April - August 2010

The Manila Episcopal Area-Wide Christmas Institute 2010
On December 26-30, 2010, the UMYF from the eleven Annual Conferences of the Manila Episcopal Area will come together to be part of the MEA-Wide Christmas Institute 2010. This is the first ever Christmas Institute that will gather the youth of the Episcopal Area. With it’s theme: “We S.P.E.A.K! (Seek, Pray, Empower, Act, and Keep)”, five thousand delegates are expected to join the historic event at the Cavite State University, Indang, Cavite. Rationale A Future with Hope: Opening to Hope, Planting and Nurturing. This quadrennial sub theme is by itself a message to our church that whatever passion for serving we may have, it must be interpreted as a life-giving mission for the church and society. In our journey of mission as faithful servants of God, it is a continuing challenge to bring hope and transformation to the world. If we are setting our eyes on the reality, we can truly say that

there is something wrong – the church scenario is just epitomizing the macro-situation of our society. In the context of self-interested paradigm, corruption and desire for power and influence are very evident in the church and society. Thus, creating change is very important in this is very important in this life-process. For fifty years since its naming, the Manila Episcopal Area of the Philippines Central Conference dwells with its mission to be faithful in the ministry of the church. Seeking for God’s guidance, being faithful to Him and letting God’s will to prevail are fundamental components to continue the legacy of carrying out the mission and vision of the church. On the other hand, Christmas Institute is a significant event to every young people of the United Methodist Church. If there is one thing we are proud of, it is our institute that continues to transform young souls towards God. It is a venue for fellowship, transformation and empowerment. In this light, the resounding call to provide lifechanging events like Christmas Institute in this historical course of our church becomes more relevant. There is a need to uphold a redemptive spirit that provides a sense of direction to continue to bring unity and vision of a future with hope in our hopelessly fragmented and alienated situation.

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To Know Christ and Make Him Known

photo by: Emman Suarez

The Challenge Continues…
The recent 2010 National Elections brings into focus two differing realities – that of the end of rule of impunity of the former president and the beginning of smashed promises of the new one. President Noynoy’s promises during his first State of the Nation’s Address (SONA) have dwell in a hopeful impression for the people. As he proclaims his promises of new path of hope, he urged to put on our mind that corruption is the root cause of all evil in the political arena of our land. But is this really the only reason why the gap between the many poor and the rich few continue to aggravate in our nation? Is this only the reason why the former president has amassed so much wealth and has identified herself and her family with much of anomalies? In the spotlight is a remarkable statement of President Noynoy during his first SONA, “This is the straight path.” He said that to be faithful to the public servant’s sworn oath to serve the country honestly is what he identified as the straight path. On the other hand, is the crooked path wherein he characterized that continued on page 8

Tomas Jerico M. Aliwalas
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by Joy Eva Bohol

President’s Desk What’s Wrong with Being the Last?
“Sorry you’re ineligible to apply for a US visa right now.” My flashy face went dry as I walked pass the other applicants. Rejection, that’s perfectly the term! I had my mind already set for the trip. I resigned from my job and I bid goodbye to my friends and family, only to know that I am not going anywhere (but in Cainta, Rizal). Politicians during the campaign period (before the elections) did the same. They had assumed to win the post they were running. Some were confident that they would get the position due to their consistent rank in private poll surveys. Yet, during and after the elections day, all these hopes went out when the survey turned upside down—when the majority they thought would vote for them, chose a different candidate. I was in great despair, dwelling much of the failed attempt at reaching a dream. God didn’t want me to go, like a number of politicians were not given the positions as well. But both I and those politicians and even those who experienced the same, are not losers. In life, I learned that to be able to see God’s hand and plans in our lives, we must first undergo pruning. Grapes won’t produce a good wine if it is not pruned and fermented.

