Teen Summer Reading 2011

Cross out or color each map after finishing 30 minutes of reading. After you complete 1 row (5 hours), you may check in at the library to record your hours and collect prizes. Record the names of books you read on the back of this sheet. Once you reach 40 hours, you have completed the program, but you can check in up to 2 more times for prize money to use in the Customs Shop or weekly drawings. For more chances to win prize money, check out our Teen Summer Passport. = 5 hours read

Start here & go across

= 10 hours read = 15 hours read = 20 hours read

= 25 hours read

= 30 hours read = 35 hours read = 40 hours read

Congrats! You’ve finished!
= 45 hours read = 50 hours read

Bonus Rows

Teen Summer Reading 2011
Tell us about what you’re reading and doing this summer!
this summer ks you’ve read List 4 boo 1. 2. 3. 4.
What are some of your favorite books?

What book should be made into a movie?

recommend to books do you What friends?
When and where do you usually read?

Did y ou re ad an mer yt you d id NO hing this T like sum?

What’s your favorite TV show?