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Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Drilling Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized deviation • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized Evaluation deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Drilling hazard mitigation Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost Secure Drilling Services Completion circulation • - Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation Compression services Air drilling • Decreased costs • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized Nitrogen services Percussion services deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation - Downhole tools Get there faster. Production • Decreased Fluid systems • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized costs - Managed pressure drilling Increase ROP and reduce drilling costs through - Pressure-control equipment lost circulation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs - Underbalanced drilling proven engineering and service delivery excellence. • MinimizedDrilling-with-casing (DwC ) systems • Minimized deviation • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • lost circulation Intervention Decreased Solid expandableMinimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost costs • systems circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost circulation • Minimized deviation • Decreased costs • Minimized lost

Reducing the bottomhole circulation pressure significantly increases the rate of penetration (ROP). In hard-rock formations. lost circulation and deviation problems to increase penetration rates. . Air drilling removes cuttings from the face of the bit using high air velocities in the range of 3. Air drilling produces straighter holes with lower bit weights and results in fewer deviation issues while maintaining a good ROP. In this type of performance drilling. Minimized lost circulation compared to conventional fluid systems.000 ft/min (914 to 1. the bottomhole pressure is maintained as low as possible to increase drilling performance. All rights reserved. This increased ROP not only reduces costs but brings wells on line faster. Minimized deviation tendency in faulted formations. mist and foam—as opposed to conventional mud—reduces hydrostatic pressures and helps manage lost circulation without resorting to costly and time-consuming techniques. Drilling with air. Air drilling is part of our compression services offering and is used through primarily nonhydrocarbon bearing zones to optimize drilling performance.000 to 4. which ultimately yields the following benefits: Decreased costs. 2 © 2010 Weatherford.Air drilling can make the difference Address hard formations. air drilling provides an ROP that is up to five times faster than drilling with conventional fluids.219 m/min).

which also SM includes managed pressure drilling and underbalanced drilling. whether you need to drill faster. Type of Air Drilling (Energized Fluid System) Application Hard-rock and dry formations Zero water production Formation cannot withstand hydrostatic pressure Hard-rock formation Small amounts of water influx Large hole diameters Medium amount of water influx Loss-circulation zones Unconsolidated formations Dry air (dust) Mist Foam Gasified fluids Gasified fluid standard package layout . We have the technology. systems and support to help you safely drill your wells.Air Drilling Services Air drilling is just one drilling technique in our Secure Drilling services suite. reduce nonproductive time (NPT) or enhance your well productivity and reservoir recovery.

from the industry’s premier air-drilling companies. Phase I includes candidate screening via the RST™ reservoir screening tool. Engineering planning and support Weatherford has some of the most experienced air-drilling experts. All rights reserved. from engineering planning and support to the right products and services for any application. performance-drilling evaluation. Our SURE process team helps you select the most technologically and economically appropriate way to drill a successful air. managed pressure or underbalanced drilling well by quantifying the relationship between reservoir impairment. As the industry’s largest and most established air-drilling supplier. through acquisition.Get there faster with Weatherford We offer a complete air-drilling package. including formation-damage evaluation.weatherford. Visit the online SURE selector at http://sure. many of whom came. . Our qualified experts can help with your planning process from project inception to completion. Phase II includes an in-depth assessment of drilling processes. Performing an air-drilling operation for the first time may appear a daunting prospect. we have the whole package to help you get the most out of your air-drilling operations. Start at the beginning with our SURE™ candidate selection process. drilling hazards and NPT associated with conventional drilling. but Weatherford can provide advice and guidance—in the form of expert operations drilling engineering support—to assist you in well planning and programming. production forecasting and economic evaluation. NPT. as well as rigsite supervision. Proprietary analysis tools. which improves the success rate of various drilling applications by simplifying the screening of candidate wells and quantifying the potential benefits. The SURE process is comprised of two main components: 4 © 2010 Weatherford.

lessons learned and future planning.764 4. we provide on-site engineering and supervision. we develop end-of-well reports that include information such as operational summaries.900 0 16 5 33 10 49 15 66 20 82 25 98 115 131 148 164 30 35 40 45 50 13. ROP (ft/hr.420 4. 5 .108 4.092 4.451 4. And upon completion of the work.779 4.600 15.100 13.Air Drilling Services We assist with hydraulic flow modeling during the planning phase of the project. Modeling determines gas rate. Once the air-drilling project has begun.200 Depth (ft/m) 14. All rights reserved. ROP comparison between conventional and air drilling © 2010 Weatherford.000 13.500 Enterprise Excellence Process (EEP) Weatherford’s EEP focuses on creating a preventative culture with error-free performance and empowerment Conventional drilling Air drilling and hammer 15.400 14.700 of all employees to achieve continuous improvement in all work processes.795 3.123 4. m/hr) 12.300 14.436 4. fluid rate and injection pressure required to maintain optimal drilling parameters during operations.