Cliché has it that “winners never quit, quitters never win.” But what if at the end of the game (that is you didn’t quit) you lose the battle? They are not quitters and they’re not winners either. So what are they? Mitch Albom, author of Tuesday’s with Morrie, remembers his college Professor, Morrie, as saying that in a game a lot of people aims at winning the first place. “Yet there is no problem with being in the second place,” Morrie added. People are so focused on winning that they forget the essence of playing it. Perhaps it is because they have hidden desires or agenda or they think power and authority (being in the top position) is the answer to their dream in helping or destroying others. The country’s first ever national automated election held this May is by far the most peaceful elections in the history of Philippine politics, reports said. One-by-one, as the canvassing of votes had almost finished, candidates in the top position (except for a few) gradually conceded with the people’s decision. These people who gave in lost the fight. They were perhaps rejected by the majority, but the essence of seeing the beauty of rejection is failure makes a whole lot of difference. The Bible tells us in Paul’s letter to the Philippians that we are running toward the goal of winning the prize of being called to heaven (Philippians 3:14). The Word didn’t impress upon us who’s coming first or last. The point is we will all finish the race. Perseverance? Check. Top player? Check.

Abraham, David, Job, Paul, among others are a few of God’s chosen people who overcame life with struggles. Their faith grew even more as storms and troubles came their way.In the Book of Psalms, God compares us with eagles. Eagles are very unique creatures. It has a minimum life span of 40 years. When it reaches that age, the eagle has the option whether to continue living for another 40 years or die. This is the time that the eagle’s feather will grow thicker, its nails and beak Professor Morrie is right. There’s nothing wrong with being second, longer, which will add to its body’s weight. If the eagle chooses to die, third, or last. What is important is that we finish the race. The humility then it would allow all the feathers, nails and beak to grow until its body of some top politicians who conceded last election showed would no longer has the strength to fly and later on, die. However, if it sportsmanship and submission to the one chosen by the people. They chooses to live then it has to fly into a rock mountain with granite may have undergone a process of hurt (both emotional and financial) (enduring the weight) and it hits its beak on the stone until it breaks but the truest value of acceptance in losing is a manifestation of halfway. But before it, the eagle has to take off all its feathers until new winning. These politicians didn’t quit, didn’t win (legally) but they’re ones are left. It also cuts its own nails. The eagle does all these things to not losers as well—in their own rights and in the eyes of the people, free itself from the heavy weight. Then, for six-long months it has to wait they are winners. for its feathers, beak, and nails to grow again, and when it is fully grown it Rejection is another thing that defies winners. Last May, I had the opportunity to apply for a United States visitors’ visa for a study program of the United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society in Washington DC. My papers were all set, the two-way airplane tickets were bought, and all my things (outfits and books) were ready (not to mention myself).
soars back in the sky—above the storm. My refusal for a US visa opened the best opportunity for me to follow Christ as I took the highest office of the Fellowship. I lost my job, had to leave my comfort zone in Cebu and the Visayas Philippines Annual Conference but what was given in replacement is a humbling service in the youth and a new family in a local church here in Cainta, Rizal. “God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind. So when we don’t It was early in the morning when I went to the US Embassy with full of understand. When we don’t see His plan, when we can’t trace His hand, hope and assurance of getting my visa approval. When it my turn to trust His heart,” excerpt from a hymn.

be interviewed by the consul, I stood straight with a beaming smile on May we not grow weary and tired in following Christ Jesus. May we walk my face looking to the interviewer. The consul looked at me (with a humbly with Christ amid all the heartaches and discouragements. Let our grin). He looked at my papers. He glanced back at me and finally said,
lives be full of love and hope as we run toward the finish line!



