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By buying Rwandan handcraft products you contribute to poverty reduction among rural communities

En achetant des produits d artisanat du Rwanda, vous contribuez à la réduction de la

pauvreté des communautés rurales

Iyo uguze igihangano cy ubukorikori nyarwanda, uba utanze umusanzu mu kugabanya ubukene ku banyarwanda bari mu cyaro

Promotion of Rwandan Handcraft (HEAP) 2011.

Introducing the

Handcraft Excellence Award


March 2011

especially women. however. The development of the handcraft industry. ceramics and pottery. beads. Leather a nd leather products. tea and coffee. the handcraft industry has been in existence embodied within the cultural heritage of the people.Foreword Basing on the Government s vision 2020 of reducing on-farm employment from 95% to 50%. among oth ers that exhibit export potential. The handcraft industry is recognized as potentially high growth export sector th at have significant social benefits. Hand Textiles and Hand-loomed Products. Rwanda handcraft produ cts share a unique value as they are related to Rwandan culture. Rwanda handcraft industry is an activity based on indigenous knowledge and mainl y carried out in cottage industries that employ a large number of rural populations. This can be achieved indirectly as Rwandan-mad e home décor and fashion products are purchased by international clients. In addition to be the potential sector. and directly. Handcrafts skill has been handed over from generation to generation. by establishing the Rwanda brand internationally. largely wome n. . and can support other export sectors. paying special attention to vulnerable sector of society. There are about 509 cooperatives bringing together 22. this tradition has waned considerably overtime.945 organized crafts people and artisans. would position the sector to increase export revenues and deepen rur al economic benefits. such as tourism. youth and people with disabilities. The industry has a wide collection of crafts which range from B asketry and mats. Embroidery and Woven products. In recent years handcraft production has seen an upswing as the industry is perceived as a potential business opportunity for sustainable income generation. hence a significant contribution to the reduction of trade deficit. The sector has a big export potential . Traditionally. However due to its commercial viability there is need to re-orient t he sector strategy towards exports. jewellery products. recognize d its role in achieving Rwanda s Vision 2020 goal of earning foreign exchange revenue. as well as support to improve product design and market sophistication in existing industries. the handcraft sector was found to have the potential in generating employment and in come to a greater percentage of rural population. wood works.

The sector is seen as a potential in mainstreaming the poor in the export business and as such boosting the country s economy. traders and exporters. Based on the importance and potentiality of the sector. Promotion of the sector competitiveness through organized Competitions a nd Awards is core to the handcraft development strategy. the Ministry of Trade an d Industry established a special Secretariat to facilitate in the development of the sector and expedite the implementation of existing National Handcraft Strategy to the expectations of th e government of Rwanda. (Sé) NSANZABAGANWA Monique Minister of Trade and Industry .Thus attracting more and more artisans.

cooperatives and businesses that made an outstanding towards the growth of Rwanda s craft sector. Establish rigorous standards of excellence for handcrafts: the program aims to ensure and promote high quality consumer products which will attract different buyers. . An annual program focusing on recognition of talent in handcraft followed by cap acity building for higher productivity and market penetration for higher incomes and j ob creation Why HEAP . valuable and marketable in modern life . . Offer training and support services: in the improvement of their product desig n and marketing and protection of their intellectual property rights. . A simple questionnaire will be provided for the m to fill.About Handcraft Excellence Award Program (HEAP)? What is HEAP? . Encourage innovativeness: while it seeks to promote the continuation of tradit ional skills. Preparation of Handcraft day How the HEAP is organized . What we are expecting from HEAP? . the said Award also encourages product innovation and diversification in order to ensure that handcrafts remain relevant. individuals or companies will have to register for the competition. Registration: the interested craft cooperatives. . Create linkage between Handcraft producers and Buyers: provide new market opportunities through developing networks of handcraft producers and buyers. to recognize contribution . Evaluation of challenges that face handcraft artisans in innovating and improv ing on handcraft quality. Create an awareness campaign to the public but also to potential buyers about opportunities that exist in Rwandan handcraft products. . . Assessment of capabilities in terms of handcrafts innovation. . To help them and working with m to contemporary individuals. Award eligibility: 3 pre-conditions: . pass on the traditional knowledge and skills to the next generation crafts people to move them into new systems that will help link the markets. Eco-friendly: the product must be environmentally friendly in nature both in materials used and production processes techniques. .