Weatherford drilled an offset well within the same formation. A reduction in deviation by approximately 50 percent enabled successful completion of the section in just one bit run. Advanced air-hammer drilling technology produces significant cost savings On a Barnett shale well in Texas. The size of the foam pit was reduced from 100 to 10 bbl.Real Results: speeding up operations around the globe USA. Canada. The operator saved more than 50 percent in total drilling costs compared to conventional drilling methods. The results were considered to be 50 percent better than the planned target. Canada. Drilling costs were reduced and QHSE measures were improved. This well lost less than 200 bbl. Using an air-drilling package. resulting in a savings of 12 to 15 days of drilling time. Latin America (Bolivia). 6 © 2010 Weatherford. No safety or environmental issues occurred during the operation. resulting in the operation running over budget by US$6 million. Air-drilling package yields considerable savings A well that was drilled overbalanced suffered fluid losses of 40.000 bbl and had differential sticking. resulting in a 30 percent profit in the use of chemicals. USA. when compared to conventionally drilled offset wells. Hot-air injection results in successful foam recycling and increased ROP A hole section was drilled using hot-air injection into the blooie line. USA. . All rights reserved. suffered no differential sticking and was completed under budget. a hammer tool with light weight-on-bit and a stabilizer were used to minimize doglegs and reduce deviation. the return fluids were recycled. Air drilling produces significant savings by reducing drilling time Air-drilling system produced significant cost savings by reducing drilling time on an onshore well. compared to conventional drilling. and ROP was increased up to five times. Performance drilling improves ROP and reduces drilling time Performance-drilling techniques were used on two onshore wells to reduce drilling time from 35 days on a conventionally drilled well to 9 and 11 days on two additional wells in the same formation.

Asia Pacific (China). Risks and costs associated with drilling with total losses were mitigated. Air drilling in geothermal well saves over US$800. Air drilling improves performance. enabling an overall evaluation of the formation properties and reducing rig time. nearly 10 times faster than comparable offset wells.8 days of rig time. Aeratedfluid drilling helped establish returns of up to 80 percent while drilling through a lostcirculation zone. Middle East (Pakistan). saving 4. total losses were expected during drilling. © 2010 Weatherford. 7 .000 in drilling costs and reduces mud expenses up to 13 percent Use of the combination of several Weatherford air-drilling products increased ROP by more than 80 percent. use of air-drilling techniques improved drilling performance and saved the client more than 100 days of rig time per well. Middle East (Oman). Ultradeep air-hammer success increases ROP Use of Weatherford’s air hammers resulted in a more than 20-fold increase in ROP. Additionally. saves more than 100 days of rig time per well On average. resulting in returns of 100 percent. All rights reserved. Air-drilling technique improves drilling performance and minimizes fluid loss Based on offset well information.Air Drilling Services North Africa (Libya). wells were being completed in 40 days. Foam drilling overcomes loss-zone challenges and improves penetration rate Using air-foam drilling enabled the operator to improve average ROP. The concurrent handling of shale sloughing by the foam contributed to the successful setting of the casing strings. In total. enabling the well to be completed 6 days ahead of schedule. the ability to establish that both overgauge hole and deviation were minimal enabled the operator to more accurately predict the next best course of action to achieve a successful and cost-effective operation. yielding a significant reduction in mud costs and an improvement in hole cleaning. resulting in significant time and cost savings to the operator. The upper sections were drilled using aerated mud-drilling technologies with minimal loss of drilling fluids into the formation. Asia Pacific (Indonesia).

