Only love is found

Blinding light from the silver shine of a whisper of a cloud Reduces down to shimmering glare that isn t quite so loud The peaceful vacancy of a clear blue sky calms my contemplation still larger becomes my perspective as I retreat from my vacation I work my way back to this life that we have strived hard for I see the grass and our rose bush and something I can t ignore The beauty of a peaceful day is destroyed in the rush seeing you Quiet vacated by a thumping heart, peace is lost to the special few Those ones who can see into the eyes of the one they are meant for Know the energy, the pull, and rush of living with who they adore Then the peace and tranquility return, and my heart beats without sound. Your smile has obliterated my very thoughts; in my head only love is found.

As the apple, hovering between limb and Earth As the raindrop, motionless in its fall As the pen, hovering above a page Such is my heart in anticipation At the thought of you Suspended In the space of a stolen breath In the eager grasp of unbearable suspense Waiting to be struck by the full reality of our love

Every Day
Every day A day to smile And a day worthwhile Every day A day to be celebrated And thankful we were fated Every day The day I ll love you more Than I did the day before

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