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Using current invasive plants as real-life examples, participants will learn the tools for integrating invasive plant management planning into conservation plans and develop knowledge of current management practices in order to assist clients in their planning process. This course is designed for the needs of conservation professionals from a wide variety of federal, state, county, local, private or NGO’s that help farmers and landowners to develop and implement land management strategies. The course will be composed of both classroom and field training sessions. The classroom portion will introduce participants to current invasive plants, management principles and tools for control. Various laws and government programs requiring invasive plant control will be highlighted and a discussion on the best ways to meet the requirements will follow. Methods for creating and disseminating invasive plant management plans will be provided along with examples of real-life management successes and failures. The Field training portion will focus on learning data collection skills, as well as hints on what to look for when evaluating an invaded site. A walk over of a local site will be the setting for discussion of example control methods on various invasive plants. Participants will work in teams to complete a site evaluation for invasive plants and work to create an invasive plant management plan for that location using the tools and techniques introduced in the course.
Core Course Skills • • • • • Awareness of a variety of state and federal programs and potential funding available regarding invasive plant management The ability to identify the major invasive plants and understand how biology plays a role in their spread and manageent Knowledge of the current Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to minimize the spread of invasives The awareness of short and long range management strategies for the control of invasive plants. The ability to write a management plan and provide general management recommendations based on inventory and landowners objectives as it relates to maintenance of their conservation plans Introduction to Invasive Plant Management October 21 and 22nd 2008, Cost $150.00 Bay Beach Nature Center Green Bay WI Introduction to Aquatic Plant Management October 23rd 2008, Cost $80.00 Bay Beach Nature Center Green Bay WI a one day specialty course about some of the current issues facing invasive aquatic plant management. Invasive Species Management October 28 and 29nd 2008, Duluth MN for more information on this course go to http://tsp.umn.edu.

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