Biblico-Theological Reflection
What is there to Celebrate?
In Anticipation of the First State of the Nation Address of P-Noy
fter the presidential inauguration last June 30 and the release of a survey showing his popularity rating at +83, we can assume that many Filipinos and most of the world, anticipate P-Noy's pronouncements and plans for the next six years. His proclamations in his inaugural address to follow the most basic of rules such as stopping for the traffic light and refusing to use the 'wang-wang' and his grand declaration, “Kayo (the people) ang boss ko,” have been met with approval. The attitude has been one of celebration. But what is there to celebrate? II Kings 5:1-18 tells the story of the healing of Naaman, the victorious commander of the King of Aram, from leprosy. He and his people are enemies of the Israelite people and had in fact taken a young girl from her family and home in Israel as a booty of war. Without a doubt, she is just one among many. Despite her situation, she proposes healing for Commander Naaman, saying, “If only my lord were with the prophet who is in Samaria! He would cure him of his leprosy.”(v.3) Her desire for his healing brings together the most powerful men in the land. The King of the Arameans and the King of the Israelites, despite their distrust of each other, put aside their fighting to cure a military man image from arkibongbayan.org from leprosy. At a time of war, two political leaders create an alliance for one man. A third man, the prophet of God, Elisha, consummates this act. Showing no prejudice against a commander who had killed his people, he summons the commander to come to Israel, saying, “Let him come to me that he may learn that there is a prophet in Israel.” Then orders him, “Go, wash in the Jordan seven times, and your flesh shall be restored and you shall be clean.” In this act of healing, Commander Naaman proclaims,“Now I know that there is no God in all the earth except in Israel.”(v. 15) In the healing of Naaman, we celebrate with the two kings and the prophet. And we forget the cry of a slave-girl-child. Perhaps, when she voiced out the healing through Elisha, she envisioned her own liberation from slavery. For how can she wish for the healing of her enemy and not want freedom for her oppressed self. The most powerful men in two kingdoms and the most powerful prophet of God came together to heal a man of privilege and yet do nothing for a slave-child. What is there to celebrate? What does it mean for the slave-girl-child to be taken from her home? Were her parents and what does it mean for the slave-girl-child to be taken from her home? Were her parents and siblings killed as they tried to protect her, was her house burned down so that she will not have anything to return to; was she violated and abused so that she would be silenced; was an entire village destroyed to subdue her people? Were they dispossessed of and driven from the lands that they




have lived off for generations? Who is the nameless and forgotten slave-girl-child among us? In Old Testament times and today, she is not one but many. And they ask, what is there to celebrate? Who are the kings amongst us celebrating? GMA has been elected to Congress and has already formalized her pursuit of Charter Change. How do we seek justice for the anomalies and human rights violations during her presidency? P-Noy has been hounded by the issue of Hacienda Luisita Massacre and agrarian reform even before the elections but he has not made any commitments. How do we make him accountable? And since his inauguration, four political activists have been killed, and the Morong 43 and many others continue to be political prisoners. Who shall give them justice? P-Noy was explicit in his inaugural message, “there can be no reconciliation if there is no justice!” There can be no celebration until there is justice! Naaman needed healing. Yes. But the slave-girlchild needed liberation. As millions of Filipinos do. “there can be no The measure of true celebration is liberation. reconciliation if there is no celebration when the There is reason to Morong 43 are set free; as well as all political justice!” There can be no prisoners. There is reason to celebrate when GMA is celebration until there is held accountable for the gross violations of justice! human rights and the grave cases of corruption during her watch. There is reason to celebrate when Oplan Bantay Laya is junked and militarization in the rural and urban communities grounds to a halt. There is reason to celebrate when the peace talks between the GRP and the NDFP, under the Hague Joint Declaration, are resumed. There is reason to celebrate when CARPER is junked and the PhP 125 across the board wage increase is implemented. There is reason to celebrate when the RP-US joint military exercises under the VFA is abrogated. The measure of true celebration is when those who need God the most no longer cry out for human rights, just wages, land, healthcare, education, clean water and most basic of needs. The measure of true celebration is liberation. REV. LIZETTE G. TAPIA-RAQUEL Assistant Professor Union Theological Seminary Philippines



