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Main Line Art Center

Summer 2011
June 13 - August 19
Scholarship Information & Application
Deadline May 31, 2011
About Scholarships Applying For Scholarship* IN THE SPOTLIGHT!
The Art Center offers scholarship opportunities To be considered for a scholarship, all fields of
to families that demonstrate a financial need the enclosed application must be completed
and an interest in the arts. While other factors and returned to the Art Center along with the
are taken into consideration, scholarships are following materials: a recent tax form or pay
strictly assigned on the basis of financial need. stub, a personal letter on intent and a letter of
support. *Please Note: Applications will be
Deadline returned and/or postponed, if any of the above
mentioned items are missing or incomplete -
The deadline for submitting an application for without exception.
Summer 2011 session is May 31. Applications
submitted after March 20 will not be
considered. Payment Procedures
Scholarships cover tuition only. Recipients are
If all application materials are not received on responsible for any supplies, fees or Our mission is “to inspire and
time the scholarship cannot be granted, without transportation associated with the class or engage artistic creativity for
workshop. If receiving a scholarship, any
exception. Space in class may not be held
balances on an account must be paid at the individuals of all ages and abilities
while application is in process. Funds are
limited and will be dispersed based on financial time of registration. Registration must be and to celebrate and strengthen
need. finalized within five business days of notice, the essential role of visual art in
failure to do so will result in loss of scholarship
and space in class will not be held. community life.”
Scholarships are for one class or workshop, per Registration Policies
applicant, per semester with a maximum of two
scholarship in the same fiscal year. A separate Scholarship money and/or scholarship
scholarship form must be submitted for each applications can not be transferable from one
child. Multiple class or workshop selections will session to another.
not be granted. If you or a child are already

enrolled as a paying student during the Please mail or drop off complete Scholarship
Summer 2011 session, you may not submit a Application and materials to: Main Line Art
scholarship for any additional classes or Center, 746 Pamure Road, Haverford, PA
workshops. 19076 or fax to 610.525.5036.

Main Line Art Center

Summer 2011 __________________________________________________

June 13 - August 19

Class Title

Scholarship Information & Application
Deadline May 31 __________________________________________________
Day, Time and Teacher
Applicant Info
First Name Middle Initial Last Name Suffix

Parent/Guardian Name Relationship to Applicant Applicant D.O.B, if under 18 years of age

Address Apt # City State Zip Code

(_____)________-__________ (_____)________-__________ (_____)________-__________ ___________________________________________________

Home Phone Work Phone Cell Phone E-Mail
Financial Information of HOUSEHOLD Optional Survey Check List
Status (circle one) SINGLE MARRIED SEPARATED The following is not required, but your Applications will be delayed if incomplete.
participation will assist us in serving Before submitting, be sure to include all of
Number of Dependents (if applicable) ______ you more effectively. the following documents:
 A copy of most recent tax form or pay stub

 A personal letter explaining your decision

____Below $15,000 (Please state amount) 1. What is the highest level of
____$15,000 - $25,000 education received in your household?
to apply for scholarship.
 A letter of support from a teacher, mentor,
____$25,000 - $32,500 __________________________________
____$32,500 - $40,000 2. Is there currently an adult in your
____$40,000 or above (please state amount $________ household, that has been unemployed clergy or other. This letter should indicate the
*Provide a copy of most recent tax return or pay stub. in the last year? Y N applicant’s commitment to the arts and the
Submission of Scholarship Application indicates agreement to the 3. What is your race? time class requires.
registration and scholarship policies as outlined by the Main Line __________________________________
Art Center and are subject to change.