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A Multimedia Celebration of Downtown Greenville

May 2011

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#brainonkat BLURBS Gene’s Horizons

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Jack DelGado Designer

3 Questions with GSG 12
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Kathryn Hardaway Editor/Co-Conspirator

Trey Pennington Columnist

Gene Berger The Vibe Guru

Jordana Megonigal Special Guest Columnist


Jay Spivey


F iction

607 Parkins Mill Road Greenville, SC 29607 864/263-3575 office
If you would like to learn more about this unique marketing/ advertising opportunity – contact FÊTE via email to set up an appointment.


#brainonkat BLURBS

Did you know? On May 5th, The 2012 Republican presidential campaign will in downtown Greenville at the Peace Center?

begin with a televised debate

So excited West End is becoming home to “where bikers stare at cowboys who are laughing at the hippies who are praying they’ll get outta here alive!” -


In April alone, Greenville has been featured on The Today Show, The Washington Post, The Daily Record, Men’s Journal, International Parking Institute & Southern Living?

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate just received – the only SC museum to LEED Silver Certification receive this certification.

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Almost every night in

downtown Greenville, there is at least one restaurant like HALF PRICE WINE BOTTLES?!!! Giddyup! that offers fantastic specials

When I speak to people at the grocery store, I use a british accent. Also,

whenever I’m driving and ridiculous tune.

do a U-turn, I hum the same


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The Power of Collaboration
Greenville Forward Interviews Shannon Robert, Production Manager and Resident Scene Designer at the Warehouse Theatre – What does collaboration mean to you?

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As Greenville Forward continues our three-month focus on the Connectedness portions of Vision 2025, we interviewed Shannon Robert to talk about the ways collaborative planning and cooperation can achieve Vision goals faster. Greenville Forward regularly partners with the Warehouse Theatre for programs such as Pecha Kucha, the Challenge Series, and numerous other community-related initiatives. Without support from organizations like the Warehouse Theatre, Greenville would never be able to achieve the dreams and goals of our shared Vision. Watch Shannon share about our partnership and contact us at Greenville Forward if you want to collaborate on a program or project. Learn more about the Warehouse Theatre here:
Greenville Forward was created in January 2006 to help Greenville achieve Vision 2025, the bold, comprehensive, and aggressive plan to create a vibrant Greenville in the next twenty-five years. By having a group like Greenville Forward, whose sole purpose is to facilitate, coordinate, and communicate the ideas from Vision 2025, the aggressive goals for Vision 2025 will be kept vibrant, alive, and attainable.


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Still Amazing After All These Years
By Gene Berger, Horizon Records Paul Simon is one of those popular culture icons that has been on our audio screen for so long it sometimes easy to forget he’s there. Then he’ll release something like last weeks “So Beautiful So What” and it all floods back into our consciousness why he is so beloved, how irresistible his songs are and how profound a message he brings to our lives. For me I clearly remember the first time I heard Sounds Of Silence in 1966 and having been drawn in and I was transfixed. The one line “the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls” stated a whole Beat Poet aesthetic and foretold that culture growing into the world of urban art and hip hop all in one couplet. Musically Simon has perhaps also been taken for granted these last couple of decades. For many of us the infectious grooves of his post Simon & Garfunkel tunes like “Me and Julio” and “Mother and Child Reunion” rang our collective bell, and I played these tracks over and over. Don’t forget Simon brought Central American folk to top 40 radio as early as 1970 with the song “El Condor Pasa”. Then later blatantly put gospel all over the pop world with his Dixie Hummingbirds joyful collaborations “Loves Me Like A Rock” and “Kodachrome” from There Goes Rhymin’ Simon. Then he profoundly opened our yes, wide open, with Graceland, gently and charmingly intertwining authentic South African pop into his own wry observations and sold millions of records in the process. That was followed by Brazilian themed Rhythm Of The Saints in 1990.

It’s now 2011 and Rhymin’ Simon has done it again. These latest 10 songs are some of his very best and that’s a strong statement. Simon is clearly pondering the spiritual values of Love, God and the questions there of as filtered through the lives of achingly real family tableau and rigors of everyday life; Gospel music and voices blend and intertwine with artfully woven cloth of African, Indian, Bluegrass, and R’n’B. There is funky-ness ala Graceland and there is crystalline quiet beauty like “St Judy’s Comet” or “American Tune” from There Goes Rhymin’ Simon and Still Crazy After All These Years. The articulate and heartfelt liner notes by Elvis Costello only make things “worse”. The absolute kicker is the featured, first Special Thanks is to Jerry Douglas. I can’t stop playing this record and have no intention of trying.