. guidelines & rules: . . Only finished handcraft products will be accepted. Social responsibility: the producer must affirm that no labor law or copyright s was violated and no individual or group exploited unfairly at any stage in the production of handcraft products submitted for the competition . . Handcraft Excellence Award will be only valid for one product or one product l ine and the certificate cannot be used for the promotion of other products produced by the same producer if these products have not been submitted for competition.. designerproducer and other handcraft marketing organizations that produce commercial handmade craft products and are capable of maintaining adequate stock levels to fulfill orders. Award is open to individual / cooperatives handcraft producers.

The product will have to be unique (specialization) and demonstrate new design and technology. or inventive and creative use of material. Number of people benefiting from the product line/5 Ability to generate jobs through backward linkages/5 Level of incomes of the job beneficiaries/5 Use of local raw material/5 . . Without this confirmation from the producer.. desi gn and production processes. . The evaluat ion of the submissions is based on the following criteria: . which can be extended with out fee upon confirmation that the product or product line is still available and me ets the same characteristics and quality level. All patent. . . . copyright and other reproduction rights are retained by the produc er of the handcraft product. the product will be removed from the website and other promotional materials . Innovation/20 Innovation in design and production: demonstrated by an effective and successful blend of traditional and contemporary. . Job creation (20) Potential for job creation considering: . Applicants who are not direct producers are responsible for sharing the certif icate and program information with their suppliers as long as they have a contractual relationship that is two years old by the time of the competition. The certification is valid for a period of 2 years. Awarded products will be retained for educational and promotional purposes by MINICOM and cannot be sold but may be displayed in the Ministry Premises. Authenticity(5) Expression of cultural identity and traditional aesthetic values: demonstrated b y a wellachieved application of aesthetic and cultural expression or traditional craftin g techniques. Marketability (55): . . Criteria for selection of performer A product that is granted the Handcraft Excellence Award meets the highest level o f craft excellence and is distinguished as a benchmark for craft production.

Quality-finishing-consistent product standardization/15 Attractiveness(presentation packaging)/10 Durability-product preservation/10 Utility/5 Local market /5 Regional market /5 International market /5 The Overall Excellence /100 Excellence and high quality products in craftsmanship determined by the use of h igh quality materials.. a high standard of technique and the special attention to fin ishing details. . . . . . . .

Promotional material s. This will help them to produce con sumer oriented and usable products which can be easily marketed and consumed. The first three winners per handcraft categories will be awarded with gold. to enhance the product visibility and acknowledgmen t.Evaluation and Awarding The evaluation will be done by a panel composed of local and international exper ienced handcraft development experts nominated by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. together with producers profiles will be put on MI NICOM website or on its partners like RDB and PSF so as to link them with potential bu yers. Training and capacity building: the winners will be assisted in training / works hops on product designing. . development and promotion. . The certificate can be used as a promotional tool (for a specific product or product line only) to attest the quality and authenticity of a product. Business Turnaround Plan: the winners will be assisted through targeted technica l assistance to develop a business turnaround plan and availing a technical resource to suppo rt implementation of the turnaround plan. The produce rs of the products that will meet the standards and criteria of selection will receive the Handcraft Excellence Award during the celebration of National Handcraft day. an incentive package will be given to the w inners and will be awarded in the following ways: . . . Financial incentive for the first three best winners per craft categories. . . . Financial incentive for the Best Handcraft Exporter of the Year. . silv er and bronze trophies. Certificate of excellence: each product recognized with the Handcraft Excellence Award will be given a certificate. They will receive guidance on participation in targeted regional and international trade f airs. Communication and promotion: All winners will benefit from the communication and promotion campaign coordinated by MINICOM and its partners. In addition to this award. Website: all awarded products. Intellectual property and copyrights: producers of awarded handcrafts will be tr . such as brochures and catalogues. Trade fairs and exhibitions: winners will be given the chance to display the awa rd winning products at national exhibitions and fairs at preferential rates or fully sponso red.

