No, the scholar has to be a full time student and he/she can not undertake any job, in case of
employee he/she has to be on study leave for the period of his studies

Q:- Who is responsible for admission in HEC listed universities/Institutes?

Ans. It is the responsibility of the applicants to secure admission in MS/M.Phil/PhD at HEC

listed universities also fulfilling Quality Criteria for MS/PhD level studies (details at

Q:- What documents are required for final award?

a) Confirm admission in HEC recommended university, also accredited to offer
MS/M.Phil/PhD program by Quality Assurance Division & joining report in the university
b) Deed of Agreement, Guarantee to HEC, Guarantee to Financial soundness on Annex I, II,
III given at HEC website
c) Consent of HEC approved supervisor (only for PhD)
d) Department and Supervisor Profile (Format available at HEC website)
e) Confirm study leave (if on Job)
f) Copy of MA/MSc, BA/BSc, MS/MPhil Attested By HEC
g) Copy of SSC, HSSC attested by IBCC (Inter Board Committee of Chairman)

Q:- Can a scholar freeze a semester?

Ans. No. semester freeze is not allowed to HEC funded scholars

Q:- Does HEC Approved Supervisor is compulsory to work with, for an Indigenous scholar

Ans. Yes, for an HEC scholar it is mandatory to work with an HEC approved Supervisor, whose
name must be updated at HEC website in Approved list and the number of scholars must not be
over HEC prescribed limit, which is 05 and extended up to 08 in special circumstances, with the
approval of HEC.

Q:- Can scholar quit/leave scholarship in between without completing PhD studies

Ans. No, the award of scholarship is meant for PhD and scholars cannot opt to quit studies before
completion of PhD at their will.