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Greenville’s Local Music Scene Captured
Brought to you by LiveSyphon
Click the videos to see these and other performances from live and local artists. For more information about LiveSyphon, visit

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Hailing from Denver, CO Signal Path performs live at WSBF’s Spring Festival at Tiger Park.

The Lazy Dogs perform live at Smiley’s
Acoustic Cafe.

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Charlotte, NCs Shadow of Myself perform their original song “Tea Party” at Karma.

Charles Hedgepath and The Gasholes’ Larry Hoskinson perform their cover of
The Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen A Face” at Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe.

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Giving bands the ability to capture and share their most valuable asset - the experience of their live performance. James Preston Graham Fowler

Giving bands the ability to capture and share their most valuable asset - the experience of their live performance.


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A R T S. C U L T U R E . L I F E .
presented by

May 13-15
Downtown Greenville, SC





A famous quote that has been talked about over and over for years. There is even some debate over who initially said it. Was it Elvis Costello, David Bowie or Frank Zappa? Regardless of who blurted such words, it makes you think. Songwriting is an interesting and somewhat mysterious thing. That pretty much goes for the creation of any art form for that matter. So what is it that makes a song worth listening to over and over again? How do you write a timeless song? How does an artist put something on canvas that makes people stand and stare for a long time while tilting their heads? What is it about a certain photo that creates strong emotions? I really do not know for sure. Art happens because life happens and maybe sometimes those are questions that don’t need to have an answer. Just appreciate and share.


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QUESTIONS ? ? ? with


Special guest Eaddy Mays presents this month’s 3 Questions with Fête Special Expanded Edition This Memorial Day, the Greenville Scottish Games are presenting a Joint Military Salute to honor our heroic US Armed Forces, both active duty and veterans, and the courageous Scots serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces who have been our comrades in arms throughout the decades. Our Great Scot! Parade Friday May 27 at 6:00 PM will reflect this Joint Military Salute, and the vision of our pipe bands marching with the Marine Corps Band will be unforgettable. The Marine Corps Brass Band will play a set at the Great Scot! Ceilidh immediately following the Parade. We will have an F-16 Falcons flyover during Opening Ceremonies on Saturday, May 28th. There will be not one, but two Marine Corps bands! The Joint Military Salute will conclude Saturday night following the Games with a Wounded Warrior Benefit, with the proceeds to be donated to several Wounded Warrior projects and to Erskine Hospital, the Scottish equivalent. Our Scottish military representatives are Maj. Gen. (ret.) Mark Strudwick, former General Officer Commanding Scotland, and eight Royal Highland Fusiliers, who will have just returned from combat duty in Afghanistan. Our Chief of the Games, Sir Malcolm MacGregor, served with the 6th Gurkha Rifles and was, in his final armed forces assignment, Chief of Staff, 51 Highland Brigade. Active duty military will be admitted free upon showing their ID. Veterans will be provided with special pins so they can be identified and graciously thanked by everyone at the Games.

Video Courtesy of Russel Tripp

Eaddy Mays is an American film and television actress who recently produced and co-hosted the television show “Under The Kilt,” a behind-thescenes look at the 2010 Greenville Scottish Games. Other notable project include: “The Blindside,” “Meet the Browns,” and MTV’s “Teen Wolf.

3 Questions with Fête is sponsored by

Godwin & Associates, CPA


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by Steven Dietz

Sherlock_Fete Ad.indd 1

4/19/11 8:07:13 PM

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American-grown. Carolina-made
10% of all revenue goes directly to local and regional sea turtle conservation efforts.
Available in Greenville at:

Jack Runnion, Ltd. 530 Haywood Road 864.297.5610 Pink Bee 105 Augusta Street 864.271.4332