Weatherford offers a wide array of equipment to help increase drilling performance. The weight-on-bit is only enough to ensure that it is in contact with the face of the formation. usually between 20 to 45 rpm. resulting in longer intervals and single-bit runs. Air-hammer bits last longer than conventional bits. Use of percussion air hammers requires low weight-on-bit.Air-drilling equipment: downhole As the largest air-drilling 29-in. All rights reserved. Numerous design configurations of bits are available depending on the application. The highest ROP in hard rock is attained with air hammers. Percussion hammers. partly because of the low weight-on-bit and pendulum effect of the bottomhole assembly (BHA). OD. Percussion hammer bits. Hammers and bits range in size from 3 1/8. String rotation in hammer drilling is slower than conventional means. The straightest holes are drilled with air hammers. Drill collar (DC) Crossover (XO) Heavy-weight drillpipe (HWDP) Bit sub with flapper float Air hammer Hammer bit Standard BHA for most hammer operations for surface and intermediate hole sections Weatherford offers a wide variety of hammers and bits that are designed to industry standards. 8 © 2010 Weatherford. . Weatherford supplies various air-hammer bits. Bits can be designed for any size and special need with appropriate time allocation. Equipment requirement can be divided into two categories—downhole and surface equipment. ranging in size from 3-1/2 to 29 in.

These separators are rigged up on top of the shaker. Boosters are manufactured for different pressures and volumes. BAMBI tank. Weatherford offers an array of RCDs for any environment. All rights reserved. Dust on location is kept to a minimum because of the specially designed vortex cluster and waterdampening system. © 2010 Weatherford. The BAMBI tank was designed for dust. Rotating control device (RCD) The RCD is the barrier between the annular pressure of the well and the rig floor.4 MPa). Two-phase separation De-aeration tank (D-tank). It diverts flow from the wellbore to the separation unit or settling pit. including a range of low. 9 . Booster compressor. The use of a booster becomes necessary especially in gasified fluid applications where the air-injection pressure must overcome the mud-pump pressure to enter into the liquid phase. A primary compressor takes a large volume of air from the atmosphere and compresses it to low pressures—maximum: 350 psi (2.and mist-drilling applications where it was undesirable to have only a blooie line because of environmental and worksite conditions.and highpressure options. The function of the D-tank gas/liquid separator is to remove free injected gas from the returning flow when an aerated mud system is used as a drilling fluid. Air volume coming out of the primary compressor feeds the booster compressor.4 MPa) from the primary compressors and boosts it to high pressures.Air Drilling Services Air-drilling equipment: surface Air-compression equipment Primary compressor.2 to 2. A D-tank is an atmospheric tank used in gasified fluid applications and is designed to separate the returning of two-phase fluid into liquid and gas. Water can be handled at surface and solids can be sent to the solids handling system. A booster compressor is a reciprocating type of compressor that takes a high volume of gas at low pressure—175 to 350 psi (1.

We offer chemical and operational technical solutions for the management of reservoir and environmentally friendly fluids and corrosion in air-drilling operations. including a full suite of chemicals and fluids. 10 © 2010 Weatherford. . All rights reserved. Weatherford provides one of the broadest product offerings in the industry. selecting the proper fluid for specific jobs is one of the most important tasks.The right chemicals for any application Throughout the planning phase of any air-drilling job. We operate in all major oil and gas sectors across the globe.

Performance optimization. We use advanced identification and control systems to rapidly detect kick and fluid loss. Leveraging reservoir data and other resources. All rights reserved. Our Secure Drilling services encompass: Personnel and asset protection. we design and implement strategies to optimize life-of-well performance. Detection and management. and ultimately. The use of RCDs to protect wellsite personnel and rig equipment is a cornerstone of our Secure Drilling methodology. hydrocarbon composition—that drive drilling and completion decisions. © 2010 Weatherford. to optimize life-of-well performance. fracture gradient. and manage the wellbore pressure profile during drilling operations. Reservoir evaluation. We draw on our extensive evaluation capabilities to obtain pertinent reservoir data—such as pore pressure.Air Drilling Services Secure Drilling services: A better way to drill SM Compression services are part of an expanded range of Secure Drilling services that we offer to minimize the risk of drilling hazards related to a wellbore’s pressure profile. 11 .

com. 4564. For more information contact an authorized Weatherford representative.00 Weatherford products and services are subject to the Company’s standard terms and conditions. Unless noted otherwise. formation damage and speed are of particular © 2010 Weatherford. or contact us at securedrillingservices@weatherford. available on request or at for information about… A better way to drill weatherford.Air Drilling Services Secure Drilling services: offering an alternative to conventional drilling methods when drilling hazards. Weatherford sells its products and services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable contract between Weatherford and the client. . trademarks and service marks herein are the property of Weatherford. Specifications are subject to change without SM Visit us at weatherford. All rights reserved. Our Secure Drilling services incorporate several drilling techniques— including air. managed pressure and underbalanced drilling—and associated technologies to optimize drilling performance. minimize formation damage and mitigate hazards.

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