A Complete the conversations with the correct words in parentheses.

Then practice with a partner. (Page 24) 1. A: Is this Jennifer¶s hat? B: No, it¶s not«.hers«. (Her/Hers). It¶s mine (My/Mime). 2. A: Are these your (Your/ Yours) gloves? B: No, they¶re not my (My/Mime) gloves. Let¶s ask Sally. Maybe they¶re her (Her/Hers) gloves. 3. A: whose (Whose/ Yours) T-shirts are these? Are they Julies¶s and Pat¶s? B: No, they¶re not their (Their/Theirs) T-shirts. But these socks are theirs (their/theirs). And these shorts are yours (your/yours). 4. A: Hey! These are not our (Our/Ours) clothes. B: You¶re right ours (Our/Ours) are over there.

INTERVIEW Match the questions with the answers. Then ask and answer the questions with a partner. Answer with your own information. (Page 28)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Are you from Malaysia? H Where are you and your family from? C What is your hometown like? A Is English your first language? F Who is your best friend? D Are your classmates Brazilian? E How old is your best friend? G Is our teacher from the U.S.? B

a. It¶s very beautiful. b. Yes, she is. c. We¶re from Mexico. d. My best friend is Kevin. e. Yes, they are. f. No, it¶s not. It¶s Spanish. g. he¶s nineteen. h. No, I¶ m not. I¶m from Thailand.

Pair work Say each time a different way. (Page 31) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. It¶s nine o¶clock in the evening. ³It¶s 9:00 P.M.´ It¶s eight o¶clock in the morning. ³It¶s 8:00 A.M.´ It¶s twelve o¶clock at night. ³It¶s 12:00 P.M.´ It¶s three in the afternoon. ³It¶s 9:00 P.M.´ It¶s 3:00 A.M. It¶s 6:00 P.M. It¶s 4:00 P.M. It¶s 12:00 P.M It¶s three o¶clock in the morning. It¶s six o¶clock in the evening. It¶s four in the afternoon. it¶s twelve o¶clock at night.

A Paul Carter is talking about his family. so she drives (drive/drives) to work. Our son doesn¶t (don¶t/doesn¶t) drive. Does he have lunch at noon? 8. His name is Jason. My wife and I work (work/ works) near here. When do your parents shop? Time expressions Early Late Every day At 9:00 At noon/midnight At night in the morning in the afternoon in the evening on Sunday on weekends on weekdays . 2. What time do you go home? 3. I have (have/has) a new friend. Complete the sentences with the correct verb forms. so he doesn¶t (don¶t/doesn¶t) work now. My mom and dad go (go/goes) downtown to work. so we walk (walk/walks) to work. Do your parents read in the evening? 6. He has (have/has) an apartment in the city. (Page 38) 1. What time do you get up on weekends? 9. He goes (go/goes) to school all day. My father is retired. (Page 1. My parents are very busy. B Ashley is talking about her family and her friend Jason. My parents live (live/lives) in the city. (Page 37) 1. so they don¶t (don¶t/doesn¶t) need a car. A 39). Then compare with a partner. Does your mother work? 4. He rides (ride/rides) his bike to school. Then compare with a partner. My parents have (have/has) a house in the suburbs. Do you get up early on weekdays? 2. We go (go/goes) to the same school. Our daughter Emily works (work/works) downtown. When do your parents shop? 7. so I do (do/does) a lot of work at home. 2. My mother takes (take/takes) a train to work. How does your father get to work? 5. and he does do/does) office work at night. My family and I live (live/lives) in the suburbs. Do you parent read in the morning? 10. Complete the questions with do or does. and sometimes we do (do/does) our homework together. He also uses (use/uses) public transportation. My brother doesn¶t live with us. 3. Complete the sentences. Then write four more questions.

(At start does eight o¶clock this class) B: No. A: Do you exercise every day? (You every day exercise do) B: yes. I exercise every day.C Unscramble the questions to complete the conversations. A: When do you study English? (Study you English do when) B: I study English in the evening. A: What time do you eat lunch? (You what time lunch do eat) B: At 1:00 P. A: Does this class start at eight o¶clock. . this class starts at nine o¶clock. Answer with your own information. 2. 4. (40) 1. Then ask a partner the questions.M. 3.

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