©2011 Loggerhead Apparel LLC


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Southern, Modern & Young:
Hosting a Baby Shower
In spring and early summer everyone’s having babies – plants, sheep, ducks, humans…and this year at 25 I’m co-hosting my very first baby shower with my friend Ann Skipper. The shower is for our high school friend Whitney. We decided we want to have a small shower with no obnoxious baby food tasting games or gross poop guessing games. I’m quite looking forward to it. Only in the South can a lady in pearls get sloppy drunk at noon on a Saturday whilst eating off her grandmother’s wedding china and call it a baby shower. Birthing traditions change over the years and one that’s recently changed is revealing the sex and the name before the baby is born, leaving out any measure of “surprise.” This, however, is conducive to themed baby showers, or in our case, themed champagne cocktails. We will, of course have a ginger ale version for the glowing and swollen mother-to-be. I asked my friend Whitney if she minded if we drank at the shower and she said no; with the nausea she doesn’t want to drink. I hope she lets her husband drink though, because she’s high maintenance even without a bun in the oven, bless her heart. Our cocktails will be champagne based with a raspberry or cranberry twist to create a pink color. We’re also having the required chicken salad and pound cake. Something Yankee women may not understand or appreciate is our addition to cheese grits to the baby shower menu. This Southern comfort food may not seem like a “ladies who lunch” menu item but in the South, grits (done right) are a scrumptious and elegant dish. Grits are also perfect for soaking up all the alcohol downed from multiple champagne cocktails. Ann Skip and I have decided we’re doing big hats at the shower. Ladies in the South can wear big hats and pearls and make it look hot. Young Southerners are holding fast to the big hat tradition (via our cousins across the sea) at spring time horse races, but I’m trying to build a bridge to wearing big hats on more occasions – baby showers, golf tournaments, business meetings, grocery shopping. How lovely would it be to see a young gal in a big hat perusing the aisles at Ingles on an indiscriminate Tuesday afternoon? Quite lovely, I’d say. Wearing a big hat and pearls creates a modern “hotness” factor (vs. what the hell is that girl wearing?! factor) because it thrives on the antiquated idea of a Southern woman as a delicate flower who needs a strong, virile man to take care of her. We of course use this idea when we want it to our advantage (i.e. moving day) but the duality of the Southern woman who is beautiful, graceful, sassy and self-sufficient (she could hire movers because she has a graduate degree and a disposable income; but she has some good ole boys waiting to do it for free) is what should be venerated more, and studied by anthropologists from a Yankee university. I’d like to go on about how amazing modern Southern women are, but I’ve got to go order some invitations from Invitations on Main and get my calligraphy pen out.

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Cover Artist

Elizabeth Rundorff Smith
Elizabeth Rundorff Smith was born in Greenville, PA in 1977. Rundorff Smith has had solo exhibitions at The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts in New Castle, PA; The Bates Gallery of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in Edinboro, PA; The Etherredge Center Gallery at The University of South Carolina in Aiken, SC; and The Lipscomb Gallery at The South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities in Greenville, SC. Her work has been included in several group exhibitions including The 21st Annual Celebration of Women Artist’s Exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art where she was given Honorable Mention by juror Barbara L. Jones; The 82nd Annual Spring Show at The Erie Art Museum where she was the recipient of a Juror’s Award from juror Steven Assael of the Forum Moniker oil on panel, 10”x8” Gallery; The National Small Oil Painting Exhibition at The Wichita Center for the Arts in Wichita, KS where she was awarded Third Place by juror Daniel Sprick. Recently, she was awarded Honorable Mention by juror Betsy Cain in A Sense of Place 2010 a National Juried Fine Art Competition at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art in Augusta, GA. Rundorff Smith was also recently included in The Sacred Art Exhibition at the Box Heart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA and the Carolina’s Got Art 2010 exhibition at Larry Elder Gallery in Charlotte, NC. Rundorff Smith received a BA in Studio Art from the College of Wooster in Wooster, OH where she was the recipient of the College Scholar Award, an award for academic excellence. As a student of the College of Wooster, Rundorff Smith received the Donald R. Mackenzie Prize in Art for achievement in sculpture. Rundorff Smith also studied abroad at The Marchutz School of Painting in Aix en Provence, France and The British Institute of Florence in Florence, Italy. In December of 2005, Elizabeth Rundorff Smith received an MFA in Painting from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where she was granted a Full Graduate Assistance Scholarship. Rundorff Smith was awarded a Fellowship Transference oil on panel, 10”x8” and four-week residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Amherst, VA in January of 2006. In June of 2007 she was awarded a two week residency at ArtCroft in Carlisle, KY. She currently resides in Greenville, SC where she serves as Program Director for Artisphere.

