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Sample Question Paper –1

Time Duration 3 Hrs Max. Marks 70

1. All question are Compulsory
2. Programming Language C++
1 Answer the following
A Name the header file of c++ which following function belongs 2
i) clrscr() ii gets() iii toupper() iv isdigit()
B What is the difference between local and global variables ? Give the Examples
of both 2
C Rewrite the following program after removing all syntax errors if any 2
Void main();
int X[]=60,50,30,40},Y=0;count=4;
case 0 :
case 2: cout<<Y*X[i]<<endl;
case 1 :
case 3 : cout>> Y+X[i];
D Write the output of the following program 2
void main()
int x=5;int y=5;
cout<< --x;
cout<<y--<<”,”<< --y;
E. Explain Nested Structure with Example 2
F. Will the syntax error if any (Give the reason for error) 2
Class ABC
int x=10;
float y;
{ y=5;}
~( )
void main()
ABC a1,a2;
2 Answer the following

A Explain Protected, Private and public members of a class in context of inhertence 2

B Answer the following question i and ii after going through the following class 2
class Exam
int marks;
char subject[20];
public :
Exam() //Function 1
{ marks=0;strcpy(subject,”Computer”);}
Exam(char s[]) //Function 2
{ marks=0;strcpy(subject,s);}
Exam(int m) //Function 3
{ marks=m;strcpy(subject,”Computer”);}
Exam(int m, char s[]) //Function 4
{ marks=m;strcpy(subject,s);}
i Write a statement in C++ that would execute functions 3 and function 4 of class Exam
ii Which features ogf object oriented programming is demonstrated using function 1 function 2
function 3 and function 4 in the above class.
C Define a class travel in c++ with the following descriptions 4
Private members
Travel code of type long
Place of type character array
No_of_travellers of type integer
No_of_buses of type integer

Public members
Aconstructor to assign initial values of travel code as 201, place as “Nanital” ,no_of_travellers as
10 no_of buses as 1A function newtravel() which allow user to enter travel code place and no_of
travelers also assign a value of no_of_buses as per the following condition

No of traveler no of buses

Less than 20 1
Equal to 20 or less than 40 2
Equal to 40 o more than 40 3
A function show_travel() to display the content from all the data members on screen.
D. Explain polymorphism with suitable example? 4

3 Answer the following

A Write a Function in C++ to print the sum of all four corners of a two
dimensional array.
[Assuming the 2D Array to be a square matrix with odd dimension 3
i.e. 3×3, 5×5, 7×7 etc...]
Example, if the array content is
3 5 4
7 6 9
2 1 8
Output through the function should be :
The sum of corner is 3+4+2+8= 17
B An Array MAT[30][10] is to stored in memory column wise with each elements occupying 8
bytes of memory. Find out the base address and the address of element MAT[20][5], if the
location of MAT[5][7] is stored at address 1000. 4
C Write a Function in UPPER HALF() which takes a two dimensional array A with size N rows
and N columns as argument and point the upper half of the array. 2
The Array is
3 4 2 5 5
2 1 2 3 4
2 1 2 3 3
4 2 1 2 1
1 2 4 7 1

The output is
3 4 2 5 5
1 2 3 4
2 3 3
2 1
D Write a function to perform a PUSH Operation on a dynamically allocated stack containing real
number? 3
E Evaluate the expression 562+*124/- in tabular form showing stack after every step 2

4 Answer the following

A Assuming that a text file named First.TXT contains some text written into it, write a function
named vowel words(), that reads the first.txt and create a new file named second.txt to contain
only those words from the file First.txt which start with a lowercase vowel(i.e. ‘a’,’e’,’I’,’o’,’u’) For
example 3
Carry umbrella and overcoat when it rains
Then the file second.txt contains
Umbrella and overcoat it
B Write a function to open a files in read and write mode 1
C Write a c++ function copies all the lowercase letters in text file called “mytext.txt” into file called
“lower.txt” 2
5 Answer the following
A What do you understand by Degree and Cardinality of a table? 2
B Given the following table for a database library

Book_id Book_name Author_name Publishers Price Type Qty

C0001 Fast cook Lata kapoor EPB 365 Cookery 5
F0001 The Tears William First Pub 650 Fiction 20
T0001 My First Brain EPB 350 Text 10
C++ &Brooke
T0002 C++ A.W.Rossaine TDH 350 Text 15
F0002 Thunderbolts Anna Roberts First Pub 750 Fiction 50


Book_ID Quantity_Issued
T0001 4
C0001 5
F0001 2
Write Sql Queries from i to vi
i. to show book name,author name and price of books of first pub publisher 1
ii to list the names from books of text type. 1
iii to display the names and price from books in asending order of their prices 1
iv to increase the price of all books of EPB publisher by 50
v to display book_id,book_name and quantity_issued for all books which have been
issued(the query will require contents from both tables)
vi to insert new row in the table issued having the following data “F0003, 1 1
vii Give the output of the following
a) Select count(*) from books;
b) Selectmax(price) from books where quantity >=15;
c) Select count(distinct publishers) from books;

Q 6 Answer the following

A Prove the Demorgan Theorem ? 2
B Reduce the following Boolean Expression from K Map
F(A,B,C,D)=∑(0,1,2,4,5,6,8,10) 3
C Draw a logic Circuit for Half Adder 2
D write the POS form of the boolean Function F, which is represented by the following
truth table 1
0 0 0 1
0 0 1 1
0 1 0 0
0 1 1 1
1 0 0 0
1 0 1 1
1 1 0 0
1 1 1 0

Q 7 Answer the following

A Expand term
i TCP/IP ii CDMA iii URL iv LAN 2
B Explain Star and Bus Topologies 2
C ABC Ltd has set up its new center at Delhi for its office and web based activities it has
4 buildings shown in diagram
Center to center distance between various buildings

Build 1 to build 2 50 m
Build 2 to build 3 150 m
Build 3 to build 4 25 m
Build 1 to build 4 170m
Build 2 to build 4 125 m
Build 1 to build 3 90 m

Number of computers in Building

Build1 25
Build 2 50
Build 3 125
Build 4 10
Build1 Build 4
Build 3 Build2

Suggest a cabel layout of connection between buildings. 1

a) Suggest the most suitable place (i.e building) to house the server of the
organization with the suitable reason 1
b) Suggest the placement of the following device with justification
i) Repeater ii Hub/switch 1
d) the organization is planning to link its front office situated in the city in a hilly
region where cable connection is not feasible, suggest an economic way to connect it
with reasonably high speed? 1