. Study tours: winners of this competition will be facilitated to attend to differ ent study tours with the aim of enhancing their knowledge in innovation and product marketing.ained on the benefits of registering their products and brands under intellectual propert y rights regimes .

ROAD MAP HEAP 2011 Registration and Selection of artisans at District level At District level. PSF s representative at District level w ith 1 Official from MINICOM. Table 1 Province Date District Eastern Province 18 April 2011 Nyagatare 19April 2011 Gatsibo 20April 2011 Kayonza 21April 2011 Ngoma 25 April 2011 Kirehe 26April 2011 Rwamagana 27April 2011 Bugesera Southern Province 28April 2011 Kamonyi 29April 2011 . the registration of competitors will be coordinated by a Busi ness Promotion and Cooperative Officer. BDS center Officers. The registration and selection will be organized as follow: from 10th M arch to 4th April 2011 registration and from 18th April to 9th May 2011 selection at district leve l.

Muhanga 2 May 2011 Nyamagabe 3 May 2011 Gisagara 4 May 2011 Nyaruguru 5 May 2011 Huye 6 May 2011 Nyanza 9 May 2011 Ruhango Northern Province 18 April 2011 Rubavu 19 April 2011 Nyabihu 20 April 2011 Burera 21 April 2011 Musanze 25 April 2011 Gakenke 26 April 2011 Rulindo 27 April 2011 Gicumbi .

Duration and Venue: Table 2 Province Date . provincial level selection of the best handcraf t producers and artisans will be done according to the above mentioned criteria. Only the selected jury c an determine the best handcraft producers and artisans and authorize them for the national compet ition.Kigali City 28 April 2011 Kicukiro 29 April 2011 Gasabo Western Province 2 May 2011 Rusizi 3 May 2011 Nyamasheke 4 May 2011 Karongi 5 May 2011 Rutsiro 6 May 2011 Ngororero Kigali City 9 May 2011 Nyarugenge Selection of artisans at Provincial level As in the case of the Districts.

Venue Eastern 16 May 2011 Kayonza Artisan House Northern 17 May 2011 Gicumbi Artisan house Southern 18 May 2011 Huye Cultural Center Western 19 May 2011 Karongi Artisan house Kigali City 20 May 2011 Gikondo expo ground National Competition 24-27 May 2011 Gikondo expo ground .

. .. . Registration: is the establishment registered in any of the following instit utions? 14...3 RCA 1-YES 2-NO 14... ..... ..... 3. .. .. Sector: .... otherwise yes )proceed to question 1 .......2 Rwanda Development Board/Registrar General Office (RDB) 1-YES 2-NO 14.... .. . 2.... ........... Owner/Manager/Administrator name: 8. Sector Legal Status: Household sector Private Corporation Cooperative 12..Cell..1is 5. Year of starting handcraft business 13..4 District 1-YES 2-NO 14. ... . ... Establishment name: 7.Annex 1: Form to be fulfilled by the eligible handcraft producer/exporter for HE AP 1. .... ... .. .............. : 5....1 Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) 1-YES 2-NO 14.Village: .......... Major economic activity of the establishment 14.. . .. the answer to question 14... District: . .... 4............. Phone number: 9... E-mail: 10. ...e....5 Sector 1-YES 2-NO IF REGISTERED IN RRA (i.. ... Province / Kigali City: ..... 6...

skip to question 16. .

No 16.yes 2.15.3 Tax on profit 1.1 VAT 1. nationality and contract type Gender Permanent Temporally Total Rwandan Non Rwandan TOTAL Rwandan Non Rwandan TOTAL Rwandan Non Rwandan TOTAL Males .NO 17. DOES THE ESTABLISHMENT MAINTAIN REGULAR OPERATIONAL ACCOUNTS? 1.No 11.No 11.2 TPR 1.yes 2. What type of taxes do you pay? (Multiple answers are possible) 11.yes 2.4 Patente 1.yes 2-No 11.YES 2. EMPLOYMENT Number of employees according to gender.

Production activity Category of Craft produced Type of Products /Service delivery .Females Total 18.