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Translation oil on panel, 10”x8”



Support Your Local Barkeep
By Tim O’Neill

F iction

I enjoy being a bartender. I enjoy the view from behind the bar. Check that. I like being separated from the huddled masses by a bar. I find myself yearning for it on the few occasions I go out among them. It’s not that it protects me (I can certainly handle myself), as much as it defines our relationship. “I don’t need you – you need me.” There are those who will say without customers I don’t have a job so, in fact, it is I who need them. Those are the people who wait for their drinks. Nobody wants a needy bartender. They want us cool and aloof. The all-knowing barkeep with a story for every situation and a light for every smoke. “The aristocracy of the working class” is what Bryan Brown dubbed us in Cocktail. And he was right. They all bow to us: doctors, lawyers, men of industry. Money alone won’t garner you our attention (although it is a pre-requisite), you must offer us your respect. Bark at us, hold up the line, tell us how to make a drink or try to steal our spotlight and you’ll pay the price. You want to tick off a bartender on a busy night? (The way some people act, that must be their mission.) Wait until there’s about four people deep at the bar and stare him down, waving money (or worse yet, a credit card) wildly whenever he passes by. Then, when he finally succumbs to your annoyance and asks you for your order, turn to your friends and ask them what they want. Congratulations, you’ve ticked him off. Of course, you won’t talk to him for at least 20 minutes, so make sure it’s worth it. Here’s another thing that ticks us off: frozen drinks. Nobody likes making them. It takes too much time. It’s messy. The drinkers rarely tip worth a hoot. And once you make one, half a dozen glammed-up sugar junkies immediately change their seabreeze order into a frozen strawberry margarita with whipped cream. Whipped cream, people. Maybe during happy hour or on a quiet


weekday night you’ll find a barkeep willing to make you a frozen drink, and dang us, we’ll make it well. But most other times, you’ll discover that the blender has mysteriously broken. (Wink, wink.) What’s funny on busy nights are the “tools” that think they’ll bypass any waiting time by calling out the bartender’s name. They begin the night by very slyly asking the bartender, “What’s your name?” Then the rest of the night, they’ll call out “Bob” or “Johnny” or “George” trying to no avail to get the barkeep’s attention. The comedy comes into play when you take into consideration the fact that his name is very rarely “Bob” or “Johnny” or “George” and the tool, along with his tool brethren, is shouting in vain. Here’s a touch of insight for you: We see you. We’re sober, we’re alert and we have the vantage point. We see everything. We see the cheapskates and the big tippers. We see the girls who have come out without a dollar in their wallets and the ones who are looking to go home with a stranger. We see every guy’s pathetic attempt to pick up women (that’s easy, ‘cause they’re all pathetic). We see you lip synching and playing air guitar. We see when you’ve had too much and when you’ve had way too much. And we see you when you want a drink. From the first moment you want a drink. We’ve just perfected the ability to appear like we’re oblivious. And you love us for it. The bar is open. The blender’s broken.

T I M O ’ N E I L L I S A N A DV E R T I S I N G C R E AT I V E D I R E C T O R / S T O RY T E L L E R . Read more of his stories at


upcoming fete-sponsored band shows
the gas holes
5/5 el molcajete – cinco de mayo 6:30pm 5/18 quaker steak & lube 6:30pm

the note ropers
5/6 smiley’s acoustic cafe 10pm 5/14 corner pocket taproom 9pm 6/3 main st. fridays greenville 5:30pm


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ine Magaz Fête usic Fête Mobile M Fête Blog Fête Social Me dia Fête iTune sA (coming so pp

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Friday, May 27th
The Great Scot! CEILIDH 7:15pm
Free event on the corner of E. Broad St. and Main St. next to the Greenville News Building! The 2011 Great Scot! Ceilidh (pronounced “CEIL-idh”)* will be so powerful, so riveting, that it will make your hair stand on end. This is music like you’ve never heard. Even if you don’t have a Scottish gene in your body, you will by night’s end. This year we are featuring Rathkeltair, Barleyjuice and the Marine Corps Brass Band!

