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Fahad Khalil

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To work in a competitive environment that effectively utilizes my analytical, interpersonal,

leadership and organizational skills to conceive and achieve solutions. The solutions which help
the organization in not only meeting its targets, but also allowing it to grow, thereby,
enhancing my own skills as an individual and as a key player in the organization's


• Since January 2003, have around 6 years of extensive hands on experience of designing,
developing and deploying n-tier based applications.

• An experienced team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills who
has the ability to work independently under pressure can lead, motivate and influence
others and can train and mentor subordinates.

• Currently working as Principal Software Engineer at Hashe Computer Solutions.

• Have worked for four years as a Senior Software Engineer (SSE) at NetSol Technologies, a
CMMI Level 5 assessed company.

• Graduated in 2003 from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.


Languages Microsoft C# .NET, Microsoft VB .NET, XAML, XML, UML, SQL

Web based Microsoft ASP .NET, Web Services using the Microsoft .NET
Development platform, Java Script, WSE 3.0, PHP
Frameworks AJAX, Microsoft Application Blocks, Microsoft Workflow
Foundation, Microsoft Presentation Foundation
BPM Microsoft BizTalk Server
Databases Microsoft SQL Server 2000 & 2005, mySQL
Tools Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Expression Blend 2, Team
Foundation Server, Nunit


Hashe Computer Solution, Lahore, Pakistan

Principal Software Engineer

(January 2007 – To date)

NetSol Technologies, Lahore, Pakistan

Senior Software Engineer

(January 2003 – December 2006)

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Vehicle Portal Management System (EBDC Solutions LLC, Wellesley, MA) – Hashe
Computer Solutions

• Development Lead

• Application Architect
• Microsoft C# .NET, Microsoft ASP .NET, WPF, Microsoft Application Blocks, Windows
Services, Microsoft SQL Server 2005
• This is an inventory management system and a web portal designed considering the
requirements of vehicle dealers in USA.

• Using the back office application, dealers can manage their vehicle inventories, view sales
reports, view user interests and other information which assists them in devising business
strategies. This application also allows data to be imported from multiple sources like
Homenet, Dealer Specialties and different RSS sources.

• On main website, users can search multiple dealer inventories using different filters, make
offers, bid on vehicles, buy vehicles, communicate with dealers and can subscribe to
vehicle availability alerts.

• This application provides on-site live chat interface between potential customers and

Vehicle Inventory Management and Web Publishing System (EBDC Solutions LLC,
Wellesley, MA) – Hashe Computer Solutions

• Development Lead

• Application Architect
• Microsoft C# .NET, Microsoft ASP .NET, Microsoft Application Block, Microsoft WSE 3.0,
Web Services, Windows Services, Microsoft SQL Server 2005
• This is a web based application which allows vehicle dealers to manage their vehicle
inventories and publish inventories on their dealership websites. It provides integration
facilities with partner companies such as Dealer Specialties,,,
Homenet. It includes a web publishing engine which publishes vehicle inventory on dealer

• One of the highlights of the application is a tracking module which captures the statistics
of visitor interaction with the dealer websites. This data is later used to generate reports
which assist dealers in understanding consumer interests and hence facilitating them in
developing marketing and business plans.

American Person & Private Chef Association™ Web Portals (Development &
Maintenance) – Hashe Computer Solutions

• Development Lead
• Microsoft ASP .NET, C# .NET, PHP, MySQL
• This project sets up a Corporate IT framework and web portal for APPCA. This framework
includes applications such as account management, member management and finance

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• This portal includes a web based registry of personal chef members, a shopping mall,
training & certification website and an online portal called Personal Chef Office which
assists APPCA members in managing recipes, menus, clients, events and their daily

Personal Chef Office – Desktop Version – Hashe Computer Solutions

• Development Lead

• Application Architect
• Microsoft C# .NET, MS Access, Web Services
• This application helps personal chefs to manage their business. It assists them in
managing recipes, menus, clients, events, shopping lists, invoices, purchases, business
plans and their daily activities.

• This application is tightly integrated with APPCA portals and offers number of features for
APPCA members. These features includes online updates, recipe downloads and
synchronization with online version of Personal Chef Office. (Electronic Trading Systems, Beverly Hills CA) – Hashe

Computer Solutions

• Development Lead

• Application Architect
• Weight1Minute is designed to be a highly configurable information portal focusing on
weight loss and fitness, with related news and articles.

• People can subscribe to a weight loss program which can assist them in setting up targets
(for losing or gaining weight). This program contains an intelligent inference engine which
takes user's current and target weight, daily routines, eating habits and physical activities
as parameter and can suggest a calorie level. Consuming this calorie level ensures the
successful completion of a plan. In case user is unable to comply with the plan (like he is
consuming more calories than suggested), system will automatically update the plan to
ensure that goal is achieved. Users are able to keep track of their progress, with charts,
graphs, and a comparison to the USDA guidelines.

