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Curriculum Vitae

Sunil Dixit

Professional Qualification
 Pursuing B.Tech from SRMS College of Engineering And Technology
(completed 6 semesters with 74% marks).

 Seeking a position to utilize my skill and abilities in the Information
Technology industry that offers professional growth while being
resourceful, innovative and flexible.

Academic Qualification

Year Institution/Board Qualification %

2003 K.V AFS Bareilly Intermediate 75.8
2001 K.V No.2 AFS Bareilly High School 71.4


Title Environment Details

Social Networking ASP.NET 2.0,Sql Server This site is under
Website 2005,MySQL 5.0 construction and is
designed for SRMS
College to help its students
to be in contact even after
getting passed out from the
Online Quiz Engine ASP.NET 2.0,Sql Server This Quiz Engine was
2000 designed for conducting
Online Quiz Contest held
in SRMSCET, Bareilly.
It provides multiples users
to take the paper and
receive the result on the
spot whether they are
selected or not.
Online Cultural Fest ASP.NET 2.0,Sql Server This site was designed for
Registration Site 2000 Online registration of
( students of other colleges
for various events which
takes place in the cultural
fest (Zest) of
SRMSCET.Students can
also query webmasters for
any event.

Online Auctioning Shop JSP,Apache Tomcat This site is designed for an

for an Organization 4.1,Java SDK 5.0 organization to put its
items on bidding within
the organization. It
provides functionalities
like creation, deletion of
users, addition or removal
of an item from the site,
placing or updating a bid
on an item etc.
Online FAQ System JSP,Apache Tomcat FAQ system is designed
4.1,Java SDK 5.0 for an organization to
maintain the FAQs
(frequently asked
questions) on its site. It
provides facilities like
addition, deletion,
updation, insertion of
FAQs on the site of an
Library Management Visual Basic 6.0 and This application is
System Oracle 9i designed to provide
transactions like adding,
deleting and modifying the
details of books and
members to search for
books by their name and it
helps the librarian to
generate reports about its
customers and books.
Hospital Management Visual Basic 6.0 and This application is
System Oracle 9i designed to automate the
working of a hospital. It
provides the facility of
handling the records of
patients and working staff.
It also generates bills of
the discharging patients.
Payroll Management Visual Basic 6.0 and This software is designed
System Oracle 9i to act as add on for
accounts department of an
Organization. Basically it
provides the functionality
of generating the pay slips
of the employees on
monthly basis.
Area of Interest
 Application Programming
 Server Side Programming

Software Skills
 Operating System: User Level: Windows 98/Me/NT/XP.
 Programming Languages:ASP.NET 2.0,VB.NET,JSP,Core
Java, Visual Basic 6.0, C, C++.
 RDBMS: Oracle 9i,Sql Server 2005,MySql 5

 Worked as the Coordinator of the Software Committee in the
cultural fest of SRMSCET, Bareilly in 2006.
 Worked as the Coordinator of the LAN Games Committee in the
tech fest of SRMSCET, Bareilly in 2007.
 Delivered National Semiar on the topic “Increasing Web Password
Security Through Browser Extension.”
 Qualified GATE-2006 with 908 AIR.
 Got 3rd prize in Chakravyuh contest at the tech-fest of SRMSCET,
Bareilly in 2006
 Successfully participated in fourth National Science Olympiad in 2002.
 Participated in regional level Quiz Contest at EME Baroda in 1999-
 Participated in regional level Hindi Elocution at EME Baroda in 1999-

 Net Surfing
 Listening Music
 Reading articles of various saints especially OSHO.
 Debugging programs.
 Reading books on Indian Air Force fighter jets.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: October 20, 1985

Sex: Male.
Marital Status: Unmarried.
Father’s Name: Sri. K.N Dixit.
Mother’s Name: Smt. Shall Devi
Permanent Address: Sri. Ram Samujh Dixit
Village+Post:Bara Dixit
Barhaaj Bazaar
Contact No: NA
Mailing Address: SM Hostel
Room No.274
SRMSCET, Bareilly-243202
Contact No: 09412122871


1. Mr. Subhash Mehra

Placement Officer
2. Mr. L.S Maurya
Head of Department (IT)
SRMS College of Engineering and Technology

I solemnly declare that above information is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge. I understand that if any information given above is found false/incorrect,
my candidature is liable to be rejected.