Featuring live musical entertainment

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Events for
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Hyatt Plaza - Downtown Greenville 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

5/5 ultima nota (latin/tropical) – charlotte, Nc 5/12 the winter sounds (indie/rock) – nashville, tn 5/19 orange magnolia (jam/rock) – clemson, sc 5/26 sing sing 76 (rock/pop) – spartanburg, sc

5/6 Moxie (Rock) – greenville, sc 5/13 True Blues (Blues) – Greenville,SC Hyatt Plaza - Downtown Greenville 5/20 The Flashbacks (Beach/Variety) – easley, sc 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.M. 5/27 Chocolate Thunder (soul) – Greenville, sc

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For , massage lets me enjoy the ride home.

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Give the Gift of WeLLNeSS. VErdAE VILLAGE 101 Verdae Blvd @ Laurens rd w/ SteinMart (864) 675-1155 PELhAM hILLS 3714 PELhAM rd @ I-85 w/ chick Fil A (864) 288-1150


OpenOPEN 7 DAYS: M-F 8am-10pm, sat 8am-8pm, Sun 1pm-8pm 7 days: M-F 8aM-10pM, Sat 8aM-6pM, sun 10aM-6pM MASSAGEenVy.COM | FranChises aVailable

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I Remember...

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Susan Smith and Maureen Abdalla, Cafe And Then Some

1) 40 x 80


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Trey’s Travels
Greenville, and the Upstate are charming. That’s probably no surprise to you. Greenville’s charm impresses more than its residents—its reputation extends around the world. Over the past two years, I’ve had a chance to travel the globe telling people about our wonderful region. Our editor, Jay Spivey, asked me to use this month’s column to share that story with you. The primary tool that’s taking me all over the world is Twitter. Conference organizers find me on Twitter and invite me to speak about social media. So far this year, those invitations have come from Bratislava, Slovakia; Cardiff, Wales; Lincoln and Exeter, England; Brussels, Belgium; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Foursquare says I’ve checked into 14 different airports in the last six months. It feels like 140. My keynote presentations include content about using social media to make meaningful connections, but what people seem to enjoy most are the stories I share. One story stands out above the rest—the story about Greenville’s heritage as the “textile capital of the world.” Sadly, I do acknowledge that our once glorious textile mills are idle or have been converted into splendid condominiums. Before the audiences can feel too sorry for us, though, I quickly tell them about a shinning star in the Upstate. The company is a textile manufacturer who stumbled into social media. The experience transformed their business. It’s the story of Carolina Manufacturing and the old, established, once widely know trademark, Hav-A-Hank®. The Hav-A-Hank bandanna led the company’s marketing and new product development manager, Kim Madden, into social media. Kim discovered the photosharing site Flickr after attending a monthly meeting of Social Media Club Greenville. As she explored Flickr, she discovered over 38,000 photos tagged with the keyword bandana or bandanna. Many of the photos featured the easily recognizable Hav-A-Hank designs.

Media140 Scotland organizer Mark Jennings couldn’t wait to wear his special edition George Michaels diabetes charity bandanna. Glasgow, Scotland.

Trey Pennington, Aleks Bochniak, Victor Bagging Brierley, Anna BandannaBabe in Glasgow, Scotland.

In addition to giving Hav-A-Hank® bandannas to all attendees at the Fusion Marketing Experience in Brussels, I presented the event organizer, Jean-Paul de Clerck, with an official Clemson Tigers cap and welcomed him as an honorary South Carolinian. J-P was moved by the presentation and wrote a Facebook comment under the photo: “A moment I will cherish.”

Trey Pennington is a story prospector and professional speaker. He founded the 747-member Social Media Club Greenville and started clubs in Spartanburg and Columbia. You’ll find his blog on marketing at and hear him each week on the radio program Open for Business.


MUD, SWEAT AND CHEERS: Football in the Palmetto State

Coming July 15

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Urban Farm Tour of Greenville
The first annual Urban Farm Tour of Greenville kicks off on Saturday, May 7th. Hosted by the Greenville Organic Foods Organization (GOFO) the event will feature fantastic examples of city residents growing food in the urban setting and implementing energy efficiency solutions. Come see how residents are making city living more sustainable. Local urban farmers are weaving rural elements in to their city living with such things as laying hens in the backyard, bee hives, landscaping with edible vegetables, herbs and flowers and implementing energy efficiency techniques. When family members, friends and neighbors grow food together they save money, get physical exercise, create a supportive network and eat healthier foods. Tickets are available in advance or on the day of the event (May 7) at the GOFO headquarters located in Crescent Studios (1040 West Washington St, Greenville).