31st National Youth Conference
First United Methodist Church Obrero, Davao City April 19-24, 2010

Empowered Engaging

The Challenge Continues…from page 2
the personal interest is the priority of the leaders. For nine years of impunity and injustices under the former government, the Filipino people have long been weighed down by a demoralizing culture of corruption, deception, injustice and exploitation. So with so much resolve and determination, it is the people’s choice to engage in the process of choosing our leaders last May 2010 and yearn for significant transformation in their economic lives. Lurking in the shadows is the many challenges of the Filipino people to our newly elected leaders. As President Noynoy stated his plans and aspirations for the Filipinos, the majority of the people have so much hope on the straight path he is imparting. In this time of accelerating deterioration of the national economic, political and cultural situation, it is expected that the people will continue to challenge the current state to take alternative paradigm for a transformed Filipino nation. It is integral that we continue to challenge our leaders to immerse in the lives of the ordinary people. Our task has just begun. We voted and guarded our votes but the responsibility of challenging our leaders must carry on the people-oriented principles toward the straight path he’s saying. Moreover, as young people of faith, it is our imperative to be vigilant and critical especially in our times. The current order of things walks us through some critical and urgent concerns that challenge our prophetic role amidst an alienated situation. We must uphold the interest of the majority as they proclaim their shared hopes and aspirations. We must be the servant of the living God who can see the afflictions of people, who can hear their cries and who can come down to deliver them from their slave masters. (Ex.3) In spite of everything, our people deserve a society ran by God-fearing and righteous leaders who are devoted to toil for the nation’s liberation from horrible and atrocious inequality, poverty and injustice. Let us speak the resounding challenge of the people that was echoed through the words of Prophet Isaiah in Chapter 32:1-8, “A king and his leaders will rule with justice. They will be a place of safety from stormy winds, a stream in the desert, and a rock that gives shade from the heat of the sun. then everyone who has eyes will open them and see, and those who have ears will pay attention. All who are impatient will take time to think; everyone who stutters will talk clearly. Fools will no longer be highly respected, and crooks won’t be given positions of honor. Fools talk foolishness. They always make plans to do sinful things, to lie about the LORD, to let the hungry starve, and to keep water from those who are thirsty. Cruel people tell lies – they do evil things, and make cruel plans to destroy the poor and needy, even when they beg for justice. But helpful people can always be trusted to make helpful plans.”
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photo by: Emman Suarez




Youth: A Paradigm of Faith
Jennifer D. Ramos

by: Hcranom Nhoj Obellag

I am a petite herald of the youth Yet, I can bestow the world the truth I might be trampled by huge opportunities Yet, my God will provide me greater abilities Circumstances stumble my way to the peak Yet, Jesus Christ gave me courage that I may seek Society directs me to deal with its wicked norm Yet, to my Father will I only conform The world entices me with greed and rage Yet, my Shepherd makes me use of the law of average Fear baits me to lose grip with my Master Yet, at twilight, I ran back to him with the guilt I suffer My time on earth swiftly vanishes like a bubble on a dash Yet, He aids me to live this day like it would be my last I still have days to work, just when my flesh will dictate Yet, I know I must act now and never fluctuate Some will undervalue and despise my youth Yet, the Scripture tells me a truth To be a paradigm in word, in conversation, in spirit, in charity In faith and in purity and become all he planned for me

Without a glimpse of penetrating light, Under a hyper pitch of darkness on flight, My body shimmers on cold so tight, Every flesh lingers on evil’s might. Desolated by fear clasping my bones, Traveling on darkness so all alone, Crippled by sorrow, hope had flown, What shall I do, shall face my tomb? Devastated and weak I cried a loud, Give me help and make me proud, Tired of myself and the Evils around, Somebody save me from the terror I found! “Here I am my Son” a voice did sound, “Follow me, and restore your crown, Come drink my blood and eat my flesh, Everything about you will be refreshed”. Without hesitation I was so blessed, I followed his teachings, I ate him fresh, Light and joy came in on a rush, Everything behind me is thrown on trash. “Who are you sir who gave me life? What have you done to receive my price?” “I am the Lamb they call CHRIST I gave mine to save your life”