) 19. Name. Picture of the products to perform for HEAP 2011 .Local inputs & source (Please list them) Imported inputs & source (Please list them) Value added Level of incomes of the job beneficiaries (in RWf) Value of exports (in USD) Consumption/Market access (local. regional. intern. Innovativeness/ description of the products to perform for HEAP 2011 20.

Umurenge: ..1 ari yego ) subiza ikibazo cya 15. .... . Intara / Umujyi wa Kigali: .... . .... .. 3........ Izina rya nyiri cyangwa umuyobozi w ikigo/Koperative: 8... . ... Kwiyandikisha: ikigo cyiyandikishije mu bigo bikurikira? 14. Umudugudu: 6..... 4.Umugereka1: Urupapuro rugomba kuzuzwa n umunyabukorikori cg uwohereza ibikorwa by ubukorikori hanze mu mahanga uzitabira amarushanwa HEAP 2011 1.5 Umurenge 1-YEGO 2-OYA Niba ikigo/koperative yanditse mu kigo cy Igihugu gishinzwe imisoro n amahoro (igisu bizo kuri 14.. ... .. 2....4 Akarere 1-YEGO 2-OYA 14. naho ubundi ukomereze ku kibazo cya 16.. .1 Ikigo cy Igihugu gishinzwe Imisoro n Amahoro (RRA) 1-YEGO 2-OYA 14..... Ibikorwa by ingenzi bibyara inyungu by ikigo/koperative 13.. ..... .. .Imiterere y umurimo ku rwego rw amategeko: Umunyabukorikori wikorera Ikigo cy ubucuruzi Koperative 11. Akagari : 5.. ............... . E-mail: 10................ .. Akarere: ..... 12... . . ..... Nimero za telefoni: 9.. . Izina ry umunyabukorikori/ikigo/Koperative: . 7.2 Ikigo cy Igihugu gishinzwe Iterambere/Umwanditsi w ibigo by ubucuruzi (RDB) 1-YEG O 2-OYA 14......... .3 Ikigo cy Igihugu gishinzwe guteza imbere Amakoperative 1-YEGO 2-OYA 14................. ....... . . Umwaka umwuga watangiriweho . .... ...................


OYA 11.OYA 17.1 Umusoro ku nyongeragaciro 1.YEGO 2.3 Umusoro kunyungu 1. GUTANGA AKAZI Umubare w abakozi hashingiwe ku gitsina.15.OYA 11.YEGO 2-OYA 11.OYA 16.YEGO 2. Umunyabukorikori/Ikigo/Koperative bafite imicungire ihoraho kandi inoze y imar i n umutungo? 1.YEGO 2.YEGO 2.2 Umusoro ku bihembo 1.4 Ipatante 1. Ubwoko bw umusoro utangwa n umunyabukorikori/ikigo/koperative: (ibisubizo byinsh i birashoboka) 11. ubwenegihugu n ubwoko bw imirimo Igitsina Akazi gahoraho Akazi ka nyakabyizi Total Nyarwanda Nyamahanga TOTAL Nyarwanda Nyamahanga TOTAL Nyarwanda Nyamahanga TOTAL Gabo .

Umusaruro Umusaruro uri mu kihe cyiciro cy ubukorikori? Ubwoko bw igihangano /Serivisi zitangwa .Gore Total 18.

Amerika ndetse na Asia) 19.ifoto y igihangano kizarushanwa muri gahunda ya HEAP 2011 . mu karere. aho bituruka (urutonde rwabyo) Inyongeragaciro Ingano y umutungo winjizwa ukomotse ku murimo ukorwa (Mu mafaranga y amanyarwanda) Agaciro k ibyoherezwa mu mahanga (Mu madevise) Amasoko (imbere mu gihugu. Uburayi. aho bituruka (urutonde rwabyo) Ibikoresho fatizo bikomoka hanze y u Rwanda.Ibikoresho fatizo bikomoka mu Rwanda. Ibikoze igihangano (Tanga ibisobanuro by uko igihangano cyawe gikoze) kizarush anwa muri gahunda ya HEAP 2011 20. Inyito.

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