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Saturday, May 7
Join us for the first annual showcase of urban farms, edible gardens and energy efficiency in Greenville, SC. Come and see how your neighbors are making city living more sustainable. Rain or shine, this self-guided tour begins at 9 am and runs until 5 pm. Over 25 sites to visit!
Adults are $7.00 / person Children under 12 are free Groups of 4 or more, $5.00 /person
HoSted By Find out More at:

Tickets for adults are $7.00 Children under 12 are free. Groups of 4 or more are $5.00 per person.
Visit to find about tickets, workshops, tour sites and to volunteer. For questions contact Viviane Trama by phone 864.787.4999 or

preSented By

Media SponSorS

Edible Upcountry · Natural Awakenings · Fete


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“A Minute With...”
Amy Wood talks with Greenville-Spartanburg Singer, Songwriter Noah Guthrie

When 17 year old Noah Guthrie opens his mouth to sing get ready for your jaw to drop. He’s a mindblower. The voice. The lyrics. The sound is infectious! On YouTube Noah posts amazing covers. But he’s working on a CD packed with soulful, original, acoustic music and has two shows coming up this month at The Showroom and at Spring Fling in Spartanburg. He attends the Greenville Fine Arts Academy in the mornings and Greer High in the afternoons. Next year he hits online school and starts a tour. Full interview click here.

Trey’s Travels continued from Page 30

Kim contacted several photographers whose pictures were housed on Flickr and received permission to incorporate the photos into Carolina Manufacturing’s printed catalog. The experience took Kim on a path of discovery toward whole new product lines that are keeping the company working nearly non-stop to fill orders. As I recount the story to audiences in other countries, I distribute banannas for everyone. The bandanas are a huge hit. In the conversations after my presentations, people ask me all about Greenville. When I tell them about our people and our beautiful places (especially Falls Park), a Somewhere-in-Time wistful aura envelops them as they tell me of their desire to come see our city.

Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia experiment with Carolina Manufacturing bandannas as a fashion accessory. Bratislava, Slovakia.

If you hear someone in town speaking with a Welsh, or British, or Slovak accent, and they’re wearing a good-looking bandana, please tell them I said, “Hello.” They’re probably well on their way to falling in love with our town too.


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23 W EST N ORTH S TREET G REENVILLE , SC 29601 864 -232-2761

peter millar


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Tech After Five is a series of free to attend, sponsor supported, professional networking events for tech professionals and entrepreneurs and the people who can help them reach their goals. Request an invitation at


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Everyone’s Favorite Subject
You can’t learn if your lips are moving!
Featuring Steve Edwards of The Amazing Factor


e, me, me — I love talking about me! I don’t care where you are or who you’re with; everyone’s favorite subject is always the same — themselves. Most of us won’t admit it of course, because that would sound too selfserving or arrogant. But, if you dig down and look, you too will agree that nothing is more enjoyable to talk about than yourself. Here’s the problem! No one really wants to hear it, because it cuts into the time they have to talk about themselves. Why is this important in the big scheme of things? Because you can use this one key factor to seriously expand your social and professional network. Remember the old saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know?” I’ve taken it one step’s what you know about who you know that is the key. In other words, everyone has a skill, passion or story; however, most people are never asked to talk about it. The result is a wasted opportunity to learn something you most likely never knew about someone.

When you’re talking about people’s favorite subject, they usually become instantly engaged in both you and the conversation. Many times I notice people smiling as they are telling me about themselves. However, asking questions just to “suck up” or schmooze doesn’t work at all. What does work is pure, unadulterated curiosity. If you are genuinely curious about the other person’s “life stories” then questions will come easily. It sounds simple but it isn’t for most people. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that most people really don’t have a desire to be curious, nor do they have the ability to listen. Once you realize there are many people who have some incredibly interesting stories to tell, your learning curve will immediately start going up and your network will begin expanding. I urge you to re-ignite your curiosity and start asking people questions about themselves. If nothing else, make it your own private game of how little you can talk about yourself and how much you can learn from others. I guarantee you’ll find that everyone has a story and most people are sincerely appreciative you asked about it.