Mga Kuwentong Automated Election
by : Jelli Luzano and Ivan Salvador



Officers of the
National United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines


Joy Eva Bohol
Vizayas PAC

John Samuel Ramos
Rizal PAC East

Peter Radin
Executive Secretary
Philippines Annual Conference Cavite

Donwayne Cogay
Finance Officer
NorthEast PAC

Shiela Marie Cortez
MEA Vice-President
West Middle PAC

Melody Tioaquen
DEA Vice-President
Mindanao PAC

Rev. Dexter Ceballos
Youth Worker

Rey de Dios
BEA Vice-President
Central Luzon PAC PANANAW

Southern Tagalog Provisional PAC East

Phoebellyn Carreon
ECSA Dept. Head
Philippines Annual Conference


Liturgical Guide
ANG PAGTITIPON ANG PANAGHOY Sinabi ng isang pantas na ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan. Ngunit bakit kami nagkaganito? Naging pribelehiyo ang edukasyon na dapat ay isang karapatan. Nawasak ang aming mga tahanan dahil si itay ay natanggal sa trabaho at si inay ay tumungo sa ibang bayan upang mangamuhan sa mga banyaga. Naging biktima kami ng mga mararahas na digmaan, palipat-lipat ng masisilungan upang masanggaan ang ang mga umuulang bala, samantalang kami ay tahimik at payapang naninirahan sa kaibuturan ng kagubatan. Sinasaka namin ang lupa mula noong ako’y bata pa, ngunit paglaki ko’y inagaw sa amin ang lupa. Hindi ba nila alam na ang lupang iyon ang pinagkukuhanan namin ng kabuhayan? Sa pagkuha nila nito sa amin ay para narin nilang kinuha at kinitil ang aming mga buhay. Dinggin Mo, Oh Yahweh, itong aming panaghoy. Ikaw na Diyos na nagpalaya sa iyong bayan at inakay tungo sa lupang pangako. Dinggin mo kami, O Yahweh! PAMBUNGAD NA AWIT (Habang umaawit ay isinasaayos ang altar – ang Bibliya, ang Krus, ang Kandila, ang Malong, at ang mga Bulaklak) “Purihin ang Panginoon” Hymnal of a Faith Journey # 14 Koro: Purihin ang Panginoon, umawit ng kagalakan; at tugtugin ang gitara at ang kaaya-ayang lira, hinpan ninyo ang trumpeta. Sa ating pagkabagabag, sa Dios tayo ay tumawag; sa ating mga kaaway tayo ay kanyang iniligtas. Ang pasaning mabigat, sa’ting mga balikat, pinagaan nang lubusan ng Diyos na tagapagligtas. Kaya’t Panginoo’y dinggin, ang landas N’ya’y tahakin, habambuhay ay purihin, kagandahangloob N’ya sa’tin.