InBanking – NetSol Technologies

• Front Office Development Lead

• Application Architect
• VC++ 6.0, VB 6.0, Microsoft .NET (ASP .NET, C# .NET, VB .NET, Web services), MS SQL
Server 2000, BizTalk Server 2006, Windows Workflow Foundation
• Application development.

• Business domain understanding and analysis of requirements.

• Authoring requirements specifications, GAP analysis, functional specifications, design

documentations, test cases for unit testing and build notes.

• Size, Effort, Schedule & Resource estimation, planning and work item tracking.

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• Designing and reviewing application architecture and system design as a member of
Design Authority.

• Development and review of basic application frameworks.

• Acting as a peer in the Peer Review activity for artifacts planned in Project Plan.

• Ensuring code security through testing, setting up of secure development and deployment
procedures, helping the team to understand the issues, whilst providing relevant security

• Participated as Team Lead in the implementation of CMMi level 5 processes covering

planning, requirement management, design, technical documentation and implementation
of all Software Engineering related key process areas.

• Active participation in meetings to review, identify and improve software engineering


• Team technical training.

Product Details:
• InBanking can be divided into three operational modules: Front, Middle and Back Office. It
will help banks in managing their global trading activities by providing a user configurable
global deal pricing, deal capture, risk management, deal processing, reconciliation,
accounting, and full general ledger’s functionality from a single platform.

• It's also intended to provide detailed reporting, both internally (MIS) and for the local and
central regulatory authorities.

• InBanking is engineered to be able to provide a one-stop solution for banks and to enable
seamless Straight Through Processing (STP) by providing total automation starting from
the deal captures process to the confirmation and payment cycles right through to the
reconciliation of third party statements of account and incoming confirmations.

• InBanking will also be able to handle any individual component part in the chain e.g. deal
capture, deal pricing, operations, risk management, etc, and to provide or receive
relevant information to and from any other in-house or external bank systems.

• InBanking is being developed with extensive exception handling and provide for
automated resolution of exceptions.

CAP – NetSol Technologies

• Technical Team Lead

• Application Architect
• Microsoft .NET (ASP .NET, VB .NET, Web services), Oracle, MS SQL Server
Product Details:
• CAP provides finance/leasing companies the ability to quickly assess the worthiness of an
applicant for a loan or a lease.

• The primary objective of the system is to automate the credit approval cycle, reduce the
credit approval time and perform financial analysis through a comprehensive and user-
friendly point-score system.

Corporate IT framework Setup for International Cricket Council – NetSol


• Application Developer
• Microsoft .NET (ASP .NET, VB .NET, Web services), MS SQL Server 2000

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• This project sets up a Corporate IT framework for ICC. It automates the functionality of ICC
from its internal accounts management and match assessment to breach reporting by
match referees and umpires.

ERMS – NetSol Technologies

• Application Developer
• JSP, Oracle
• ERMS is an in-house web-based application that assists NetSol employees to manage their
daily activities as well as allowing the senior management to monitor the daily
attendance, leaves and daily activities of their teams.

Research Projects

FaceR! – Face recognition using biometrics

• FaceR! is a face recognition software that uses biometrics to identify a person. It is based
on the flexible FaceR! Face Recognition Engine which can be used to develop any kind of
customized face recognition software according to the specific needs of the client. It
accepts input in the form of different image formats taken from an image capturing
device. It extracts the face information from that input image and generates a
mathematical model. This mathematical model is then used to store information of the
person or to search for a match in a certain database. It was developed as Final Year
Research Project at UET Lahore.

DOTSi – Detection of Objects and Tracking in Satellite Images

• Java, Java Advance Imaging (JAI)
• It is an object detection and recognition software that uses advanced image processing
techniques and algorithms to detect and track different objects in images provided by
satellites. This software can be used for detecting objects of military importance (like
military installations and air crafts), tracking such objects for surveillance, missile
guidance, tracking and marking activities at sensitive locations like nuclear test sites,
accumulation of armed forces across borders and detecting road networks and water
channels across certain region.


University of Engineerin g and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

B.Sc., Computer Science (Hons)

Year: 2003


Was selected to represent the Department of CS and IT of U.E.T Lahore in national level
events like:
• NaSCon '02 organized by FAST-NU, Islamabad. Presented FaceR! and won First Prize.

• NaSCon '03 organized by FAST-NU, Islamabad. Presented DOTSi and won Second Prize.

• Bits Bytes and Colors 2002 organized by Bahria University, Islamabad. Presented FaceR!
and won First Prize.

• ILMTech 2002 organized by ILM, Lahore. Presented FaceR! and won Second Prize.

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• The 13th All Pakistan Software Exhibition and Competition. Presented FaceR! and won
Special Prize.

• The 14th All Pakistan Software Exhibition and Competition. Presented DOTSi and won
Special Prize.


Photography, Aero Modeling, Computer Gaming


References can be provided on request.

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