Remember... It’s What You Know About Who You Know!
Read my book and invite me to speak at your next event, train your team or coach you personally. I promise you the results will be amazing! WWW.THEAMAZINGFACTOR.COM


37 Augusta St. Greenville, SC | | Box Office: 864.235.6948

May 27-June 11

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Something More Than a Game is a story about a father, his daughters and a box full of evidence that may or may not prove or disprove, once and for all, the guilt, innocence or unwitting participation of Greenville native “Shoeless Joe” Jackson in the 1919 World Series baseball scandal that created the Chicago “Black Sox.” “It’s a play that asks what the difference is between nostalgia and memory, legend and fact. It’s a play that asks us if we really want to know the truth about anything and why. Ultimately it’s a play about that intersection where the dreams of our potential collide with the reality of our short-comings,” says Tromsness. Baseball, the quintessential American sport, and the guilt or innocence of Joe Jackson which is still fiercely debated amongst baseball fans nearly a century later, combine to provide a perfect medium for Tromsness to tell a deeper, more human story that should delight theatre goers, especially those hoping for something that goes beyond “a show about baseball.” Asked what message he hopes theatregoers will take from the show, Tromsness says, “The message is a question: When the legend outweighs the facts do we print the legend? And when the facts threaten to outweigh the legend do we bury the facts?” Director Chip Egan has selected a stellar cast to bring Tromsness’ Something More Than a Game to life: including Michael Hart as Shoeless Joe Jackson, Maegan McNerney Azar as Katie Jackson /Boston Zimmerman, Anne Tromsness as Philadelphia Zimmerman, Rick Connor as Hartley Repogle/Roy Emmett and Ron Joseph as Judge Landis/Howard Zimmerman.


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Tortilla chips topped with shredded cheese, black olives, sour cream, lettuce, diced tomato, jalapeno and picante sauce. Smothered with your choice of seasoned beef or hickory smoked chicken. 7.50 Large portion of our hand-battered onion rings served with a spicy dipping sauce. 4.75


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Sausage & Cheese Platter 7.25 Red Pepper Hummus with pita chips


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I Am A Fortunate Man… Sometimes A Lucky One.
I reminisce with great results every time they play.
I got to be involved with the TEDXGreenville event last month in a most unique way. Through much manipulation on my part back in November of last year, and backed up by a faith I fell into over a decade ago, I was neck deep in recommending some of the musical performers for our regional TED at the Gunter Theatre. Thrilled though I was – the notion that a few of the choices I was making were rooted in a past life of mine scared me a little. I was guided by a passion that I wanted to hear and I knew that others might not feel the same way. In 1992, I met Larry Hoskinson and he worked with me for a couple of years at a bar in downtown Greenville. He toiled in the kitchen there and I felt like I had found a younger brother. Larry was also a guitarist/singer/songwriter – a Lennon stuck in a McCartney who wanted to be Keith Richards – he could (and did) play damn near everything. Larry convinced me that Henni’s needed to have live music and he began his 8 year stint of playing there. His devil may care life evolved in front of my eyes into one of a loving Dad and a cherished friend. The sounds he can create on an acoustic guitar soothes a solemn place in me. My life would be so much less without his musical influence and friendship. A young Niel Brooks came into my bar as a shy, soft spoken sweet kid and his duo wanted to play there. Niel is a shockingly good guitarist, has a voice Neil Young should have had and an intuitive genius in how he plays with others. He and Larry did some time together in Seconds Flat – an Americana band that to this day was the best band I’ve ever seen live. But, when Niel and Larry goofed off together on acoustic guitars one night, I saw and heard something that I didn’t know existed. Music changed for me that night. In the late 90’s, I got a booking for a new singer/ songwriter named Angie Aparo. Another soft spoken and kind soul showed up to play and something happened. Not 1 minute into his first song our packed bar stopped in its tracks all at once. Angie hit a high note so magical that patrons began to sit on the floor in front of the stage for the rest of the night. Moods changed and attention spans focused. I told someone standing there that this guy ought to be famous – right after he sang this haunting song of his called “Cry”. Years later I turned on the radio and heard a strangely familiar tune being sung by Faith Hill and just about wrecked the car when I realized it was Angie’s song she was singing. “Cry” went to number 1 and Angie was famous… So, last month, I stood backstage and watched as Niel and Larry strummed through “Morphine Blues” and Angie got the crowd to sing along with him. I am a fortunate and lucky man now because I have been in the presence of musicians that have touched my soul. Grateful, too…

Larry Hoskinson and Neil Brooks at TEDxGreenville

Angie Aparo at TEDxGreenville


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