by Tomas Jerico Manares Aliwalas, PAC
KAPAHAYAGAN NG PANANAMPALATAYA T: Naniniwala kami sa Diyos. Siya ay pag-ibig at siya ang lumikha at nagkaloob ng daigdig at ng kalawakan sa lahat ng nilalang. Siya ang Diyos na tagapagpanatili ng buhay. K: Hindi kami naniniwala sa karapatan ng mga malalaking kumpanya na pagmamay-ari ng mga banyagang kapitalista na pahirapan ang mga kabataan at kabataang may gulang na nagtatrabaho dito sa pamamagitan ng hindi pagbibigay ng sapat na sahod, paglulugmok sa trabaho na nakasasama at mapanganib sa kanilang pisikal na katawan para lamang lumaki ang kita ng kumpanya. T: Naniniwala kami na si Yahweh ay ang Diyos ng kapayapaan at nais niyang manatali ang kapayapaan sa sanlibutan at tayo ay gumawa ng mga hakbang upang mapalaya ang ating bayan sa pang-aapi. K: Hindi kami naniniwala sa paglabag sa karapantang-pantao. Hindi kami naniniwala na ang sagot upang makamit ang kapayapaan ay tungo sa isang digmaan ng agresyon na kinukumpasan ng mga mapang-abusong bansa. Naniniwala kami na sa bawat bombang lumalapag at sumasabog sa mga tirahan ng mga tao sa Mindanao, nasisira nito ang isang tahanan, isang pamilya, at isang kinabukasan ng isang kabataan. T: Naniniwala kami na ang Espiritu Santo at ang aming kapwa kabataan ang siyang magiging kasa-kasama namin sa aming paglalakbay.
K: Hindi kami naniniwala sa balatkayong paglilingkod ng pamahalaan sa mga kabataan. Hindi kami naniniwala na dapat manatiling isang pribilehiyo ang edukasyon at pag-aaral. Naniniwala kami na dapat iwaksi ang sistema ng lipunan na mapaniil sa mga kabataan. Lahat: Naniniwala kami na si Hesus ang Dakilang Tagapaglitas. Naniniwala kami na ang mga kabataan ay kaniyang hinirang upang maging instrumento niya tungo sa pagbabago at paglaya ng aming lipunang ginagalawan. Si Hesus ang Emmanuel na siyang makakasama namin sa pag-gapi sa puwersa ng kasamaan sa sanlibutan. PANGWAKAS NA AWIT “Ang Pagsamba at Pakikibaka”
Musika at Titik ni: Gary Granada

1. 2. 3.

ANG PANALANGIN Tarigagay mi O Ama, Magun-od ti wayawaya Panaggundaway magibusan, sistema’t gimong mabliwan. Tulong mo dawdawten mi, iti panakilaban mi Magun-od pudno nga hustisya, Ken panagpapadapada. Isurom kadakami no kasano nga marserbi Iti puso mi imula panag-ayat iti kadwa. Ti gimong intay baliwan baro ken nainkalintegan Mapunas ti kinadakes Ken ti panangidadanes Ikkam dakami iti pigsa Kinatibker ti nakem nga Ituloy ti panagtignay Tapno hustisyam agturay Iti pannakilaban mi Masubbot kinatao mi Ti umili salakniban Dangadang mi bendisyonam Maipatungpal koma’t planom mangpabaro iti gimong. ANG PAGBASA SA BANAL NA KASULATAN Jeremias 1:7-10 ANG PAGLALAHAD NG PAMBANSANG KALAGAYAN NG MGA KABATAAN (National Youth Situation)

Ang pagsamba at pakikibaka, pagpupuri at pakikipagkapwa. Ang pagsamo at pakikisalamuha sa Pangalan N’ya. Koro: Alang-alang sa Kan’yang kadakilaan, ang katarungan at kapayapaan. Alang-alang sa Kan’yang kal’wal’hatian, ang kalayaan ng sambayanan. Pagsasapamuhay ng ating papanalig bunga ng pinakadakila N’yang pag-ibig. Ang gawa ng pananampalataya sa Pangalan N’ya.
Si Cristo’y sapat at ganap na kaligtasan ng ating kalul’wa at lupang katawan. Kung mahal natin ang Dios, ang dukha’t nagdarahop, ang api at hikahos, sa Pangalan ni Hesus, kalingain na. ANG PAGPAPALANG APOSTOLIKO T: Ang Dios ng kasaysayan, at Dios na mapagpalaya ang siyang patuloy na gagabay at kikilos sa ating mga buhay. Lahat: Siya ang pinagkukuhanan natin ng lakas at kaalaman. Ang Dios na mapagmahal at mapagbiyaya sa ating lahat – ang Alpa at Omega. Amen!